Twenty20 Big Bash, 2010-11 November 19, 2010

WICB clears Gayle to play for Western Australia

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Chris Gayle has been cleared by the WICB to play for Western Australia in the Twenty20 Big Bash this season instead of his home side, Jamaica, in the Caribbean Twenty20 tournament. The dates of the two competitions clash, and Gayle has been granted a no objection certificate (NOC) by the WICB, despite the board's hesitation to confirm the move last month.

Gayle did not sign a central contract with the WICB this year, in the hope that it would allow him to choose more freely which games he played. He was a marquee signing for Western Australia last season, but managed only two matches before an injured side muscle ruled him out of the remainder of the competition.

"It was unfortunate that injury prevented me from playing the entire KFC Big Bash last year, but the West Australian public were very friendly and really welcomed me as a member of the Warriors squad," Gayle said. "I will be looking to repay that support and do all that I can to help the Retravision Warriors be successful in this season's Big Bash and qualify for the Champions League Twenty20 tournament."

The Big Bash runs from December 30 to February 5, and the Caribbean T20 is scheduled for January. Paul Campbell, the president of the Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA), said it was disappointing that Gayle would not be available for his home side but the JCA accepted that it was a reality of the increasing professionalism in the game.

"It is not about loyalty," Campbell told the Jamaica Observer. "We now need to move our mindset of understanding the professional landscape as it relates to players and administration. We can't take emotional positions. It can't be on a basis where if he doesn't make himself available this time you can't or won't select him at another time. We have to move away from that."

Gayle won't be the only West Indian player in the Big Bash, with Kieron Pollard expected to line up for South Australia and Dwayne Bravo set to return to Victoria. Pollard is already in Australia, and will play in this Sunday's All-Star Twenty20 match at the Gabba.

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  • Sean on November 20, 2010, 0:19 GMT


    "BUT the smart thing would be to avoid the dual scheduling of matches. Surely WICB have Easter holidays as a playing time when Ozz RSA NZ are into super 15 rugby."

    Actually that wouldn't be possible.For two reason.

    The first is that the WICB put the Caribbean T20 in January because the organizers of the Champions League T20 wanted to know which team from the West Indies would be playing in the Champions League fairly early (note that with the last Caribbean T20 in June/July the fixtures for the CL T20 had the names for all the teams EXCEPT the one from WI). And it makes sense from a marketing perspective.

    The second reason is that Easter holidays usually falls in March or April. For 2011 the Easter holidays fall between April 22 and April 25 (plus that wouldn't be long enough for the Caribbean T20 anyway) and what else is being played at this time? Well the Indian Premier League of course! (For 2011 the IPL runs from April 8 to May 22).

  • Eustace on November 19, 2010, 17:16 GMT

    It's painful to read some of these comments .Yes every cricketer is entitled to max' his earning but don't tell me about improving WI domestic cricket in the same breath. Why do you think teams in other countries want these players ? It's to improve their teams , nothing else . Good luck to all who can earn as much as they can , but will a young bowler in the caribbean improve as much, bowling at a lesser batsman than Gayle , I'm not so sure . No one can tell a player where and when to ply his trade , but don't , then turn 'round and complain about the poor standard of domestic caribbean cricket.... IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!! If the WICB T20 was a lucrative tournament they all would be at home..

  • bernard on November 19, 2010, 13:44 GMT

    Glad to see the WICB is not so close-minded afterall.Giving Gayle , Bravo and Pollard the ok to play oversea during the t20 domestic tornemant says a lot.@delboy has rightly stated that the absent of these players will give oppertunity and rise to new talent in the region. International exposure can only help these player become more competitive.And since cricket is truely becoming a global sport we welcome d truely revolutionary idea to invite Hampshire & Somerset to parttake in the regional t20 tornement next year.It give us a chance to measure our competitiveness against well establish English clubs. I look forward to d emergence of another Gayle,Barath,DJ Bravo and Roach that will truely make WI competitive again in d future.It can only get better for here.Don't forget that Lara and others emerged while the likes of Richard, Grenidge and Lloyd etc... were playing county cricket in England.D day will come when foreign players will be contracted to play in our domestic T20.GO WI.

  • Dummy4 on November 19, 2010, 11:02 GMT

    I see no reason why Big Bash footage can't be used to judge a player's ability. Why participation in your country's team is a requirement I'll never understand, after all, the coach didn't. I am disappointed I won't see our T20 stars playing at hope but that's how professional sport is. We don't ban football players from the international team if they play in the English league, why should we punish cricketers?

  • Derek on November 19, 2010, 10:22 GMT

    @beavin...local aspiring cricketers should be glad to step into the void created by Gayle's absence or that of any other absentee..Forget the big bash and think injury..would you feel the same? Gayle is worth more to the WI cricket each time he plays in an international arena than domestic cricket. YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE QUEUEING UP TO GET THE OPPORTUNITIES ENJOYED BY GAYLE that is the only way you will be able to watch exciting and competitive cricket. You can overcome the disappointment of not being able to see Gayle play domestically by subscribing to the big bash with some of the money you would otherwise pay to enter local grounds.

  • shaun on November 19, 2010, 7:48 GMT

    We have to agree with Gayle who is merely pursueing his career. how many will come @ watch in Jamaica, or more appropriate how many will now watch on TV???.


    the smart thing would be to avoid the dual scheduling of matches. Surely WICB have Easter holidays as a playing time when Ozz RSA NZ are into super 15 rugby.

  • Dummy4 on November 19, 2010, 7:45 GMT

    What a shame...he ought to play for his home side....!!there's nothing forward-looking in allowing him to play for another side...!!

  • Richard on November 19, 2010, 6:55 GMT

    @ beavin. I don't see anything wrong with this......Gayle needs to have a stronger presence on other grounds. It would home his game with a healthy necessary exposure needed. An exposure only to help him to grow wiser to the game, so when he does comes back to play on the WI side, he's ready to do what he did 4 days ago. All at the same time developing future talent in Jamaica. These things are what need to be done to compete in cricket yesterday and today. Crafty intelligence is needed in and on the field. Don't feel neglected.

  • Beavin on November 19, 2010, 5:41 GMT

    This is unbelievable! So local fans will not be able to watch one of their big stars play at home while the aussies can! What is happening to the game?

  • Dummy4 on November 19, 2010, 2:37 GMT

    JCA President is the most forward thinking administrator I have heard in the West Indies... Kudos to you Sir

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