Federal government's policy consistent with CA's approach October 6, 2007

Cricket Australia to introduce illicit substances policy

Cricinfo staff

Cricket Australia (CA) has welcomed the federal government's illicit substances policy, which was announced today, as being coherent with Australian cricket's own anticipated approach.

"Our concern is to achieve the appropriate balance between player welfare/rehabilitation; and deterring cricketers from using illicit substances," said James Sutherland, CA's chief executive. "We have also wanted a policy which is specific to cricket's circumstances and needs".

Sutherland said CA consulted with numerous stakeholders for over a year in preparation for a cricket policy on illegal substances. This included working with medical experts, talking with government officials and extensive consultaion with players and their association, the Australian Cricketers' Association. CA also studied other sports.

Sutherland said the standards supporting CA's proposed approach had been agreed with a wide range of parties, though a few details were yet to be finalised.

The Australian goverment is expected to put in A$21 million per year for the next four years to test athletes and is confident major sports will sign up.