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Katich upset over 'unfair' treatment

ESPNcricinfo staff

Simon Katich, the Australia opening batsman, has broken his silence over not receiving a central contract, telling the Australian that he has not been treated fairly. Katich believes he was judged solely on his performances in his last four Tests, which he played despite being injured, and not on his overall form since returning to the side in 2008.

Since his comeback, Katich has made 2928 runs at 50.48 and has been not only Australia's most reliable batsman but among the most bankable in the world. In that time only Alastair Cook has scored more runs.

"Do I think I have been treated fairly? Not at all, not at all," Katich said. "From my point of view I have had to play through injuries in the last four Test matches, two with a broken thumb and two with a torn achilles. I didn't want to play Test cricket like that although I know that is what they have judged me on.

"In India they kept telling me it was a bruised thumb and I could hardly hold the bat but they kept telling me it was bruised so I thought 'Well I can't not play Test cricket if it's a bruise'."

Katich revealed that his recovery program began the night after the Adelaide Ashes Test ended. A fellow player offered him a beer at the airport but Katich turned him down, saying, "No thanks mate. Recovery starts now."

He has been undergoing rehabilitation since then and it was at the SCG on Tuesday that he received the phone call from Andrew Hilditch about being left out of the list of contracted players.

"I was in the middle of a fitness test, saw the phone ringing and saw who it was and thought 'Damn, I better answer this'," Katich said. "I knew full well what it was, I didn't want him to have the luxury of leaving a message, so I grabbed it. It's funny, I have been treated like this before by them. I have been down this path a number of times.

"I spoke my mind, I certainly didn't hold back. There was no shirking the issue, but there was nothing said that was personal, it was just about the decision. I vented my spleen about the decision and explained why. There was no name-calling or anything like that."

Katich believes he still has much more to give Australia and that if he didn't, there was no way he would have undergone such a rigorous rehabilitation program.

"Put it this way I don't think I would have wasted our physio and our fitness trainers' time over the past six months or my time doing this rehab every second day for the sake of it. That is not how I operate. It's not just my time, it is the staff's time as well and I am always respectful of that.

"Up to Tuesday I had done three weeks' training ahead of the rest of the squad starting and I did that because I wanted to be ready and firing in Sri Lanka."

Katich is scheduled to hold a press conference on June 10 to announce his future plans.

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  • Mark on June 10, 2011, 5:33 GMT

    The selectors had to make a tough decision. the ashes is two years off and that for Australians is the pinnacle, you can't carry three out of the top five batsmen over the age of 35 for too long. When you need fresh talent and give them time to establish themselves, then someone had to give way this season and it isn't going to be Ponting and probably not Hussey. The problem the selectors had is that Hussey was the form bat last season while Ponting struggled but unless Ponting falls on his sword, and thats unlikely, that would leave only Katich. Gets back to that problem of too many stalward players leaving at the same time and trying to manage it better for the selectors. Bad luck Katto.

  • Andrew on June 10, 2011, 3:01 GMT

    I'll wait unti the squad is read out for SL, I would imagine he'd have to be in the squad. The central contracts list is not the be all & end all of talent pool for slection purposes.

  • Dummy4 on June 10, 2011, 2:50 GMT

    He's only 35 , still a youngster!!!, sanath is playing for SL at 42!!!! Misbah-ul-haq is one of the leading batsman in the last 12 months and he is 37!!!! Sachin is 38 and he is best batsman in world !! VVS Laxman 36 and pounding out runs! fair go aussies selectors, fair go

  • Shane on June 10, 2011, 2:29 GMT

    And three cheers for Weaveresque!!!!!!!! I was going to post something here mate but you've said all I wanted to say and more.

  • Sankar on June 10, 2011, 2:09 GMT

    I am an Indian and I have no bias towards or against any Aussie player. Having said that, I feel its total injustice to drop Katich; he is just 35 and has been doing well in Tests (as proven by the statistics provided). So why drop him ? Ponting also did bad during the Ashes and is not younger that Katich !! This is not right cricket Australia

  • Chris on June 10, 2011, 2:06 GMT

    Yes Swingit, really ignorant comment about Brendan Nash,his father Paul is a former Jamaican swimmer who competed at the 1966 and 1970 Commonwealth Games as well as the 1968 Olympics. He also represented his country at water-polo and was named Jamaica Sportsperson of the year in 1969. Certainly as qualified to play for Jamaica as Andrew Symonds was for Australia!

  • Fazal on June 10, 2011, 1:04 GMT

    It is obvious that Katich's demise was plotted last year when he was allowed to continue playing with injuries despite being convinced that he wasn't quite fit enough to play. Australian cricket is in shambles due to poor selection policies under the chairmanship of Hilditch & the selection committee & heading in the wrong direction. Much was expected of Greg Chappell when he was appointed as a selector but nothing seems to have changed.According to comments in this column it is very clear that he has lost all his credibility as well. No wonder the Indian's are still fuming about his stint as their their cricket coach. We have plenty of talented cricketers in this country but the problem is the haphazard selection policies which is slowly but surely destroying our cricket.There is no excuse why we should be in this position. What's happenning with the "Argus Review" committee report why has it taken so long when the answer to the problems is pretty obvious?

  • marzi on June 10, 2011, 0:49 GMT

    I am an Indian so one might construe this as an unbiased comment.

    Andrew Hilditch as a selector!!! What qualifications does the man have if he played a whopping 18 tests and 8 1-dayers. His decision reflects the pathetic test career.

    Katich is an excellent batsman and has not been rewarded for this plays over the past 1.5 years atleast. He is better than half the batsmen in the current Aussie squad.

    Keep it tight Simon, you will get your play soon.

  • Steven on June 10, 2011, 0:24 GMT

    Andrew Hilditch - thats your problem right there. Why does he still have a job after the Ashes ?

  • Alistair on June 10, 2011, 0:20 GMT

    Yet another disgraceful decision by CA and/or the Australian selectors. Katich and Watson are clearly our best opening batsmen and to give a contract to Philip Hughes with all of his technical problems is ludicrous. Let's hope that Simon gets out there and does what he did a few years ago - score so many runs that they can't ignore him.

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