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A history of domestic one-day cricket

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Australia was the second country to embrace domestic one-day cricket, six years after its successful launch in England, and it was a hit from the off. The competition started in 1969-70 with a knock-out tournament featuring the state sides as well as New Zealand, who won the inaugural event. The sponsor names changed regularly, but one of the few major changes came in 1975-76 when New Zealand stopped competing. The knock-out format was changed in 1979-80 when two pools were introduced, and in 1992-93 all teams were put in a league with the top four progressing to semi-finals. For three seasons from 1997-98 an experimental extra side - the Canberra Comets - participated, but they were dropped to make way for another format change, with a full league of home and away matches with the top two playing a final (the same principle as the first-class competition).


Vehicle & General Australasian Knock-out

1969-70 New Zealanders
1970-71 Western Australia

Coca-Cola Knock-out

1971-72 Victoria
1972-73 New Zealanders
1973-74 Western Australia
1974-75 New Zealanders
1975-76 Queensland
1976-76 Western Australia
1977-78 Western Australia
1978-79 Tasmania

McDonalds Cup

1979-80 Victoria
1980-81 Queensland
1981-82 Queensland
1982-83 Western Australia
1983-84 South Australia
1984-85 New South Wales
1985-86 Western Australia
1986-87 South Australia
1987-88 New South Wales

FAI Insurance Cup

1988-89 Queensland
1989-90 Western Australia
1990-91 Western Australia
1991-92 New South Wales

Mercantile Mutual Cup

1992-93 New South Wales
1993-94 New South Wales
1994-95 Victoria
1995-96 Queensland
1996-97 Western Australia
1997-98 Queensland
1998-99 Victoria
1999-00 Western Australia
2000-01 New South Wales
2001-02 New South Wales


2002-03 New South Wales
2003-04 Western Australia
2004-05 Tasmania
2005-06 New South Wales

Ford Ranger Cup

2006-07 Queensland
2007-08 Tasmania
2008-09 Queensland
2009-10 Tasmania