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India v New Zealand - Oct 28, 1994 Scorecard
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Vadodara has been the capital of the Gaekwad State and is a major industrial town in Gujarat, famous for the petrochemicals and fertilizers industry. The mix shows in the many cricket grounds in the town, two of them owned by industrial units. One of the four first-class and two international grounds in Vadodara, the IPCL Sports Complex Ground is part of the sprawling IPCL complex, situated about 10 kilometers from the city centre. The ground is owned and maintained by the IPCL and has taken preference over the oldest cricket ground in Asia - the Moti Bagh Stadium - for ODIs. The batsmen have traditionally enjoyed this high-scoring venue with a true wicket that holds up throughout the length of a 50-over game.


Sun Dec 21 - Wed Dec 24
09:30 local | 04:00 GMT
23:00 EST | 22:00 CST | 20:00 PST
Ranji Trophy
Group A - Baroda v Jammu & Kashmir
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Group A: Baroda v J + K at Vadodara
Dec 21-24, 2014 (09:30 local | 04:00 GMT | 23:00 EST | 22:00 CST | 20:00 PST)
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