India tour of Australia, 4th Test: Australia v India at Adelaide, Jan 24-28, 2012
Australia won by 298 runs
Played at Adelaide Oval
24,25,26,27,28 January 2012 (5-day match)
  • Overs 1-50
  • Overs 51-100

Krishna: "@Don: We simply cannot live in the Past.. look at the Present and think for tomorrow... "


Harris to Laxman, no run, shapes a pitched up delivery away from a good length, left alone


Harris to Laxman, no run, comes in a tad from a good length, pushed on the off side

Rahul: "@don: We'll built a statue of VVS at Eden Gardens for his achievements. But cant keep on dragging the statue on every tour!!"


Harris to Laxman, no run, defends the full delivery down the track


Harris to Laxman, FOUR, full one whipped off the pads behind square leg and it rolls into the boundary


Harris to Laxman, no run, shaping away from a good length, Laxman lets it go


Harris to Laxman, 1 wide, searing high bouncer, Laxman ducks under it


Harris to Laxman, no run, shortish delivery that he defends

End of over 51 (5 runs) India 153/4

    • VVS Laxman 30 (82b 3x4)
    • V Kohli 16 (48b 2x4)
    • RJ Harris 14-4-25-2
    • MJ Clarke 1-0-2-0

Satheesh: "It is sad to see the legends failing. To me this is only the send time they have failed together. Instead of criticizing them, we should thank them for what they have done to Indian cricket and to India. I am sure they are still trying their best but I think the age has finally caught up with them. Time to prepare for the glorious send-offs for the remarkable careers. I wish that happens in India but it doesn't look like so. Whether it is their last or not, the whole nation SALUTES Dravid and Laxman. Who can forget the Eden Gardens? It still motivates me when I am down." An entire generation can say that as well


Clarke to Kohli, 1 run, turned to midwicket


Clarke to Laxman, no run, turning in from outside leg, defended off the front foot


Clarke to Laxman, 1 run, driven off the front foot wide of mid off for one


Clarke to Kohli, 1 run, keeps low on off and middle, pushed past the bowler


Clarke to Laxman, FOUR, well played, leans in to the drive and sends the tossed up ball racing between extra cover and mid off


Clarke to Laxman, no run, defended off the front foot, inside edge dribbles fine on the leg side

End of over 52 (7 runs) India 160/4

    • VVS Laxman 35 (86b 4x4)
    • V Kohli 18 (50b 2x4)
    • MJ Clarke 2-0-9-0
    • RJ Harris 14-4-25-2

bhaskar: "I feel that there is so much bashing about Indian cricket and so much lamenting, that even Punter has dropped a catch to please the Indian fans for sometime !!"

Kaushik: "If Goran Ivanisevic's Wimbledon win was fairytale sport, this Aus series has got to be the closest that comes to anti-fairytale for Dravid, Sachin & Laxman."


Siddle to Kohli, no run, Siddle beats the inside edge right away as Virat pushes at one angled in on a good length

Sarangan: "Sateesh... We do recognize the efforts of the legends in those days. But like Salary, it is paid for today's work and not for what is done for the work done five years ago (that is called pension and it requires retirement)."


Siddle to Kohli, no run, pushes a pitched up delivery off the front foot


Siddle to Kohli, no run, shuffles across and pushes back to the bowler


Siddle to Kohli, no run, pushed firmly off the front foot to the man at mid off


Siddle to Kohli, 2 runs, produces a thick edge with a pitched up ball but it scoots along the ground past the slip cordon


Siddle to Kohli, no run, fine leave from Virat, he has looked quite comfortable, shuffles well across, sizes up the line and decides it is safe enough to be flagged through

End of over 53 (2 runs) India 162/4

    • V Kohli 20 (56b 2x4)
    • VVS Laxman 35 (86b 4x4)
    • PM Siddle 9-3-34-0
    • MJ Clarke 2-0-9-0

Lyon to bowl, slip, short leg, leg slip, and short midwicket


Lyon to Laxman, no run, left alone outside off


Lyon to Laxman, OUT, and he's fallen to his strength, whipped from off stump straight into short midwicket, not a great delivery at all, shortish, he went back and across, and went through the shot with a wristy flourish, hit it straight to that man, is that his last innings for India?

VVS Laxman c Marsh b Lyon 35 (101m 88b 4x4 0x6) SR: 39.77

Dave: "Believe it or not, many, many Australians have been saddened by the apparent demise of India's elder statesmen. All Indian fans should rest assured that they are held in the highest esteem by Australia's cricket community. May they always be remembered as the stars they are."

Ishant in to protect Saha

Incredible field, every man is close-in, all nine of them


Lyon to Sharma, no run, goes for a drive but mishits it back to the bowler


Lyon to Sharma, 2 runs, and Ishant goes on the front foot to get the ball past all those close fielders on the off side

Only six men close-in now, including short mid on


Lyon to Sharma, no run, defended off the front foot

Seven men around the bat now


Lyon to Sharma, no run, appeal for a bat-pad catch at short leg, umpire Dar says no

End of over 54 (2 runs) India 164/5

    • I Sharma 2 (4b)
    • V Kohli 20 (56b 2x4)
    • NM Lyon 18-2-57-3
    • PM Siddle 9-3-34-0

Amit: "Haha...Ishant is in to protect Zaheer from imploding again!"


Siddle to Kohli, no run, Virat continues to leave well outside off


Siddle to Kohli, 2 runs, full delivery flicked elegantly off the pads through midwicket


Siddle to Kohli, no run, caught on the crease and defends on the leg side as this one tailed back in


Siddle to Kohli, no run, lovely delivery, shaped back in alarmingly from outside off, Virat had already shouldered arms, wasn't far from off

Ravi: "Assuming Dave is for real, maybe India's cricket "fans" can learn a thing or many from him...."


Siddle to Kohli, no run, slower one pitched up, well bowled, Virat gets forward, adjusts and blocks


Siddle to Kohli, OUT, oh well, that is the last thing India needed, last specialist batsman gets run out off the final delivery of the penultimate over of the day trying to protect the nightwatchman, unbelievable, Virat worked a length ball towards midwicket and set off, Hilfenhaus, the fast bowler, ran to the ball, threw off balance and found the stumps before Virat could find the crease with a desperate dive, comfortably out, Australia in a huddle, Virat shouts in frustration as he walks back

V Kohli run out 22 (96m 62b 2x4 0x6) SR: 35.48

End of over 55 (2 runs) India 166/6

    • I Sharma 2 (4b)
    • PM Siddle 10-3-36-0
    • NM Lyon 18-2-57-3

So Ishant could not avoid Saha coming out to bat today


Lyon to Saha, no run, defended off the front foot


Lyon to Saha, no run, pushed towards mid off


Lyon to Saha, no run, defends a tossed up ball off the front foot


Lyon to Saha, no run, pushed off the front foot towards extra cover


Lyon to Saha, no run, opens the face and runs it on the bounce to slip


Lyon to Saha, no run, blocked off the back foot

Read Brydon Coverdale's match report here. I will be around to take you through the final moments of this game tomorrow at 10 am local time. For the moment, this is Abhishek Purohit signing off. Keep the memories of that golden middle order intact. That is all we are left with now.

With Australia four wickets away from a 4-0 hammering of India, Cricket Australia have annouced that there will be free entry to Adelaide Oval tomorrow. Woeful from India, they have run out of their last excuse, this wasn't a green wicket, this was not a pitch helpful for the home fast bowlers, this was a flat batting wicket. Twice they have imploded against persistent high-quality bowling. They have nowhere to hide, however great their middle order may be. You can point to history, to their past records, to their earlier deeds overseas, but losing eight consecutive overseas Test is a massive, massive indictment.

End of over 56 (maiden) India 166/6

    • WP Saha 0 (6b)
    • I Sharma 2 (4b)
    • NM Lyon 19-3-57-3
    • PM Siddle 10-3-36-0

10.28 am Right, how soon will this end? Ravi Shastri gives India 45 minutes, maximum

Gareth: "There's a lot of doom an gloom coming from Indian supporters. Considering the likes of Rahane, Pujara, R Shama and Mukund are just waiting in the wings, I wouldn't be too depressed. It's sad to see these greats begin to filter out, but there's a lot to look forward to!"

Mark Kidger: "Virender Sehwag averages 43.9 in 20 Tests v Australia; 44.4 in 10 Tests v New Zealand and a lowly 27.0 in 13 Tests v England. Overall, in 33 Tests in England, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand he averages only 35.2, which suggests that he has tended to pad his average with big runs in familiar conditions. Maybe not in the class of the other three, who are all genuine greats?"

Pete: "Australia has the Ashes to build retirement plans around - this senior player is holding out for the next Ashes; should he retire to let some new blood in before the next Ashes? I wish Pakistan were still playing at home so India could have the same sort of structuring to their retirement horizons."

Prasanna: "@Venkat - a 4-0 loss hurts even more, we should also think about the collective retirements of Mcgrath, Justin Langer and Shane Warne when they had 1-2 years left in them."

Mikey: "Would be fitting if Dravid and Laxman announced their retirements in the same press conference, rekindling their famous partnerships of the last decade or so. Would have loved to see them bow out in Bangalore and Hyderabad, but that seems too far away. Best of luck legends!"

Vikram: "@Venkat: I don't think it is a case of Dravid being made a scapegoat, but rather yet another instance of him accepting responsibility and being a team-man. Compare this to the two other elephants in the room." Hold on for a while till after the game, nothing official has come through yet

10.15 am Hot day, good batting pitch, says Ian Chappell on air. Not that it matters with only four wickets left

Venkat: "It's very sad to read reports of Dravid saying goodbye...the man who stood tall among the ruins of batting failure in England not too long ago is being made a scapegoat for the collective team failure." As I said yesterday, only the memories are left of what was a golden era in Indian batting. But it's time now, really, with India's next Test assignment some months away

9.50 am So will a glorious and long Test career or two be ended today with a formal announcement? It might, it might not. Australia have four wickets to take before that, and inflict another 4-0 rout on India, months after they were hammered by the same scoreline in England. Final day of India's Test tour of Australia today. On their previous two tours, they had gone into the final day having earned respect for their displays. This time, apart from standing ovations for Sachin Tendulkar - which have also taken on a rather ornamental note in the absence of runs - there has been little else. Just have a look at the series returns - Tendulkar 35.87, Sehwag 24.75, Dravid 24.25, Laxman 19.37. Utterly disappointing and ultimately, damning


Harris to Sharma, no run, gets across and jabs away one nipping in with the angle


Harris to Sharma, no run, has a go at the drive to a pitched up ball that moves away slightly to beat him


Harris to Sharma, no run, opens the face to a length ball ending on off and running it to gully


Harris to Sharma, no run, there comes the short ball into Ishant, who handles it well, bends his knees and gets his tall frame out of the way

Imran: "Would love to see Dravid say good bye in Lahore or Karachi after a classic IndoPak game.. Unfortunately this does not seem feasible in near future :("


Harris to Sharma, no run, runs it away to gully with an open face


Harris to Sharma, no run, comes forward and drives to the man at short extra cover

End of over 57 (maiden) India 166/6

    • I Sharma 2 (10b)
    • WP Saha 0 (6b)
    • RJ Harris 15-5-25-2
    • NM Lyon 19-3-57-3

Siddle to Saha, no run, good start, shaping it away from Saha after angling it in, he hangs his bat inside the line


Siddle to Saha, no run, pitches it up on middle, Saha bends forward and smothers it to short extra cover


Siddle to Saha, no run, well left, straightish length ball close to off, he judges it well

Dipayan: "The biggest fans of India right now? Probably the lunch vendors."


Siddle to Saha, no run, this one tails in full for the stumps, Saha pushes it back solidly


Siddle to Saha, no run, he's left the short ball superbly in this match, another example, almost gets on the ground on his knees, and pulls his head out of the way


Siddle to Saha, no run, lets a shortish one pass outside off stump

End of over 58 (maiden) India 166/6

    • WP Saha 0 (12b)
    • I Sharma 2 (10b)
    • PM Siddle 11-4-36-0
    • RJ Harris 15-5-25-2

Reddy: "yeah its life... never turns out the way you want. I still remember the Lords test(debut)..he scored 95 and after that a long journey which satisfied most(true) of the cricket lovers."


Harris to Sharma, no run, another good leave, testing bouncer, keeps coming in and in, Ishant drops the wrists and sways away


Harris to Sharma, OUT, there is the first of the final four, Harris gets the edge through to Haddin, good length delivery straightening on off, Ishant pokes from the crease after that bouncer previous ball and that's it

I Sharma c †Haddin b Harris 2 (22m 12b 0x4 0x6) SR: 16.66


Harris to Ashwin, 1 run, shuffles across and nudges with the angle from off to fine leg


Harris to Saha, no run, down the leg side from a good length


Harris to Saha, no run, pushed off the front foot to short extra cover


Harris to Saha, 3 runs, goes for the drive to a wide pitched up delivery, it flies past gully who gets a hand to it

End of over 59 (4 runs) India 170/7

    • WP Saha 3 (15b)
    • R Ashwin 1 (1b)
    • RJ Harris 16-5-29-3
    • PM Siddle 11-4-36-0

Siddle to Saha, no run, moves forward and across and defends to the off side


Siddle to Saha, no run, drives the pitched up delivery solidly to short extra cover


Siddle to Saha, no run, excellent line, straightening just outside off stump, Saha pushes inside the line


Siddle to Saha, no run, avoids the short ball angled in


Siddle to Saha, OUT, that is the second one for the morning, Saha was eagerly getting forward, and that has consumed him, good length ball angled in, and then it changes direction to curl away, Saha went forward for a firm push, and feathered it through

WP Saha c †Haddin b Siddle 3 (20m 20b 0x4 0x6) SR: 15.00

Sandeep: "Why isn't anyone talking about Dhoni's average of 20.40 in Australia's tour and average of only 26.83 in 7 tests against Australia and England?" Because he is not remotely in the same class as the big four batsmen


Siddle to Khan, no run, moves across and jabs away a length ball on off

End of over 60 (wicket maiden) India 170/8

    • Z Khan 0 (1b)
    • R Ashwin 1 (1b)
    • PM Siddle 12-5-36-1
    • RJ Harris 16-5-29-3

Harris to Ashwin, no run, length ball pushed from the crease to mid off


Harris to Ashwin, no run, pushes a pitched up ball down the track


Harris to Ashwin, 1 run, eases a full delivery off the pad to deep midwicket


Harris to Khan, no run, uncertain on the crease, gets an inside edge on to pad as the length ball comes in on middle

ammy: "If Sachin decides to retire with 99 Hundreds, Don Bradman would be proud of him!"


Harris to Khan, no run, slower one coming in a shade from outside off, pushed away


Harris to Khan, no run, here comes the short ball, Zaheer gets across and defends, thick edge runs to gully

End of over 61 (1 run) India 171/8

    • Z Khan 0 (4b)
    • R Ashwin 2 (4b)
    • RJ Harris 17-5-30-3
    • PM Siddle 12-5-36-1

Linc: "@ Sandeep ... I think the reason no one is discussing Dhoni is because there's no point. Its seems to me that he shouldn't be the Test captain, nor the Test wicketkeeper/batsman, hasn't really been a Test player for some time."


Siddle to Ashwin, 2 runs, drives a pitched up delivery past point


Siddle to Ashwin, no run, bit of a leading edge as he shuffles and pushes an angled bat at a short of a length ball, falls short of short extra cover


Siddle to Ashwin, no run, pushed away to short extra cover


Siddle to Ashwin, 1 run, short-arm jabs a shortish delivery, it goes in the air and on the bounce to deep midwicket

Abhinay: "@Ammy: I think it would be more iconic if he announced a retirement date and then scored 94 in his last innings."


Siddle to Khan, no run, beaten as he gets across and tries to get behind a short of a length ball


Siddle to Khan, no run, caught on the crease, the back of a length ball comes in with the angle, goes between bat and Zaheer, and over the stumps

End of over 62 (3 runs) India 174/8

    • Z Khan 0 (6b)
    • R Ashwin 5 (8b)
    • PM Siddle 13-5-39-1
    • RJ Harris 17-5-30-3

Harris to Ashwin, no run, almost edged it, came forward to push at one some way outside off stump, it moved away a shade to beat him


Harris to Ashwin, no run, pushed down the track

sumith: "Zaheer Khan is trying to ape Chris Martin."


Harris to Ashwin, no run, beaten as he tries to pull a bouncer


Harris to Ashwin, 1 run, back of a length ball pushed wide of mid on for one


Harris to Khan, no run, bouncing from just short of a length, touch outside off, and he lets it go


Harris to Khan, 3 runs, he is better off doing this than trying to defend, makes some room and bashes the pitched up delivery past mid off

End of over 63 (4 runs) India 178/8

    • Z Khan 3 (8b)
    • R Ashwin 6 (12b)
    • RJ Harris 18-5-34-3
    • PM Siddle 13-5-39-1

utkarsh: "The bizzare tour comes to an end. Its a disappointing end to 3 glorious careers to have lost their final 8 foreign Tests, a past sometime regular trend which they themselves had reversed more than a decade back. Even the greatest can't have it all in the end! Doubtful? ask BC Lara. One wonders what Punter did to have got it all in the end..:)..well wait, the captaincy blemishes eventually?"


Siddle to Khan, no run, jabs way away from the body to a widish one moving away, beaten


Siddle to Khan, no run, pushed off the front foot towards covers

harish: "It just shows how much value Dada and Jumbo added to the Test team overseas.. Couldn't think of better leaders who stood up to the situation and got the max from players.. Anyway, take a bow the Big three, your time's up!"


Siddle to Khan, no run, shortish one defended down the track


Siddle to Khan, FOUR, makes room again and slashes past a diving Marsh at point for four, Siddle applauds the effort from the fielder


Siddle to Khan, no run, ducks underneath a bouncer on leg


Siddle to Khan, FOUR, effective, somehow, Zaheer makes some room and goes through with his lofted push, just over extra civer

End of over 64 (8 runs) India 186/8

    • Z Khan 11 (14b 2x4)
    • R Ashwin 6 (12b)
    • PM Siddle 14-5-47-1
    • RJ Harris 18-5-34-3

Harris to Ashwin, no run, pushed on the off side


Harris to Ashwin, 2 runs, inside edge dribbles past the stumps fine on the leg side


Harris to Ashwin, no run, pushes with an open face towards point


Harris to Ashwin, 1 run, short ball pulled quite competently to deep square leg


Harris to Khan, FOUR, played quite well in the end, he clears the front leg and hammers the pitched up ball over extra cover


Harris to Khan, no run, on a good length this time, and he is beaten as he tries to repeat the stroke

End of over 65 (7 runs) India 193/8

    • Z Khan 15 (16b 3x4)
    • R Ashwin 9 (16b)
    • RJ Harris 19-5-41-3
    • PM Siddle 14-5-47-1

Stansfield: "What does Hilfy have to do to get a go at the tail?"

Here is Lyon for the moment


Lyon to Ashwin, no run, defends a tossed up ball to the bowler


Lyon to Ashwin, no run, turns a full delivery from outside off just past short midwicket


Lyon to Ashwin, no run, advances down the track as he sees the flight, then pushes it down the track


Lyon to Ashwin, no run, defends one spinning in from outside off


Lyon to Ashwin, no run, defended off the front foot


Lyon to Ashwin, no run, goes well forward to smother a full delivery

End of over 66 (maiden) India 193/8

    • R Ashwin 9 (22b)
    • Z Khan 15 (16b 3x4)
    • NM Lyon 20-4-57-3
    • RJ Harris 19-5-41-3

doc: "Not all is lost. India still has world-class spinners back home. There's the Black Widow, the tarantula... "

amit: "As per India's history it only produces legends and will keep producing it in future but all other countries are producing matchwinners and keep doing it."

Hilfenhaus gets his chance


Hilfenhaus to Khan, no run, slower one coming in from a good length, defended carefully


Hilfenhaus to Khan, OUT, that's it for Zaheer, he tries to back away and swing another one, it was shortish and got big on him, and the thick edge looped up to short cover, Australia one wicket away from 4-0

Z Khan c Warner b Hilfenhaus 15 (27m 18b 3x4 0x6) SR: 83.33


Hilfenhaus to Yadav, no run, left alone outside off


Hilfenhaus to Yadav, no run, another one left alone outside off


Hilfenhaus to Yadav, no run, looks to have a go at this short delivery but then pulls out in the end

Stansfield: "See, instant success. Love the Hilf."


Hilfenhaus to Yadav, 1 wide, lets a bouncer go over his head


Hilfenhaus to Yadav, no run, defends a length ball from the crease

End of over 67 (1 run) India 194/9

    • UT Yadav 0 (4b)
    • R Ashwin 9 (22b)
    • BW Hilfenhaus 10-2-34-1
    • NM Lyon 20-4-57-3

Anand: "To see this kind of batting performance CA must not only give free tickets but also transport charge for crowd to come in."


Lyon to Ashwin, no run, turning in from outside off, defended off the back foot


Lyon to Ashwin, 2 runs, thick edge as he lunges forward, ball runs past slip


Lyon to Ashwin, no run, defended down the track


Lyon to Ashwin, no run, thick edge runs along the ground behind point


Lyon to Ashwin, FOUR, down the track and lifts him with the spin to the wide long on boundary


Lyon to Ashwin, no run, blocked off the front foot

End of over 68 (6 runs) India 200/9

    • R Ashwin 15 (28b 1x4)
    • UT Yadav 0 (4b)
    • NM Lyon 21-4-63-3
    • BW Hilfenhaus 10-2-34-1

SthAussie: "Funny you say that anand! The only reason I didn't go today was paying for travel & me knowing only likely to be at the oval for an hour, do not worth it, if they payed for my bus ticket, would be there!!"


Hilfenhaus to Yadav, no run


Hilfenhaus to Yadav, no run, tries to whip a pitched up delivery, gets a big inside edge on to pad


Hilfenhaus to Yadav, 1 run, moving in down the pads, worked awkwardly down to fine leg

HV: "They've gone past the 45 min estimate & gents, that's creating history!!"


Hilfenhaus to Ashwin, no run, underedges an attempted cut on the bounce to the right of Haddin who stops it with a dive


Hilfenhaus to Ashwin, no run, dabs a widish ball to gully


Hilfenhaus to Ashwin, no run, opens the face and runs it to gully, Umesh has to hurry back as the throw comes in

End of over 69 (1 run) India 201/9

    • R Ashwin 15 (31b 1x4)
    • UT Yadav 1 (7b)
    • BW Hilfenhaus 11-2-35-1
    • NM Lyon 21-4-63-3

Lyon to Yadav, no run, defended off the front foot on the off side


Lyon to Yadav, no run, leading edge to extra cover as he lunges with an angled bat to a tossed up delivery


Lyon to Yadav, no run, pushed back hard to Lyon


Lyon to Yadav, OUT, that's the end of that, Lyon gets his fourth, Umesh edges a flighted length delivery from the crease through to Haddin, Australia win 4-0 and India go down 0-8 in their latest two overseas Test series

UT Yadav c †Haddin b Lyon 1 (13m 11b 0x4 0x6) SR: 9.09

A proud Australia pose with the Border-Gavaskar Trophy, and that brings us to the end of one of the most one-sided Test series ever. There will be lots of analysis from our team in Australia. For the moment, this is Abhishek Purohit signing off. Congratulations to Australia, they have shown how to rebuild a declining side. For India fans, hold on to that nostalgia. That is all there will be, for a while.

Michael Clarke is Man of the Series. Clarke: "It's a pretty good start. Lot of credit to the players and support staff. It has not been easy, it may look like that on the scoreboard with 4-0. The disappointment of last summer, we resolved to make sure it does not recur this summer. We have tried to improve every day we have gone into training. I have been happy the whole summer, I have had a lot of support and needed it. India have a lot of great players, they have copped a bit of slack over the last month. It's an honour to play against them. I have never made so many runs in a series in my career. To score runs against such a good bowling line-up has been good."

MS Dhoni is welcomed with a warm round of applause. Dhoni: "They have played consistent cricket. whenever a partnership was needed, their batsmen stepped up and put par-plus runs on the board. Their bowlers did consistently. they always stepped up. there comes a phase in Australia once you are set it is difficult for bowlers, that is when you have to be consistent with line and length, we were never given boundaries. We will have to wait and watch [if there are changes], our next Test series is only in September, there is plenty of time, we don't want to take decisions quickly, we have the ODI series coming up. It is a completely different side. It is alearning experience for the youngsters. Once you play 100-odd ODIs, it is always good to have that experience when you make your Test debut."

Man of the Match is a grinning Peter Siddle. Siddle: "I was probably unlucky earlier. the bowling unit has done superbly together, I was lucky to get rewards here. The batting has been lovely. We have stuck to having bowling partnerships every Test. My bowling length has improved, there is consistency."

Presentation starts. Mark Taylor introduces Ravi Shastri as great Indian batsman and left-arm spinner.

Australia in a huddle, now they acknowledge the applause from the crowd, Michael Clarke wears an emphatic in-charge look on his face, there have been wobbles, against South Africa and New Zealand, but he is now in complete control of a solid side

Phil: "The aussies have just shown how to re-build! Who would have thought that this was what the Aussies were going to do, given the results against SA and NZ. Hats off to clarke! and I'm afraid if the Indians do not take some very DRASTIC steps, they will be in eternal decline!"

utkarsh: "Its proof again, if Dravid fails in foreign soil India fare badly. If he faces 300 balls, Indian batting finds its joyful electric feet against a jaded attack and old ball, if he faces 175 balls, they manage about 300 and if he goes less than 30 balls, they simply collapse against the shiny cherry and pacers wid tails up. We might know his worth in years to come. Better still, I hope Pujara rises to the challenge."

Dheeraj: "Good things often come to an end. It is particularly sad when it comes in such a devastating way. The depressing part is not the present or the near past, but the future. I have absolutely no hope from the cricket administration in India for creating a stronger first class structure. India had done well, in spite, of this admin. So long and thanks for all the fish."

Mehtab: "Dont understand why Australia is unwilling to host Bangladesh. Bangladesh could have done a lot better in the four tests than India, You cannot do any worse than this."

Jatinder: "Disappointment, anger, hate, frustration, sarcasm, embarrassment, . I wonder what kind of human emotions are remaining.."

  • Overs 1-50
  • Overs 51-100





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Hours of play (local time) 10.30am start, Lunch 12.30-13.10, Tea 15.10-15.30, Close 17.30

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