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Trevor Bayliss plans to stand down after World Cup

ESPNcricinfo staff

Trevor Bayliss intends to quit as the coach of Sri Lanka after next year's World Cup, having spent three years in the role. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Bayliss, the former New South Wales coach, was keen to spend more time with his wife and teenage children, who still live in Sydney.

"I'm on the lookout [for a new job]," Bayliss told the paper. He is in Sydney with the Sri Lankans ahead of their limited-overs series against Australia, which begins with a Twenty20 in Perth on Sunday followed by three one-day internationals.

The matches are part of Sri Lanka's preparations for the World Cup, which they will host in conjunction with India and Bangladesh starting next February. Last time the tournament was held in the subcontinent Sri Lanka emerged triumphant, and Bayliss is optimistic of their hopes in 2011.

"They've got a good chance in this World Cup coming up, and I'm looking forward to it very much," Bayliss said. In his time as Sri Lanka's coach, Bayliss has helped the team win 11 out of 25 Tests and 41 of 78 ODIs, and they now sit third in the ICC Test rankings and fourth in the one-day international list.

A former batsman who played 58 first-class matches for New South Wales, Bayliss took on the role as the state's coach in 2004-05. He was chosen to replace Tom Moody at the helm of the Sri Lankan side in August 2007.

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  • Sarath on October 27, 2010, 13:42 GMT

    A Local official wouldn't have received the same recognition from the senior players as a renowned foreign coach would. The case of Bandula Warnapura Vs Arjuna & Aravinda is a clear example.

  • Dummy4 on October 26, 2010, 18:26 GMT

    How did an article about a retiring coach come to an argument of statistics? Leave the debate about information credibility in some obscure forum on the internet. I personally want to thank Trevor Bayliss for the services he has given Sri Lanka Cricket (Even if he was paid for it) He may not have been the most dynamic but I will not criticize for his style of coaching.

    Personally, I'm all in favor of a local coach. Many of our guys don't get the credit they deserve for coaching and grooming the great players of today. Who do you think trained the likes of Sanga, Mahela and Malinga before they entered the international scene? We're going through a rebuilding phase at the moment and someone from our home turf would be best.

  • Lalith on October 26, 2010, 11:33 GMT

    I need tough competitive cricket. I do not care who wins. I also need SL drums, SL music, SL songs & other SL entertainments at Sydney Cricket ground on 05-11-10. Please all SL supporters, come with wearing your SL Jersey, SL Cap, Banners, Flags and most importantly, The Sri Lankan Flag. Make SCG like your own ground in Sri Lanka. Also after the match please all gather outside the ground and play drums, sing and dance for 2 hours. We do not get this opportunity every year. ( Remember we did last time in 2008) Go Lions go go !!!!

  • Sajitha on October 26, 2010, 8:57 GMT

    @ Sai Prasad .... Dont lie man...Results of Sri Lanka vs India in Major Cricket tournaments goes like this. **** World Cup : Sri Lanka won-3 [twice in 1996,once in 2007 ] , India won-2 [1999,2003] , draw-1 [1988]. **** Champions trophy : draw-1 [2002], **** World T20 : Sri Lanka won-1 [2010]. So in Major events Sri Lanka won -4 ,India won 2. Now who is better?

  • Sarath on October 26, 2010, 2:58 GMT

    There is no point in appointing even the World's No.1 coach if he doesn't have a free hand to do his team management activities. However it would be nice if SLaw (a quality batsman of1st Class Bat.Ave. 50+) could be appointed as the Head Coach. Being a player of vast experience, he may be a great help for the future young promising players in particular. It would be better still if he could be assigned as a member of the selection committee as well, the way it happens in many premier countries where there are proper administrative structures. We, as ardent cricket fans of SL would like to thank Mr Baylis for the great service he has rendered to the SLC.

  • Terrance on October 25, 2010, 15:47 GMT

    Good job Trevor.. but I think it is time to sit down and start using our local coaches. I strongly believe Rumesh Ratnayake would do a great job. probably Chandika Hatturusinghe as his deputy.I'm sure with this combination Sri Lanka will do well. I think with Aravinda and his team doing well with the selections , it will be the right combination of these two with the coaching job.. All these men , go along well and Sri Lankan cricket future will be in good hands..

  • Dimuthu on October 25, 2010, 14:24 GMT

    hehe.. more indians butting in SL news and insulting our nation. this is a running theme of Cricinfo! horses for courses... whatmore was perfect for 95-96. wasn't really worth the millions he was paid during his 2nd stint (2003). moody did an amazing job in 2006-07. bayliss was not in the limelight but am sure did a great job. SLC wouldn't waste money on someone who didn't deserve it. am sure the next choice will be a good decision as well. as far as Champaka Ramanayake is concerned, he along with Rumesh did an amazing job on our pace bowlers, so comments insulting him are unwarranted

  • Dummy4 on October 25, 2010, 12:05 GMT

    i dont see where some of these comments are coming from?? just cos a coach is not in the news all the time does not mean he is backward. Thats jsut typical Sri Lankan mentality.

    @ Sai Prasad - Dav was the perfect for Sri Lanka at that pioint in time but the most dynamic coach we ever head was Tom Moody. ti was such a shame that the political situation in the country made him move on.

    The more worrying statistic is that the head coach position is becoming a postion that foreign coaches use to booste their CV and move on. I hope the SC look to recitify this by providing top class coaches the proper incentives to stay in their jobs longer. you cannot blame any coash if his family is not provided the right environment to move to Sri Lanka in the time he works there.

    @ randikaayya - lol nice one about C Rmanayaka being an international caliber coach PMSL drop the nationalist BS if you really want you country to succeed.

  • Philip on October 25, 2010, 10:15 GMT

    SL would have had more success internationally especially in India if the UDR System was in place. SL never had the home advantage working for them. India always thrived on home advantage and the reason why they never opted for the UDRS and why should they. Playing India often, it is relevant. Trevor has done well during his tenure. We have had some important changes especially Vaas, Jayasuriya, Attapattu and Murali all having either retired or having decided not to play some or all test tests. I am sure he would have had more success as the side is more balanced going forward and with new blood too. We need to continue with the principal (tongue in cheek) that we need to continue with the Austrlian Coaches. This has been a huge contirbutory factor in the way we play and think - mind set. All the best wishes for Bayliss and we wish him well. Get Tom Moody back... he was an inspiration. Stuart Law is there for us too. Dave Whatmore did a tremendous job for us. Philip Gnana, Surrey

  • Dummy4 on October 25, 2010, 9:06 GMT

    This is actually good for the Lankans. Time to start looking for a more dynamic and thinking coach like Whatmore! @Munazir For your info in the last decade(Decade=10 years) India vs SL in worldcups Won 2(199,2003) Lost 1(2007). May be you are talking about Pakistan vs India. Pakistan :Played 4 Lost 4!

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