Australian news May 3, 2011

Australia axe Mike Young as fielding coach


Mike Young, the former American baseballer, is believed to have been sacked as Australia's fielding coach. Cricket Australia has not confirmed the decision, which is thought to have been made before the implementation of the Don Argus-led review into Australia's performance.

Young travelled with the squad during the World Cup but did not join the players on last month's trip to Bangladesh. Wade Seccombe, the former Queensland wicketkeeper who has coached at the Centre of Excellence over the past year, was on hand in Dhaka as the fielding coach for the three one-day internationals in April.

A former minor-league baseball manager in the United States, Young was made Australia's fielding coach during the tenure of John Buchanan, and was often seen patrolling the boundary rope while the Australians were in the field.

He was involved with the Australian side for most of the past decade, and in 2009 also consulted for India. However, at times he has also returned to America, and during 2005 he managed a baseball team in Illinois.

Brydon Coverdale is an assistant editor at ESPNcricinfo

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  • Garry on May 5, 2011, 11:27 GMT

    Yep, CA making the big decisions. I guess I'd be too optimistic in seeing them sack themselves, Hilditch and Nielson. They have balls of marshmellows.

  • Philip on May 5, 2011, 9:32 GMT

    I would rather listen to fingernails scraping across a blackboard than to Ian Healy in the commentary box, but one has to admit when he was behind the stumps the Oz fielding looked much sharper and thats not entirely a coincidence. I'd be interested in what Wade Seccombe can do as a coach, but I'd be happier if they gave someone like him the gloves.

  • Dummy4 on May 4, 2011, 14:21 GMT

    CA gave him the sack a few years ago, Australia's fielding went downhill and they learned their lesson and reappointed him. Is CA really that dumb? Some of their decisions just seriously lack in logic, while Australia's Batting/bowling was poor in the world cup our fielding seemed to be the only shining light with some good catches keeping us in a few games

  • Richard on May 4, 2011, 12:50 GMT

    CA got rid of Lillee and the bowling went downhill, so they got Cooley and it got even worse. Mike Young will be snapped up by one of the sub-continent teams, no worries, while our fielding standards will fall to become the worst in world cricket. CA is a gravy train run by clueless old men. Maybe they'll finally get the message when home crowds drop off big time and no-one wants to host us because we have a crap team.

  • Basil on May 4, 2011, 12:49 GMT

    Of course! It's Mike Youngs fault. Ok, now that weve got rid of him we can get back to our winning ways. How was Hilditch and Nielsen supposed to do there respective jobs correctly with Mr Young in the way? Yahoo!... We'll be no1 again by the end of the year!

  • Andrew on May 4, 2011, 5:20 GMT

    @Ken McCarron - the article says he has been employed most of the past decade. Oz fielding standards definately have dropped for a whole lot longer then the past couple of years. Our slip cordon has been in decline for almost a decade - Ian Chappell & Healy have of both said that. Gilly was dropping catches a lot at the end of his career, Haddin hasn't been as safe as I would hope for & the slip fielders have dropped way too many for too long - none of these trnds were rectified. The decision to bring Seccombe (one of Oz best w/k NEVER to play for Oz) to help is a masterstroke, because it is cricket specific. Young was only ever going to be good to freshen things up, not stay a decade!!!

  • Dummy4 on May 4, 2011, 2:57 GMT

    Some of the people on here don't know anything about cricket. Mike Young is a brilliant fielding coach who has only been used part time over the last couple of years when the fielding stnadards have dropped. To say that standards dropped in 2005 is ridiculous - more likely since about 2009 when Mike Young spent less time with the team. Mike Young was the one that lifted the team to new standards during John Buchanan's role. Stuart Clark an out and out fast bowler. Not even Stuey would agree with that!

  • Andrew on May 4, 2011, 2:20 GMT

    @Andrew Gray - LOL re: one trick pony! Young was good with sharpening up those relay throws. Also, I doubt that Oz would hire a Bangladesh reject (Siddons)!!!! @Laurie99 - agree 100% re: the last line about Bobby Simpson. If he is too long in the tooth, (he must be 70 now), I'd ask Mark Waugh! (I think he was the BEST fielder I've ever seen - I know a lot of people would go Jonty, but Waugh was brilliant everywhere).

  • Andrew on May 4, 2011, 2:14 GMT

    @popcorn - yes "...Employing him was brilliant,innovative and credit to John Buchanan..." - but he was passed his use by date about 4yrs ago. We need to improve our slip cordon, whilst Punter has been pretty good in the slips - he is not as great as other recent slippers. I think of the guys in the slips at the moment - only Watto strikes me as being anywhere near being what I would want. Pup is not a "natural" slipper but like Punter may improve. Who else? Katich is average (better at short leg like Hughes), none of our spin bolwers used in the last 12mths could field in the slips like Warne or Swann. Mike Hussey is good/great in the Gully. Cameron White is a good slipper - but I don't want him anywhere near the Test side until he scores 3 or 4 Shield centuries in 1 season. I think as a product of T20, slip fielding is being seen as a bit redundant as it is not overly used in the shortest format of the game!

  • Rajaram on May 4, 2011, 1:08 GMT

    Mike Young has done a great job for Australia's felding. Employing him was brilliant,innovative and credit to John Buchanan. I think the golden handshake (I hate the word sacking - unless warranted)has come about after Greg Chappell and his Team went to the US to study the Coaching Methods.I predict some innovation in Australia's Coaching at the COE. Tim Nielsen is a good Coach, but not in the same Class as John Buchanan, who was terrific in raising the mental levels of the Aussies.

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