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Another 20 days and you can apply for citizenship.

MS Dhoni sums up India's four-month long stay in Australia

Mar 26, 2015 Tweet | Share

The shot is called the back away, look away, deliberate cut through point.

Glenn Maxwell jokes about an outrageous shot that he somehow pulled off against Wahab Riaz

Mar 21, 2015 Tweet | Share

I just said a few words about the World Cup, the current team, and how they embarrass me when I watch a classic match on TV and we're getting 220 and these guys are getting 400.

Steve Waugh gives to the Australian team a pep talk ahead of their quarter-final clash against Pakistan

Mar 18, 2015 Tweet | Share

Gym. Like dancing, holding hands, queueing. Overrated.

After dismissing the value of coaches, Shane Warne goes after gyms

Feb 20, 2015 Tweet | Share

He's playing smart cricket, which can't always be said for his game at times.

Aaron Finch gives a brutally honest assessment of his Victoria and Australia team-mate Glenn Maxwell

Feb 14, 2015 Tweet | Share

There are probably Australians stubbing their toes today because of my work.

Stuart Broad is modest about his masonry skills while laying slabs at a swimming pool in Melbourne as a 17-year-old

Feb 7, 2015 Tweet | Share

I think it was 50... My wife says it's too many sometimes!

Australia coach Darren Lehmann on how many nights he spent at home last year

Feb 4, 2015 Tweet | Share

I was checking the backs of my whites, making sure they weren't too brown. He was quite quick.

Brad Hogg remembers the first time he faced Brett Lee in a state second XI match in the 1990s

Jan 28, 2015 Tweet | Share

It's written in his contract that he has to hit the winning runs

Brad Haddin on Australia allrounder James Faulkner

Jan 21, 2015 Tweet | Share

That sums up the wicket. If I'm getting runs on it.

Ryan Harris on the MCG pitch

Dec 28, 2014 Tweet | Share

I'd like to say it's hard to miss, but I won't

Chris Rogers on being hit on the box by Ishant Sharma in the first over of the Boxing Day Test at the MCG

Dec 26, 2014 Tweet | Share

When an Aussie sledges it's aggression but if an Indian sledges it's unnecessary and foolish.

VVS Laxman on the brouhaha over India's sledging on the third day in the Brisbane Test

Dec 20, 2014 Tweet | Share

I'll put that in the same category as the third new ball. Over-rated. Huddles are over-rated.

It's almost mandatory for teams these days, but Mark Taylor doesn't think much of them

Dec 19, 2014 Tweet | Share

Michael, change of plan. Some Bodyline, son.

Umpire Ian Gould tells Michael Clarke that Varun Aaron is coming around the wicket

Dec 10, 2014 Tweet | Share

His deal with himself was he would buy a new cow for his herd every time he hit a 100. The herd grew very quickly.

Phillip Hughes' friend Corey Ireland, during his eulogy

Dec 3, 2014 Tweet | Share

It's got nothing to do about I'll see you in the car park and we'll beat the crap out of each other.

Dale Steyn tries to set the record straight about his confrontation with Michael Clarke during the Cape Town Test earlier this year

Nov 18, 2014 Tweet | Share

Maybe I need to touch up the eyebrows.

Australia's Aaron Finch after nearly being singed by a flame-thrower near the boundary during the first Twenty20

Nov 6, 2014 Tweet | Share

The hard thing about Pakistan is that they throw up these cricketers you've never seen before

Steve Waugh praises Pakistan's ability to keep discovering fresh talent, evident in their 221-run victory against Australia in Dubai

Oct 29, 2014 Tweet | Share

Speak to my wife, we should have kept going!

Geoff Marsh on the fact both his sons - Shaun and Mitchell - are now Australian Test cricketers

Oct 22, 2014 Tweet | Share

Guys are up there trying to eat their breakfasts quicker than each other now

Brad Haddin on Australia's competitiveness, when asked if there was tension between his team and Pakistan

Oct 9, 2014 Tweet | Share

Wicket-taker, contains, and he does it in a short-sleeved shirt, which is nice to see for a spinner.

George Bailey believes his Kings XI Punjab team-mate, left-arm spinner Akshar Patel, has plenty of talent and nothing to hide

Sep 28, 2014 Tweet | Share

At least when Zimbabwe beat us in '83 we were drinking cans the night before. And lots of them.

Former Australia fast bowler Rodney Hogg tweets after Australia's loss to Zimbabwe, and explains what may have gone wrong 31 years ago

Sep 1, 2014 Tweet | Share

I've been trying to hit as straight as possible, so I'm very happy with the shot. I'm not going to apologise for it.

Mitchell Johnson is not sorry for breaking the glass on the commentators' box at the Harare Sports Club

Aug 25, 2014 Tweet | Share

I'm so nervous around water I check the bath for sharks

Michael Clarke admits one of his biggest fears, despite agreeing to sail for charity

Jun 24, 2014 Tweet | Share

If it's a Test match, you won't see Kieron there - he won't be playing.

Mitchell Starc gets cheeky when asked if he plans to resume hostilities with the West Indian batsman

Jun 5, 2014 Tweet | Share

After doing 5 selfies with people this morning before 8am on my morning run/walk I've come to the conclusion that the autograph is dead!

No more finger cramps, if Shane Warne is right

May 29, 2014 Tweet | Share

I don't think he is worried about his game; he's more worried about golf and practises more golf than cricket.

Virender Sehwag says his Kings XI Punjab team-mate, Glenn Maxwell, is not one to get anxious and that is helping him thrive

May 8, 2014 Tweet | Share

I have always felt that the art of winning is almost harder than the art of losing.

West Indies' frenzied celebrations in victory didn't impress the losing captain, Australia's George Bailey

Mar 29, 2014 Tweet | Share

We'll probably have a quiet beer and keep the live stream on, and pray, basically.

Western Australia captain Adam Voges on his team's plans of watching the Queensland-Victoria game, the outcome of which will determine WA's chances of making the Shield final

Mar 14, 2014 Tweet | Share

Probably in backyard cricket

David Warner's response when asked when was the last time he thinks he was giving so many lifelines

Feb 14, 2014 Tweet | Share

I don't think eyes are going to be lighting up when Morne Morkel comes on. It's going to be when the poor spinner comes on.

Left-arm spinner Robin Peterson knows fully well who the Australian batsmen will be targeting in their Tests against South Africa

Feb 10, 2014 Tweet | Share

I wish I was Kane Williamson.

Australia fast bowler Kane William Richardson is in awe of New Zealand batsman Kane Williamson after he scores five ODI fifties in a row

Jan 31, 2014 Tweet | Share

There's been 753 days and 3 different PMs since we last won a game.

A tweet from Sydney Thunder after their victory over Melbourne Renegades, which ended a 19-game losing streak

Jan 14, 2014 Tweet | Share

The way they [Venus and Serena Williams] hit it, they're more than welcome to bat at the top of the order. I might have to slide down a few spots.

T20 record holder Aaron Finch is impressed with the batting skills of the tennis champions

Jan 10, 2014 Tweet | Share

As I've heard many times before, don't tweet when you've had a drink.

Ryan Harris aplogises after a tweet rant against a casino that wouldn't let him in because he had been drinking

Dec 21, 2013 Tweet | Share

We finished third in a two-horse race.

Matt Prior is honest about his team's assessment down under

Dec 17, 2013 Tweet | Share

It's a cute little smile that he's got. I didn't mind giving him a little one back as well.

Mitchell Johnson compliments Joe Root and promises plenty of "mindgames" in the Perth Test

Dec 11, 2013 Tweet | Share

I'd dry retch for the next three days

Merv Hughes gives an unsurprising response to England's leaked menu

Nov 8, 2013 Tweet | Share

We don't use medicine from 50 years ago. We shouldn't rely on statistics from 50 years ago.

Victoria coach Greg Shipperd backs the idea of using the 12th man as a bowler even if it leads to the match being stripped off its first-class status

Oct 28, 2013 Tweet | Share

How does Usain Bolt know you? You're just my soccer coach.

Matthew Hayden's son Joshua wants to know why Bolt said Hayden was his hero during the Olympics

Oct 24, 2013 Tweet | Share

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