South Australia vs Queensland, Sheffield Shield, Adelaide, 4th day February 24, 2011

Bowlers give Queensland victory

ESPNcricinfo staff

Queensland 347 (Burns 140, Hopes 92) and 218 (Hartley 61) beat South Australia 294 (Manou 87, Blizzard 64) and 177 (Harris 105*, Hopes 6-50) by 94 runs

Daniel Harris fought a valiant, but ultimately futile, battle as James Hopes and Luke Feldman ran through South Australia to give Queensland a comfortable win and move them to third in the points table, behind New South Wales and Tasmania.

Harris batted for just shy of three hours to make an unbeaten 105, and innings that included 12 fours and a six, but watched a procession of his team-mates come and go at the other end as no one else was able to knuckle down and keep him company. The South Australia batsmen racked up a total of seven ducks, including four of the top six batsmen, as Hopes ran through the middle order. He trapped Cameron Borgas and Aiden Blizzard leg before off consecutive balls in the 10th over, repeated the trick with Daniel Christian in the 12th over, and then had Graham Manou caught behind for naught in the 14th over.

At 6 for 36, it looked like South Australia would not make it to lunch, but Cullen Bailey battled to make 28 and add 82 with Harris, to give the South Australian innings some respectability. Hopes eventually had him trapped in front as well to complete his five-for, before adding Kane Richardson to his tally to give him eight wickets for the match. Feldman then returned to knock over the last two wickets to also finish with eight wickets in the game.

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  • David on February 25, 2011, 21:53 GMT

    Typical! This article is about the Sheild game SA vs Queensland. Most of the posts talk about selecing NSW players in the test side. Even those that start talking about this game then lapse into the only subject they want to ever talk about. Go find a NSW forum.

  • John on February 25, 2011, 14:25 GMT

    I agree with hyclass. Not much else to say. Hughesy is class even if his technique is not perfect. - Bradman used to play some very ugly pull shots and played across the line with alarming regularity. The poms said he had no technique. Hughes will become a force at international level if given the opportunities. As he gets older and his eye-hand co-ordination diminishes, he will need to tighten up his technique, but for the moment, he needs to do as he did in South Africa.

  • Christopher on February 25, 2011, 12:04 GMT

    A 20 year old kid from country NSW accomplished what noone in test history had before in over a 130 years-a century in each innings against the worlds best attack and the worlds best bowler at an unprecedented age.He did it in a foreign country with a group of cricketers he had only just met.He didnt theorise on technique.People with good techniques fail every day.He had a plan and executed with skill and daring.He deserves total support.He went to england and scored 3 hundreds in a row for middlesex.He has 2 scores of 198 in first class cricket and is only 22.He scored a quickfire 69 in the recent game against victorias Siddle and helped set the game up for NSW.He also scored a fast 64 in the one dayer against Nannes who angles in to him at 150km/h.Either Siddle,Nannes,Steyn,the Sth African and NZ attacks and all the state and county bowlers are complete idiots,given Hughes is so"easy to bowl to",or there's another explanation-Hughes when allowed to play his own game is too good.

  • Dummy4 on February 25, 2011, 10:01 GMT

    your right there is no such rule however it makes him rather easy to bowl to. If you look at the facts he only miseed one sheild game at the start of the season, and a "quality" batsman can't blame a training lay off for lack of form 5 matches later. As for the Sounth African series, i too could have scored runs if i got half volleys outside off for 2 days, and before you go dale steyn blah blah blah, remember north and johnson also scored runs in that series. Technical flaws such as hughs' are not going to stand up in international cricket for long, especially when you blatently deny they exist

  • Christopher on February 25, 2011, 7:25 GMT

    I agree with you @Something_Witty.Id also like to see O'Keefe get a game.To @Joseph McGahans,Phillip Hughes played almost no first class cricket this season before the test matches.He suffered a dislocated shoulder and was unable to train for 12 weeks.Im unaware of any rule in international cricket that dictates where a batsman has to score.Phillip Hughes was second only to Bradman in age related run scoring for his state.His run aggregate of 350 in his first 2 tests again Sth Africa was also a record.Those runs were scored against Dale Steyn who managed to tame India and is still the worlds best pace bowler by some margin.He brought up his maiden hundred with a 4 and 2 x 6s.After becoming the youngest player ever at 20 to score a hundred in each inning of a test,he went to middlesex before the 09 tour and scored 3 more hundreds in a row.By the time the ashes started in 09,he had clearly been instructed to play totally differently.He averaged over 60 before being"coached"by Nielsen.

  • Dummy4 on February 25, 2011, 5:55 GMT

    btw great win qld, and without lynn the best young talent in the country

  • Dummy4 on February 25, 2011, 5:53 GMT

    @hyclass the reason hughs was dropped and cant get back into the side is bacause he cant score a run on the on side, he had his opportunityto prove that wrong this summer and he failed dismally.

  • Warrick on February 25, 2011, 3:14 GMT

    Many things curious about this scorecard? If you said that C & B, Caught behind, LBW & Bowled dismissals requires you to bowl wicket to wicket, over 70% of the dismissals in this match were in this manner. This report says nothing of a low slow deck or demons in the pitch. So it's encouraging that the bolwers in this match were able to bowl straight, accurately & with discipline. This is something the test team was unable to do over the summer. Worryingly, if the pitch wasn't a difficult one, then the first class depth of our batsman would come into question. Great to see hopes leading his youngsters by example. I propose a draft system where each state gets one or two 'seasoned warriors' for a year or two once they have fallen out of favour with national selectors. They would do a job like Border & Boon did or like Hopes & Clarke do now. Pass on their knowledge & professionalism to the younger brigade. Christian, a pair but five wickets? So much for the batting all rounder Mr Hiltich?

  • brett on February 24, 2011, 13:44 GMT

    Did the umpires have an early plane to catch, or were they required on the subcontinent? 8 LBW decisions in one second innings would have to be some sort of record surely!

  • John on February 24, 2011, 11:11 GMT

    @hyclass, I agree about Hughesy, he's looked really good in his last few games. Not sure whose fault his mishandling was. I would say more Nielsen's than Ponting's. He definitely should NOT have been dropped for that Edgbaston test. If anyone was to be dropped for Watson to come in, it should have been Hussey. Anyway, I hope the selectors stick with Hughes and give him enough time to find his feet at international level. Same with Smith, both are players for the future. And dear dear me I hope they don't persist with this absurd left arm orthodox idea. Michael Beer.... I nearly died when they selected him. Hauritz had better play in Sri Lanka.

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