Big Bash League 2012-13 December 25, 2012

Dullsville at the Big Bash League

The first half of the BBL has been lukewarm, but it has been good enough to inspire poetry

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro' the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
Yet the television was alive with Fox Sports on the box,
Shane Warne was bowling with his thinning blonde locks.

He gave commentary too as he bowled to Aaron Finch,
But the Renegades captain had Warne feeling the pinch.
Sixes here, there, and everywhere saw Finch to a ton,
Leading the Renegades to four matches won.

It is half way through now and it is time for a break,
Although a short one at that with so much at stake.
On Jolimont Street Cricket Australia officials saw red,
Twenty million over two years has so far been bled.

Crowds have been dwindling through the tournament so far,
Rain has caused matches beyond the bizarre.
The first eleven matches went to the team giving chase,
Predictability is the last thing you need at such frenetic pace.

The lack of great deeds is a source of frustration,
Save for Finch's century and Malinga's devastation.
Mike McKenna, BBL chief, must wonder when things will turn,
With the next broadcast rights CA have ambitions to earn.

What can be done, can anything change?
The Thunder, for one, can't get 5000 to a game.
The strategy of eight franchises was meant to excite,
To create local derbies, and allow games every night.

But the vision of Jolimont must have turned to a frown,
As not even the IPL had gambled with two teams to a town.
The house is divided with separate forces at play,
Big Bash at night and Tests in the day.

The lessons of history forgotten from the World Series years,
Test players "quarantined", pleas fall on deaf ears.
No Warner, no Clarkey, or even Mr Cricket,
What the Sixers would not give for Mitchell Starc to take them a wicket.

So what should be done to fix this Christmas malaise?
The show must go on and the gun's games, they must raise.
On Punter! On Warney! On Gayley! McKenna shouted,
Whilst quietly hoping Warne's pay-cheque is not outed.

The fireworks, the dancers, the DJ's will stay,
But in reality good cricket will keep the wolves at bay.
Because no matter the demographic, it's what the fans want to see,
Great batting, great bowling and the genius of Murali.

Excitement, tense moments, fluctuations in fortunes are what's required,
For cricket of any level or format to be so richly desired.
For great cricket is special, something majestic to sight,
Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Alex Malcolm is a freelance writer based in Perth