Old allegations resurface June 13, 2005

Mark Waugh denies connection with Indian bookmaker

Cricinfo staff

Mark Waugh says he had no involvement with Shoban Mehta © Getty Images

Mark Waugh, who was fined A$10,000 in 1995 for giving pitch and weather information, has denied any connection to another Indian bookmaker who police claim he also gave tips. Now retired, Waugh has been drawn into the spotlight again after the Sydney Morning Herald reported that DJ Vanjara, Ahmedabad's police commissioner, said Shobhan Mehta admitted links to Waugh under interrogation last Friday.

Leo Karis, Waugh's agent, said Waugh was not concerned by the allegations and the bookmaker could have been the same one he supplied information, who was known only as "John". "Mark denies ever knowing this guy, or speaking with him or dealing with him," Karis told the Sydney Morning Herald. "I've no idea whether this guy [Mehta] could be John. That's not for us to determine. The thing is, Mark went through two [corruption] investigations and it was found he had no case to answer."