Tendulkar completes a century of centuries

In a league of one

Sachin Tendulkar has scored 29 more international centuries than the second-highest tally; it's a mark that is unlikely to be equalled

S Rajesh

March 16, 2012

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Sachin Tendulkar flicks one away, Bangladesh v India, Asia Cup, Mirpur, March 16, 2012
Sachin Tendulkar has scored 20 centuries against Australia, at a rate of less than seven innings per hundred © AFP

Finally, in his 34th innings after getting his 99th international century, Sachin Tendulkar has reached the milestone which is unlikely to ever be emulated. A century of centuries would have probably never even entered the realms of the achievable for any other cricketer, for so many things needed to fall into place for a batsman to get to that mark. For a start, it required a batsman to be highly skilled in both forms of the game, and in all sorts of conditions. Then, he needed to open the batting in ODIs, for that offers by far the best chance to notch up hundreds in that format. And, of course, it required top-class fitness levels and single-minded focus to achieve the kind of longevity required for a milestone of this nature.

Tendulkar has ticked all those boxes, and then some, scoring runs against all oppositions, in all conditions, in both forms of the game, and over a prolonged period of time. His last two away series, in England and Australia, were terribly disappointing, but those are still little more than a blip when seen in the context of his entire career. Overall, through his 22 years of international cricket, Tendulkar has maintained amazingly high standards. As Daniel Vettori once said: "He has been in form longer than some of our guys have been alive."

What is surprising, though, is that it took Tendulkar 34 innings to move from 99 to 100 centuries, especially since he was in such scintillating form from the beginning of 2008 till the 2011 World Cup. During that period, he averaged 65.21 in Tests, 52.41 in ODIs, and had struck a mindboggling 21 hundreds in 104 innings. During this period, no other batsman had scored as many hundreds: Ricky Ponting had 11 in 147, and Jacques Kallis 13 in 113.

Given the form Tendulkar was in at that point, the 100th century was expected to be a formality. Over the last year, it's been anything but a formality. Till this innings against Bangladesh, he'd gone 33 innings without a century, just one short of the most innings he's gone without an international hundred: in 2007, he went 34 innings without one. However, in those 34 innings in 2007, Tendulkar had averaged 47.24, with 15 fifties, including three 99s and four more scores in the 90s. In these 33 innings, though, he's averaged only 32.87, with eight fifties.

Despite taking so long over his 100th, Tendulkar still needed only 65 innings to score his last ten hundreds, which is among his better conversion rates. The passage when he was at his most prolific was between his 31st and 40th hundreds, when he needed only 36 innings. In fact, his 14 centuries from the 27th to the 40th took a mere 50 innings, an average of 3.57 innings per hundred.

On the other hand, one of his worst periods - in terms of scoring centuries - was between 2005 and 2007, when he needed all of 130 innings to move from his 71st to his 80th international hundred. During this period, he averaged 46.46 in 34 Tests, and 42.20 in ODIs. The averages aren't poor, but what hurt his hundreds tally during this period was his conversion - he went past fifty 43 times, but only converted ten of those into centuries. The only period when his conversion was even poorer was right at the beginning of his career, when he took 132 innings to score his first ten, largely because he didn't open the batting in ODIs during much of that period.

Tendulkar's progression to 100 hundreds
Landmark Innings Tests - 100s/ innings ODIs - 100s/ innings When
First 10 hundreds 132 7/ 45 3/ 87 November, 1994
11-20 67 3/ 23 7/ 44 December, 1996
21-30 74 6/ 24 4/ 50 April, 1998
31-40 36 3/ 13 7/ 23 February, 1999
41-50 67 5/ 20 5/ 47 November, 2000
51-60 51 5/ 24 5/ 27 April, 2002
61-70 78 4/ 32 6/ 46 March, 2004
71-80 130 6/ 56 4/ 73 January, 2008
81-90 63 6/ 31 4/ 32 January, 2010
91-100 65 6/ 43 4/ 22 March, 2012

Among the top sides, it's clear that Australia has been his favourite. A fifth of his centuries have been scored against them, at a rate of one every 6.85 innings. Some of his most memorable hundreds have come against them, be it the two in Sharjah in 1998, or the Test match centuries in Perth, Melbourne and Chennai. Australia is the only side against whom Tendulkar has scored ten or more hundreds in a single form of the game, and his ratio of innings per hundred against them is superior to that against most of the other top sides.

The other top team against which Tendulkar has been almost as successful in terms of notching up hundreds is Sri Lanka. Those are the only sides against which his ratio is less than seven innings per century.

The team that has made Tendulkar work the hardest for his hundreds is Pakistan - in 93 innings, he has only managed seven, which is his worst innings-per-hundred ratio: 13.29. A part of his problem against them has been his inability to convert half-centuries into hundreds - he has converted two out of nine 50-plus scores in Tests, and five out of 20 in ODIs. South Africa is the other team against which Tendulkar has a relatively low average - 42.46 in Tests and 35.73 in ODIs - but his conversion rate against them is excellent: seven centuries in 45 innings in Tests, and five in 58 in ODIs.

Tendulkar has not played that much against the lesser sides, but he has made those innings count, scoring 19 centuries in 77 innings against Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Kenya and Namibia - an average of one every 4.05 innings. Against Bangladesh, he has scored a century in Tests every time he has gone past 50. Before his 100th hundred, though, Tendulkar had not scored an ODI hundred against them. Among the teams he has played against, the only ones he has not scored a century against are Bermuda, Ireland, Netherlands and UAE, which means he has a century in Tests and ODIs against every Full Member.

Tendulkar's centuries v each team
Opposition Innings 100s Inng per 100 Tests - inng/100 ODIs - inng/100
Australia 137 20 6.85 67/ 11 70/ 9
Sri Lanka 116 17 6.82 36/ 9 80/ 8
South Africa 103* 12 8.58 45/ 7 57/ 5
England 84 9 9.33 47/ 7 37/ 2
New Zealand 77 9 8.56 36/ 4 41/ 5
Zimbabwe 47 8 5.88 14/ 3 33/ 5
West Indies 69 7 9.86 30/ 3 39/ 4
Pakistan 93 7 13.29 27/ 2 66/ 5
Bangladesh 20 6 3.33 9/ 5 11/ 1
Kenya 9 4 2.25 - 9/ 4
Namibia 1 1 1.00 - 1/ 1
* Includes his Twenty20 international innings in Johannesburg in December 2006

Tendulkar does not score enough hundreds in wins, goes the popular refrain. It's a claim that has been strengthened by some of his recent centuries: on the tour to South Africa in 2010-11, Tendulkar scored hundreds in two out of three Tests, but India won the game in which he didn't score one. In the World Cup that followed, India tied and lost the two matches in which he scored hundreds. And then, of course, there was the 100th hundred itself, which resulted in India's first ODI defeat against Bangladesh in five years. That means none of Tendulkar's last five international hundreds have resulted in victories.

Overall, though, 53 of his hundreds have come in wins, and 25 in defeats. Of those 25, eleven have been in Tests, but that's only reflective of the fact that in difficult conditions he has often fought a lone battle with very little support from the rest of the batsmen.

What is true, however, is that only one batsman has scored more hundreds in wins in international cricket - Ponting has 55, and sits at the top of the table. Tendulkar is next on 53 - they were level on 53 before India's tour of Australia - while the next best is Kallis on 33. Tendulkar has also scored 24 hundreds in losses, which is well ahead of Brian Lara's 17. Overall, Tendulkar's innings per hundred in wins is about half that ratio in defeats.

Tendulkar's hundreds, and the match results
Result Innings 100s Inng per 100 Tests - inng/100 ODIs - inng/100
Won 331 53 6.25 100/ 20 230/ 33
Lost 308 25 12.32 108/ 11 200/ 14
Drawn 103 20 5.15 103/ 20 -
Tied 5 1 5.00 - 5/ 1
No result 16 1 16.00 - 16/ 1

The wait for Tendulkar's 100th century lasted more than a year and included 33 fruitless attempts, but despite that he still averages a hundred every 7.63 innings, which is the best rate among batsmen with at least 40 hundreds. Matthew Hayden is next with a rate of 8.70, while Ponting, Lara and Kallis are closely bunched together at marginally less than ten innings per century. Tendulkar, though, has maintained that rate over 22 years, and 750-plus innings. It's a mark that will almost certainly never be touched by any other international batsman.

Batsmen with 40-plus international 100s
Batsman Innings 100s Inng per 100
Sachin Tendulkar 763 100 7.63
Matthew Hayden 348 40 8.70
Ricky Ponting 657 71 9.25
Jacques Kallis 579 59 9.81
Brian Lara 521 53 9.83
Kumar Sangakkara 516 41 12.59
Rahul Dravid 605 48 12.60
Mahela Jayawardene 598 45 13.29
Sanath Jayasuriya 651 42 15.50

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Posted by BillyCC on (March 19, 2012, 20:47 GMT)

@wicked.vocation, that is an interesting stat that you have come up with in terms of the number of balls faced per match. Given all the facts then, we can say that openers in ODIs have a greater chance of scoring centuries (which is also a fact), but also a greater chance of failing. As a result, it evens out to be the same average number of balls faced.

Posted by wicked.vocation on (March 18, 2012, 23:47 GMT)

Another fallacious assumption seen in some comments is that since Tendulkar opened the innings in ODIs, he had an advantage over those who came lower down the order.This assumption is probably based on the assumption that as an opener he had more balls to play than others. However, the comparisons with Lara and Ponting shows this assumption is wrong. Tendulkar played 21367 balls in 452 innings i.e. 47 balls per match. Ponting- 17046 balls in 365 innings i.e. 47 balls per match, lara- 13986 balls in 252 innings i.e. 56 balls per match. Its very clear that there was no advantage in terms of number balls faced and even then his century/match ratio is significantly higher than both these players.

Posted by wicked.vocation on (March 18, 2012, 23:10 GMT)

It is stupid to take away credit from centuries against the so called minnows. Is it Tendulkar's fault that he was focused and hungry enough to get a hundred even in these supposedly unimportant matches. Would you rather want him to throw his wickets and cause a shameful loss against a minnow? I looked at Ponting's ODI record and he has played 48 ODIs(21 against Zim) against the "minnows" . thats almost 13% of the total matches he has played. Was he playing with the intention of not scoring in those because some dumbheads would hold it against him if he scored ? the quality of opposition is something that should be seen in context of a match or series without labeling as if they never change.Sri lanka were the whipping boys of cricket till the early 90s, Kenya reached a world semi final, Ireland shocked England.Only the truly dumb can mock sachin for scoring against minnows, especially when 20% of his centuries came against the most successful cricket team of all times.

Posted by BillyCC on (March 18, 2012, 20:33 GMT)

@sachin86, I think you are stretching it just a little bit there in terms of the experts rating Tendulkar the greatest modern cricketer. I do agree that he is the number one choice for most of the legends and experts. If it was a voting system, he would get around 40 to 50% of the votes while the others would go to guys like Lara, Richards, Sobers etc. And in terms of a vote on the greatest of all time, Bradman would get 99.94% of the vote, and the remaining would be distributed around the others.

Posted by sachin86 on (March 18, 2012, 16:55 GMT)

Naysayers can whine their whole life for sachin cares.It is a fact which legends and experts agree upon that sachin is the greatest modern cricketer if not the greatest of all time.Now,all your favorites viz., dravid,kallis,lara and all are secondary when compared to the mammoth glory sachin attained.Now you can all cherry pick his stats and career your whole life and fret over such insignificant things while we enjoy his magnificent career.

Posted by prashant1 on (March 18, 2012, 8:21 GMT)

GOD ....is back !!! wooo hooo !!! Many many more runs and Hundreds to flow from his golden willow...and also would love to see the naysayers cringe EVEN MORE after 23 years !! Ha..Ha!!! love it!!!

Posted by   on (March 18, 2012, 1:33 GMT)

congrats to sachin for his 100th hundre.To achieve a milestone he breaks million hearts, you dont expect this from a hero. People were talking more about bangladesh beating india, then sachin scoring his 100th hundred.

Posted by Dravid_Pujara_Gravitas_Atheist on (March 17, 2012, 21:26 GMT)

@Xolile on (March 17 2012, 09:07 AM GMT): Take a bow! Can't agree more. Wonderful perspective of opening in an ODI vs opening in a test match. The whole world knows that Sachin will fight to open in the former and will look away to open in the latter, no matter how badly the team is in disarray and the team-mates are injured.

Posted by   on (March 17, 2012, 20:11 GMT)

@Bilal_Choudry: Just because Mark Rampraksh scored 114 centuries in total of 752 innings doesn't imply that he scored them at a better rate than Sachin. Mark Ramprakash has an average of 6.6 Innings per hundred which is quite a bit higher than sachin's 5.96 innings per hundred.

Posted by REH223 on (March 17, 2012, 17:46 GMT)

@Smanla Tundup :completely agree with u mate

Posted by Monif on (March 17, 2012, 17:44 GMT)

I will never compare anyone in Onedayers, he is best there, no one can beat him. Only player who had make 50 century(may be Virat pass him but for that he has to be that good for long period). May be AB devillers or Amla to score 30-35 centuires, no other can be there.

He have scored 33 centuries in winning and 9 against minnows out of that only 1 lost, that also is the 100th one. even if he exclude against minnows then also its 22 centuries, and no one have that much, but in Onedayers we can't exclude against minnow as 1 come in loss, so in onedayers its too good. 33 centuries and no one near it.

So, in Ondayers he legend, true genieus only Viv can be compared with him. But in Test I don't know why we compare him against greats, even Dravid was better than him. He scored in tough situation that is when surely seems that India is loosing where as Sachin missed those.

Posted by Monif on (March 17, 2012, 17:31 GMT)

SRT score 19 centuries out of 100 against minnows, and am sure that at least 17 were won, so his winning % against good teams are 53-17 = 36. Now If we go through it then 100-19 = 81 that means against Test playing team he have scored 36 on winning side and 23(2 against minnows) on loosing side.

He always cashed the opportunity whenever he played against minnows and even if he does not score century, India must have won the game without his centuries too, so plz don't count them, just to make him great. He is genius and legend but only in terms of runs he scored. I think kallis will pass him in test both in terms of runs and century.

In Test, He scored 20 test centuries on winning side, but out of them 5 against Bangladesh(4 in win) and 3 against Zim( 2 on win), so his stats against good teams are 14 in 43 Test(excluded Bang and Zim). So please guys don't call him great in Test, he is way beyond Kallis. Even Gremme smith have more centuries on winning side.

Posted by Major_Hammad on (March 17, 2012, 17:08 GMT)

Congrates to Tendulkar on personal Milestone/Record but always Remember My 6 Points: 1: Tendulkar scored 100th Hundred after struggle of 1+ year. 2: He scored 100th Hundred after 33 International Innings. 3: His 100th Hundred was his 2nd lowest strike rate in ODI Hundred by him. 4: He finally did it on Asian/subcontinent pitches, after failed to do it in England, Austrailia long tours. 5: He did it against weak team ( Anyhow at End of Day Stronger team than India) Bangladesh. 6: And India Lost the Match due to his slow Batting as he played maiden over (34th over) but at opposite scene Shakib made 18 runs in 37th over.

Posted by REH223 on (March 17, 2012, 14:35 GMT)

WELL SRT found it difficult to score centuries against PAK. This clearly reflects the quality of PAKISTANI bowling attack during the last two decades. KEEP IT UP PAKISTAN

Posted by   on (March 17, 2012, 13:33 GMT)

In cricket a century can never be directly compared to Win/LOSE... As the effort of bowlers and other other 5-6 batsmen significantly account for Win/lose in a game. Even if he had scored a century bowlers have to perform well to contain batsmen... This is somthing always good for Ponting who had better support than Sachin throughout the years.... I WANT A STAT of Ricky and Sachin centuries in matches with combined economies of the the bowlers who bowled 10 overs... This is definetly a better stat to compare than just looking at Win/Lose matches Vs centuries. On the other hand, scoring centuries and centuries is a different thing...still A win is not in Sachin's hand even if he scores a 70 ball century. With this I will also want a STAT of over all strike rate of Sachin and top three century. How you will explain even if Ricky scored a slow century and Australia still Won the game..... One should think and understand cricket before criticising Sachin..

Posted by Freewheeler on (March 17, 2012, 12:42 GMT)

For all those who say cricket is a team game, and they are right, little do they know the era in which Sachin evolved as a cricketer. When the entire team was a bunch of non-performing jokers circa 1993-1999, Sachin was the only cricketer to lend Indian cricket respectability. Those in their 30s will always have fond memories of his single-handed and disdainful dismantling of terrific bowling attacks all over the world. Yes, his game changed with his elbow injury and he has become more circumspect. Yes, you can even call him selfish. But tell me who isn't? The degree of selfishness varies, and when the media has nothing to write about (no bollywood mistresses, no match-fixing accusations, no feuds with fellow players), they zone in on his 'perceived' selfishness. Every great sportsman had a flaw (temper, ego, moral failings) so let 'perceived' selfishness be Sachin's. But that won't deter my enjoyment of his success!

Posted by aseemsharma on (March 17, 2012, 10:19 GMT)

To all the people who think India lost to Bangladesh because Sachin played for himself: 1. Sachin didn't bowl those full tosses and the half volleys. 2. Sachin didn't give bowling to Raina and Rohit, to allow Bangladesh to settle down. 3. It was a slow pitch (please consult Kohli and Raina for confirmation, they actually played there) 4. What is the difference between playing for the team and playing for yourself? When a batsman makes runs, those runs are added to the team total and not donated to the batsman!

Posted by BellCurve on (March 17, 2012, 9:07 GMT)

It is statistically significantly more likely for a batsman to score an ODI century if he openens. It is statistically significantly more likely for a batsman to score an ODI century in Asia. It is statistically significantly more likely for a batsman to score an International century when he plays against Bagladesh, Zimbabwe or one of the Associates. SRT scored 19 of his centuries agasint Bangladesh, Zimbabwe or one of the Associates. He opened for most of his ODI career. He played most of his cricket in Asia. He is a legend. But his achievements are statistically not extraordinary.

Posted by   on (March 17, 2012, 7:50 GMT)

Please put your stats in perspective, Ponting has 55 match winning hundreds outs of 71. So 77% of the time he makes a hundred Australia wins. In comparison, India's winning rate when Tendulkar scores a century is 53%.

Posted by Bilal_Choudry on (March 17, 2012, 7:36 GMT)

sachin fans ask urself ... he played half the 50 overs and scored less than 120 on a batting track ... he didnt use the second power play .. and for what .. a personal milestone ?

Posted by Bilal_Choudry on (March 17, 2012, 7:34 GMT)

useless stats the man played cricket for over 20 years has less first class hundreds then mark ramparkash the truth is the indian success has nothing to do with him it is due to dhoni, sehwag combo

Posted by RandyOZ on (March 17, 2012, 6:51 GMT)

Does anyone actually care? The classic irony that they lost to Bangladesh proves how much he only cares about his records.

Posted by lesley95 on (March 17, 2012, 6:23 GMT)

Even when SRT hit his first and only T20 hundred by selfishly hitting the 120th and last ball of the innings for a single to get to his hundred. Kochi Tuskers deservingly won that match.You can call him a great cricket player but don't forget to add "selfish" also particularly in this case.

Posted by KumarAK on (March 17, 2012, 4:22 GMT)

MESSAGE TO MODERATOR: people should not be allowed to post incorrect stats, especially those attempting to belittle such a great achievement. @Xolile's stat abt 6 centuries from 149 (ODI) innings is incorrect, it is actually 10 centuries from 145 matches.

(from Statsguru) filtered 1990-2012 145 5172 163* 39.18 10 37 4/34 53.29 0 37 0

My comment with the correction was not posted.

Posted by   on (March 17, 2012, 3:09 GMT)

*A to Z Qualities that every person to be learned from Sachin:

A: Admiration, Adulation, Attention B: Belief, Brave C: Charity, Commitment D: Dedication, Devotion, Durable E: Encouragement, Endeavor F: Fearless G: Gratitude H: Humanity, Humble, Honest I: Intensity, Innovation J: Jive K: Kind L: Loyal M: Motivational, Master N: New ideas O: Overhaul P: Perfection Q: Quality R: Respect S: Steady, Silent T: Temperament, Technique U: Undertakings V: Volatile W: Wonderful X: X-treme Y: Youthful Z: Zero Gravity (Down to Earth)

Posted by   on (March 17, 2012, 2:07 GMT)

mind boggling, this can be done by master only.......

Posted by   on (March 16, 2012, 23:45 GMT)

@Xolile comment made on (March 16 2012, 17:11 PM GMT):

Thanks for nice comment. But by your defintion a person whoc plays on speedy and bouncy tracks should only be treated as better batsman than the person who proved his worth on spin freindly condition? Then why should you not give the idea to ICC to ban the matches in sub-continent. Before commenting, go back and check, how many centuries have been made by your Aus, SA & English batsmen in subcontinent?

When you point a finger on someone ..its better to check the other side as well.

Comment column is there to put the comments ..but please be reasonable as well....

Posted by BillyCC on (March 16, 2012, 23:34 GMT)

@S Rajesh, two comments. The table showing ratio of hundreds per innings is extremely biased. The least you could do is put their batting position there. Opening in an ODI immediately increases your chances of scoring a century. And Sangakkara jumps to number 1 when you take out wicket keeping innings. The second comment is regarding Tendulkar's performances in ODIs against Australia. When it mattered against the great Australian teams, Tendulkar was shown up. The first was in the 1999 World Cup. The second was in the 2003 World Cup.

Posted by BillyCC on (March 16, 2012, 23:23 GMT)

@shan16_jerk, Nasser Hussain's comment is sensationalist journalism, not well thought through analysis. It is now extremely clear to me that there is daylight between Bradman and the second best batsman of all time. Let's face it, Tendulkar had an awful year when the team needed him the most, once in England when it was left to Dravid, and once in Australia when it was left to Kohli. One measure of greatness is the impact of your sustained form over a long period of time. Bradman had sustained form for 20 years. He had one bad patch, the Bodyline series where his Test average was 56 and his first class average was 45. There is no comparison! @Xolile, nice stats. Tendulkar has relied heavily on flat ODI subcontinental wickets. His achievements are clearly not above those of his peers. Kallis has a superior Test average whilst bowling and whilst spending half his career at No.3, a much more difficult batting position.

Posted by playitstraight on (March 16, 2012, 21:28 GMT)

Records, records, records. Is that all Sachin cares about? It certainly showed today, when he played so many balls when he was nearing his century. 100 off 137 balls isn't always bad, but it was obvious he was tired and didn't plan to build a long innings. Recently, Dilshan made 160* vs India and he made 100 off 132 balls. Unfortunately, Sachin has lost his magical touch with the bat, it's time to retire now that he's achieved all that he and 1.2 billion Indians have wanted.

Posted by JayShan on (March 16, 2012, 21:26 GMT)

@Xolile. Please chk ur stats properly. He scored 11 hundreds outside subcontinent in some 145 innings. But i have a question, why do you think subcontinent pitches are not competitive pitches? if it is not competitive why did the other players (whoever you have mentioned) did not score centuries in all the matches in subcontinent pitches. Remember except India all other countries had their best (lethal) bowling attack in these 20 years that Sachin played and he just did not playe agains indian bowlers which is the weakest of all other test playing nations have you seen the 2003 world cup? Can you tell me how best a player can play better than that. Nobody in the world played like that in any series.

Posted by Nandu85 on (March 16, 2012, 21:02 GMT)

@Xolile..I don't know where you pulled that statistics from. But here you go http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/player/35320.html?class=11;home_or_away=2;home_or_away=3;template=results;type=allround

That shows Tendulkar is a consistent player whatever conditions may be and he has still produced centuries in the away conditions just like how he played in India. Hope that clears it up for you. When you talk numbers, just don't pull out of things out of no where..do a little work and search. It takes 2 minutes and might lighten up some more places in your brain.

Posted by   on (March 16, 2012, 19:56 GMT)

Xolile: If these sub-continent pitches are flat, then these pitches also favour Spin which as important art as fast bowling. I don't see any other batsman even from the sub-continent scoring 100 centuries!

Posted by   on (March 16, 2012, 19:39 GMT)

@Xolile... If you dont know any stats dont comment.. Sachin--> out of Asia 307 innings, 29-100s, 67-50s, Innings per 100 - 10.58, innings per 50& above - 3.19....Sangakara--> out of Asia 218 innings, 9-100s, 47-50s, Innings per 100 - 24.22, innings per 50& above - 3.89.. So don't compare Sangakara with Sachin. If Ricky ponting is a quality player why cant he bat @ Asian grounds.. You want stats. See Ricky ponting--> In Asia, 135 innings, 11-100s, 30-50s, Innings per 100 - 12.27, innings per 50& above - 3.89.... Sachin is GOD of cricket.. If Asian grounda are more easier to score then why cant your so called quality player Ponting cant atleast equal our Master's outside Asia performance... Go to the Hell

Posted by   on (March 16, 2012, 19:20 GMT)

Good article..sachin's dedication to the game,his achievements and his contribution to the indian cricket are uncomparable..there have been a few greats but he is the greatest of all..his contribution can be visible only to those who are closely and whole heartedly attached to cricket..

Posted by   on (March 16, 2012, 19:14 GMT)

Quantity: No Indian batsman is even close to his stats. Quality: Sir Bradman looks himself in Sachin. Commitment: See in his batting, bowling and fielding. At this age. Character: His comrades speak of it. Worth: Opponent bowlers feel it an honor to get him out. Making way for youngsters: Let them snatch that position from him by proving their worth: quality, consistency, temperament and fitness.

Posted by   on (March 16, 2012, 19:05 GMT)

53 of his hundreds have come in wins, and 25 in defeats. Of those 25, eleven have been in Tests, but that's only reflective of the fact that in difficult conditions he has often fought a lone battle with very little support from the rest of the batsmen

Posted by   on (March 16, 2012, 18:52 GMT)

Is this true? (refer : Posted by Xolile ) ********************************** SRT has played 149 ODIs outside Asia against the other Top8 Test playing nations. And he scored only 6 centuries in those matches. ***********************************

Posted by KumarAK on (March 16, 2012, 18:47 GMT)

@Xolie: Tendulkar has scored 10 ODI centuries outside Asia against Top8 test playing nations in 145 matches. In your post you reported 6 centuries in 149 matches which is incorrect.

Posted by   on (March 16, 2012, 18:28 GMT)

Just enjoy the game and his batsmanship.. lets not trivialize every accomplishment by comparing with others and his past .. Tendulkar makes a match more enjoyable to watch than any other player and has done it for the longest period of time.. that is the hallmark of his achievement and lets leave it at that.

Posted by   on (March 16, 2012, 18:28 GMT)

Well I am not a biased person. Whether his performance wins or loose the game, I enjoyed his game and techniques. Like many Pakistanis I also wanted his back from the crease as early as possible when he is playing against Pakistan. But I really consider him a great player and a nice gentleman. It is a mis-concept that when ever he performs India lost the game. There were many occasions India won the game because of his good performances. Just recall the 2007 World cup series and you can find many more. India lost few games because of other players bad performances like in this game the Indian bowlers bowled very badly and Bangladeshi batsmen batted superbly. Who thought Bangladesh Minos run chase was possible? Do not think like superstitious. Think like a cricketer and how game keep on changing ball by ball until the last ball is bowled. Century of centuries is a real big thing in the History of cricket. It is a big landmark.

Posted by harshthakor on (March 16, 2012, 18:04 GMT)

Tendulkar's feat of 100 centuries will probably never be equalled in the history of the game.In combined test and one day cricket he is the greatest batsman ever.No great batsman ever bore as much pressure.Even perhaps the stats don't prove how great Sachin really is !Sachin championed a cause against the greatest bowling attacks on the most challenging tracks.He is the equivalent of a prophet like Allah to the game of cricket.No batsman has been as complete-posessing every ingredient of the perfect batsman-be it temperament,technique,innovative ability ,ability to win and save matches.and consistency.Toady is a red letter the day which will be cherished forever in the annals of sport.His only drawback was his lack of consistent match-winning innings but remember that at his best he virtually got no support.To dominate a game from the age of 15 to 39 years like Sachin did will never be equalled.

Posted by dpkr on (March 16, 2012, 18:03 GMT)

When India could defend 300 against SL few days before , why cant they defend 289 against BAN..and everyone is blaming Sachin for scoring slow....Kohli strike rate is 80, Gambhir SR is 68 and Sachin SR is 77..Does the man ever get a break..? People cannot stop criticizing Sachin no matter whether he scores or dont score..a, but inspite of it ...the first thing they want to ask when India bats " how much is sachin" or " Is Sachin still batting" ?..

Posted by tylerhans on (March 16, 2012, 17:50 GMT)

@@Xolile where did u get this stats? Just curious... cricinfo stats guru says just Host country australia - 67 matches and 7 hundreds... where did u get the 6 from?and then I did a quick add for australia, south africa and england in ODI it came to 7... just curious?

Posted by abhi026 on (March 16, 2012, 17:45 GMT)

Forget about others.Its the sachin who has got the 100th 100.Let enjoy the moment.We lost the match not because of sachin slowness after 80,but because of the inabillity of our bowlers to take wicket.Its a great achievement by him.Now he can play freely whether its one day or test.Let him decide what he wants to do .Is he thinking it at the moment?Is it the right time let him decide it.At last well done great man.

Posted by Dravid_Pujara_Gravitas_Atheist on (March 16, 2012, 17:39 GMT)

@Deepanjan Datta, if Sachin never had the team that Ponting or Kallis had, then can you please throw some light on which teams do Viru, VVS, Dravid and Ganguly play(ed) for? And you also know that Dravid's contributions have been the constant in all of the greatest wins that we cherish as Indians - Kolkata 2001 against Australia-Dravid, Rawalpindi-Dravid, Adelaide-Dravid, Kingston-Dravid with twin half-centuries, Kingston 2011-Dravid with a century, Leeds-Dravid, Kolkata 2005 against Pakistan-Dravid with twin centuries, Mumbai 2002 against West Indies-Dravid, Mohali against England-Dravid, Perth 2008-Dravid's 93 was the highest score of the match, Kolkata against Australia 1998-Dravid 86. So, please give us gullibles a break ( O _ O )! Just because you want to sing the praises of Sachin, doesn't mean that you can distort facts about Indian cricket with regards to the batting department.

Posted by tamilselvan.m on (March 16, 2012, 17:26 GMT)

poor play by pathan and dinda cost us the match.

Posted by   on (March 16, 2012, 17:24 GMT)

Sachin's First century in ODI came in his 79th Match against Australia seven year after his debut. No one complained .......

Expectations grew day by day. Approx 2 Billion people across the world want his century every other match.

Only a stature like Sachin can come up to this expectations. And he has Done it in Style.

Hat's of to You SACHIN. We salute you

Posted by BellCurve on (March 16, 2012, 17:11 GMT)

I like the opening paragraph. But, S Rajesh, you have to add that the player has to be Indian. Because nowhere in the world is the pitches quite as flat as in India. To put things in perspective, and without taking anything away from this achievement, SRT has played 149 ODIs outside Asia against the other Top8 Test playing nations. And he scored only 6 centuries in those matches. SRT is a great batsman. No doubt. But his achievements are not above those of his peers (Kallis, Lara, Ponting, Sanga) in terms of quality, only quantity. Notwithstanding SRT is a great batsman. I am not looking forward to the day he retires.

Posted by kool_Indian on (March 16, 2012, 17:06 GMT)

@Vilander - get a grip man. Do you even understand the game of cricket? If Sachin didn't held the innings together, who knows we might have folded for below par score like SL against pak? Also, when Gauti and Virat got out in the same over against SL - Raina and Dhoni immediately took off but in this match, once Sachin and Raina got out, Rohit and Jaddu didn't take off and even Dhoni had one good over which was 50th over - so atleast try removing your biased view and salute the legend. You can't expect him to even bowl or do you? People like should be ashamed of yourselves for belittling the effort of the great man. Anyways, good that people like you are minority and will remain there and majority will truly cherish the greatness of the Great Man - Sachin Tendulkar!!!

Posted by Nadeem1976 on (March 16, 2012, 17:03 GMT)

Sachin has scored more hundred against the best team of all time australia. That is a hallmark of genius and being greatest player of all time.

Salute to sachin for having these records. No body can match 100 in every 7 innings.

Posted by Ammade on (March 16, 2012, 16:58 GMT)

@ Deepanjan Datta..... do u think inzamam was a good batsmen .... i don't think so .... why is he always named with the likes of ponting, tendulkar, kallis, lara, dravid! Anyways, great achievement by Sachin!

Posted by   on (March 16, 2012, 16:57 GMT)

lol:read this page and cheer for our little master

Posted by freddieraghu on (March 16, 2012, 16:55 GMT)

Everyone talks about Kallis as batsman and compares him with Sachin, Lara, Ponting... But open your eyes please... Kallis has 250+ wickets in both forms of the game and 100+ catches in both forms. Please note that. And write an article about him and his statastics too. He can never be matched with anyone. He is the most superior player in current time. Cricket is batting, bowling and fielding. Not jus batting...

Posted by SHAN16_JERK on (March 16, 2012, 16:53 GMT)

As Nasir Hossain aptly said - Bradman is great! But, SACHIN IS THE GREATEST EVER TO PLAY THIS GAME OF CRICKET. Most of the so called Sachin haters probably never held a bat in their hand so they will never know the tense feeling one has when one walks to bat. To do that better than anybody in the history of the game while facing some of the world's best bowlers both pace and spin, on every kind of pitch - seaming, greentops, dustbowls, and flat track, against every opponent team in both format of the game , in every cricketing country in both formats, and do that consistently for 22 years and counting with poise and dignity, and still remain the model of humbleness, humanity, and perfect gentleman has to be SUPERMAN effort if not godly effort. This milestone of 100 international centuries will never be broken. The great Einstein once said about Gandhiji that the future generation will not believe that such man walked on earth. Same can be said about Sachin.

Posted by Sports4Youth on (March 16, 2012, 16:45 GMT)

So finally my worst fears have come true. Tendulkar gets century and india looses. In his 98th match drawn with england. In his 99th we lost to south africa, now on his 100th india lost to BANGLADESH. Even Bangladesh will win if SRT scores a century.

Posted by   on (March 16, 2012, 16:40 GMT)

Thanks Sachin, India might have won many matches because of you, but you are the reason that we lost today

Posted by   on (March 16, 2012, 16:32 GMT)

when is he going to have triple century in Test!!

Posted by AdrianVanDenStael on (March 16, 2012, 16:25 GMT)

Will be interesting to see what happens to Sachin Tendulkar and to India now he's got this remarkable milestone out of the way. Apart from finishing off the world cup, stuffing England 5-0 in ODIs and a few wins against West Indies, they've had (and he's had) a lousy year almost ever since he got to 99. Will their form improve now? And will Tendulkar get back into scoring runs and smack off another few centuries quickly, or will he not see the need now he's got to 100 and just quit?

Posted by Sports4Youth on (March 16, 2012, 16:17 GMT)

So finally my worst fears have come true. Tendulkar gets century and india looses. In his 98th match drawn with england. In his 99th we lost to south africa, now on his 100th india lost to BANGLADESH. Even Bangladesh will win if SRT scores a century.

Posted by Backbirdz on (March 16, 2012, 16:16 GMT)

SORRY iNDIANS! but your team has kept up the tradition of being a looser when your tENDULKAR performs.............WELL DONE BANGLADESH :-)

Posted by sandunk on (March 16, 2012, 16:07 GMT)

The final analysis actually gives the true reflection of his class. To play for that long, with that consistency and still score better rate for hundred per innings is remarkable. The list indeed has the best modern day players, and proves that he is easily ahead of all of them.

Posted by SnowSnake on (March 16, 2012, 16:02 GMT)

Sachin has 100 centuries, next best is Ponting with 71. This pretty much sums it up. Forget Sachin, even a batmen of the caliber of Ponting is rare to find. This record will be almost impossible to break. Sachin is still playing, which means that he will set even a higher benchmark. Congratulations, Sachin. The time during which Sachin played was great as well. There will be enough video to remind his batting memories forever.

Posted by jamfai on (March 16, 2012, 15:59 GMT)

NO Doubt Tendulkar is a great player and he fully deserves his 100th 100, but now time for him to retire. Played too slow and eventually cost India the match. Another match with his personal desire to get to 100 and ending on the losing side He deserved better. The poor bowling and a barrage of full tosses didnt help India either.

Posted by CodedSteve on (March 16, 2012, 15:59 GMT)

Many congratulations to Tendulkar, always a favorite of mine and I hope he continues to play as long he thinks he is capable of producing the goods.@the people who mention the Don, if Bradman had played against Bangladesh or Zimbabwe he would have multiple 400+ scores. Sachin is clearly the best of the current bunch but no one has yet to get close to the Don. I'd like to be alive to see someone get close!

Posted by desiboy454 on (March 16, 2012, 15:58 GMT)

O my god, he go it finally.. Wait but becuase he wanted to score it, he played slow and India LOST. Just sums up the 100th 100, played slow, got it against bangladesh and India lost. Woohoo goo Sachin! I am a die hard fan of sachin, but sometimes he chases records rather than his team.. He doesnt need to be in the ODI team. he could have retired.. Indian bowling attack toothlesss

Posted by   on (March 16, 2012, 15:53 GMT)

Congrats to Tendulkar....now you have sealed your immortality in Indian Cricket scene, please now set your sight on another milestone. He is great as a batsman, not for winning matches but for piling up ton of runs in useless situations....As a Sri Lankan fan I was wishing him to get the 100th on the last match with us during CB series (that would have guaranteed a milestone for him but the end result would have been in our favor). I say please don't retire and now go for 250 tons.....you can do it!!

Posted by Gerry_the_Merry on (March 16, 2012, 15:36 GMT)

poor article. 100 centuries have no meaning. better to keep it 49 one day centuries and 51 test centuries

Posted by AviLall on (March 16, 2012, 15:34 GMT)

A magnificent achievement by any standard. But too much is being made of it as if 99 centuries was not enough. Actually, Sachin has scored 'only' 95 centuries. What is the point of counting the 4 against Kenya and 1 against Namibia. May as well count the ones he scored in his street cricket days also! More important than 100 centuries is the utter dedication of the man to his job. Exemplary. That is what kids in India should focus on.

Posted by NP_NY on (March 16, 2012, 15:25 GMT)

Great! But India seems likely to lose this match due to Sachin's slow innings. Now that the pressure is off, I hope we see a few uninhibited innings from Sachin before he retires (hopefully soon).

Posted by   on (March 16, 2012, 15:24 GMT)

Very very interesting.. Though Sachin took about a year to score his 100th ton, his Innings per 100 is still 7.63.. fantastic!!! It is definetely Sachin Class and he is definetely in a league of ONE AND ONLY ONE..

Posted by vikramsihag on (March 16, 2012, 14:50 GMT)

@ Kantipur- Australian team has been feared and is still feared not just because of Mcgrath but because of the whole team as a unit. you can include the warnes, lees or mcgraths you will still find Sachin ruling the roost

Posted by   on (March 16, 2012, 14:46 GMT)

Good analysis and well written.

Posted by dpkr on (March 16, 2012, 14:46 GMT)

For all those sachin critics...Tendulkar has 54 wins out of his 100 hundreds.while ponting had 55 that too with the bowling attack like Mcgrath , warne, gillespie ...and a hundred every 7 innnings which is far superior than hayden , ponting , lara , kallis...A bastmen can only score runs ...to make the match win....the remaining 10 players has to contribute.

Posted by Vilander on (March 16, 2012, 14:41 GMT)

slow innings today might cost us the match

Posted by Angry_Bowler on (March 16, 2012, 14:39 GMT)

Extraordinary achievement needs extraordinary effort. Fools never understand it.

Posted by   on (March 16, 2012, 14:39 GMT)

"The wait for Tendulkar's 100th century lasted more than a year and included 33 fruitless attempts, but despite that he still averages a hundred every 7.63 innings, which is the best rate among batsmen with at least 40 hundreds" -this is for all Sachin Haters ! and also I believe Selectors made a big mistake by giving him rest at Windies ODIs , If not he would have more likely completed 100th Ton before Aussie tour and could have play more freely his natural game against Aussies !

Posted by kantipur on (March 16, 2012, 14:30 GMT)

I think this article is biased. How could you expect lara to score at century every 7 innings when most of the time in one day matches he batted number 4 or 5. What is conversion rate of tendulkar in one day matches when he batted number 4 in ODIs? But that is the problem of mixing hundred in test and one day together.

Another thing is despite his hundred against Australia most of the time it has been a weaker Australian side when main bowlers were missing. It would be interesting to see his record when McGrath was playing.

Posted by   on (March 16, 2012, 14:29 GMT)

Amazing ........................

Posted by   on (March 16, 2012, 14:28 GMT)

Yep! Detractors would, sometimes rightfully comment about his matchwinning ability. But the truth is, he has never chased the stats. He never had the luxury of a team like Ponting or Kallis ( though both of them are undisputed greats too). And he never lost his humility like sometimes Lara did. Not that they need to conform to all these to be a great. But it's quite amazing how he has remain a saint and yet mortal like a human, lost form, fought hard to get back - got injured and changed his game. The greatness lies however, in being able to survive this long, fitness and skills, and keep performing at an elite level. There was Lara, Inzamam, Ponting, Kallis, Jayasuriya, Ganguly, Crowe, Hussey, Yousuf, Dravid .. and now even Pietersen, Cook, Clarke etc. his competition has changed, what hasn't .. is that Sachin Tendulkar remains the most quoted name when you think of top three batsmen of last 25 yrs.. repeat that slowly, and let it sink in .. 25 yrs!

Posted by big_al_81 on (March 16, 2012, 14:21 GMT)

Tremendous player. He was before this 'landmark' and had long ago established himself as one of the greats of the game's history. It was good to see England crowds rising in acknowledgement of this throughout last summer's miserable tour. I can't quite decide what I think about the comparisons above and the lack of historical context they offer. On balance it's probably about right as the fairest comparison is with your contemporaries. The good thing about the article in this respect is that the excellent Mr Rajesh makes no foolish claims about Tendulkar's all-time ranking. Clearly no-one today or at any time has got close to Bradman's stats, but the range of opponents and various other aspects of the game make it so different (some in favour of one era, some the other) that it is just too hard to make claims for relative merit really convincing.

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