India v Sri Lanka, Asia Cup, Mirpur

Roles reversed but partnership flourishes

Gautam Gambhir and Virat Kohli have had significantly different, if not contrasting, fortunes coming into the Asia Cup. But their partnership has remained solid as ever

Siddarth Ravindran at the Shere Bangla National Stadium

March 13, 2012

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The previous time Gautam Gambhir scored an international century, he was leading India in the absence of the regular captain MS Dhoni and the usual stand-in Virender Sehwag. It was his first assignment as India captain and everything went right for Gambhir - New Zealand were blanked 5-0, and Gambhir was named Man of the Series for his runs and leadership.

At that time, Virat Kohli was just one of the many young contenders for a place in the one-day middle order. A century against Australia in Visakhapatnam had given him a foothold, but it was the three substantial scores to begin the New Zealand series that firmly established him in the team.

In the 15 months since, Kohli hasn't missed a single ODI, became the leading run-getter of the format in 2011, and also took over the long-contested spot vacated by Sourav Ganguly in the Test middle order. Gambhir hasn't had as stellar a time. While his one-day record remains solid, the bruising Test tours of England and Australia have dealt his standing a bit of a hit.

That was firmly confirmed when, days after a magical century in Hobart, the 23-year-old Kohli was named vice-captain for the Asia Cup ahead of Gambhir. The reversal of roles was highlighted by the manner of their celebrations on reaching their hundreds against Sri Lanka in Mirpur.

Kohli got to a century first, pushing the ball towards long-off and raising his hand to signal the milestone as he ambled a single. That was followed by an almost half-hearted leap and a wave of the bat. No screamed obscenities, no over-the-top antics which are usually associated with a Kohli hundred. It was more the celebration of a man who routinely made centuries - eight in one-dayers over the past year and a half.

Gautam Gambhir set India up with 100 off 118, India v Sri Lanka, Asia Cup, Mirpur, March 13, 2012
There was much relief for Gautam Gambhir, who ended a long wait for an international century © Associated Press

Gambhir got to his century two deliveries later, with a pull to square leg. The reaction from Gambhir was unexpectedly strong. An impassioned punch of the air, followed by some shouted abuse, and then pointedly gesticulating towards the dressing room. It was a reasonably good impression of the typical Kohli reaction.

It might just have been relief at finally completing a hundred, after several near misses. A historic century at the World Cup final was his for the taking but he fell short, and there were a couple of nineties in the CB series as well. There was also a jittery moment today, when on 94, he set off for an ill-judged single and was nearly run out.

Add to that the frustrations of a tough and long recent tour of Australia, with the pasting in the Tests and the controversial rotation policy of the three senior openers due to which he was sidelined for several matches. Then there was the loss of the vice-captaincy. Still only 30, he went from being a likely candidate for the top job in the future to being demoted below a much younger and inexperienced player.

The innings itself was typical Gambhir. There were plenty of drop-and-run singles, he advanced down the track to both spinners and quicks, and though the number of boundaries was low, the strike-rate didn't flag. With the bowlers not providing much width for the batsmen, and generally maintaining tidy lines in the middle of the innings, both Kohli and Gambhir dealt largely in singles - collecting 117 ones between them.

It was their third double-century stand in one-dayers, to go with their most important one so far, the 83-run partnership that stabilised India in the World Cup final after the loss of Sehwag and Sachin Tendulkar early. "It's always special batting with him," Kohli said. "We understand each others' games well, we run well between the wickets when together, we know when to step it up and I knew that we could put together another big partnership for India."

The current vice-captain doesn't think his elevation to the post changes much. "It's an honour, but I have not thought that my position in the team has changed. I haven't seen myself any differently after the announcement. I'm not thinking too much about it." Whether Gambhir's celebration means he sees it differently remains open for debate.

Siddarth Ravindran is a sub-editor at ESPNcricinfo

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Posted by csowmi7 on (March 15, 2012, 14:46 GMT)

@maddy20. I agree with you 100%. Why should India prepare bouncy pitches when sides tour India. It is nullifying our advantage of playing at home. And over the years we have used that advantage to great effect. If we start producing pitches like that we will be like Sri Lanka. Losing abroad and at home. But at the domestic level like the Ranji Trophy we should prepare pitches conducive to fast bowling so that our batsman have experience when we tour.

Posted by maddy20 on (March 15, 2012, 13:04 GMT)

@Smithie It seems you want Fast bouncy pitches in India as well. Now we don't beg for turning tracks in Aus and Eng do we? My dear friend last time I checked Asia is not a part of Australia or England so the curators here are entitled to make pitches that suit their home team don't they.

Posted by csowmi7 on (March 15, 2012, 10:55 GMT)

@mahanama If you want to talk about Sri Lanka's achievements of drawing a couple rain affected tests and a few meaningless ODIs where SA played without Steyn Kallis and Amla I'll tell you about India's achievements. We won the 1983 WC in England. We won the 2007 t20 WC in SA. We won the Benson and Hedges tournament in Aus. We drew against Aus 1-1 in 2003 and we lost a hard fought series where we broke the Aussie record of 16-0 wins at home in 2007 2-1. We won the CB series in 2007. We drew in SA 1-1(2010) . We won in Eng 1-0(2007). We won in WI(2011) 1-0 and in (2006) 1-0. We won in NZ(2009) 1-0. Unlike Sri Lanka who did nothing outside home our number one ranking was a culmination of excellent cricket touring.

Posted by csowmi7 on (March 15, 2012, 10:43 GMT)

@Mahanama There is no use in blaming rain or giving excuses. In fact all of India's ODI matches versus England were rain affected and we suffered injuries in the tests. We lost 7/8 tosses in Aus. Answer one question. When have Sri Lanka won a test series in NZ and WI and won tests in Eng SA and Aus. They have been whitewashed every time they enter Aus. The only place where you win test series is home. Then how are you not flat track bullies. Your record in SA is 1-8 in Aus 0-6. At least India at their peak played well in SA, in Eng and Aus. And by the way Pak have been whitewashed 3-0 the last 4 times they played Australia. Compared to that I suppose two bad series is far better. 0-8>>0-12

Posted by grown_men_hitting_little_red_balls on (March 15, 2012, 10:17 GMT)

For crying out aloud people, a flat track bully is not some one who does well on flat tracks... It is someone who dominates weaker opponents - in any sport. Neither India nor Sri Lanka are flat track bullies. The thudding sound you hear, is my head banging on the monitor.

Posted by Fast_Track_Bully on (March 15, 2012, 10:12 GMT)

@Mahaanama. Ok. Agreed. But you cannot deny that your SL team is useless in front of these 'Flat Track Bullies'. It may be Flat or Abroad. Is n't it? Funny to see that WC final still haunting Lankan

Posted by mathewjohn2176 on (March 15, 2012, 9:42 GMT)

@mahaanama, just by losing last two series you can't call any team flat track bullies.Same dravid,tendulkar,laxman played excellent cricket outside subcontinent except the last two series,and it's a joke just by winning 4-3 against Australia eventhough losing the CB finals makes SL fans call these players flat track bullies. same team won many matches outside subcontinent before last two series.Infact srilanka never won any series barring some few ODI's win ,that too in dead rubber matches.Losing to Australia both test and ODI matches in home conditions and losing all the series in both ODI's and test matches away from home.decide yourself who are flat track bullies now.cricinfo please publish this.

Posted by cool2cool on (March 15, 2012, 8:20 GMT)

@Mahaanama: Why are you considering only recent performances? and why are you mixing test/odi/t20 results? Just few questions, when was the last time SL won a single test match in India against India? When was the last time SL won an bilateral ODI series in India against India? When was the last time SL won a test series against Aus, SA, PAK, NZ or even WI at their home?

Posted by Mahaanama on (March 15, 2012, 7:50 GMT)

India's recent performances outside subcontinents ( with homes teams) -->> In England ( lost 4 tests , lost 3 ODIs & one ODI was tied, lost 2 T20s) -- In Australia (lost 4 tests , lost 3 out of 4 ODIs, lost 1 out of 2 T20s) ---

Total number of matches India have played with home teams at their home =20 -- Number of won matches = 2 -- Number of lost matches =17 -- Number of tied matches = 1 -- Number of draw matches =0


Sri Lanka's recent performances outside subcontinents ( with homes teams)-->>In England ( lost 1 test & draw 2 tests , lost 3 ODIs & won 2 ODIs, won 1 T20) -- In South Africa(lost 2 tests & won 1 test, lost 3 ODIs & won 2 ODI ) -- In Australia (Lost 3 ODIs & won 4 ODIs) ---

Total number of matches Sri Lanka have played with home teams at their home =24 -- Number of won matches = 10 -- Number of lost matches =12 -- Number of tied matches = 0 -- Number of draw matches =2 ----->>>>

Now decide yourself who are real FLAT TRACK BULLIES !

Posted by Mahaanama on (March 15, 2012, 7:38 GMT)

India's recent performances outside subcontinents ( with homes teams) In England ( lost 4 tests , lost 3 ODIs & one ODI was tied, lost 2 T20s) In Australia (lost 4 tests , lost 3 out of 4 ODIs, lost 1 out of 2 T20s)---

Total number of matches India have played with home teams at their home =20 Number of won matches = 2 Number of tied matches = 1 Number of draw matches =0 Number of lost matches =17


Sri Lanka's recent performances outside subcontinents ( with homes teams) In England ( lost 1 test & draw 2 tests , lost 3 ODIs & won 2 ODIs, won 1 T20) In South Africa(lost 2 tests & won 1 test, lost 3 ODIs & won 2 ODI ) In Australia (Lost 3 ODIs & won 4 ODIs) ---

Total number of matches Sri Lanka have played with home teams at their home =24 Number of won matches = 10 Number of tied matches = 0 Number of draw matches =2 Number of lost matches =12

--------------------------------------- Decide yourself who are flat track bullies

Posted by Mahaanama on (March 15, 2012, 7:22 GMT)

India's recent performances outside subcontinents ( with homes teams) In England ( lost 4 tests , lost 3 ODIs & one ODI was tied, lost 2 T20s) In Australia (lost 4 tests , lost 3 out of 4 ODIs, lost 1 out of 2 T20s)---

Total number of matches India have played with home teams at their home =20 Number of won matches = 2 Number of tied matches = 1 Number of draw matches =0 Number of lost matches =17


Sri Lanka's recent performances outside subcontinents ( with homes teams) In England ( lost 1 test & draw 2 tests , lost 3 ODIs & won 2 ODIs, won 1 T20) In South Africa(lost 2 tests & won 1 test, lost 3 ODIs & won 2 ODI ) In Australia (Lost 3 ODIs & won 4 ODIs) ---

Total number of matches India have played with home teams at their home =24 Number of won matches = 10 Number of tied matches = 0 Number of draw matches =2 Number of lost matches =12

--------------------------------------- Decide yourself who are flat track bullies

Posted by Mahaanama on (March 15, 2012, 6:58 GMT)

Indian mates, Why do you guys talk so much about SL cricket? SL didn't do well under Dilshan's captaincy. He's one of the best players in world cricket but not the right man for the captaincy. Under him we lost recent series after the world cup. But still SL were able to beat oppositions at their home. SL beat England in England in 2 ODIs & they were able to draw 2 test matches. SL beat SA in SA in a test match & they also beat SAin 2 ODIs & the 3rd ODI also could have won by SL if rain didn't come. Recently SL beat Australia in Australia in 4 ODIs and SL also won ODI series in Australia just before the world. So how come on this earth you say SL are only good on flat tracks when they beat oppositions at their home?

Posted by samincolumbia on (March 15, 2012, 0:42 GMT)

Indian bowlers are the best in the business...they took all 10 SL wickets on a flat pitch!! Either that or SL batsmen are really mediocre!! Now which one is it?

Posted by bMike on (March 15, 2012, 0:42 GMT)

@csowmi7,India_boy & some other fans, Please understand that I'm not a SL supporter. I just wanted to capitalize that generally there is a big difference between subcontinent teams' performances in subcontinents & outside subcontinents.When India's performances are considered that difference is much much bigger than other subcontinent countries (cricinfo please publish this as my name has been mentioned in several comments)

Posted by samincolumbia on (March 15, 2012, 0:35 GMT)

Look who got whacked again by India....LOL. Flat pitch or not, Australia or subcontinent, the result is always the same!!

Posted by tusharkardile on (March 14, 2012, 19:43 GMT)

Dont know why not many are bothered about Dhoni's comment "PK came back to bowl well and Irfan and Vinay supported him". It was Irfan who got wickets in this game and he should have been mentioned ahead of PK. Even in his last T20 (against WI in England) Pathan bowled excellent first spell (2-0-9-1) and was not recalled by Dhoni later even after Ishant and Zaheer were being hit all over the park.

Posted by csowmi7 on (March 14, 2012, 17:58 GMT)

So much for the Hobart revenge

Posted by praveen4honestremark on (March 14, 2012, 17:24 GMT)

To all my Indian brothers here..Let's not reply to comments which are baseless and are just a way to show jealousy by UK fans and Srilankan Fans as UK never won a 50-50 world cup in Cricket and sees all negative stuff if some one wins and is jealous and i don't know when they will come out of that. Srilankan's recently got bashed in WC final 2011 and still yet to come of out that. We played well in other countries too, more good than Srilanka team and England which never won a test match in India in 2 Decades.

Posted by   on (March 14, 2012, 16:56 GMT)

Get rid of Jadeja and bring in Yusuf Pathan. Jadeja is a waste of spot. He is a failure of an all rounder.

Posted by csowmi7 on (March 14, 2012, 16:31 GMT)

@bmike Sri Lanka have achieved absolutely nothing after winning the WC in the subcontinent in 1996. In the test format they have done nothing in Aus, won 1 test out of like 12 in SA, never won a test series even in minor test playing nations like NZ and WI. You guys even lose at home and in the UAE. I understand if teams like SA and Aus critisize India as they have performed everywhere but SL. Making the finals in ODI tournaments dont really count for much. Nobody remembers finalists. First win a test series outside the subcontinent and then talk about being even close to India.

Posted by cricket_slcsupport on (March 14, 2012, 15:14 GMT)

I'm a SriLankan fan sad to say Sri-Lankan team is rubbish.. they always have some excuse for loosing games. Loosing has become a habit for them, especially against India & Pakistan.

Posted by trueanalyst on (March 14, 2012, 15:11 GMT)

Yes we are bullies,bullying ICC or bullying other countries by thrashing them on flat tracks.Take it or leave it.Just 2 bad series do not make India a bad team.It was India which stood upto the might of the greatest Team ever at home or away.We will be ready to accept whatever any Australian says if they think the present Australian team is better than Steve Waugh's team.In the past 4 years we were the best team.We had defeated England home & away.We had tied with Southafrica home & away.We defeated Australia at home and but for the great Steve Bucknor we would have defeated Australia also.Last series we won against Pakistan.We defeated WestIndies also. So It is really amusing to see the Srilankan fans screaming about India being flat track bullies.For your Kind Info we thrashed you in less than 40 overs in Hobart. India looks like was just coming into the groove after the win but unfortunately could not enter the finals.If we had entered the finals Its anybody's guess who wld hv won.

Posted by cool2cool on (March 14, 2012, 14:43 GMT)

@KEVINSL: When was the last time your SL team won a test match (forget the series) in India? When was the last time your team won a ODI series against India in India? When was the lst time your team won the test series against AUS, SA, NZ, PAK even WI at their home?

Posted by   on (March 14, 2012, 14:00 GMT)

welll..whats da fuss about flat tracks yaar..well to begin wid dis is not indias home ground n pitches are not tailor made ..dey suit all da 4 subcontinent countries..and if u think dey are batting heavens ..den evry country which comes here shud win like we indians do??? and i think the countries visiting sub-continent shud start learning to play here coz the craze we have here for cricket n da amount of cricket which is played here...surely future of cricket is all here in the subcontinent so prepare ur kids for turning tops are out of fashion..not dat we play bad on green tops its jus dis season may be dhoni was still in high of the world cup triumph..and his favoritism is hurting India...

Posted by Al_Bundy1 on (March 14, 2012, 12:30 GMT)

@csowmi7 - there's no room for 10dulkar in best playing 11. He needs to learn from Dravid and RETIRE.

Posted by mathewjohn2176 on (March 14, 2012, 12:23 GMT)

@ Bmike, you forgot to mention that srilanka lost ALL the test and odi series home and away after WC 2011 played in England,srilanka,UAE,Southafrica and will you say "thrashed to the power of 20". Get real and accept srilanka also playing bad cricket currently.please cricinfo publish this

Posted by csowmi7 on (March 14, 2012, 12:21 GMT)

Check out these stats and decide who are the flat track bullies. This is a highlight of Sri Lankas performance outside home in the past 15 years. SL in SA(1997/98) SA 2-0. SL in SA(2000/01) SA 2-0. SL in SA(2002/03) SA 2-0. SL in SA(20011/12) SA 2-1. SL in Aus(1995/96) Aus 3-0. SL in Aus(2004) Aus 1-0. SL in Aus(2007/08) Aus 2-0. SL in Eng(2011) Eng 1-0. SL in Eng(2002) Eng 2-0. SL in Eng(1998)Eng 1-0. SL in NZ(2004/05) NZ 1-0. SL in NZ(1996/97) NZ 2-0. SL in WI(1997) WI 1-0. SL in WI(2003) WI 1-0. How are SL not flat track bullies?

Posted by satish619chandar on (March 14, 2012, 12:20 GMT)

@Smithie : Yess... "However rolled mud is not conducive to a good game of cricket !" As your team don't know to play on that pitch???

Posted by satish619chandar on (March 14, 2012, 12:14 GMT)

@bMike : Your point really confuses.. A team which loses both in home and away conditions is a decent team but a team which wins in home and loses away is a bad team? As far as records, apart from last two tours, India have competed cwell in England, Australia and SA last decade.. They were really pathetic in last couple but i never saw any SC team challenging Australia or England or SA in their home.. Just because other teams lose in home too, we can't say they are better than India or India are below them..

Posted by msaurav on (March 14, 2012, 12:09 GMT)

Well, being an indian fan .....i can say that india is not so gud playing overseas , we have to agree that . but . if..other teams like australia , srilanka ,england ...thinks that they are a great team ,so why do they lose in sub continents....????..they should win everywhere if they are so great . and sri lanka is 1 step ahead of all.They lose even in home pitches . Every 1 is king in their home mind it....specialy those teams who dont even win in home

Posted by SHAKIB_IS_CLASS on (March 14, 2012, 12:07 GMT)

To all those who say Indians are flat track bullies, Yes Indians are Flat track bullies and they are Kings in that. If India would not have won the match Yesterday then every body will say that Indians cant even perform on Flat pitches. They Won and every body are saying they are flat track bullies.

Posted by Smithie on (March 14, 2012, 11:16 GMT)

@screamingeagle - you mean like Aus beat Sri Lanka on the rolled mud of Galle in 2011?

Posted by Smithie on (March 14, 2012, 11:13 GMT)

@Jayshankar Krishnamurthy - my comment relates to the performance of Indian batsmen and how it may be improved if subjected to a variety of pitch conditions which are under the control of the BCCI in India. The Mirpur pitch is irrelevant to the broad point. However rolled mud is not conducive to a good game of cricket !

Posted by   on (March 14, 2012, 10:46 GMT)

@Smithie well BCCI doesn't manage sher-e-bangla stadium, mirpur, bangladesh ;-)

Posted by screamingeagle on (March 14, 2012, 10:45 GMT)

LOL. Going by the comments it seems some people would like to see India lose in sub continent as well. Granted the UK and Aus tours were a fiasco, but doesn't mean that you ridicule the team even when they win. Anyway, I really do not see much difference in SL and PAK teams overseas. So what are they? Flat track losers? And by the way, would love to see the aussies and English play test cricket in the SC, probably the refrain would be that it is beneath our dignity to score or take wicked in the 'rolled mud' tracks. Right?

Posted by Hindh on (March 14, 2012, 10:41 GMT)

SL played all their WC matches in their home soil and once they came to india for the final they lost.. this clearly shows SL are only good at home.

Posted by Hindh on (March 14, 2012, 10:33 GMT)

@bilal awan Pakistan even went a step ahead and got whitewashed by england on a flat track!!! ...... HOWZAAT..

Posted by Hindh on (March 14, 2012, 10:29 GMT)

@smithie It is not BCCI but bangladesh cricket board who prepares these pitches and FYI Asia cup is being held in Bangladesh and not India.... Other teams must learn to beat india in india or else all their rankings are nothing but a joke and yes it applies to all the teams...

Posted by Smithie on (March 14, 2012, 9:52 GMT)

@NP_NY if your saw the pitch on TV you would agree with the rolled mud description - the only grass to be seen was off the the square. The boys could bat knowing that there was no chance of anything near hip height - let alone any threat to the chin from the music! When is BCCI going to produce a range of pitch conditions as happens in Aus and England ?

Posted by   on (March 14, 2012, 9:25 GMT)

now that we are back on subcontinent pitches, where fielding is not as important, why is jaeja in the team, he gets smashed for runs, we all know he is not a good batsman, probaly better then the bolwers on the team, not counting ashwin and pathan who bat better then him, india needs to give a chance to manoj tiwari or yusuf pathan instead of jajeja, and def give dinda a chance over praveen kumar.

Posted by maddy20 on (March 14, 2012, 9:08 GMT)

@bilalAWAN Pkistan cannot even win on flat tracks. They got thrashed by England in ODIs nd T20 in their adopted home!

Posted by India_boy on (March 14, 2012, 8:50 GMT)

@bmike, so India won the CB series in straight matches last time with only 30% chances, imagine what they would do when the chances of their winning are 100% ???? and yes, winning tournaments on sub continental pitches is anyday better than losing finals in Aus. Also, India won its first WC in Eng, 1st T20 in SA, so 3 big tournaments outside their comfort zone, and you think other teams are better ??? the only good thing that SL did was to win 4 ODIs against Aus while losing 3 more important ones and suddenly they are the news rockstars of world cricket hahahahaha even SL dont believe that. every team has its ups and downs and India had its in the last 8 months, big deal ? btw SL are the new chokers, they are always losing the important matches

Posted by KEVINSL on (March 14, 2012, 8:27 GMT)

Well, Indians once again clapping. you people know last few months team india spent happy vacation in australia and England. and i did see some comments against gambhir,dhoni those days. most of neutral commentators predict these indians will forget all the pathetic performance after one victory in a flat track. that happened.i will predict this worship will be continue untill the IPL. keep it up

Posted by   on (March 14, 2012, 8:18 GMT)

@rahulcricket007:Very well said,also adding on to it, only team from sub continent to won test series in WEST INDIES (if v count out BANGALDESH), also its very funny hear this kind of comment from the fans whose team consist of 2 1/2 batsmen and 1 bowler. And another interesting fact is that SL never beaten AUS in there home soil more than one occasion and our other NEIGHBOR just got thrashed by ENGLAND in the same flat tracks wer v manhandled them 5-0 and if, v consider as FLAT TRACK champ then the other teams are not even capable of doing dat also.

Posted by bMike on (March 14, 2012, 8:14 GMT)

@guptahitesh4u: After the WC India-SL have played 5 ODIs & India have won just 3 so how to declare the winner without playing? Anyway I would like to suggest this. If there is a tour for India outside subcontinents (no matter it's test, ODI or T20 ) oppositions should be declared as winners without even touring. If you say India thrashed Sl in 3 matches then I don't know the exact word to describe the way India lost in 8 consecutive away test matches & 2 consecutive away ODI series. Probably "Thrashed to the power of 10" would be the word.

Posted by MikeyRos on (March 14, 2012, 8:09 GMT)

Ahhh once again the flat track no hoper Indians score 300, win a single game and pat themselves on the back. You have 2 years of flat track tours before the next drubbing. LOL keep living in dream land pseudo-world champions.

I don't think India will make the finals though, both Pakistan and Sri Lanka are much better teams going on their recent efforts abroad.

Posted by   on (March 14, 2012, 8:03 GMT)

Sri lanka is a useless team against India...they have never won a single test match in India. Also India has dominated Sri Lanka in odi's in Sri lanka, in India, in Australia...everywhere

Posted by kenishah on (March 14, 2012, 7:44 GMT)

i dnt understand y people critises ind that they cnt play overseas. y dnt they understand they r complainin cos they r 2 SHIT 2 play aginst ind in subcontinent .. n it dosent matter we r gettin white washed right now overseas but we r tryin out our duture unlik SL as they still got jayawardene sagakara n that dilshan. at;east ind r tryin 2 blood in young blood . complainin neva gets an end it will always carry on n btw malinga is soo shit he had 2 be droped after gettin trashed in hobart ....LOL

Posted by   on (March 14, 2012, 7:41 GMT)

and guys my point do you get this 30% and 90%.what are your benchmark analysis based on??? we know that india are weaker outside the subcontinent,weaker not the worst mind u. how many test series have pakistan/india/srilanka won in australia?pakistan used to be the team who would win more overseas than otehrs from asia.but in the last 10-15 yrs,india has won series in all countries too except in australia,more than other asian.both these teams hav shown they can do it.last 2 series were really bad for india.But how do u just lamely say 'flat track bullies'.i havent seen indians/pakis/srilnkns make any excuses when they did not win abroad,but ive seen plenty of western/aus commentators,fans raise their hands and say ohh we cant win on subcontinent pitches bcos india/sl r flat track bullies! lol talk about sour grapes.i dont hear a term 'green track bullies' when an english/sa/aus bowler takes 6 wkts on seaming green tracks! against ind/pak/sl!!!!

Posted by Prashanth12 on (March 14, 2012, 6:58 GMT)

@Mahanama Dude Now India are not depending on Lanka to reach Finals

Posted by guptahitesh4u on (March 14, 2012, 6:57 GMT)

I think, BCCI should use it power to enforce following rule. If there is a match between Ind-SL, india should be declared winner without playing. Because that is how it has been after world-cup, India has thrashed Sl in 3 matches and lost just one and other was a tie. India's win against Sl doesn't give any happiness to the fans.its more like a formality

Posted by bilalAWAN on (March 14, 2012, 6:49 GMT)

Indian fans are trying their level best to defend Indian team but the FACT is FACT... They are flat Track bullies...!

Posted by bMike on (March 14, 2012, 6:25 GMT)

Guys,my point is all subcontinent teams get struggle outside subcontinents. But for any given day teams like Pakistan, Sri Lanka,Bangladesh perform almost same way at home and outside subcontinents. ex:-There is not much different between Bangladesh's performances at home & outside subcontinents. Pakistan & SL sometimes go through bad patches due to some issues (captain's issues etc) . Anyway when they are at peak for example if these teams' winning change of a match is 90% in subcontinents and if the same match is held outside subcontinents with the same opposition then winning chance might go down to 70%. But India's case is assume that India's winning chance of a match in subcontinent is 90% for a given day and if the match is held outside subcontinents with the same opposition on the same day then India's winning chance go to 30%. So it's obvious the relationship between these stats and the definition of flat track bullies.Aus made WC finals in all conditions when they were at peak

Posted by sachin_vvsfan on (March 14, 2012, 6:09 GMT)

@nimantha.wijesinghe So what do you say about your own SL team that did not beat IND consistenlty away or home? @Smithie The roll mud will be ready for AUS series too at home and cant wait to see them repeat the whitewash again in INDIA like how they did in 2010. @Aaron Johnman whats so surprise mate? He got couple of 90's in winning cause and did not play in all matches.

Posted by go_pk_go on (March 14, 2012, 6:04 GMT)

So the bad days of indian cricket has ended now ... the flat track bullies are on a roll and they are going to thrash every team (except Pakistan). GO INDIA Go.

Posted by JustIPL on (March 14, 2012, 6:03 GMT)

Headlines are: India win in the absence of Angelo and Malinga. Dravid took the right decision avoiding comparisions with Kohli, Ashwin but not Tendulkar. Ind-SL match, a rehearsal of Asia Cup final.Anyway, good game of cricket. India can improve a lot by grooming U19 and A teams, making them play against Pak if national team is tight on schedule. It will give real talent to India.

Posted by rahulcricket007 on (March 14, 2012, 5:57 GMT)


Posted by csowmi7 on (March 14, 2012, 5:51 GMT)

Let me ask you guys a simple question. If sub continental pitches are so flat then why have Ponting(averaging 22) and Lara(never scored a century) fared so badly? Scoring on spinning tracks is an art in itself. That is why England have fared so miserably losing 5-0 and 3-0. In the cricketing world importance is always given to fast bowling when compared to swing.

Posted by csowmi7 on (March 14, 2012, 5:04 GMT)

@Shaun_wick The whole world knows how proficient Sri Lanka are outside home. Didnt you lose the two match test series in Aus 2-0 and in SA 2-1. How about UAE 1-0. Oh yes Sri Lanka also lost at home to Aus 1-0. Cant even remember the last time Sri Lanka won in New Zealand(lost 1-0 the last time). One CB series performance does not make you the best in the world my friend.

Posted by csowmi7 on (March 14, 2012, 4:58 GMT)

the best eleven would be Tendulkar Gambhir Kohli Sharma Raina Yousaf Dhoni Irfan Vinay Ashwin Dinda.

Posted by Fast_Track_Bully on (March 14, 2012, 4:56 GMT)

for the SL fans, it is India leading 3-1 against SL after the WC. Sub-continent or away, India alwyas have the upper hand against SL, that's a fact!

Posted by sweetspot on (March 14, 2012, 4:39 GMT)

FLAT TRACK? Must have been flat only for India, since they lost only 3 wickets! Must have been vicious for SL since thy lost seven more!!! Is there any track on which SL can dominate India?

Posted by here2rock on (March 14, 2012, 4:36 GMT)

bMike, if India is called Flat Track World Chamions, why all other teams struggle against them on those tracks? I think you are missing the point that most teams play well at home or home like conditions. England, Australia and South Africa are no different. When they tour India all the hope for is a drawn series.

Posted by anver777 on (March 14, 2012, 4:31 GMT)

Gautam scored a century after some time...... but Sachin's long wait for his 100th century still continues...... hope he can get that milestone before he retires !!!

Posted by Sakthiivel on (March 14, 2012, 4:22 GMT)

@ bMike : There are certain team that they never win any condition, we need to make pitches in the other planet hope that they win.

Posted by Sakthiivel on (March 14, 2012, 4:02 GMT)

No surprise we always beat SL time and again, But if they had malinga in the attack we have scored 350+ It has been become an boring affair as we play regularly with SL and beat them.

Posted by jack_d on (March 14, 2012, 3:55 GMT)

@nimantha.wijesinghe, if its flat, its flat for both teams and whoever does better wins the game (remember Hobart?) your team was playing on the same track....! and managed to score 50 less runs (again, not 5 or 10, but 50 less runs....) doesn't that make your team even less competent???!!

Posted by Mahaanama on (March 14, 2012, 3:50 GMT)

It doesn't matter SL lost this match it was just a bad day. We know the strength of our brave lions. They will thrash India in finals if India can make finals otherwise they will send India home early as the same way they did in Australia. Best of luck SL for next two matches & the finals!!!

Posted by rahulcricket007 on (March 14, 2012, 3:14 GMT)


Posted by rahulcricket007 on (March 14, 2012, 3:06 GMT)


Posted by rahulcricket007 on (March 14, 2012, 3:03 GMT)


Posted by   on (March 14, 2012, 3:01 GMT)

Of late, we hear a lot on india being trounced on bouncy tracks abroad. Our indian players learnt their basics on indian grounds and their selecetion into the national side is based on their performance in domestic cricket. We are champions on flat as well as turning tracks because we have wherewithal to perform and if we keep on wiining on our asian pitches, so be it as long as we are champions. The lack of planning of indian think tank, lack of sufficient practice provided to our youngsters (actually their relative performance is far better than our seasoned cricketers abroad), inability of our foreign coach in a giving the feel of pacy,bouncy pictches, lack of unity in the team to support each other during the troubled times are few of the reasongs for our failure in england and australia. For objective assessment of consistancy across the globe, let us wait and see the performance of these times in so called flat and turning asian wickets.

Posted by dudex16 on (March 14, 2012, 3:00 GMT)

Good job India, Kohli and Gambhir have been establishing partnerships like this for a long . These two play a vital role in india's games

Posted by Mushtanda on (March 14, 2012, 2:56 GMT)

@Aaron Johnman: Gambhir got 90+ scores twice in Australia, and you must also remember that he didn't get to play every match because of the rotation policy. So there!

Posted by wheelspoke on (March 14, 2012, 2:46 GMT)



Posted by endianuwagona on (March 14, 2012, 2:34 GMT)

Can someone please tell me how and why this Chamara Kapugedara guy gets a place in the SL team??????

Posted by   on (March 14, 2012, 2:25 GMT)

many coments here about teams being comfortable in their home environments. Not much of an issue, as long as they are at least competitive elsewhere..on our recent tours we were not competing..that was the issue. And, to those that keep saying that even Aus will struggle in India, yes they will and, they may have won just one series here, but have alwasy been very competitive..even in the dream series of 2001, it took an extraordinary Indian comback to stall them. And most recently when they lost to us 2-0 here, the first match wne to down to the wire, and the second was in balance till the last day..

Posted by spinkingKK on (March 14, 2012, 2:13 GMT)

I am happy that India won and both Kohli and Gambhir got centuries. However, I beleive Gambhir and Kohli left it too long to go for attack. The century should naver have been their concern. Once they reach past 70's they should have went on the attack. Because, when they both went out in quick succession, India was in danger of making modest score. Luckily, Dhoni and Raina were gifted with some loose deliveries from the Lankans. Since it worked ok, we are hailing these centuries. There is not much wrong with their strike rates, which are just ok if India was losing wickets. But, this is a huge partnership and they just kept playing the time as if they were playing a test match. If Kohli and Gambhir or at least one of them tried to accelerate as late as 36th over, India could have got to 320-330. Even in the batting power play, they just kept nudging singles.

Posted by   on (March 14, 2012, 2:06 GMT)

@ nimantha.wijesinghe:Very rightly said and SRI LANKA proved that dey cant even win on flat

Posted by   on (March 14, 2012, 1:59 GMT)

@ bMike - May be you don't know that India was the defending champion of CB ODI series (2007/2008) . May be you also don't know that India won its first world cup in England (1983).

I am not here to remind you about India's achievements but to tell everybody who is conveniently forgetting that good batting so called flat tracks are applicable to both sides. The logic goes like this, if Sri lanka can't even win on good batting flat tracks where else they can win? nowhere !! If Australia or England can't even win on flat good batting tracks where there is normal pace and bounce, where they can win? Yeah, they can win on pitches covered with grass, butterflies and mosquitoes lol. Now you know who depends on pitches.

Posted by Al_Bundy1 on (March 14, 2012, 1:48 GMT)

Who gets out to a full toss? Even I can play better than that.

Posted by praveen4honestremark on (March 14, 2012, 0:35 GMT)

Nice game of cricket played in terms of batting overall by both teams.Srilanka missed some Ideas in getting Gambir out. He pokes ball towards slips ,so blocking that area with slips and gully would have stopped atleast 20 to 30 runs and there is best chance to get him out there. Gambhir has not learnt from mistakes in terms of poking ball. I dont know what Duncan Fletcher is doing as a coach?? Gambhir has been out by poking in entire Australia tour and still Duncan can't tell Gambhir the way he plays, by helping how to put the ball down while guiding through slips, like how Dravid keeps it all along the ground.And Bowling from two sides was not good, Indian bowling survived the threat of getting bashed, by some little magical spells by Ashwin and Irfan Pathan.I mean bowling unit is not bowling in partnerships, hope Indian bowlers will be more accurate and aggressive and Unite in bowling. For Srilankan bowling, Indian batting destroyed it and Mentally they r down.Congratulations India

Posted by bMike on (March 14, 2012, 0:16 GMT)

It's not a big surprise that India win on flat tracks & get thrash outside sub continents. That's why they are called as flat track world champions!

Posted by CNBAS5 on (March 14, 2012, 0:08 GMT)

@nimantha.wijesinghe. Oh dear, Srilanka can not even prove on flat sad! Let us wait and see the one against pakistan...sure to go ona shopping spree not runs spree.

Posted by   on (March 14, 2012, 0:04 GMT)

@nimantha.wijesinghe the same track SL also played and In australia SL lost more number of times to India than Australia in League phases.

Posted by umbuly on (March 13, 2012, 23:57 GMT)

Anyone understands why Dhoni's post-match interviews sound more and more insipid lately such as the following comment:

"There were not many boundaries in the Virat-Gautam partnership but they did well to set up a base"

or this one below after IND vs SL match in Australia couple of weeks ago.

"We are going on a couple of days of shopping, and some practice at the same time. Its not in our hands now"

Posted by   on (March 13, 2012, 23:53 GMT)

If this is a flat track,SL should have chased 300+.. Irfan and Vinay got 7 wickets between them.. England fails badly in turning tracks..Same with AUS too..u will realize this when they tour India in this yr later

Posted by mikeindex on (March 13, 2012, 23:53 GMT)

I was thinking it was about time India played Sri Lanka again, it must be nearly a week since the Tri-Series in Aussieland finished

Posted by agupta429 on (March 13, 2012, 23:21 GMT)

@nimantha.wijesinghe ..

Did you really just say that??? Are you trying to say your team, Sri Lanka, are unable to perform well on a flat track?? What a Shame... At least India doesnt Fail on one of the easiest types of tracks in cricket.

Posted by jango_moh on (March 13, 2012, 23:18 GMT)

We won the match, but like many comments here, im really starting to feel that there is a pattern of bias in dhoni's team selection..... PK is obviously struggling after his comeback, and needs some time in domestic ckt before he comes in... dinda can be tried for atleast 1 game to see how he does... im not even talking about jadeja's case, its unbelievable, how even after every team tries to go after jadeja(and not even raina when they both were bowling), dhoni still keeps sticking with him... its preposterous!!! dhoni likes average cricketers!!! and has anybody noticed that if irfan comes back to bowl in the middle overs and he gets a wicket, dhoni takes him off immediately, just doesnt make sense!!!!

Posted by NP_NY on (March 13, 2012, 23:17 GMT)

@nimantha.wijesinghe: Boring and pathetic! Every time SL loses to India (and they have been losing to India a lot lately), we hear the word "flat track bullies". SL can't beat India in sub-continent tracks or the Aussie tracks where India dominated SL (who can forget Hobart!). So as far as Srilanka are concerned, India are just bullies (flat track or not) and that's the way we Indian fans like it. Can't wait for the India-Pak final!

Posted by kumarcoolbuddy on (March 13, 2012, 23:15 GMT)

I am happy not because India won but because people are giving @Shaun_wick, ask yourself this question "Does SL, whose overseas record against India is poor and who lost the home series,is far ahead of Indian team?" You will get proper answer. Also don't forget that India is experimenting with young bowlers and batsmen. @krik8crazy, it is only you I guess because we recently finished series in AUS. People who are writing envious comments on India just answer the simple question. What is the team performed consistently in home and overseas? Also on slow and fast tracks?

Posted by LastLaugh_PK on (March 13, 2012, 23:14 GMT)

Look who found their form all of a sudden. These same batsmen were pathetic in Australia. Flat track bullies!

Posted by   on (March 13, 2012, 23:06 GMT)

Surprise, surprise gambhir hits a hundred on another nothing lifeless pitch after going the entire australian summer without a hundred

Posted by   on (March 13, 2012, 22:53 GMT)

@SehajpalCheema, good one dude, I guess you felt it too personally when Mahela commented that "we still have it in our hands, we are not at others' mercy to qualify for finals". I too felt the same.

Posted by SanjivAwesome on (March 13, 2012, 22:34 GMT)

Good show by my team. Finally. Always good when we win.

Posted by Sandalal on (March 13, 2012, 22:29 GMT)

again Srilanka lower order collapsed. Srilanka need another bowler. They have no balling option. Other thing they have to improve fielding. Without improving fielding forget every thing. Well done India.

Posted by   on (March 13, 2012, 22:25 GMT)

why still R.jadeja in the team india... why u not bringing back Laxmi Shukla or Yousuf all will be fine.....

Posted by criclover112 on (March 13, 2012, 22:11 GMT)

So he flops again. Flop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Brambletonian on (March 13, 2012, 22:01 GMT)

Its not just siddarth commenting on Gambhir's celebration...even Sanjay Manjrekar and Waqar felt the same

Posted by onlyIndiathebest on (March 13, 2012, 21:55 GMT)

India should automatically be in the finals whenever they play. There is no for the best team in the world to be playing exaustive games games with lesser teams unnessacerally.

Posted by SnowSnake on (March 13, 2012, 21:52 GMT)

@indianpunter: You have to give credit to the Indians who can stem the downfall in their home conditions. For all the praise, England and Australia have difficult beating India in India for last two years. England and Australia have done well in home conditions just like India. Anything beyond two years is irrelevant because Australia is a very new team now and England did lose 5-0 ODI to India recently and did not do well in recent test series. As far dust bowls comments, it is looking stupid now. Who is anyone to decide one pitch is better than the other. All teams have fallacies in one type of pitch or other and to praise one over other is showing preference and pride and nothing else. Although I see a trace of envy with dust bowl comments.

Posted by krik8crazy on (March 13, 2012, 21:48 GMT)

Is it just me or is anyone else tired of too many ODI matches on subcontinental pitches where batsmen feast on easy pickings and bowlers get thrashed remorselessly?

Posted by nimantha.wijesinghe on (March 13, 2012, 21:30 GMT)

once again india proved they are realy FLAT TRACK BULLIES

Posted by Ra_Thore on (March 13, 2012, 21:26 GMT)

Irfan should have been the MOM.

Posted by   on (March 13, 2012, 21:21 GMT)

@Nish_Us so true...i was watchin the after match ceremony...n i was like wat da helll...all the happiness was shortened by dhonis stupid comments..wat does he mean irfan supported him..irfan was da one to pick the openers ..all PK was doin was to come back n improve his figures...Dhonis favoritism ...huh...n why da hell is sir ravindra jadeja still playing yar????,..try yusuf if not rahul can be the much as i loved him for winning the world cups ...hez favoritism is makin him lose his respecct...

Posted by SamuelThorpe7 on (March 13, 2012, 21:18 GMT)

SRI LANKA will enjoy shopping in Bangladesh after they loose to Pakistan . India Pakistan final is what we want to see :)

Posted by   on (March 13, 2012, 20:59 GMT)

the so called moment of the 'so called cricketing great' is going to come on minnows as expected as usual these centuries are either on minnows in winning cause and ofcourse for records and lost cause, if played with any nation of decent cricketing stand.

Only releif is, the retirement ofcourse!

(guys take it easy)

Posted by Nish_US on (March 13, 2012, 20:52 GMT)

No mention of Irfan....without who.. India definitely have lost the match...

Funny Dhoni says.. in the post match presentation....PK came back well and Irfan and VK supported him..... It was Irfan who made the initial breakthroughs when PK and VK are taken to cleaners...

Wierd that both got out exactly after reaching 100s, as if they are playing for the records.....

Remember one Dravid.. who after reaching 100s.. after a brief celebration.. takes guard... as if he is starting over at 0....

Posted by Shaun_wick on (March 13, 2012, 20:36 GMT)

In my point of view, I think good team should be able to win every where in the world. But recently we seen Indian team got white washes in over seas. In London and Australia they lost totally. But in Sub continent background, the Indian team always good and strong. Their batmen always strong in these condition. But to be a good team, specially they have to perform well over seas, specially in fast tracks. On the other hand, Sri Lankan team shows well balance performances over seas recently. They didn't get any white washes. Still I consider Sri Lankan team is far ahead from Indian team under all factors. As we all know any thing can happen in one day. Even unbelievable miracles can happen, like in Horbat... lol

Posted by   on (March 13, 2012, 20:35 GMT)

Well played Indian cricketers, we bow to you guys. Mahela, Dilshan, Sanga & Chandimal need to stop batting so carelessly. Is it just my imagination, or do our batsmen play too aggressively, even when our team is losing wickets, or even when the total to be chased is small (not talking about this match)? What is the point in that? It doesn't work all the time, I thought that the last match in Australia made that clear to Mahela... or does Mahela and the top-order play aggressively because they don't have faith in the middle and lower order batsmen? Either way, it just makes it easier for the opposing team. With that kind of stupidity, we might even lose to Bangladesh (no offense meant to the Bangladeshi team - they are getting better).

Posted by   on (March 13, 2012, 20:35 GMT)

And once again Sachin falls to a full toss. Lets speculate why: Sachin has been a legend from day one of his career and so no bowler took the risk of bowling to him lollipop full tosses and half volleys fearing what would happen to those balls. In the meantime, in the past twenty three years, not getting full tosses and half volleys, Sachin apparently do not know what to do with them now that he is being fed them; and so, now at the end of his career, bowlers have just found his cricketing Achilles heel - the full toss and the half volley via which they now easily claim his wicket, no?

Posted by NP_NY on (March 13, 2012, 20:35 GMT)

@ali3031: What shattering? India dominated SL in the one-day series in Aus and continues it's domination in the sub-continent pitches. This despite losing something like 8 tosses in a row. Besides, don't forget that both teams play on the same pitch, and it's not India's fault that your bowlers are not good enough to bowl to the Indian batsmen on flat pitches. @Smithie: You didn't see the pitch report did you? There was plenty of grass on the pitch and that's why Mahela put India in to bat. But then we Indian fans have grown to expect irrational criticism from the likes of you after winning the world cup. So bring it on!

Posted by   on (March 13, 2012, 20:33 GMT)

I remember, once Dhoni said, Irfan has to fight with Jadeja for his place in the team. Now both are there, I don't understand the logic behind this. Jadeja posses just above the part timer's skills. I feel it is time to see Ashwin & R Sharma bowling together. As long as Ashwin plays, there is no place for Y Pathan. I wonder why he is selected if Ashwin is going to play all the matches.. It should have been a 14 member team for India, so that you can limit the people who just carry drinks without getting any games [ considering 4 match series happening just hrs from India].

Posted by maddy20 on (March 13, 2012, 20:32 GMT)

@ali3031 Last time I have checked thats how media makes money. What's wrong with that? Name one side that does not struggle on overseas pitches these days! Hell even in their haydays Aus won only one series in India in the past 15 years. What does that tell ya?

Posted by   on (March 13, 2012, 20:11 GMT)

Roaring Lions are limping in B.desh..What happened to them?

Posted by indianpunter on (March 13, 2012, 20:08 GMT)

All is well in the sub continental dust bowls. The Rainas and the Gambhirs and the Sharmas will reign supreme and the hiding and humiliation in england and australia 2011-12 will be forgotten. @Nampally, you missed a point, mate. Gambhir was demoted for his petulance, lack of will and failure to shoulder responsibility as much for his poor form. We saw what a wimp he was in england.

Posted by street_smart on (March 13, 2012, 19:44 GMT)

Though we have won the match I would still say that the team selection was not right. Dinda should have been in instead of PK. PK, VK & IP all are around same speed, so Dinda should have been a different variety & also coming with back of a strong domestic season.

Jadeja again got selected & got belted by the oppostion... why he keep getting selected...?

Posted by zico123 on (March 13, 2012, 19:41 GMT)

amid all compliments and hype around him, Kohli has to stay hunble, can't let his head go big, should keep his head on his shoulder, and should tell himself that he has in him to be the best ODI and Test player of the world, it is up to him if he wants to rewrite record books, it is how badly he wants it, al the best Kohli.

Posted by zico123 on (March 13, 2012, 19:41 GMT)

amid all compliments and hype around him, Kohli has to stay hunble, can't let his head go big, should keep his head on his shoulder, and should tell himself that he has in him to be the best ODI and Test player of the world, it is up to him if he wants to rewrite record books, it is how badly he wants it, al the best Kohli.

Posted by Nampally on (March 13, 2012, 19:32 GMT)

One should not read too much into the type of Century celebration by Kohli or Gambhir. Kohli's lack of abusive language following such an event is a welcome change whilst Gambhir's seemed an anti climax to his past behaviour.Only possible reason may be after a series of missed century in over a year, a change in luck favoured him. As for the reversal of vice captaincy roles, I still feel that Gambhir might be reinstated to that post. It is likely Kohli was given that post just to see whether he polishes his attitude. It does not mean Gambhir has been relegated permanently.Kohli & Gambhir will still be the batting stars for India for the next few years.Other possible batting Stars will be Rohit Sharma & M. Tiwary (if he is ever selected in XI) from the present squad + Pujara, D.Karthik & Mukund - not in this squad.In Pujara, I also see Dravid like maturity & a future Test Captain.It all depends on the Selectors of the squad & Dhoni(selector of XI) as to how best they handle this issue!

Posted by ProdigyA on (March 13, 2012, 19:22 GMT)

I dont seem to understand Dhoni's tactics of using Ashwin everytime in powerplays. He ends up bowlling a negative/defensive line just to contain the batsman and ends up with economical figures but WITHOUT wickets most of the times. I think he should be used as a strike bowler in every match taking wickets even if he goes for a few runs. I think this was the main reason that we let the opposition off the hook many times even after getting a few early wickets. Finally im apalled that Umesh has not been selected, our bowling without him is just too one-dimensional, all of them medium pace, swing bolwers and have no idea when they start getting spanked.

Posted by Cric_Is_Fun on (March 13, 2012, 19:18 GMT)

Vey mischievous article Sid!

Posted by Nadeem1976 on (March 13, 2012, 19:15 GMT)

Come on guys, just let it go, India is not in good position now and you media guys are keep on writing articles on articles to make news of NO news. Give some space to Indian team guys, it's ok to change the captain and vice captain. Every body play for team and it's team and nation which has high priority not captaincy and vice captaincy.

Ghambir played awesome innings in recent past without scoring 100 and he was frustrated about his batting not his vice captaincy. It's ok to see some reaction from a frustrated player. You guys need to help the players not put fuel on the fire.

Posted by ajmaldomintesswann on (March 13, 2012, 19:13 GMT)

haha.after overseas shattering,again praises have started by performing on flat pitches.this is what indian media all about.

Posted by Smithie on (March 13, 2012, 19:11 GMT)

So nice to escape that Downunder chin music eh boys ? Give me the rolled mud any day they say - except for poor old SRT!

Posted by sk12 on (March 13, 2012, 19:11 GMT)

Our batting looks ok but the bowling, esp fast bowling is a big worry. Praveen and Vinay had no clue when jayawardane was flaying them, and Irfan was lucky to get Dilshan. It was a pleasant surprise to see Irfan doing well though, hope today is not a one-off for him. Should probably try Dinda in place of Praveen next game, he cannot do worse. Also wonder why SL keeps givign chances to Kapugedara (and to an extent Tharanga) - as long as he is in the crease, the oppsotion always seems to have the game in control. They really missed Mathews (batting in end overs) and Malinga (bowling in the end overs) today. Good for us anyway.

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