Australia v Sri Lanka, 2nd ODI, Sydney

Ponting to miss third ODI against Sri Lanka

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November 5, 2010

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Australia captain Ricky Ponting is disconsolate after being dismissed by Thissara Perera, Australia v Sri Lanka, 2nd ODI, Sydney, November 5, 2010
Ricky Ponting fell hooking at Thisara Perera as Sri Lanka sealed their first series win in Australia © AFP
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Players/Officials: Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting will not take part in the third one-day international against Sri Lanka in Brisbane, and will instead travel to Hobart to prepare for Tasmania's Sheffield Shield game against Queensland in order to fit in as much first-class cricket as possible ahead of the first Ashes Test against England on November 25.

"As the series against Sri Lanka has been decided the National Selection Panel has an ideal opportunity to provide Ricky with two solid weeks of red-ball cricket," said Greg Chappell, who sits on the panel. "This allows him what we believe to be the best preparation to lead the Australian Test match team in Brisbane for the first Ashes Test match."

Australia lost the second ODI in Sydney by 29 runs to hand Sri Lanka their first ever series win on Australian soil, and have now lost seven successive matches across all three formats. Ponting admitted that "all departments are a little bit wanting at the moment", but insisted that the team remained upbeat ahead of what is sure to be a challenging summer.

"There is a good feeling around the group," he said. "We had a good chat after the game in Melbourne and we talked about areas of our game we had to improve on and unfortunately we haven't done that as well as we would have liked tonight. We are just far enough off to be losing games of cricket at the moment. We have had seven games in a row now where we have had opportunities to win games and we haven't got there.

Ponting refused to use the hype surrounding the Ashes as a reason for Australia's poor form, adding: "You can't use that as an excuse. We have known for a long time about this series and how important it was for us to play well here leading into the Ashes and we haven't done that over the last two games. We have the chance now in Brisbane to get things back on track and a bit of state cricket after that.

"We have to start winning games, it's really important to have that attitude and feeling of winning games around the dressing room and we haven't done that for a while now. It's about time we got back to playing the brand of cricket we know we are capable of and if we do that I am sure we will win some games."

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Posted by Lion_of_Lanka on (November 7, 2010, 2:40 GMT)

Care to remember the 2009 T20 WC??? Australia was dumped out in the 1st round by SL. It wasn't luck that helped SL in the 1st ODI but brilliance and the 'never die' attitude that OZ used to have sometime back. In the 2nd ODI, the rain saved Aussies out of humiliation because you guys were BOWLED out in 39 overs while SL lost only 4 wickets in 41 overs with Mathews & Tharanga playing and the likes of Perera to come (Remember 4,6,4?). Just admit that the Aussies are nothing but a bunch of has-beings who use Michael Clark as a scapegoat when they lose eventhough his captaincy skills are better than punters.

Posted by LakmalPhysics on (November 7, 2010, 1:01 GMT)

@zapper22: What you want us to tell- Australia is still so strong, they have mighty players who can defeat any team under any condition and finally going to win the World Cup this time also????. No my friend, you have to wait 4 more years at least. Believe me.

Posted by Blackcaps-Supporter on (November 7, 2010, 0:50 GMT)

in reply to AliOnline. The Sl-Aus series is has already been won by Sri Lanka. This last match is a DEAD RUBBER. It seems logical that ponting should go away and prepare for their next important series.

Posted by AliOnline on (November 6, 2010, 19:47 GMT)

So preparing for the Ashes is more important for Australia than stopping SL from clean sweeping them? This must be a joke...! If the Ashes is so important to Aus, why do they even play cricket against other nations? Just play first class cricket and the ashes..!

Posted by   on (November 6, 2010, 19:03 GMT)


Posted by calypsocricket on (November 6, 2010, 17:08 GMT)

The Australian team selectors seem to have their heads on backwards. Its' confusion all the way to the Ashes. It's a simple task to pick the best available players versus the over rated players Hilditch and Ponting wants in the team. Cameron White, should be playing before Hussey, and Hauritz sould be playing 2nd class cricket somewhere, anywhere, other than, in an OVER rated Australia Test Team. "Too short,too wide, too full, long hop, no line and length, not bowling for the field setting,indisipline and arrogant " best describe the bowlers. It will have to be a miracle for Australia to even win a full days' play, much less an ashes test.

Posted by lord_v on (November 6, 2010, 15:59 GMT)

Finally it dawns that why this aussie team is doing so bad.... it is that selector who used to be Indian coach some time ago... aus would take at least 2 years to recover if they are able to fire him post world cup...

Posted by CricketAbhimani on (November 6, 2010, 15:32 GMT)

Ponting is not doing well and the ACB is supporting him to ensure that he does not lose face. He would have done a world of good for himself if he had played and scored well in the last match. He's got the class but presently really low on confidence. An international match would have been a perfect place to set things right. I feel he would have been ready for the Ashes, but now, maybe he isn't ready

Posted by Yotta on (November 6, 2010, 15:23 GMT)

Take no credit from Sri Lanka, they have performed extremely well and their wins are well deserved even if the Aussies have tripped over their own feet at every other turn this series. Can't wait for the world cup, I feel its going to be a good one as none of the top 5 teams are truly dominating atm. Its a fair call, Ponting has not spent much time in the middle recently, and you don't get two or three sessions to bat in an ODI, the bowling is different too (more pace variations and yorkers in an ODI) and the batting different (you can't leave as many balls in an ODI). I hope he isn't captaining though, let him get back to Ponting the batsman for a while. Sadly the selection panel is letting Australia down atm, its been 2+ years since the best team walked onto the field. It seems they are clinging to players in the hope they will eventually justify their selection and its just not happening. I predict big changes after the ashes if everyone doesn't play out of their skins...

Posted by   on (November 6, 2010, 15:01 GMT)

Arrogant Ricky Ponting deserves this cant score against an intl side hence hiding himself and playing in local matches & giving it colour of preparation for ashes for all his past grtness he can now only play for state teams.

Posted by sri1ram on (November 6, 2010, 13:42 GMT)

The Ozzies are now up against an English team that is upbeat, strong, balanced and clearly the odds-on favorites - the role the Ozzies always seen themselves in and relished. What some do not realize is that the Australians need some leverage or excuse for their spineless, sorry losses and to at least gain some respect from the English. Suppose along with the series loss, there is a third loss with Punter as skipper, it even further diminishes the "aura" of a rudderless, struggling team. Voila, out goes Ponting.

Posted by zapper22 on (November 6, 2010, 13:01 GMT)

@all SL fans---Care to remember who won the CT 2009??? Well, answer is Aussies without mcgrath and co. And btw, you guys were dumped out in the 1st round. Considering the Ashes looming ahead, the series with your team was just a side show to allow some practice matches to Aus cricketers. Truth hurts, but it was luck which helped you to win the 1st ODI, and rain that helped you win the 2nd ODI.

Posted by zapper22 on (November 6, 2010, 12:52 GMT)

@sadsajith---7 consecutive defeats across 3 different formats over 5 months in 3 different conditions??? Well, almost 60% of the players who played in a 1 match ODI series in India and in the 2 ODIs v. SL will not even be in the consideration set for either the Ashes or the 2011 WC---So this series is nothing more than net practice.

Posted by janoodot on (November 6, 2010, 12:17 GMT)

He...he...Ponting, wat an excuse... I remember when Australia was knocked out from the 1st round in 2009 T20I series in England also Ponting said, it's a good chance for them to focus on Ashes. But the real thing is he z afraid of SL and wanna escape.

Posted by BillyBlue on (November 6, 2010, 12:14 GMT)

1. This is just another effort to devalue a subcontinent win in Auz. Like loosing to SL @ home is not that important like loosing to SA or Eng. 2. Now imagine if Sachin had withdrawn/been dropped, while India was trying to stave of their worst loosing streak. People would surely have called him all sorts of names and questioned his greatness, intent and called for his head. Guess no one questions/touches an Anglo "gr8" huh?

Posted by Lion_of_Lanka on (November 6, 2010, 11:32 GMT)

@TaniaM: So It was a fluke that Kambli started crying like a girl while SOME Indians burnt the pavilion??? Maybe SL kicking out India in 2007 WC is also a fluke or SL kicking out India in t20 WC. I'll say it was a fluke India won the t20 WC because Pakistan was clearly heading for a win. As for India beating Australia in 2008, nobody said India didn't have a good squad back then. WI can say they are the best team because they won the 1st 2 world cups but what matters are recent results and recent results show that SL clearly outperforms India whenever they play in a neutral venue - Bangladesh series, Zimbabwe series, WI t20 WC, ENG t20 WC, SA WC. As for India beating SL 6-1, well it's no secret that Indians are kings in India where there is hardly any bounce (India batsmen's biggest weakness is the bouncer) We can go on and on which team is better but I was just responding to the joke of a comment that said India has got a better bowling line up.

Posted by CricketPissek on (November 6, 2010, 10:24 GMT)

just to remind everyone.. Australia lost the Chappel/Hadlee series in New Zealand 3-0 just before the 2007 World Cup... then went on to win it without breaking a sweat! So beware :)

Posted by Balumekka on (November 6, 2010, 10:14 GMT)

The subcontinental nature: Whenever one team from Subcontinent perform better outside the subcontinent, fans from other subcontinental countries see it as "luck". There are endless arguments over which team is better. Some people do hair splitting stats analysis and rank the players even. As a fan from the Subcontinent, I always feel that why we are reluctant to enjoy whatever the good cricket from our teams? Be it Ind, SL, Pak or Ban, Let's enjoy Good Cricket!!!!!

Posted by ShankarKR on (November 6, 2010, 10:02 GMT)

Aussies usually win only due to great bowling. I after inclusion of Siddle and Hiffenaus only Aussies have lost most of matches. They are much hyped bowlers who had done very less for Aussies. If Aussies drop those guys and bring back shaun tait and harris for ODI's Aussies can win any opposition. Aussies should drop spinner Smith too and should play with batsman like Ferguson.

Posted by   on (November 6, 2010, 8:35 GMT)

@TaniaM, Please correct your memory first it is not 6-0 it should be 6-1.Then do you remember how your team perform after WC in 1983,Runnerup WIN came to IND and beat them 5-0 at thier own backyard.It will clearly shown IND win WC by fluke in 1983.Then again in T20 they won by fluke as well(due to tied match with PAK),if not they never advanced to next stage.It clearly shows when next 2 T20 WC(not win a single match all 6 matches loose).In 1996 we beat all the teams (including your team twice at your home) at that moment.We beat ENG as well 6 overs to spare.It dose not effect who visit or not to SL at that time.We beat AUS to become World Champion in 1996 not Bermuda.

Posted by Iceborn999 on (November 6, 2010, 7:46 GMT)

Where is Brad Hodge ???, I think it has been the Australian selectors who have been the worst out of the lot.

Posted by Mr.niceguy on (November 6, 2010, 7:46 GMT)

I have seen lots of comments from ppl possible aussie supporters, which they are trying or have undermine sri lankan victory. Well it could be that they cannot bear the defeat hence they say their own team is not good. Exactly that's why they got beaten; they have to dig it... Ashes or not they lost the series.

As for ponting exit from the 3rd game its how you say it. Let say Pakistan cricket board has decided to leave their captain out of the 3rd international ODI, well then they will be rumors of possible match fixing, (not playing key players handing over the victory to sri lanka)

or else you could say RICKY PONTING HAS BEEN DROPPED FROM THE TEAM TO GET HIS PULL SHOT SORTED OUT. Hence he has to play domestic cricket, if he wants a chance in the national team again.

well how about that ????

Having done this Aussie can say even ricky ponting didn't play 2 of the 3 ODI series against sri lanka so they didn't play their number 1 team so the lankan victory is not that big.

Posted by   on (November 6, 2010, 6:38 GMT)

the main thing is australia loosing there confidents the players are mentaly down give some moral and confidents they will come up very quickly specialy for the top order batsmans

Posted by sudzz71 on (November 6, 2010, 6:31 GMT)

If I were Sangakkara and SLC then I would have walked out of the series at this stage and said the same thing that Greg Chappell has said in regard to why they are keeping Ponting away from the next fixture.

Then why invite SL for a bilateral series if you were anyway not going to play or play a full strength squad.

Its this attitude of the Aussies that Ashes is more important than anything else which is galling and smacks of a old world supremacy theory.

Posted by LakmalPhysics on (November 6, 2010, 6:27 GMT)

Australia play "ASHES" with England every year. Then Sri Lanka also need to play a 5 match test series against Indians every year. Then whole world can identify which team is better. Let's call this" Sir Muralitharan Trophy".

Posted by Puppster23 on (November 6, 2010, 6:11 GMT)

Aussie selectors are making me laugh with their statements, if they were so concerned about the 'red ball' form of our batters, then why have such a meaningless 'white ball' series just before the Ashes!! The only good thing from this is, that Ferg would finally get a chance to play for Oz after a long time, which certainly ain't a bad thing.

Posted by agam99_in on (November 6, 2010, 6:03 GMT)


Didnt wanted to get in comparison but since us tarted it btw India & SL so have to get on with it....India defeated that Aus in Aus(Including)SL which had Symonds , Gilly and Hayden too with the likes of Sharma and PK. Now as far as ODI btw SL and India goes so for ur satisfaction just check out the result of last 5 ODI seires btw these 2 countries...when u get ur answer then comment here

Posted by mysay on (November 6, 2010, 6:00 GMT)

I'm a Sri Lankan & thoroughly enjoyed seeing the Lankans come out on top, not only to win the match but also the series. However happy as Lankans we should be, on the hind side I think we beat an out of sorts Aussie unit. Though I'm happy with the victory, I would have enjoyed defeating an Aussie team played by players who are believers. When Cameron White was at the crease anything was possible, but only 16 out of the power play, in spite of Mlinga varying his pace a player like Cameron would have sent him to the stands several times, but we did not even see Cameron White going for a full blooded swing as we so often have seen him do, I would not think that we pinned him down, but it was his lack of belief that let him down, as so the rest of the batsmen. Therefore I would have enjoyed beating an Aussie outfit oozing with the killer instinct.

Posted by LakmalPhysics on (November 6, 2010, 5:55 GMT)

Australia play "ASHES" with England every year. Then Sri Lanka also need to play a 5 match test series against Indians every year. Then whole world can identify which team is better. Let's call this" Sir Muralitharan Trophy".

Posted by popcorn on (November 6, 2010, 5:50 GMT)

Excellent thinking on the part of Ricky Ponting. See how Marcus North's team WA has reduced England to 6 for 117 in the three day match. The SL ODI Series is meaningless in the light of the upcoming Ashes. I think Pup should play the 4 day Shield matches and let Cameron White captain the ODI side at the Gabba.

Posted by Cricketlover645 on (November 6, 2010, 5:46 GMT)

Avoiding challenge/defeat - Australian way...LOL

Posted by   on (November 6, 2010, 5:11 GMT)

I think both the t20 and 1 day side need to be revamped. What happened to mark Taylor and Steve Waugh before him, Ricky Ponting should be dropped from the one day side. Michale Clarke is not a good t20 or 1 day player and should be replaced by Hodge in these sides.

Hussey should be dropped from the test side and some of the new breed of players should be brought in. I feel that Khawaja should be brought in to replace him for the tests.

Also replace Hauritz with an all rounder spin bowler in Steven Smith.

Posted by   on (November 6, 2010, 5:01 GMT)

Typical Auz arrogance. They need to realize that they are no longer a team that can come up with performances to justify their arrogance.

He is shying away from responsibility.

Posted by   on (November 6, 2010, 5:00 GMT)

@nav84mom..........dude wwe defeated them in australia in 2008 to win the tri series and they had haddos.gilly,ponting,hussy,lee,johnson and others too...and we didnt had zaheer then and we still managed to defeat for we have defeated u@ home for the last 3 yrs just lost the last one ...we drew the test series with not our strong bowling line up.....i dont know wht facts r u stating.

Posted by   on (November 6, 2010, 4:54 GMT)

With the departure of McGrath, Gilchrist, Hayden Australia is going down & down, new faces for Australia can't fill the spaces for the above, Lee is a dead bowler now, but the new faces from the Lions of the Sub- continent lift the SL to the second place of the cricket world

Posted by Great_Chucker on (November 6, 2010, 4:47 GMT)

@Dinidu Sanjeer,@nav84smom and all Sl Fans .. remember how SL was thrashed 6-0 in ODI few years back,murali was there. Short pitch stuff even Dilshan is suspect of that... think why SL is not called to tour Aus,SA or Eng reguraly.Indian board generosity is keeping SL board running. WC'96 Aus and eng did not play matches in SL,if the matches were played points table would have changed. Come to india for World cup,you will Know why "WIN" in 96 was FLUKE

Posted by   on (November 6, 2010, 4:44 GMT)

The Quality of SL cricket is beyond gloat. Just look at the way each an every player does everything with confidence - but without arrogance.

Anyone saw the smirk on Johnsons face after Dilshan smashed him for 2 fours in his 1st over? as if to suggest that somehow the bowler was too superior for the batsman to be doing that - it works when you are bullying minnows, but looks stupid when the bowler is the sidekick. Tony Greig said rightly that he'd be better off just turning around and walking back to the bowling crease.

As far is the 3rd ODI is concerned, we needn't bother who fronts up to play, Ponting or no Ponting, who cares (he probably did chicken out anyway), what difference is his 10 runs going to make one way or the other? Just smash the 11 that does show up at GABBA, end of story.

Posted by Ozcricketwriter on (November 6, 2010, 4:25 GMT)

How can you expect to win when you rest the best bowler (Doherty) so that a no-hoper (Hauritz) can get some match practice? When you play test players (Siddle, Johnson) so that they can get ready for the Ashes and when the test captain (Ponting) plays just 1 game just as a bit of a warm up? Australia are treating this whole series as warm up matches, not as a series in itself. Australia just have no idea what they are doing right now and I think that the selectors should start listening to the public. Pretty much everyone out there knows that Doherty should have played, at a minimum. It is a dead rubber so let's try selecting sensibly for a change.

Posted by Marcian on (November 6, 2010, 4:22 GMT)

Its really annoying to read some hysterical and jealous Indian fans trying to downplay our historic series win Downunder. India is no doubt a great side and deserve to be ranked number 1 in ODI'S also but please give due credit and appreciate another sub-continent team when they play brillient cricket overseas. Indian team is media hyped and overpaid and will falter at the next world cup, just like what happened in 87 and 96 worldcups when it was held in the sub-continent...too much expectation, anxiety and hysteria from 1.2b people. As for Aussie fans...get a life...hard pill for you guys to swallow...7 defeats in-a-row. C'mon POMS beat Australia 3-1 in the Ashes.

Posted by   on (November 6, 2010, 4:16 GMT)

I think Ponting should not waist time on Sheffield shield matches & come out with excuses. He might as wel play cricket on a computer or stick to Book Cricket. He's a old goose & who's selfish to give a way the captaincy. So, he deserves it & he should loose & will loose the Ashes as wel. I have never ever seen such a selfish looser such as ponting.

Posted by popcorn on (November 6, 2010, 4:07 GMT)

Lasith Malinga cheated - he had plasters taped to each of his bowling fingers so that he could grip the ball,thereby nullifying the rainy conditions. The umpires did not notice, the Sri Lankan captain did not rebuke his bowler - no integrity - the commentators noticed - said it was illegal. So Sri Lanka will win any which wat they can. Sic.

Posted by ArunChennai on (November 6, 2010, 3:40 GMT)

Finally we are going to have a world cup after a decade that is not going to be one sided. There are few good teams like India, SL, England, SA, Aus etc. in the reckoning. I am really looking forward to this world cup.

Posted by mahakaluwa on (November 6, 2010, 3:22 GMT)

Dear Ponting, Do you think playing in Sheffield Shield game will prepare you better than playing an ODI with a really competitive team. Take a break Ausies, respect your opponents, whoever they are. Then only you can atain glory.

Posted by RJHB on (November 6, 2010, 3:08 GMT)

Well done Sri Lanka and all the happy supporters living well here in Australia, you deserve to see "your" team do well. Its interesting to see such relish taken in beating your adopted country!! As for Australia, the conservatives are absolutely strangling this country in many facets of life and the cricket team seems to be no exception. Its terribly frustrating watching a team with so many older players struggling for form and confidence. Then when a younger, fresher player comes in bringing sorely needed enthusiasm, like Doherty and Ferguson before him and do very well, they get pushed aside to make way for those same old, out of form, world weary players! My hat goes off to the likes of Sri Lanka and India (outside of tests anyway) for taking aggressive, bold selection decisions to improve. There is not a lot of difference between the top 4 or 5 sides and boldness like this clearly gains you an edge. Wake up Australia, to be the best you have to be best at everything!

Posted by Lion_of_Lanka on (November 6, 2010, 2:45 GMT)

@Niral Trivedi: Hahahaha Indian bowlers are more effective than SL bowlers? That must be the joke of the year. Harabajan, Sharma, Zaheer, Ojah, Nehra vs. Murali, Malinga, Kula(former no.1 ODI bowler), Perera, Randhiv. India beat Aussies (No Ponting & Hussey) IN India, while SL beat AUS (including Hussey & Ponting - Lee wouldn't have made a difference because the last time he played against SL he got hammered out of the park by a batsman who is not even in the playing XI) As for India getting the better out of SL - Did India win a test series in SL recently? SL won the last ODI series played against India. Now figure out !

Posted by dawsonmox on (November 6, 2010, 2:29 GMT)

He's a fabulous idea, why not rest Clarke aswel and make White captain? White is obviously not going to play in the Ashes, so why not let him captain the side. He might actually prove that he is the best man to take the nation forward. Also, would it be fair to say that finally other nations are catching up to Australia, or have cought up. Cricket glabally is fantastic atm, all except for WI and NZ. But the closeness between the nations is so wonderful. Australian fans need to really get behind their embattled players. Selectors need to pick a side and stick with them and stop choping and changing.

Posted by   on (November 6, 2010, 2:13 GMT)

SL has played great cricket over here, they have a very balanced team - fielding, batting and bowling are at their best over the last few years. They will be dangerous in the World Cup no doubt barring injuries.

For Australia, I reckon there needs to massive review of the team, coaches and selectors. Obviously we had a lot of players injured or out, but most the players the played the ODI didn't look passionate or hardworking enough. There are heaps of great players that could be selected. Doherty shouldn't have been left out, Hodge and D. Hussey are always forgotten. Watson just didn't look comfortable at the top. Give Warner more matches so he can be exposed to different opponents, rather than drop him every 2nd game

Posted by lelouch on (November 6, 2010, 2:01 GMT)

well played to sri lanka, teams is looking good in prep for WC :D

australia looks like it has some team selection issues to work out... and needing to find some form for players.

as for the people posting stuff like 'even the australian captain would rather play shield cricket' ---> you are deluded. the selectors put him in for shield cricket so he can get some real ashes practice, since this series is already lost...

Posted by   on (November 6, 2010, 1:14 GMT)

give lions a test series and see what happen.

Posted by   on (November 6, 2010, 1:10 GMT)

At least now Australian Cricket does some sensible things. Any one whose senses serve him or her right now knows what will happen in GABA, Ponting playing or not. Then , give him some red ball practice, some where else. Trying to save the pride of the Captain and in doing so National Cricket team is really commendable. I think Watson also needs some rest before getting hammered by Perkings.

Posted by   on (November 6, 2010, 0:53 GMT)

Aussie on the way to worst eight on sunday.shame on cricket australia.kenyan team is much better than aussie.

Posted by nauman421 on (November 6, 2010, 0:26 GMT)

C'mon Srilanka, rest Sanga, Jayawardene, Murali, Dilshan and Mathews, for 3rd ODI....u can still defeat 'Ashed Australia'

Posted by poshi on (November 5, 2010, 23:54 GMT)

Guys, Dont you notice, it is Greg Chappel, who had brought India to its knees and it is now Australia turn. Wake up and get rid of him. Otherwise might aussies will be history. Please save the team as we want to see more Gilchrist, McGrath and Warne...

Posted by dini01 on (November 5, 2010, 23:44 GMT)

SL A came to aus and beat aus A 2-0 in their ODI series. Now SL completely outplayed aus in all 3 matches in their own backyard and even broke ODI records doing it lol. Looks like ponting got tired of getting owned so now he's off to play domestic cricket where he should be able to make more than 10 runs unlike what happened yesterday lol!!

Posted by SnowSnake on (November 5, 2010, 23:32 GMT)

May be Aussi selection board knows something that we don't. Remember, the two 20 over format was supposed to replace ODI in Australia. It is possible that ODI format is changing and Aussi players are not taking these games seriously. Hussey was pulled out of ODI series from India and now Ponting is pulled out. Skipping an ODI game will not make Ponting a great player in Ashes. Something is a miss here.

Posted by Bytheway on (November 5, 2010, 23:24 GMT)

Will Clark now have a go at Ponting for not putting his country first.

Posted by LakmalPhysics on (November 5, 2010, 23:23 GMT)

@TimmF_23, Zapper 22i: You guys need to understand that Sri Lankans have played better than Indians in most of the major tournaments since 1996. Sri Lanka won 1996 WC, then came to semi final in 2003, came to final in 2007. Mighty Indians managed to come to final in 1999 only. I know why all of you guys can not see Sri Lanka wining matches. You guys know that this time also you can not lift the trophy.Please tell us that any great Fortuneteller told you guys that this time also no hope. All the rest of the cricket fans need to understand that these several Indians are shouting & crying, because they can not conquer the CRICKET WORLD because of great SRI LANKANS. GO SRI LANKA GO!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by beads66 on (November 5, 2010, 23:14 GMT)

Congrats to Sri Lanka they have played superb cricket over here. Australia need an attitude adjustment and a better bowling attack in a hurry.

Posted by dilipm on (November 5, 2010, 23:12 GMT)

When West Indies and Pakistan toured last year they were thrashed and the local media was so smug that it suggested that such teams shouldn't come here as they did not provide adequate opposition and the crowds kept off due to the one sided matches.. Now that the team is being trampled with 7 losses in a row the same media projects lack of interest in Australia at these ODIs as the battle for the Ashes is the main game! Wonder what will happen if England prevails this year? Australia needs to blood some fearless and talented youngsters.Regular defeats breed pessimism among the established players.These are hard to surmount with passage of time.Uncluttered minds and desire to win gives the promising youngsters a motivation lacking in some of the established players in the side. The middle order batting doesn't inspire confidence. The pace bowling is one dimensional and the spin bowling is not penetrative enough. These are weaknesses Australia needs to address.

Posted by Ralp on (November 5, 2010, 23:09 GMT)

Australia need to take a good hard look at themselves. Their selection criteria, preparation & every other aspect. How on earth could they drop young Doherty in the last game. Australia don't have an established side to do that in fact far from it. Hauritz have done well in few matches. But is far from world standard and should not be considered as a set member. Aussy still think they have that champion side they used to and is better than everyone else in the country (or whole world). But i can understand the logic behind Ponting missing next ODI to play sheffield game. If Ponting plays next ODI he will get out cheaply resulting in him not getting good batting practice in the middle and a dip in his morale. But on the other hand i don't see the worth in scoring heaps in a sub standard sheffield shield game. He is only going to get a false satisfaction.

Posted by Gizza on (November 5, 2010, 22:58 GMT)

I agree with some of the comments. I think this rotation policy is actually making Australia much worse. Their teams (T20, ODI, Tests) are very unstable. There is no consistency in who stays, who is selected and who goes out of the team. It is becoming a joke. They don't have a settled line-up in any form of the game. In fact they don't even have a settled captain now.

If you want to rest players because of the busy schedule, at least make them rest the entire series. What is this about resting a couple of games here and there? They still have to travel everywhere. And players doing well at Shield level aren't getting a look in, like Hodge and Khawaja.

Across all forms of the game, they've used like 15 different batsmen and 10 different bowlers. It will be remarkable if Australia can retain the home Ashes or the World Cup this time around.

Posted by enzo14 on (November 5, 2010, 22:41 GMT)

@'s funny, I'm reading your comment but I'm only hearing someone crying

Posted by Banglaoz on (November 5, 2010, 22:36 GMT)

@KURUWITA....Please note BD is in superb form at the moment and whitewashed NZ(BD 4 - NZ 0), so don't think BD are pushover anymore. Remember SL was in the same position for decades as BD was in the last decade or so. I agree CA should invite BD now to have a copetetive series, but I believe BD will continue their winning habit and AUS might continue with their loosing habit.

Posted by TimmyF_23 on (November 5, 2010, 22:29 GMT)

Once again proves my point that nobody cares about this series, or sri lankan cricket in general. The Australian captain would rather play shield cricket than play in this pointless series.

Posted by 0wais on (November 5, 2010, 22:24 GMT)

What The Hell Has Gone Wrong With Australian Cricket??? They dont seem to be taking any cricket seriously apart from the Ashes!!!!

Posted by Raworth_Rabbitohs on (November 5, 2010, 22:23 GMT)

I'm sick of all these stupid arguments between different supporters. Australia lost because they were outplayed, that is all there is to it. They made wrong selections and are suffering from the lack of their good ODI bowlers, but even then, they probably would've been outplayed. Full credit to Sri Lanka, they deserve these wins for how well they have played. This coming from an Aussie.

Posted by   on (November 5, 2010, 22:18 GMT)

Zapper is right to an extent, this has been the problem with Australian cricket for some time, is we seem to place certain games or series, like the ashes ahead of everything else and we rest players here and there, we chop and change all the time, guys who perform like doherty we simply change him the next game. What australia need to do if they want to develop the next generation.CA bring back the Australia A team. It was a huge reason australia had such a successful period. Guys like blewett, lehmann, martyn, langer, hayden, symonds, bichel, kaspa, the list goes on. These players got to show what there made of and played some big games for australia A which put them in good sted for the main team. Time to bring it back, guys like khawaja, hughes, smith, cutting, copeland, O'keefe, rimmington, doherty and many more can show what they can do on the big stage at a high level when alot is at stake. We dont need to jump on the back of the current players, CA is to blame.

Posted by systemlord1701 on (November 5, 2010, 22:13 GMT)

I'm an aussie supporter and am getting increasingly frustrated with the sheer stupidity of our national selecters. They really must have rocks in their heads to keep selecting a team full of out of form players or players who aren't good enough to represent our country. Time for generational change and a rebuilding over the next few years, the talent is there to be no1 again we just have to select those players! Brilliantly played by Sri Lanka too, those guys have gotta be favourites to win the World Cup, brilliant! btw guys not all aussies are arrogant, try to remember that when posting comments.

Posted by LALITHKURUWITA on (November 5, 2010, 22:07 GMT)

@zapper22, Yes Aussie do not care winning or loosing. All matches lost against PAK, IND, & SL are just net practices for the Ashes. What a shame!!! After the world cup Aussie will say all were practice games played in WC for the ashes in 2013 in England.

Posted by LALITHKURUWITA on (November 5, 2010, 22:02 GMT)

This insults Sri Lanka & overall cricket playing countries by CA & Ponting.

Posted by npuri on (November 5, 2010, 22:02 GMT)

Sounds like the Aussies are panicking a bit. I definitely think it's important to have some good first class cricket leading into a test match, but usually this wouldn't be so important if the Aussies were confident and upbeat about their chances in a home Ashes series. Nonetheless, bodes well for a tough contest this summer. The aussie bowling will be shored up by Hilfenhaus and Bollinger who are both quality and hard triers and their batting by guys like Katich. Should be a good tussle, but it looks like England might be favourites here!

Posted by LALITHKURUWITA on (November 5, 2010, 21:47 GMT)

CA(Cricket Australia) needs to invite ZIM & BAN for 3 or 5 ODI series before the World Cup(WC). That would probably help to end losing streak of 11 ODI's, (assuming AUS looses next ODI against SL & 7 ODI's against POMS) and to experience winning feeling. CA needs appoint John Howard as the CEO of CA, because he has the ability to turn around any thing.

Posted by RyanSmith on (November 5, 2010, 21:39 GMT)

As an Aussie I have to say there is something seriously wrong with Australian cricket. It's not just the team, I would include the board, the selectors, the coaching staff and the captain. We have not won recently (nor have we in any way deserved to). People blame the retirements of Warne, McGrath etc and that obviously has had an effect but rather than building a team that will be successful, the team is getting worse by the day. You really have to wonder if anyone in the Australian set up is en interested in winning. They seemed to show absolutely no respect to Sri Lanka in their whole attitude toward this series and have been rightly thrashed. What is worse is the way the selectors seem to tolerate this mediorcity by continuing to select players who are not deserving of a place, while omitting players who do e.g Doherty, Ferguson Look at the crowds that showed up and you'll see how the public feel about the team. It felt like Sri Lanka were at home. Well played SL you deserved it!

Posted by   on (November 5, 2010, 21:29 GMT)

@Athsia...he didn't play the first game because he went to his grandmother's funeral, so I think you can cut him some slack there mate. Its not that only one game is important, its that he realises that cricket is a just a game and family needed to come first. I'm sure in any other job no one would cop as much as Punter does for taking a day off to go to a close family member's funeral. If the series was still alive, he'd be playing for sure. As far as the one day team goes, hopefully they play Ferguson and Doherty in the next match. Johnson continues to show that he is an average cricketer who can bowl fast but all over the place, and can hit long but only in one spot. Siddle I have always liked, but as a test match bowler because thats where I think he is suited. Can't wait for Bollinger and Harris to come back from injury, and don't understand why Hilfenhaus doesn't play ODIs.

Posted by   on (November 5, 2010, 20:58 GMT)

The Aussies seem to have understood that they need to take on someone their own size (the other overrated team England) to win a match!! If I were a Lankan fan, I wouldn't mind that, its an acceptance from the Aussies that they can't beat Lanka, as is already the case with India. Ponting's the first one off the ship anyways whenever there's a tough situation :D

Posted by WAiWiA on (November 5, 2010, 20:29 GMT)

It cracks me up whenever someone types his name as Pointing instead of Ponting! Ricky Pointing - ha ha!

Anyway, I too think its a bad move by CA. One more ODI in two days' time is going to affect Ricky's "red-ball" performance? Sounds to me like a cover up story than anything else.

And gosh, it frustrates me as much as anyone else... why send away a player like Ricky in the middle of the series? Like CA didn't know about the Ashes earlier. Perhaps this decision was made because the 3rd ODI match will now be termed dead rubber?

Posted by   on (November 5, 2010, 20:19 GMT)

well honestly SL has won, 3 cheers to them, but if people are drawing big conclusions on how good SL is, its a mistake. Aussies have been on a decline and they have reached new levels in last 3 matches, especially their bowling. SL can dominate in Sub Continent, but if people think of SL dominating in SA or Eng based on this series win, that would not be logical. Aussies played really bad, neither their batsmen are delivering, not bowlers are effective, even fielding seems to be patchy. Its a symbolic win for SL nothing else. Recently India has gotten better of SL in Tests and ODIs and SL bowlers were pretty ineffective even in Sub Continent.

Posted by Cricket_4_Blood on (November 5, 2010, 19:39 GMT)

Sat Matharu - You're the jerk of the town. Look at your comments. 100% senseless & 0% Logical. Get a life bro. If not go to the beach & fly a kite..... (Wonder if you can even do that) All the best!

Posted by Nadeem1976 on (November 5, 2010, 19:34 GMT)

Good start of summer in Australia. Ashes will be hot becuase ponting has to give all he has in this series othewise all over for him in test cricket. Nothing wrong in playing 4 days games and prepare your self for Ashes. No comment on why australia is losing but this can be sign that may be england is going to win this time around which will be good for cricket to have a balance worldwide. But beware of ponting and co, they will not let ashes go away that easy. Hard time for england but 50% chance of wining ashes now. Hope to see some thrilling ashes this time arround. Let ponting play this last series and then comment guys.

Posted by   on (November 5, 2010, 19:18 GMT)

just rewid ur memory punter what greg does to india in 2007 world cup . india wins against bermuda .if greg stayed there for more days .u will lost to china.haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Posted by   on (November 5, 2010, 18:41 GMT)

@ Bangali.......obviously it would be better to play a 4 day game to prepare for a Test Match than a 50 over game wouldn't it? That's why England are playing multiple day matches in the lead-up to the Tests rather than meaningless ODI's that should be played in January.

There are other issues though with this team that needs to be addressed. This game should determine which one of Clarke or Hussey will go to the WC, Siddle's not in the best 5 OD bowlers for Victoria let alone Australia, and Johnson should be dropped as well but won't be because he's a golden child.

Posted by   on (November 5, 2010, 18:25 GMT)

Simply put it... run when you can, cos 1 defeat is more than enough.....

Posted by   on (November 5, 2010, 18:24 GMT)

Seriously Aussies decline can be traced back to the Sydney 2008 test. That was the last time we saw a great Australia team as they by hook or by crook won their record equalling 16th straight test win. Since then they have not beaten India in 8 tests, lost to Sth Africa at home & lost the Ashes to England. They havent played Sri Lanka but I would fancy them to beat the aussies as well. Sorry but those 4 are the only teams that matter in the Test arena these days - beating the likes of Pakistan, West Indies or New Zealand proves nothing to no one. In the words of Take That 'Never Forget' Sydney 2008....& given how they bullied their way to a win there, I shed no tears as they freefall now!

Posted by   on (November 5, 2010, 18:23 GMT)

Good move, Ricky needs to concerntrate on Ashes. I know, you can't lose to your old enemy (England). Anyway, Sri Lankans have wrapped up one day series. Good work boys!

Posted by   on (November 5, 2010, 18:20 GMT)

More than anything else this is very very insulting towards the Sri Lankans!!! And who is saying Aussie Arrogance? How can you classify this stupidity as arrogance?? lol. I hope Sri Lanka give them a complete thrashing in the next ODI. So much so that Aussies never recover. Oh and please get over the Ashes. I know it is the biggest Test series and in spite of the fact that I am an Indian I will be glued to the TV during Ashes. But his doesn't mean everything else in cricket is net practice!! This is exactly how Aussies and Poms treat other international fixtures!

Posted by   on (November 5, 2010, 18:17 GMT)

@ zapper22 Ha...ha..ha...what a joke...Why don't you tell it before the series start. And why Ponting played only for second match? Is today game only important one for AUS? , If this series doesn't important for you (but you say it after losing) why played it, you can practise for full time for Ashes (then lose again vs ENG.) IF AUSTRALIA LOSE , THERE ARE THOUSAND REASONS TO SAY...poor cricket from australia,also poor fans with jealous minds. Why AUS ppl doesn't come for watching matches...Because cricket not going their way...

Posted by edygriff21 on (November 5, 2010, 18:12 GMT)

As cricketpissek said, you will never understand the importance of the ashes!! That is so true!! who cares about 20/20 and a crap odi series against SL. These are a build up for the ashes and odi's are trials for 2011 world cup. Prepare to eat your words as a second rate, out of form Aussie side, smashes an over- hyped, third rate pommy side. And as for the world cup, we know you fear us more than any of the other chokers (India, SA), but as inconsistant as we are at the moment, it's all about building for next year, and thats when we will consistantly win against these average sides... even on their doctored flat tracks!!!!

Posted by HarshaCD on (November 5, 2010, 18:04 GMT)

All the hype about Johnson, Ponting returning and Australia at its full strength, what now? Still need Tait and Lee (who was hammered around the park by Kapugedara who is not even in the playing eleven)?? May be they need 13 players to play. Or is it just net practise as some " sour grapes" says? Or may be Warne , Gilly, Mcgrath (all fantastic players) should come out of their retirement. Please accept defeat with dignity. I am not saying we Sri Lankans are the greatest team around, but looks like they are certainly better than Aussies and most other teams around the world? Good luck guys for the World Cup!

Posted by   on (November 5, 2010, 17:50 GMT)

i would like to see aus loss to sl in 3 rd odi and also ashes........then ricky ponting resign as captain and retire as player.........he s too to see his when they were wining..they were toooooooooooooooooo rude .

Posted by dodinss on (November 5, 2010, 17:38 GMT)

Now that Greg Chappel is on the management team watch Australia gradually drop to number 10 in both tests and ODI rankings.

Posted by ssm2407 on (November 5, 2010, 17:28 GMT)

The way things are going, England will be well advised to use the forthcuming tests vs Australia as useful preparation for the real deal next summer......India at home!

Posted by The_Analyst on (November 5, 2010, 17:26 GMT)

What a far cry from the aussie sides of the past few so used to seeing australia look in terms of winning every game they play in ...and retaining prestigious number 1 rankings in world cricket....any side that thinks the ashes are the be all and end all of cricket has got to be on the decline.....Australia are finally starting to think of small mercies!!!

Posted by Lakpj on (November 5, 2010, 17:04 GMT)

@zapper22 Ponting is a great player, but not a great Captain, he had a great team to captain, now those players are gone and he is fully exposed. I see no reason why they can't have a value to this series. If they think that they can win the ashes 5-0 or win the WC by loosing this series 3-0,then good luck,those Aussies must be dreaming. It is obvious with the way some Aussies commentators r behaving and some of the supports are acting that they r not used to defeat,they better get use to it coz there might be many more defeats on their way in the next 2-3 years to come.I won't be surprised if England come out on top in the Ashes.

Posted by Ian316 on (November 5, 2010, 17:02 GMT)

@Zapper22. You my friend, are the peak of Australian arrogance. You lose the series and start dissing the opposition. This is one of the reasons that your so-called great aussi side are on a steady roll downhill. Read what Greg chappel has said first, before broadcasting your unjustified comments. And try and learn to lose like gentlemen. But I guess that's asking a lot from you!!!

Posted by SnowSnake on (November 5, 2010, 16:59 GMT)

It is what is not said that really matters. I think Aus. selection board has rightly given a message to Ponting-- lose Ashes and you are out of test cricket for good. Ponting has developed a serious weakness against short balls and off cutters.

Posted by 9ST9 on (November 5, 2010, 16:52 GMT)

I'd like to know what the pundits who predicted a 3-0 whitewash in favour of Aus are.

Posted by   on (November 5, 2010, 16:47 GMT)

only onething....ponting please quit captaincy before the gap between u n SRT becomes a massive of 20 centuries...nyways if u do it even it would be 15

Posted by Sri_Lanka_Forever on (November 5, 2010, 16:46 GMT)

Perth - done...., Melbourne - done...., Sydney - done...., Brisbane - 1 day remaining to be done & dusted.... way to go lions.. Demolishing job nears completion. Glad that arrogant Aussies get roasted in KFC way.. lol

Posted by darkmon.SL on (November 5, 2010, 16:41 GMT)

"You spin my head right round right round,When you go down, when you go down down" - Something Aussie fans can chant in SL series,WC2011 or any international match other than this so much important Ashes :P Lol.Good luck with 2011WC preparations Pundith Punter and Pundith's in CA if there is any preparation ever.

And I think even a 12 year old can predict a 3-0 whitewash I am enjoying this downfall of Aussination like HELL !

Posted by TheUglyTruth on (November 5, 2010, 16:40 GMT)

LOLLLLL. COWARD! This is hilarious. Is this their idea of damage control? @zapper22 - net practice mood? They must have a pretty crappy net practice session. LMAO! This article just made my day even better! Bring on the ashes!!! England plz wipe the floor with this arrogant faded team. U cn thank India and Srilanka later for supporting ur ashes campaign :D

Posted by Lion_of_Lanka on (November 5, 2010, 16:33 GMT)

@zapper22: In case you haven't realized it yet, the reason ponting is missing the 3rd match is because it is basically a dead rubber match. "So SL playing out of their skin needed damn good luck to beat the Aussies who were in the net practice mood" Good luck? yeah right! is that the excuse you've got now? Good luck? The only good luck SL got is that it didn't rain before the 20th over. Knowing Aussies, they are not a team who would just throwaway a series because of the Ashes. The loss to SL has halted their momentum going to the Ashes.

Posted by avis1001 on (November 5, 2010, 16:33 GMT)

Aussies are trying to play good cricket in Ashes and so neglecting other matches. That will not help and moreover, they will lose Ashes badly too.

Posted by caravind344 on (November 5, 2010, 16:32 GMT)

Looking at the way the CA and the aus players are doing the FEAR of loss has got into the nerves of the aussies and they are making all kinds of odd decisions..

Posted by shehanpj on (November 5, 2010, 16:15 GMT)

Zapper22, great stuff man! i see your point. but now you see mac, what bothers me is to understand the feeling of ultra satisfaction with their long faces towards the end of those two ' net sessions ' :O i have never seen a net session where the very captian scratching his head & looking clueless. care to expain a little mac?

Posted by NeoTheSaviour on (November 5, 2010, 16:12 GMT)

Pointing missing the 3rd ODI you must be kidding. What the heck player like pointing will achieve playing in domestic match. Its sheer arrogance of Aussies. This arrogance went well with them when they had McGrath and Warne. Eat some humble pie and start winning few games.

Posted by Gcee on (November 5, 2010, 16:12 GMT)

Hey Zapper22. Sour grapes I know. I'm pretty sure that you are awaiting an interesting Ashes..but I must say you need to follow the current matches and try to understand properly to expect whats on store for the future. If you had watched the two'd realise that SL won both matches quite convincingly and did not need to play out of their skin. I'm sure its such attitude that's causing these defeats to the Kangaroos. If you'd watched & listened to comments made by the former ausies you'll notice that Ausies found it extremely difficult with the absence of great players like Warne and Mcgrath. It's only down hill for the Ausies from here on !

Posted by shameerpvt on (November 5, 2010, 16:09 GMT)

Aussies were always focused on Ashes & were not interested in playing aggressive cricket against Lankans. It may be worth for pride & honor, but the Aussies will realize that they are slowly been kicked off as the Superior Cricketing Nation. Its obvious non of the Aussie players are not captains as they always relied on individual player performances. It was noticed, unless Johnson didn't get a wicket or two, the Aussie camp had no options to slowdown Lankans. For every team there will be a period of failure, but its scary enough that Aussies could fall similar to Windies have fallen from their great times.........

Posted by Green_and_Gold on (November 5, 2010, 16:08 GMT)

@ BangaliNever: To answer you question "how a Sheffield shield match is going to be better exposure to ponting than an international level opponent?" - Well its the format of the game so its the mentality of playing the longer game. This can also be seen as a potitive move by the Aussies as history shows that captains often give up one form of cricket (Ponting may decide to only play tests) which then gives Clarke more exposure to captaincy. It also gives a promising young player a chance to make an apperance. I do however see the other side of the story and think it is a shame that he wont play - I would hate to buy tickets to a game and not see a great player play cause he is playing for his state. Bottom line is that we arent in a good place in cricket at the moment and we are struggling to get out, maybe this is a chance to get some form and confidence?

Posted by   on (November 5, 2010, 16:07 GMT)

How can you say this is just net practise???????? this is International Cricket . Ponting going to play domestic Cricket. hahahahah Aussie trying too many short ball against SL and they are Too good against that.Dilshan , Sanga , Mahela , Silva Very good puller and hooker of the cricket ball. only India having weakness against the shortball. not Sri Lanka. & todya i Proud to be a " Sri Lankan " today we jump to ICC rank 2 good going. if we have enough matches. we can take no1 postiion. SLCB MGMT give more matches to Sri lankan team. they can do anything . our FTP is not good enough to grab the ranks.. Ricky Ponting going to play Domestic cricket hahahahahh i jus love it..

Posted by   on (November 5, 2010, 15:59 GMT)

With or Without Pointing Sri Lanka will surely take the series as 3-0 ...

Posted by BowlingForever on (November 5, 2010, 15:58 GMT)

@zapper22 - Well if what you say is true India had the same thing in their ODI because Hussy and some other guy went off to play 1st class cricket. So aussies were having the initial net practice with the indians to get ready for the more capable SL's i suppose?Hussy did play on both the ODI's against SL? And the SL's didnt win the ODI series against aussies with washed off matches? SO from what you say SL is far better than India because not only did they play 2 ODI's and win,they were on Australian soil as well.good logic going there zapper22.Thanks for the comments on SL's greatness. once again its a shame why people can't give credit where its due! SL won fair and square and hopefully will have a ball in the last ODI.

Posted by Lovetesh on (November 5, 2010, 15:55 GMT)

Early Aussie thinking of winning every game has clearly gone down the drain now. With this series is gone they are now focusing on Ashes. Simple!! They are not showing arrogance but pragmatism. Not insulting SL but try to save their own pride.

Posted by   on (November 5, 2010, 15:55 GMT)

Ponting is a Looser. Already given up!!! He should @ least fight to avoid the White Wash, Instead he plans on building his own momentum. What a Jerk. And Since when did 1st class cricket turn out 2 be much more greater than the International level. Oh...When they loose they look 4 funny answers.

Yeah, after all most of the ball throwing incidents were also discovered ONLY when ever any bowler plays against Australia. Eg: Murali, Botha. Anyway Aussies, cash in your Kangaroo soup, Coz that's what's left!!!

Posted by   on (November 5, 2010, 15:55 GMT)

Zapper22 i cant belive this aussie , how can you say this is just net practise ? bullshit.. come on dont take credit away from Sri Lanka .. Now i Really PROUD TO BE A SRI LANKAN better then australian. I think pointing going to play Domestic cricket according to me.. isnt it ppl? he is a good caption when he having match winnerin his side. now no more match winner is aussie side apart from Classic Hussy. as a Sri Lankan i am so much happy to win this series. i still cant belive 2007 World cup final. that is cheat matches like world cup final shoud not play reduced over game.and gilly cheat. aussie will never learn i desparately need ENG to win this Sri Lanka jump to ICC rank 2 Best of Luck . All the Sri Lankan Need WHITE WASHHHHH.. Aussie pace attack trying to Bowl so many short ball against SL and they are too good against it, Dilly , Sanga ,Mayya . Aussie this is not a Indian side who have weakness playing against short ball.. Good job sanga & team .. Best of Luck my SL

Posted by nshhamit on (November 5, 2010, 15:50 GMT)

Ponting leaving int'l cricket for the Sheffield shield is an effort to manage Ponting's image and form before the Ashes. It isn't an insult to the Lankans. Ponting is out of form and needs the practice. He wouldn't have been asked to captain the 2nd ODI and leave his family at a time of great personal tragedy (with the passing of his grandmother) if it wasn't important to Australia. Now that he can't save face in the SL-Aus series, he's shifting gears to make sure he's in test cricket mode. The Aussies have harassed the Lankans using derogatory and racist language on the field in the past and had the Aussie PM hail abuse at their most beloved player. Ponting missing a game - is nothing. The Lankans are islanders - they're all zen. Keep up the great work SL!

Posted by Kushh on (November 5, 2010, 15:46 GMT)

two solid weeks of red-ball cricket ???? just when did a professional cricketer needed that to switch between formats?

Posted by Chanaka on (November 5, 2010, 15:43 GMT)

Why not give the entire squad time off from the ODI to prepare for the Ashes tests,and pick a second eleven to play Sri Lanka. They will perform better and may give SL some competition in the 3rd ODI.

Posted by mannyr2k on (November 5, 2010, 15:43 GMT)

First of all, it was a wrong selection to pick Hauritz ahead of Doherty. This will futher more reduce Hauritz confidence for Ashes as he was ineffective again. There is no point to place for just one ODI for Ponting. I guess Aussies have panicked. They are completely unsettled at the moment. The only advantage they have now is their home ground. Bring back Bracken to ODIs. Also Clark should bowl more often. Have Hussey/Marsh open the batting and push Haddin to middle order for big hitting. I have no idea on their side for tests as they look disoriented.

Posted by sadSajith on (November 5, 2010, 15:41 GMT)

@zapper22 I'm pretty sure Ashes also gonna be a net practice for Aussies.(Because they gonna loose it).Hope world cup also to be a net practice for Aussies.shouldn't 7 consecutive defeats(I mean net practices) worry you?

Posted by Rocky_Team on (November 5, 2010, 15:30 GMT)

Ponting always plays when Aus needs him!!! He made 10 runs...otherwise Aus would have lost by bigger margin!!!! you know what Ponting can do without..Hayden, Gilchrist, McGrath, warne...and we used to think it was great captaincy!!! (This is what happended to SRT as well....however great SRT is, he can not win matches for India all alone while carrying at least 3 to 4 passengers in the team all the time...its a team geame) It was easy for Ponting all these years to play with / around with other greats but he can not do much on his own all the time!!!

Posted by monkeyaussi on (November 5, 2010, 15:28 GMT)

zapper sour grapes !!!we know aussis does not want to lose a single match certainly not srilankans as ian healy mentioned during the commentry. i guess it was practise in india too!!! ha ha!

Posted by   on (November 5, 2010, 15:26 GMT)

You cant sack ponting there is no other player currently to captain australia . Michale clarke is no good either . Australia have to stick with ponting right now. You never know the aussies can turn it around any day . Their one day form was worse than this before the 2003 world cup when they could not even make the final of VB series

Posted by gargi_vizag on (November 5, 2010, 15:22 GMT)

i think the current SL team is superior to the Australian team in all the departments, so the aussies should not lose heart coz of that, and also the fact that they are just not clicking 2gether at the moment.. but i think the England team are going to pay for this as i just have this feeling that the aussies might start getting their act 2gether once the Ashes start........i definitely would be supporting the Aussies during the ashes

Posted by   on (November 5, 2010, 15:21 GMT)

In fact it is becoming more of a joke that players leaving in midst of a series. Don't really know what are the benefits. I am really looking forward to see the Poms whitewashing Aussies this time around, not that I am a fan of Poms, but the way things are going I wouldn't be surprised. Ponting as a captain was lucky to get handed over a champion team, now that Gilly, Warnie and Mcgrath gone he is exposed...A true leader never backs out. Look at Border, Steve Waugh, Clive Lloyd, Dhoni, Ganguly, Mike Brearly....Punter would never be one of them. As a batsman he is one of the two best in contemporary cricket, just behind Sachin!! As a Captain he should go!!

Posted by Victorian-Roo on (November 5, 2010, 15:13 GMT)

Mate...I'm telling you that Greg Chappell is a jinxed man. His so called magic backfired against the Indians and now its eating up Australia. Strip him off his Director's post. Hire the great Victorian Dean Jones...he'll do a much better job. Aussies are getting bad to worse. They are trying to achieve something which isn't in their possession at the moment (Ashes) and are neglecting something which they should work hard for to retain (WC). Ridiculous! PS: Plz publish this cricinfo....u seem to be biased with my posts.

Posted by Thomas_Ratnam on (November 5, 2010, 15:10 GMT)

If this is anything but Ponting being dropped then Sri Lankans won't be happy to be playing second grade internationals to lead up to the Ashes.

Posted by Marcio on (November 5, 2010, 15:02 GMT)

They just don't get it. All this skipping of games and fielding 2nd stringers... result, loss after loss, and they call it putting the Ashes first. Reward failure, punish sucsess (Doherty vs Johnson/Siddle) Since when has losing been policy? Never! It is a losers policy, and is installing a losing mentality in the team. Simply absurd. The selectors must be fired by CA, NOW!

Posted by   on (November 5, 2010, 15:00 GMT)

iam sure aussies will win...........good luck to ponting and company

Posted by salmankhan687 on (November 5, 2010, 14:55 GMT)

I have never seen aussies in trouble since the 1999 world cup and to be very honest i am enjoying it. just want to see how they will handle it before the ashes and the world cup. Ponting is a role model for so many but he got a great team earlier and as Pieterson said it for one of their earlier official (was it the coach or manager?) that he did nothing actually the team he got was too good. Ponting had a great team to lead and now is his real test. Come on Punter! u can do it.....

Posted by Tiptop32 on (November 5, 2010, 14:54 GMT)

Oh god, Ponting seems to be Richie Richardson of WI. What a fall? I don't see Aussies emerging from here on under his leadership. Its time to appoint new captain for the team. Never too late. Aussies are gradually failing in the past 2 to 3 years. The arrogant Ponting deserves this fall. He has no captaincy material in him. He is great player and he had great players to get him the victory. He is no Ganguly, Ranatunga, Imran Khan, Border, Taylor, Steve Waugh, Vettori. His captaincy is completely exposed once the great players retired.

Posted by BowlingForever on (November 5, 2010, 14:53 GMT)

Please explain to me as to how a Sheffield shield match is going to be better exposure to ponting than an international level opponent? I mean cmon is this Australian arrogance at its best? Hussy went off in the middle of the indian tour and now ponting? Anyways too little too late mate wait up for a trashing from the poms eh? but anyways seriously i think Greg Chappel should quit coz where ever he goes he messes up everything, from a underarm ball to coaching india! This guys got some bad luck going around..anyways bad sportsmanship by the aussies for dropping ponting from the last ODI. No worries mate for SL, will just say thank you,come again roos!

Posted by zapper22 on (November 5, 2010, 14:50 GMT)

Well, it shows the importance Aus attached to this series. Sorry SL fans, but you were just net practice for the Aussies, who had no interest in winning/losing the series. And in fact if it was not sheer bad luck, Aus would have even won the series. So SL playing out of their skin needed damn good luck to beat the Aussies who were in the net practice mood.

Posted by   on (November 5, 2010, 14:47 GMT)

come on aussies... we indians need an enticing ashes.... now it seem to be it will be one sided affair

Posted by manasvi_lingam on (November 5, 2010, 14:36 GMT)

By missing the 3rd game, Ponting is clearly insulting the Lankans who have been much more superior to the Aussies. And of course, this increasing the chances of Australia losing the next match - and that will result in another whitewash!

Posted by   on (November 5, 2010, 14:30 GMT)

aussies are down at big time.. I am happy that Greg chappel is there in australia.. So obviously aussies wont enter second stage in 2011 world cup... Wake up Ricky...

Posted by CricketPissek on (November 5, 2010, 14:30 GMT)

i guess as a non english and non aussie, i would never truly understand the importance of the ashes. but opting out of an opportunity to represent your country to play first class cricket, especially with defence of the worldcup in the not too distant future, this just feels like poor form to me. all SL can do is just go for the clean sweep! good luck lads

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