Australian news June 18, 2010

Players will have a say on split innings

Cricinfo staff

Australia's international and domestic players will be consulted as Cricket Australia prepares to determine the exact format for split-innings one-day matches. The board last week approved the new format for the FR Cup domestic competition, which will occur in the second half of the tournament in 2010-11, but has not finalised the specific alterations.

James Sutherland, Cricket Australia's chief executive, said the players would review the customer research on the issue and provide practical feedback on competing over split innings. "Cricket lovers say that ODI cricket captures the broadest interest of the three formats, and it is supported with strong passion," Sutherland said. "But it is a game that needs better positioning and a format review if it is to remain popular in the long-term."

The switch in thinking is being monitored by the ICC while former one-day experts such as Dean Jones and Simon O'Donnell have welcomed the move. Cricket Australia and the Australian Cricketers' Association will speak to players over the next fortnight and their thoughts will be combined with those of broadcast and commercial partners before the new look is finalised.

"The idea of split innings was popular with fans and we are keen at this stage to look at a 10-wicket-a-side, split-innings concept," Sutherland said. "We accept that we need to listen to what the public wants but we also need to be sure that ideas are practical, and most important, are acceptable to world cricket and capable in the long-term of being considered for international cricket."

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  • Dummy4 on June 21, 2010, 11:37 GMT

    According to me, the idea of split innings is a good idea. Lets make it 25 five-balls overs X 4 continious split-innings, 10-wickets and per 2 innings-a-side (25x4 formula)... That should be ideal for OD cricket, which will not affected by bad-light... Play order could be- 1. 1st innigs of Team A (25 overs or 10-wickets); 2. a 15 minute 1st quarter-term tea-break; 3. 1st innigs of Team B (25 overs or 10-wickets); 4. a 30 minute half-term lunch-break; 5. 2nd innigs of Team B (25 overs or 10-wickets); 6. if not follow-on, a 15 minute 2nd quarter-term tea-break and then 2nd innigs of Team A (25 overs or 10-wickets or required runs). Our world is changing and our today's cricket should continue to evolve onto its final populous global formula...

  • sachin on June 20, 2010, 16:48 GMT

    I hope they're talking about "10 wickets a side" as in 10 wickets a side THROUGHOUT the match as opposed 10 wickets PER INNINGS; if it's the former then I'm sure that'll make ODIs a little more interesting BUT if it's the latter then that'd just be more 20-20s with more SLOGGING & less BATTING, less CRICKET & more BASEBALL which'd be a terrible thing for this wonderful game. I think no matter what they do if the game in general whether ODIs or Tests matches are to compete with 20-20 then there has to be a resurgence of bowlers, fasters as well as spinners, at all levels, more so at international level & that'll only happen when bowlers are encouraged & restrictions & injustices being imposed on them are removed whether it's the stupid powerplays,bouncer rule,short boundarylines,thickness of bats or the pitches allover the world which are getting flatter and deader by the day.

  • rob on June 20, 2010, 11:28 GMT

    Terrible idea, I hope it fails, just like the Aussies in the 09 ashes :o)

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