Twenty20 Big Bash

Tasmania v New South Wales

New South Wales won by 31 runs


Krejza to Hughes, 1 run, advances, driven to long on.


Krejza to Warner, SIX, tossed up hit inside out, not timed over cover for six. Unreal.


Krejza to Warner, 2 runs, top edge baloons over short third man for two.


Krejza to Warner, FOUR, lofted drive inside out over cover for four.


Krejza to Warner, FOUR, quicker, flatter, scooped high over mid off, one bounce four more. This is ridiculous.


Krejza to Warner, 3 runs, lofted on drive high over mid on. It pitches short of the rope and they get three.

New South Wales 71/0   JJ Krejza 1-0-20-0


Krejza to Warner, 1 run, outside leg, swept in the air down to deep backward square, it drops short of Geeves.


Krejza to Hughes, 1 run, advances, driven to long off.


Krejza to Warner, 1 run, quicker, driven to deep cover.


Krejza to Hughes, OUT, run out! Hughes dinked to midwicket, called yes Warner didn't respond and Bailey underarmed to Paine and Warner is out as he crossed with Hughes.

DA Warner run out 67 (26m 24b 6x4 5x6) SR: 279.16


Krejza to Jaques, no run


Krejza to Jaques, no run, yorked, driven back to Krejza.

New South Wales 97/1   JJ Krejza 2-0-23-0


Krejza to Hughes, 3 runs, wonderful, delicate late cut fine to third man for three.


Krejza to Jaques, no run, reverse sweep well timed, straight to short third man.


Krejza to Jaques, 1 run, dab and run to cover. Well judged.


Krejza to Hughes, 2 runs, late cut to third man. Good chase by Faulkner.


Krejza to Hughes, 1 run, short and wide and cut straight to backward point but they get one.


Krejza to Jaques, 1 run, sweeps into his pad and it rolls away to backward point for one.

New South Wales 115/1   JJ Krejza 3-0-31-0


Krejza to Hughes, 2 runs, cut to backward point, shy at the non-strikers misses, they take an overthrow and Hughes is nearly run out going back for the second. Benifit of the doubt on the replay after Denton's throw was taken by Paine.


Krejza to Hughes, 1 run


Krejza to Henriques, no run, defended.


Krejza to Henriques, 1 run, hit inside out, in the air, just short of Doherty at cover, hesitation, Doherty throws really wide, Paine flicks onto the stumps, Hughes just home.


Krejza to Hughes, 1 run, cut to point, tight one.


Krejza to Henriques, 1 run, driven back to bowler hard and he can't stop it cleanly to prevent a run.

New South Wales 143/2   JJ Krejza 4-0-37-0
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