Sri Lanka tour of Australia, 1st ODI: Australia v Sri Lanka at Melbourne, Nov 3, 2010
Sri Lanka won by 1 wicket (with 34 balls remaining)
3 November 2010 - day/night match (50-over match)

Kulasekara to Haddin, FOUR, nicely driven, crisp shot. He chases this one, is playing away from the body, but meets it perfectly with an open face, and times it perfectly, and places it between cover and extra cover

Australia 8/0   BJ Haddin 5* (5b 1x4)   KMDN Kulasekara 0.4-0-4-0

Kulasekara to Haddin, FOUR, beautiful off-drive, Haddin makes them look really nice, high elbow, not much follow through, all along the ground, beating mid-off. And it was hardly driving length

Australia 16/0   BJ Haddin 11* (8b 2x4)   KMDN Kulasekara 1.2-0-11-0

Kulasekara to Haddin, FOUR, that was agricultural, no feet, slogging across the line, getting an inside edge that evades the stumps and the keeper

Australia 26/0   BJ Haddin 16* (15b 3x4)   KMDN Kulasekara 2.3-0-20-0

Kulasekara to Haddin, FOUR, that's a good comeback from Haddin. He lofts this one over mid-on - hits down the line as opposed to across, and times it well

Australia 30/0   BJ Haddin 20* (17b 4x4)   KMDN Kulasekara 2.5-0-24-0

Perera to Haddin, FOUR, not the best of starts, half tracker, down the leg side, with fine leg up. Haddin gets an underside edge past short fine leg

Australia 35/1   BJ Haddin 25* (23b 5x4)   NLTC Perera 0.1-0-4-0

Kulasekara to Haddin, FOUR, nicely played late-cut, not too short, but there is width, and Haddin stays back and tries to use Kula's pace, placing it between point and short third man

Australia 45/1   BJ Haddin 31* (30b 6x4)   KMDN Kulasekara 3.2-0-29-0

Perera to Haddin, FOUR, beautiful shot! Haddin makes room, takes half a step down the track, doesn't care this is nowhere near driving length, and times it beautifully with an open face - between mid-off and extra cover

Australia 54/1   BJ Haddin 37* (35b 7x4)   NLTC Perera 1.4-0-13-0

Perera to Haddin, FOUR, another lovely shot, this time to the left of cover, delays the shot a bit and forces it between cover and cover-point. He is timing them really well today

Australia 58/1   BJ Haddin 41* (37b 8x4)   NLTC Perera 2-0-17-0

Muralitharan to Clarke, FOUR, nicely played, presses forward, sees a shortish ball, rocks back, and then cuts it in front of square - punch really. Clarke's first boundary, and Australia's first in 26 balls

Australia 74/1   MJ Clarke 16* (23b 1x4)   M Muralitharan 2.2-0-10-0

Muralitharan to Clarke, FOUR, cat and mouse - Murali goes for the good old stumping down the leg side, but Clarke - despite having charged him - is balanced and glances it fine - that's two boundaries in quick time

Australia 78/1   MJ Clarke 20* (25b 2x4)   M Muralitharan 2.4-0-14-0

Perera to Clarke, FOUR, dismisses this away, and turns his back to it! Lovely straight hit, uppish, but between the bowler and mid-on

Australia 85/1   MJ Clarke 27* (28b 3x4)   NLTC Perera 2.2-0-23-0

Randiv to Smith, FOUR, nicely played! First boundary in 23.3 overs! Is looking for the big hit, but then changes his mind and goes for the late cut, places it fine of short third. Malinga gives the change, gets around it, then misfields. Lets it slip through his right hand

Australia 177/5   SPD Smith 12* (13b 1x4)   S Randiv 8.5-0-35-1

Kulasekara to Hussey, FOUR, that's his first boundary and also his fifty! A lovely short-arm pull too. Timed perfectly, placed even better, between deep square and deep midwicket. He deserves the big cheer he gets for the fifty

Australia 186/6   MEK Hussey 52* (71b 1x4)   KMDN Kulasekara 7.2-0-47-0

Malinga to Hastings, FOUR, Malinga is unlucky here. Another slower bouncer, gets the top edge but it sails over short fine. Three boundaries in the last 30.4 overs

Australia 216/7   JW Hastings 10* (8b 1x4)   SL Malinga 9-0-34-1





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