Australia v India, 4th Test, Adelaide

Yadav stands tall amid the rubble

On a disastrous tour, Yadav's good days have been overshadowed by other bigger events. Under the shadow of the bigger picture is India's rare positive from this tour

Sidharth Monga in Adelaide

January 21, 2012

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Umesh Yadav picked up his maiden five-wicket haul in Tests, Australia v India, 3rd Test, Perth, 2nd day, January 14, 2012
If the Indian batsmen can finally deliver in Adelaide, Yadav might, for a change, have some cushion to work with © Getty Images
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Umesh Yadav does not speak English. However, he can bowl fast - for an Indian - and move the ball too. His first press conference in Australia was on the day Michael Hussey had been given out caught behind without having touched the ball. The Australian press was annoyed at the absence of DRS, and wanted answers from anybody who represented India. There was rage in the press box and commentary booths.

Yadav had bowled to Ricky Ponting in front of a 70,000-plus Boxing Day crowd with more poise than he fronted up to the press. It didn't help that he has no media training or translators. One of the Indian journalists was asked to translate what he said. Yadav was asked why his side didn't want the DRS. "I don't know," he said. What he meant was he didn't know what to say, but he had frozen. It is credit to the newspapers here that it didn't get reported out of context.

The next time Yadav attended a press conference he had taken five wickets at the WACA. But on the same day, India lost four second-innings wickets, which had sealed the fate of the match and the series. Yadav was asked that day was if it felt bad that his maiden five-for was coming in a big defeat, about Sachin Tendulkar's unusual reaction at being given out lbw and other angry questions.

On a disastrous tour, Yadav's good days have been overshadowed by other bigger events. Under the shadow of the bigger picture is India's rare positive from this tour. If this whole series was played at Lord's, Yadav would be the only Indian on the honours board. Clearly, he is more at home doing what he does than talking of what he does.

Yadav is fit, strong, quick, and gets the ball to swing late. More importantly, he attacks the stumps, and doesn't wait for edges. Eleven of his 21 Test wickets have been bowled. Another has been lbw. Five matches is a short career for a bigger statistical analysis, but it is worth mentioning that he takes a wicket every 39.2 balls. It is not at large odds with his overall first-class strike-rate of 46.8. Attacking the stumps also leaves less control on the run flow, which shows in his economy rate of 4.24 in Tests.

This kind of bowling doesn't usually sit well with MS Dhoni, but thankfully, Yadav has been given the licence to bowl quick, and because of his good flowing action he looks the likeliest man to buck the Indian trend of bowlers losing their pace after a good, quick start.

Zaheer Khan said of Yadav: "The way he is bowling I am very happy. The way he is taking the responsibility. I think that freedom is important for him. At this age, especially four-five Test matches in, you are allowed to make mistakes. What is important is how you are approaching the game. What attitude you bring to the ground. I am very happy with his attitude. He is a wicket-taker, so that is what his job will be."

In other attacks, the mistakes Zaheer spoke about can remain inconspicuous. Yadav, though, is part of an Indian attack that doesn't always complement him with control from the other end. He has also been part of a unit whose plans were dated: they tried to bounce Ponting out at the MCG, which is a throwback to 2009-10.

Yadav is hardly a finished article. He can get carried away with the short ball, he was ineffective in Sydney, but already he has shown the best grasp among Indians of what length needs to be bowled on pitches that have helped seam movement and swing.

As India look to salvage something in the series, Adelaide promises to be the biggest test in Yadav's short career. The pitch will be flatter, the opposition is on a high, but if the Indian batsmen can finally deliver, Yadav might, for a change, have some cushion to work with.

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Posted by Ghelanis on (January 23, 2012, 21:24 GMT)

We Indians need to learn not to be condescending in our comments on our players...!Lets learn not to kick when someone is down.No one makes it to the National team by fluke.We need to learn to take defeat or failures with grace and also to encourage our players when they need it the most ! Do Indians get to hear the commentary on channel 9 by the Aussies? They r jealously protective of their players, and rightly so.These are National Assets,symbols of pride.The selectors are best placed to make choices/decisions.Give them a break ! They cannot please every one. It is very ok to make suggestions in a respectful tone, but to be bitterly critical does not belong to our rich heritage!!!Lets unite behind our people in a constructive manner, PLEASE !!!!

Posted by hnlns on (January 23, 2012, 7:26 GMT)

I feel Yadav and Aaron will form a very good quick bowling pair, with some help from Zaheer and Ishant plus Ashwin to hold one end. India will have to somehow find replacement for Zaheer as he may not last more than a year or two. 35 years is almost certainly the time for a pace bowler to hang his boots and cool his tired heels.

Posted by krisham51 on (January 23, 2012, 2:47 GMT)

Short term solutions of who should be in and who should be out is alright but if India is to win abroad we have to have fast as well as spinners pitches.We are lucky that we a big number of state capitals and stadiums.In the medium term and long term only this si going to help India save "face" ,let alone win matches.well let the selectors do their job .After all everybody has their own favorites.May be the only positive that could come out of this as far as batting is concerned is that the seniors may see the writing on the wall and gracefully retire.let us hope at least India puts up a fight.But I doubt as the money they have earned will last them not only for themselves but for some more generations. The "hunger"i is it seems

Posted by batnpad on (January 22, 2012, 21:59 GMT)

@Nampally. Yes, I am annoyed by the failures of the Indian cricket team, which I was a big fan of. All these nonsense writing will take the focus of the failures. Already, N.Srinivasan has confirmed what many true Indian fans fear. Let the team come back home, start winning at flat tracks, all will be back to normal.

Posted by David_Boon on (January 22, 2012, 20:47 GMT)

He's a good bowler, that much is clear. It also seems like he has a great attitude, busting his guts out there to do his best. Besides Sachin & Ashwin, who has also impressed (maybe not with his fielding though!), the rest of the Indian team could learn something about representing their country with pride.

Posted by sportsfan23 on (January 22, 2012, 19:09 GMT)

if i was a selector our bowling unit for test( assume 15 players) irfan pathan umesh yadav praveen kumar s sreesanth r ashwin(off brek) rahul sharma(leg spin) zaheer khan/ rp singh bATTING s tendulkar g gambhir a rahane rohit sharma virat kohli dinesh karthik yuvraj singh ms dhoni

Posted by   on (January 22, 2012, 13:28 GMT)

@naraish..Atul Sharma, he has not bowled a yet at Domestic level yet. I know fitness is important but its a game that needs skill aswell. If we needed only fitness we have a lot of good gyms in Indian from where we can get 11 blokes . . . . Its skill what matters . . Atul Sharma seems to have disappeared from the scene. I am not writing him off but he hasn't played a match yet at domestic level which is disappointing . .

Posted by   on (January 22, 2012, 9:31 GMT)

unsung hero. thats wat he really is.

Posted by rahulcricket007 on (January 22, 2012, 8:58 GMT)


Posted by Dravid_Pujara_Gravitas on (January 22, 2012, 6:21 GMT)

Ishant has to go. Right now! IF he can't take wickets on pace friendly wickets THEN what's the point huh? Please send him home! He'll make other bowlers' life difficult. If we want good mileage from this talented kid Yadav, then you have to get rid-off hyped underperformers like Ishant. Yeah yeah! Ishant might get a five for here and there. Don't read too much into it guys!

Posted by   on (January 22, 2012, 5:50 GMT)

Umesh Yadav reminds me a lot of Michael Holding. He pitches the ball full and straight, can swing it both ways, and usually tries to hit the stumps. He's also got a good cricket brain - I was very impressed when got Shaun Marsh out at the MCG (three inswingers from around the wicket, followed by an outswinger from over the wicket that got the edge to gully). He's hugely talented, I hope India just stick with him because he is doing well.

Posted by alexmudiwa on (January 22, 2012, 5:32 GMT)

Since when is english speaking proficiency a measure of a sportsman's, let alone any professional's abilities. Even presidents of very powerful states and scientists cant speak english because they communicate just fine using their own languages. Angela merkel, dimitry medmedev, rafael nadal, seep blatter, galelio, leonardo da vinci, hu jintao, vladmir plutin, jacques chirac etc. So yadav need not be ridiculed for his struggles with english, if journalists want answers out of him, they should create an enabling environment for him to communicate. Translators etc. If not, then they shouldn't complain coz his job is not to talk to press

Posted by mrm2011in on (January 22, 2012, 5:09 GMT)


Posted by sabee66 on (January 22, 2012, 5:05 GMT)

If India wants to save their ONLY quick bowler, they shouln't let him play IPL

Posted by   on (January 22, 2012, 4:00 GMT)

Same result in Adelaide . India can win only either test or ODIs in India. Sri Lanka has already proved they can come back strongly after defeats (remeber, recent days Sri Lanka play with lots of youngsters with less expierience). but unfortunatly Day by day in this tour India go down. In Adelaide same result will be displayed. do not need to cover to Umesh Yadev or who ever. India should face tp reality. either Sri Lanka or India not suit to World champians and runners -up. bitter truth is aussie is better than us in home or away.

Posted by   on (January 22, 2012, 3:18 GMT)

he is pretty good on those tracks.. uses new ball for conventional swing (which he is getting here) and old ball he reverses it a lot and with his pace its deadly

Posted by ravimenon on (January 22, 2012, 2:38 GMT)

Most of the new comers from IRFAN to ISHANT bowled very well under Ganguly and Kumble. The present Captain does not know how to use these youngsters. Especialli in the case of SREESANTH, he would have been one of India's best bowlers had Dhoni used him properly. He is one of the genuie wicket taking bowler produced by India. Now we have Yadav, Aaron etc etc. But I dont think they have good future under Dhoni. The only bowler survived under him is Ishant Sharma- and nobody knows why he is still in Indian side. India need a change change in Test Captiancy- let Dhoni cptain for ODI & T20. But a new captain is mandadtory for Test especially when they play outside subcontinent. If you play in subcontinent, you always play with two spinners and plus some part timers captaincy is rather simple.

Posted by myStraightTalk on (January 22, 2012, 2:28 GMT)

NOW THE GAME IS WHO IS BETTER IN DEFEATING INDIA. IS THAT AUSTRALIA OR ENGLAND? T20 and Oneday WHITE WASH on the card.. unless if they drop the 3 senior and change the captain. Anything less will be a disastarous tour. Australia will do better then England finally when we compare this tour with india tour to England

Posted by caughtbehindthewicket on (January 22, 2012, 2:23 GMT)

Never mind guys. At home, team india will be roaring lions again. They could never win on foerign soil unless they find heroes in bowling department. At present the cricketing gods are all batters, and all the focus is on piling up centuries in front of home crowd playing on docile pitches, and preferably against weaker teams

Posted by dunger.bob on (January 22, 2012, 2:22 GMT)

I've been impressed with Yadav from the first over he bowled in this series. One of the best things about him is that he has the happy knack of turning 1 wicket into two or three. He's a grape bowler, does it in bunches. ... He also has a fast bowlers physique and doesn't get deterred if he goes for a few runs. .. Some of the comments from the Indian posters seem to indicate that he will get forgotten once he returns to the slower tracks at home.. I really hope that doesn't happen because he is a good-un and should be able to bowl well on just about any pitch. .. Finally, he seems to be a good young fella as well. .. So good luck to him, I wish him all the very best for the rest of his career which is hopefully going to be a long and fruitful one.

Posted by myStraightTalk on (January 22, 2012, 2:19 GMT)

I can't believe that they had picked ISHANT SHARMA again and again several times after he had failed big time and several times In England and recent WI series. There is some thing wrong with captain/coach/Selector/BCCI. Look at his stats and it will tell the entire story.

Posted by c3vzn on (January 22, 2012, 2:08 GMT)

Arguably the other genuine quick India has, Varun Aaron is even more talented. Such a shame he was injured.

Posted by kirkeet-fan on (January 22, 2012, 0:32 GMT)

From all the ex-players to my fellow arm-chair captains and selectors, why is everybody hell-bent on fixing the symptoms rather than the disease? We all know that our cricketing structure rotted from the inside out for decades, we do not inspire any innovation at any level of the game nor do we encourage the hard-working bowlers by providing them with sporting wickets. As a result, we get one semi-legit pace bowler every generation, Kapil, Srinath, Z Khan come to mind, however there is no support whatsoever behind them. These guys get bowled to death and we lose tons of matched in the process. The fact of the matter is that despite everybody making Khan out to be a world class bowler, I'd say he'd not walk into any of the top 5 Test teams right now. We have no choice but to stick with him as there are literally no options. Yadav is a legit find, I just hope he doesn't fade away like so many before him.

Posted by Gizza on (January 22, 2012, 0:08 GMT)

@batnpad, the best writers talk about both the positive and negatives even after a one-sided tour. Because the future planners of Indian cricket need to understand where they're heading. It is time to get rid of the failures (mostly old batsmen but even Zaheer has been overrated as well as Ishant) and continue the development on the younger players who have been more succsssful (Kohli, Ashwin and Yadav) as well as bring in more. India did actually somehow take 20 wickets in Melbourne and has a good chance of it in Perth (10 in the only innings) but the batting has been far, far worse. Very un-Indian performance in that sense. Normally the opposite.

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 23:59 GMT)

Was anyone listening to me when I said a very long time ago that India missed a trick against my team, the West Indies? The oldies (Dravid, Tendulkar and Laxman) played that entire series, yet young talent like Rohit Sharma, Rahane and company couldn't even get a test match or two under their belts. As the fourth test draws nearer in Adelaide, seeing that Dhoni wouldn't be in the set up, Rahane or Sharma should be in the starting eleven for India. No disrespect to Tendulkar, but Rahane should have also been included in the ODI series to follow. I'm afraid a young talent like him may soon get frustrated at being left out of the team, after making lots of first class runs.

Posted by wake_up_india on (January 21, 2012, 23:43 GMT)

Quiz: Name another game where India was world champion and then very rapidly fell to the bottom? Wake up BCCI before you become like the IHF. At least in hockey, India was at the top for 28 years. Here, she did not last 28 months.

Posted by gothetaniwha on (January 21, 2012, 23:15 GMT)

Yeah he has bowl well in Australia , Now he has to go back to India and bowl on those roads for the next two years , I wonder if he is looking forward to it .

Posted by playitstraight on (January 21, 2012, 22:45 GMT)

Yadav is definitely a good bowler and a great talent, but he needs to learn how to control the flow of runs. Even in Tests it is important, because only then can he do it in ODIs as well. His economy rate in Tests is 4.21 and in ODIs 5.91!!! If he continues like this, then he'll become even worse than Sreesanth. Also, if Yadav continues at his pace, then he has to be managed properly, otherwise he'll break down like Zaheer very frequently. Ishant has to be dropped or else he'll continue to take his place for granted and not perform at all.

Posted by liaqathussain on (January 21, 2012, 22:08 GMT)

young prospect but lets give him a year and see where his at. most likely bowing at 135 kph max.

winning in adeleide willl only make sure vvs,, dravid, and sehwag stay in the team for that much longer. poor rohit sharma , and ijinka rehane, their career will get wasted as water boys,

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 21:55 GMT)

Last Test is a great opportunity to try out new blood.Even there is signal from god otherwise Saha would have been warming the benches for the rest of the series. only thing can go wrong is India will loose a dead rubber while we can take lot of positives by try out new blood . Imagine if one out of four rookies gets going can be good for Test team in future. Adelaide condition is the closest to Indian condition yet is Australian territory and gives good opportunity for newcomers to succeed and build confidence. I will include Rahane, Rohit , Kohli, saha, ashwin and Ojha and will exclude laxman, dravid,dhoni, vinay kumar, ishant sharma from the team for the last test.

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 20:28 GMT)

I truly wish Tendulkar, Dravid and Laxman won't play in the 4th test. Bring in Rohit, Ajinkya Rahane and Pragya Ojha. At least these three guys can save some runs on the field, Ojha can bowl. Anyway India may loose this test also, but I am sure they will put up some fight.

Posted by Dravid_Pujara_Gravitas on (January 21, 2012, 20:00 GMT)

Ishant has to go. Right now! IF he can't take wickets on pace friendly wickets THEN what's the point huh? Please send him home! He'll make other bowlers' life difficult. If we want good mileage from this talented kid Yadav, then you have to get rid-off hyped underperformers like Ishant. Yeah yeah! Ishant might get a five for here and there. Don't read too much into it guys!

Posted by doosra95 on (January 21, 2012, 19:52 GMT)

Indians will find it very tough in any bouncy conditions to peform as a bats man where all they tend to do is play on front foot, all the time.

As for Yadav if he is unable to bowl on such bowler friendly conditions for a seamer,he will not find it at home in india where the pitchs are dusty and spinners paradise.

No wonder indian spinners become nullified away from home due to lack of guile and technique.

Posted by MasterClass on (January 21, 2012, 19:43 GMT)

As I have posted earlier and despite many of the sentiments here (which I do understand) I think India must persist with Ishant. Again as others have pointed out there are not too many options and at least Ishant bowls 140+ consistently. He also does not throw away his wicket, which is an admirable quality for a tail-ender (the tail has been crucial in several matches India have lost or won...but that's for another post). The real problem is that Captain Dhoni does not giving him support via correct and aggressive field settings: place 3rd man to allow him to bowl straighter-no bowler likes to leak runs in that region, keep slips in action longer, he has sharp bouncer-place fielders at catching positions for the hook/pull, and most important MOVE UP THE SLIPS 2' or 3'- I stopped counting how many catches that did not carry, but would have been caught if they JUST MOVED UP FOR GOD SAKE!!

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 19:27 GMT)

India needs real fast bowler.Give Atul Sharma a chance .At lease he can shake up the Australian thus giving the other bowlers a chance to take wickets.Play ojah ashwin yadav and zaheer.hopefully the batsmen click and we will win the game.Good luck team India

Posted by SRT_GENIUS on (January 21, 2012, 19:24 GMT)

@Rakim: You seem to be upset that India has a geniune pace bowler (if not superfast) ? Yadav got nearly no mention of achievements in the press... unlike Cummins or Pattinson - which has made them stars. Given that Yadav can't spew soundbites, there is no "aura" around him. Monga is trying to fix that wrong. Finally this is not a speed gun contest. Yadav has speeds at which some of the best "fast" bowlers in cricket have bowled. There have been very few bowler with a clean action who bowl "naturally" at 150+. What is to be seen is if he can maintain his speed over a period or someone line "venkatesh prasad" will start feeding him about the importance of line and length over speed.

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 19:23 GMT)

Whatever happened to MRF Pace Foundation???!!!

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 19:18 GMT)

any ways we are loosing 50-4 and 100-6 approximately. then why carry extra batsmen. even if you add more they are going to get out. when west indies was in form.they had only 5 batsment. 1 wk who can bat. 4 fast bowler. we can do the same. go with 3 fast bowler. go with ashwin and ojha. so 5 bowler to offer variety. can slow things up at times with spinners and variety. if you did not want to play ojha then why you carried him. you may have taken pathan or any other fast bowler. effective or not effective. If vinay kumar cannot bowl on these wicket. then where he will bowl. should be out. zaheer, ishant and yadav- ashwin and ojha. our so called maharati- 3 - trio useless. no choice go with shewag , gambhir.

Posted by Nampally on (January 21, 2012, 19:17 GMT)

@batnpad:Why are you so annoyed Man - Can't tolerate a bit of praise going to an Indian player? True there have been plenty of failures & negatives from the Indian view point. Amongst these failoures, Yadev certaiinly kept the indian hopes alive, except at Sydney, where he failed with the rest of the bowlers. If only the indian batting had shown up, India could have won the First test. Thanks to Yadev they had that glimmer of hope. There were plenty of high points from where India went tumbling down in a heap. Even now if the all the Indian batsmen succeed as they normally do in India, India can still win the Adelaide test. I presume at that point the Aussies would be searching for similar high points in their team as S.Monga did in this case. India had 4 promising bowlers against WI in Yadev, Aaron, Ojha & Ashwin. 3 of these 4 are in this team & likely to play at Adelaide. If these bowlers show up along with the Indian batting then don't be surprised if India overwhelms the Aussies!.

Posted by A.S.M on (January 21, 2012, 19:12 GMT)

There have been medium pacers bowling slower than Vinay in Indian teams - Vinay may not be suited in today's test cricket as a fast bowler, but he was selected not because of his speed or lack of it; they thought his swing could help. Ian Chappel said that it was not a right decision to play him at Perth . I don't know if any bowler can be considered as one of the worst bowlers after just one test! But this much is for sure - With many younger players bowling at higher speeds and Munaf, Irfan, Sreesanth & RP Singh still good enough to bowl, Vinay's chances of playing in future test matches are highly slim.

Posted by Doogius on (January 21, 2012, 18:28 GMT)

2 big differences between Ishant and Yadav. ishant bowls back of a length and Yadav at the stumps, therefore ishant is less expensive but gets less wickets whereas Yadav is more expensive and gets more wickets. Either way, two guys that bowl there heart out at 140+ and Indians are complaining :)

Posted by KarachiKid on (January 21, 2012, 18:20 GMT)

Its time India started preparing sporting and lively tracks to produce and be able to develop talents like Umesh Yadav. As of now, the pitches are made for Tendulkars and Sehwags !

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 17:50 GMT)

vinay kumar must be one of the worst bowlers ever in test cricket.

Posted by batnpad on (January 21, 2012, 17:36 GMT)

Another pathetic attempt to write something positive on a disastrous tour. I mean, if you have a contractual obligation to write something every other day, why not go after the failures ? There are tons of materials available. All are not fools to see whats happening. Spare us the nonsense. I understand Yadav's promise but there is no need to paint a coat of gloss on this unfinished material.

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 17:34 GMT)

When a kid, you play for fun. When you are talented and fortunate kid you are told to graduate to the club and then the district, city, and state teams. Provide you make it so far, next you aspire to play for the nation. A selection call is a life-changing moment. You give your best when you start your career. Some have sheer talent. Some are overawed: playing for the country as a young man is not easy - there are advices, protocols, etc to be followed. You may have piercing eyes, but someone could say you stared at the captain :) You might talk to your sister - rumours say otherwise. So a good captain and management makes or breaks a career. Does he belong or not? Only performances count. In a few years though the debutant is a leading player. The money comes in. An apartment, contacts, cars, etc follow. Life is easier. It is here that passion comes in and keeps the fire burning. Have I made enough money? Have the opponents sorted me out? So in 5 yrs yadav could be like Ishant.

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 17:29 GMT)

It is quite early to write something about him. Please don't spoil by making him an overnight star. Most of the talented cricketers just faded of away because of this king of early stardom and high expectation. let him grow people

Posted by fsdb on (January 21, 2012, 17:26 GMT)

Mmmmm..........couple of names spring to mind........Ishant Sharma..........Irfan Pathan........Indian fast bowler.........oxymoron............

Posted by its.rachit on (January 21, 2012, 17:26 GMT)

until we remove Ishant Sharma from the team, we will keep playing with 3 bowlers ... he never had the talent or potentiual ..... period ... he has to go ... he was a fast bowler .. tall and pacy ... and he averages more than 50 in australia, SA, NZ and England combined .... these are the 4 places suited for fast bowling .... kick him out first ...

Posted by Rakim on (January 21, 2012, 17:24 GMT)

Ok. 1. He isn't express pace. He is 135-145kph bowler who can bowl 150kph with effort, but that is not his natural speed. 2. What is point of taking 5 wickets if other team is making 500+ regularly. 3. He targets wickets but still his strike rate is very ordinary. Conclusion: Media shouldn't over-hype. He is a normal pacer nothing special like Amir/Junain/Pattinson/Cummins or SA new bowlers. But I still believe he is a hard working chap and has bright future ahead :)

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 17:05 GMT)

Sidhant did you notice that the first four paragraphs of your article was highlighting either the lack of English knowledge or sniping an attack on India´s reluctance of using UDS and a wrong decision as if this is the only wrong decision given so far (god forbit if it was from an umpire from the sub continent) ? The last 7 paragraphs (much smaller than the first 4 paragraphs, I may add) focus on Umesh Yadav. This somehow very well sums of the partisian reporting by staff of Cric info.Oh by the way, did you mention that Umesh Yadav´s rise a measure of good work done by BCCI to unearth talent in India. A player coming up the ranks despite very humble back ground !!

Posted by Punjin on (January 21, 2012, 16:32 GMT)

INDIAN BOWLERS PAY ATTENTION-"Yadav is fit, strong, quick, and gets the ball to swing late. More importantly, he attacks the stumps, and doesn't wait for edges. Eleven of his 21 Test wickets have been bowled. Another has been lbw." Good physique is the key- add to this bowling in line, attacking and desire to distroy (not literally) the opposition. India needs more bowlers like him. Yadav not only needs bowling support but he needs fielding support too,

Posted by ccrriicc on (January 21, 2012, 16:29 GMT)

Umesh and other young fast bowlers need nurturing, guidance and support - that seems lacking - you need a thinking captain and a supportive management - which is amiss in India - a simple example is Ishant - why don't we have Craig McDermotts in our coaching staff? - Umesh may also go the same way the way other young ones have gone, unless cricketers come into the management of BCCI.

Posted by itsabhi07 on (January 21, 2012, 16:10 GMT)

Rohit must play next game

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 16:07 GMT)

hope management doesn't ask him to rely more on line & length and slow down a bit

Posted by rainybullet on (January 21, 2012, 16:07 GMT)

I read similar article after Ajit Agarkar first played international cricket. Same talent prediction was applied for Abey Kuruvilla, Debasish Mohanty, Harvinder Singh, R P Singh, and many more. Everybody knows how we felt about their performance after couple of years. It is too early to judge Umesh Yadav's talent, temperament, or future. Only thing I liked is his good bowling action.

Posted by aarmo on (January 21, 2012, 16:02 GMT)

Yadav is the biggest positive for India during this humiliating tour. The team management now need to make sure that he plays only when he is fully fit. We Indians tend to make players heroes too soon. Let's not put too much pressure on him to perform every match he plays. Rather, we should concentrate on building a strong battery of pace bowlers that can be rotated around depending upon each bowlers form and fitness. I am sure a couple of them will emerge as great fast bowlers.

Posted by Aaravmurali on (January 21, 2012, 15:47 GMT)

He was the only guy in Indian team who bowled with good pace with swing comparable to Australian quicks..

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 15:43 GMT)

I wish I could have more optimism, but knowing Indian cricket administrators and also the players, I would not be surprised if Yadav burns out in the next season or two. I hope I am proved wrong, but things simply do not change in India, and in Indian cricket.

Posted by itsabhi07 on (January 21, 2012, 15:43 GMT)

It will be very sad for indian cricket if a young talent like Rohit Sharma does not play in next test match and instead Laxman plays next match. I doubt Laxman's intention of practising on off day. During whole tour I never heard of him practising on off day....Its fine if he does not take retirement at the moment but when he is not able to perform some one like Rohit must be given chance to show thier skills. Instead of concentrating on playing good cricket, senior members of indian cricket team seem to protect each others interest. For this current captain of team must be sacked. I remember Ganguly's era when so many young talents got opportunity to play for India like..Yuvraj Dhoni... epic inning of Laxman's 281 came only after he was promoted at higher no by Ganguly....perhaps these players have forgotten every thing. If Laxman plays next test match then he must be forced to take retirement.

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 15:35 GMT)

Yadav is quick and in test match cricket you need pace along with right length. I totally agree with one of the prior comments about Vinay Kumar. He is not a test match bowler. Even Zaheer looked ordinary at times because of lack of pace. But he tried to compensate that with swing/reverse swing and perfect control. If he had the pace then he would have been devastating. I saw another guy named Aaron, that kid is quick too. But, not sure about his ability to move the ball. But, India need a good spinner. Ashwin does not even know where to pitch the ball as a off spinner he tries to put everything on leg and middle. That is totally rubbish. These are basics and you should know that when u are playing test matches from ball one. Well Main concern for India is their batting. Yadav and Zaheer need support.

Posted by funnyIndiancricket on (January 21, 2012, 15:29 GMT)

No doubt everytime when India toured Aus.. the new bowlers have always delivered well.. I remember the same talks of praise about Irfan and Ishant.. but what happens next is most important...our bowlers do not possess the attitude of a strong comeback... except for Zaheer..

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 15:23 GMT)

Yadav is talented and a hope in for the future of Indian cricket. Provided our cricket selectors persist with him. he along with Varun can provide the lethal bowling combination with ZAK, Indian team has been looking for. Captain should be judjicious in using these rare resouices. I am surprised that Indian Team management chose Yadav for a press conference when they know his problem with English.

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 15:21 GMT)

all my indians fans if we see ishant might not picking wickets bot bowling quick luck is not going his way also if we see if we only aaron is ishants replacement and praveen there r not many good quicks vinay and mithun are pathetic irfan 130 kph not a test bowler sreesant was pathetic in england bowling 123 rp sing if fully fit is good but we dont need truddlers its better o have ishant other countries make jokes of indian truddlers 125 kph atleast ishant is making effor bowling quick quickest bowler in india clocked 152 in 1 test bad luck is going for him.

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 15:20 GMT)

all my indians fans if we see ishant might not picking wickets bot bowling quick luck is not going his way also if we see if we only aaron is ishants replacement and praveen there r not many good quicks vinay and mithun are pathetic irfan 130 kph not a test bowler sreesant was pathetic in england bowling 123 rp sing if fully fit is good but we dont need truddlers its better o have ishant other countries make jokes of indian truddlers 125 kph atleast ishant is making effor bowling quick quickest bowler in india clocked 152 in 1 test bad luck is going for him.

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 15:04 GMT)

Yadav has bowled remarkably.He has bowled fast and made a lot of effort even in dire circumstances.Zaheer Khan must be glad to bowl with him. it is after a long time that the Indian bowling attack has not solely depended on him to take wickets.Yadav needs to keep working hard,esp. with his fielding and he must not cut down on his speed.

Posted by here2rock on (January 21, 2012, 15:01 GMT)

The problem is when he gets home. He will be dropped as there is no sense in who Indian selectors pick. If he does play he will be bowling on dead tracks, hardly a dream for a fast bowler. I can only feel sorry the young kid, he has a big heart which will serve him well. Good luck!

Posted by Nampally on (January 21, 2012, 14:42 GMT)

Yes Sidharth.Yadav is like a beacon of hope on this doom & gloom tour. The Batsmen played recklessly& irresponsibly.The bowlers were incapable of taking wickets.Yadav was one guy despite lacking experience troubled the Aussies with his pace. He was averaging 143 KPH, quicker than any Aussie seamers.If only India had 1-2 punch, Aussie batting would have been reeling. It was a pity Aaron got injured & now forgotten even for the ODI's. ZAK was next best.But Ishant with all his experience was disappointing.Ashwin was ineffective in bowling though batted well. Yadav needs little more consistency in his length & direction to be amongst the top seamers.For Adelaide test India need Ojha to replace Ishant. The pitch is likely to aid spinners from Day 3 on - as per the curator.This is ideal chance for the Indian batsmen to restore some dignity on a flatter pitch.If Sehwag wins the toss, India will have that chance. Will India put their act together for once & play like winners for India's sake?

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 14:36 GMT)

This was in the squad for south africa test series and they played 18 yr old slow medium blower Jaydev Unadkat in playing 11...amazing

Posted by jonesy2 on (January 21, 2012, 14:30 GMT)

he bowls good pace and has a nice action but he is not near it to be honest, good luck to him its nice to see indian lads bowling fast.

Posted by TheAceofSpades on (January 21, 2012, 14:20 GMT)

Yes, he is the only positive India can take out of this disastrous tour. He bowled well, bowled in the right areas and at a brisk speed.

Posted by baskar_guha on (January 21, 2012, 14:11 GMT)

How do Indian fans expect India to win tests in conditions that favor fast and furious with just Yadav and Zaheer? All that our "fine" batsmen can do by batting better is to ensure draws. But we cant win abroad without four top bowlers. Perennial problem for India which no one really cares about -- neither BCCI nor the Indian fans or media. In my opinion, the best way to deal with the batting greats retiring is to find and nurture good bowlers - then you don't need great batting, just good batting.

Posted by sportofpain on (January 21, 2012, 13:59 GMT)

Terrific find. His build reminds me of Kapil Dev so hopefully he can have as stellar a career. Ishant Sharma is the weak link - has been so for long butbhas been given a long rope while wicket takers like Sreesanth have been given short shrift. Ojha for Ishant and Ashwin for Vinay in Adelaide. That will keep the Aussies under 300 in both innings. Then it is left to the batsmen

Posted by UmarKhan85 on (January 21, 2012, 13:48 GMT)

its just great to see a genuine fast bowler bowling his heart out. As a cricket fan I would love nothing more than to see bowlers such as Yadav bowling fast and making life tough for batsmen. We need genuine fast bowlers coz cricket is becoming a batsmen's game.

I hope Yadav can continue with the progress he's made here. as for Ishant Sharma, I think he's had a hard fall from stardom and seems like a one hit wonder. Once again, I hope to see Yadav bowl more for India and for cricket!

From a cricket fan from Pakistan!

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 13:47 GMT)

I remember Ishant was the find of the tour in the last Australian tour. We lost that young talent somewhere. Not sure if IPL and its big money is to blame. In India where we don't have a whole lot of fast bowling talent, why can't we groom and sustain our fast bowling talent better. Coming to Umesh, I do think he is talented. I do hope that he becomes a great bowler and not just remain a hope.

Posted by heathrf1974 on (January 21, 2012, 13:33 GMT)

Yadav is a keeper for the Indian cricket team, but Ishant needs to lots of improvement.

Posted by Al_Bundy1 on (January 21, 2012, 13:27 GMT)

Yadav is a great find, Zaheer performed as expected while Ishant is a great loss. Ishant needs to be shown the door. In fact, except for the 2nd test, Indian bowlers did reasonably well. It's the batsmen who have been consistently failing us. The non-performers need to be kicked out, starting with LAX and Viru. They have been complete flops on this tour. The oldies were great 5-10 years ago, but now age has caught up with them. BCCI needs to drop the oldies and bring in young blood. Rohit Sharma should play in Adelaide. Kohli was our highest run getter in the 3rd test. Even Ahwin has proved to be a better batsman than Viru, Gauti, LAX and Dravid.

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 13:14 GMT)

Don't flog him, if he doesn't do well in Adelaide. This boy deserves all the encouragement from we, the Indian cricket lovers, especially when we see that he doesn't seem to get much from his bowling coach on the tour, and his line of attack is not Dhony's favorite line of attack!

Posted by buggybike on (January 21, 2012, 13:10 GMT)

Umesh is the ONLY silver lining in the tour so far, and Ishanth is huge disappointment. May be Zaheer, Umesh Yadav,Praveen Kumar and Varun Aaron may be ideal bowling combination when no injuries IMO.

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 13:10 GMT)

Where is this guy, Eric Simons? Supposed to be the bowling coach. He used to 'come out in the open', more often, during Kirsten's days. Is the old man Fletcher keeping him under the lid. Or, Eric himself feels the need to hide under a double whammy: 1) Not so great a performance from his wards -- Ishant's poor performance & Zaheer's very short spells (far too short) of decent show and poor consistency. And 2) Poor coaching show in comparison to the fantastic impact of the Australian counterpart on his wards?

Posted by seantells on (January 21, 2012, 13:00 GMT)

this is a good article , good job. National selecting committee should have a plan for players like this and preserve talent , like OZ's doing with Patt Cummins

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 12:40 GMT)

i guess ishant should be dropped immediately nd shud be send to play domestic cricket to find his form...nd someone bowling fast nd took wickets in ranji trophy should come nd play test cricket.......

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 11:15 GMT)

no doubt he's immensely talented and has that fire all he needs is proper grooming and motivation in international arena..... Its early days of his career and people started to write him off after lacklustre performance in sydney where he couldn't take a wicket..... but he kicked back with 5 wickets in d next test. Go on Umesh ....... U mess the australian batting line up....

Posted by S.Jagernath on (January 21, 2012, 11:12 GMT)

Ishant Sharma is the main flaw within the bowling attack,he is just not wicket taking material.M.S Dhoni does not enjoy his bowlers conceding runs,but he is fine with Ishant Sharma conceding plenty for no wickets.Atleast Umesh Yadav takes wickets.Rohit Sharma & Ajinkya Rahane have really done well as reserves,it seems that is all they will ever be.Dhoni's selection policy is flawed & so is his on-field decisions.M.S Dhoni is India's weak link!

Posted by DocBindra on (January 21, 2012, 11:09 GMT)

Good luck kid, keep that unbridled enthusiasm going. I wish he was given a crack in English conditions, it might have not changed the outcome but maybe made some difference. I want him and Aaron going full tilt and please no more crap like Vinay Kumar. He is a joke and he proved it in Sydney, its like India was playing with 10 players.

Posted by Romenevans on (January 21, 2012, 10:58 GMT)

He's a good Guy. I Hope India somehow won't find some way to ruin him by over using him. Look what they made of Ishant, He took the world by storm in 2008, Then now batsmen are now taking him by storm. LOL!

Posted by Abhimanyu on (January 21, 2012, 10:39 GMT)

Good article, he is doing much better then the experienced Ishant Sharma for sure. He has been a great find for Indian cricket. Lets hope Dhoni doesn't ask Yadav to bowl defensively, and the coaching staff don't play with his bowling action and destory his pace.

Posted by Hrit24 on (January 21, 2012, 10:31 GMT)

It's really saddening to see that such a real fast bowler like Yadav's achievements in this Aussie tour being overshadowed by this disastrous incidents on tour

Posted by rahulcricket007 on (January 21, 2012, 10:28 GMT)


Posted by luks on (January 21, 2012, 10:17 GMT)

Yadav is the son of a coal-mine worker and was aiming to become a policeman. We need more tough people like him in Indian cricket. He has a very good attitude. Warner also said that when they were practicing for the Delhi DareDevils, Umesh would hardly bowl in his areas. Its good that he has intent even during practice.

Posted by rickyvoncanterbury on (January 21, 2012, 10:03 GMT)

yadav and koli can hold their head high, ashwin batted well, but he was picked to bowl. otherwise

Posted by   on (January 21, 2012, 10:02 GMT)

he bowled at 150.kph in 1st test!!!

Posted by sharidas on (January 21, 2012, 9:32 GMT)

I have always been excited at the sight of fast bowlers bowling. But, you can bet that if any fast bowler is out there at Chepauk bowling in the Ranji Finals, it will be a pathetic site. Its high time Indian Domestic games are played on sporting pitches. Only then can we expect both - pace bowlers and spin bowlers of quality to come up in our cricket.

Posted by karthik_krishna1984 on (January 21, 2012, 9:27 GMT)

Easily Indias best fast bowling Hope. I wish these legends (vvs,rahul,sachin,sehwag) retirement, thanks for the memories guys. kindly hand over the mantle to the young guns. doesnt matter if we lose a few more atleast we will go down fighting. the way you are playing we have no hope. I am happy MSD is banned as well, poor saha let him get a chance.

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