Afghanistan news August 23, 2010

Afghanistan lose Latif's services

Cricinfo staff

Afghanistan have suffered another blow as Rashid Latif, who took up the post of batting coach last month, has resigned less than a week after head coach Kabir Khan was dumped by the Afghan Board.

Latif reportedly officially offered his resignation through an email to the board, and like Khan cited interference with his coaching role as the main reason behind his decision. "Kabir also left his job because of the same reason. I was not free to impose my ideas on the team. From team combination to the match strategy, the Afghan board officials want to dictate everything," said Latif.

Hamid Shinwari, the Afghanistan Cricket Board's chief executive, struck back by telling the Cricket Post that the board "received Rashid's resignation and fully respect his choice, but are shocked to receive a long list of new demands just 25 days after signing a contract with him."

The ACB had issued a press release explaining that Latif would take over the coaching role after Khan's departure, but Shinwari suggested that Latif had asked the ACB to either re-hire Khan as coach or double his own salary and increase his benefits if he were to take up the role. The ACB's response was that they could not afford his demands, and so the senior national side now find themselves without a coach.

Shinwari explained that the ACB was in contact with the ICC and had requested help in hiring a new coach, who would join the national squad prior to the team's Kenya tour in October this year. Afghanistan's problems could run even deeper than a search for a new coach, however, as Latif added that he had given a comprehensive plan to the Afghan Cricket authorities for the development of the game at the grassroots level which included the establishment of academies and grounds, but his suggestions had been ignored.

Latif explained that he had also wanted the Afghan team to practice more at home, but the board seemed not to like the idea. "Since I had a good training session with the Afghan cricketers in Jalalabad, hence I wanted more training sessions in Jalalabad and Kabul, but the authorities want to hold camps in Sharjah. With this attitude the Afghan cricket would go nowhere."

Raees Ahmadzai, a regular in the national team, has raised similar concerns in his blog for CricketEurope. "We wanted to do something for Afghanistan and we worked our hardest to make it happen," wrote Ahmadzai. "We had hoped that this was a legacy that Afghanistan's future cricket stars would embrace. We had built it with the hope we were starting a legacy, but unfortunately, the structures that need to be in place for grassroots cricket to really take off are still nowhere to be seen in Afghanistan.

"The investment in grassrooots cricket in Afghanistan still hasn't happened," he added. "We do not have any professional grounds, proper academies in Kabul, or a club cricket structure to put young Afghan cricket enthusiasts through. With the ICC pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into the ACB, plus the investment from the US embassy in Kabul, $350,000 from Etisalat and $200,000 from Supreme Group, we should be in a much more advanced position."

Ahmadzai went on to express his sadness that Afghanistan still had not played any one-day internationals against Test nations despite gaining ODI status more than 18 months ago and lamented the fact that "the incentive for the youth to play is slowly diminishing."

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  • Samim on August 30, 2010, 7:12 GMT

    Hey you all that have said so many things about Afghan Cricket and also about sucking Rashid Latif and Kabir Khan by ACB. If ACB hadn't fired these two coaches from pakistan then we would have been the victim of fraudulent, bribery and other improper doings which happen in match fixing "as Pakistan has vast experience and is master of it" , also our nation integrity would have come under big big question. Good job ACB for sucking those two coaches in order to save our cricketing future from match fixing allegations and dishonesty.

  • Dummy4 on August 26, 2010, 12:25 GMT

    hey mohaib khan u r the biggest namak haram we afghan rescued u from punjabi attacks in the past then we converted u to Islam now u r talking rubbish about Afghanistan u have really forgotten u r fathers.

    as far ACB is concerned well Mr.Karzai needs to do some thg just change these idiots and hire Raees Ahmadzai or other sportsmen and we wish kabir khan all the very best and if he did any imp activities or bad thgs then may Alah punish him other than that we really need a foreign Coach i hope An Australian or Englishman or maybe and Indian would be hired long live Afghanistan and long live our cricket team

  • Dummy4 on August 25, 2010, 14:35 GMT

    This ACB is made of currupt people who are only thinking on how to save their jobs so they can steal all the coming money to cricket. I am realy sad that Latif and Kabir Khan left. We need Kabir Khan back.

    I want Mr. President Karzai to kick-out the current ACB officials. We do not need Doctors, engineers, we want professional people (with cricket knowledge) in ACB.

  • akkaas on August 24, 2010, 11:28 GMT

    ok, i get it now... it's all about having an Indian coach for the Afghan team... now don't be surprised when you see Afghans YET AGAIN forgetting Pakistan's support after having wrecked havoc on Pakistan's resources during 1977-to date, learning all their cricket from Pakistan, having a Pakistani coach who coached them even to international ODI status... Rashid Latif was an idiot asking PCB to have an ODI series with Afghanistan, and PCB made at least one right decision by refusing him... Go Afghan team Go!!!... dunno wat luck wud u have with an Indian coach when even India doesn't want one for its team.. :-)

  • Dummy4 on August 24, 2010, 9:12 GMT

    I am Afghan and I love my team like my own body parts,but most of our Afghans brothers do not know the basic issue in of inside the team, Afghan team is running by one family members now. If anyone want to find out the truth they will find that this team is dominated by the minister family now.I was really expecting that something like this will happened to Afghanistan cricket team pretty soon which happened. because i know that how one family is taking advantage from this team. We should be thankful to Kabir khan and also Rashid Latif that they accepted Afghanistan cricket couching. Now some of them called them ISI agents We should be shameful for our act instead of blaming them. As Afghan I accept that we are the lowest people on the earth the way we are responding to Kabir khan Ahsaan. He is our hero like our other team players. If any stupid make stupid comment he might be not originally Afghan but the enemy of Afghans. We should reject such kind of fanaticism which is not logical

  • Hijran on August 24, 2010, 5:47 GMT

    I fully agree with ACB's decision on sacking Kabir Khan and Latif, I think it was the right time to kick these ISI agents out of Afghanistan coz they (Kabir and co.) for the last year or so started creating teams within afghan team as u can see within Pakistani team. So, ACB is not stupid like PCB and let everything happen, Kabir Khan started playing politics and were trying to rip off ACB with their stupid plans, he thinks that no he is the only one. Let's be honest who knew this guy Kabir Khan it is all because of Afghan Cricket team that everyone knows and respects him other than that he was….

  • Dummy4 on August 24, 2010, 5:24 GMT

    Yeah, It is really sadfull for ACB to loss such as coaches Kabir Khan was the great he really did well and today where ever Afghani team is it's all because of that Haji Sahib Kabir, How ever Rashid didn't do well with Afghani team he has to expend at least the term of his contract and then asked for new demands, being an Afghan I pray for my team to keep going like conquires of the cricket grounds and hope that something occured which will be in the benifit of Afghani team, further more hopeful that ACB should think about all factors of an action and then take a step on it, and my own suggestion is for ACB to re-hire Haji Kabir and i am sure he will accept it because he loves Afghan nation and and love his own cricketing plants which he made in processes of growthing since three years, Mr. Latif is not as much important as Kabir Khan for Afghani team and i am sure that Afghani team also very upset with things going.

    Basir Ahmadi Executive Assistant Chancellor Kardan University

  • Andrew on August 24, 2010, 5:08 GMT

    I also believe that ACB should get a couple of spots in the Pakistan domestic comp. This would help raise the standard of competition for Afghan players.

  • Andrew on August 24, 2010, 5:06 GMT

    I certainly hope the ICC keeps a closer eye on this than they did in Zimbabwe & Kenya!

  • Andrew on August 24, 2010, 5:05 GMT

    Do we really need to have this squabbling amongst Paki, Afghan & the odd Indian? The blog is about a couple of coaches being sacked. I hope Afghanistan doesn't go down the Pakistan/Kenya route and shoot themselves in the foot with poor decision - making at the top. Kenya were on the verge of Test status in 2000 to 2003, but the Board squandered grants & did not invest in youth & they have now dropped down the list below Ireland, Scotland & Afghanistan. The ACB needs to form a strong working relationship with Pakistan, much the same way as Australia & NZ have. Given Pakistan has no home Internationals in the forseeable future, an annual series against Afghanistan, (who also don't have home matches), would be mutually beneficial. You would think that Pakistan would be too strong in these matches, but the fight the Afghans have in them could make it interesting. I say have a 5 match series each year. First year Pakistan has 3 home games to Afghan 2, then the following year Afghan has 3.

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