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Don't forget Hauritz - Vettori


Daniel Vettori believes Nathan Hauritz should not be far from the national selectors' thoughts when the Australian summer commences with a Test series against New Zealand in November.

Still about three weeks away from bowling at full tilt as part of his recovery from a dislocated shoulder, 29-year-old Hauritz will not be considered for the tour of Sri Lanka and has seemingly fallen behind Jason Krejza and Michael Beer in calculations for the series beyond.

However Vettori, who will bowl in tandem with Hauritz for the Brisbane Heat in this summer's expanded Twenty20 Big Bash League, said the off spinner's sturdy record in Test matches in Australia should not be forgotten.

Like Graeme Swann an avowed fan of Hauritz's bowling, Vettori said the manner of his demotion from the Australian team, after a poor showing on the 2010 tour of India, may have reflected a lack of understanding about how difficult it can be to bowl finger spin to subcontinental batsmen.

"It's always a tricky situation with a spinner who comes off a tour to India, particularly a finger spinner," Vettori said. "It isn't the easiest place to travel and obviously with the quality of batsmen they have it is almost the ultimate challenge.

"So it is almost hard to say that due to that performance you're not going to be a good spinner in your own country, and he has the proven track record with Australian, particularly in Australia, so I'm sure he'll be given another chance to fight back at some stage.

"I thought he was particularly brave the way he bowled when he came back to the Australian team and that was part of his success. He was exceptionally aggressive.

"Sometimes as a finger spinner, and I've been through it myself, you probably look to defend first and let the guys attack from the other end, but I thought when he bowled he looked to attack the whole time, which is a really good thing for a finger spinner."

As with every other spin bowler in the world, Vettori spent considerable time in Shane Warne's shadow, and suggested it was folly to expect the bowlers who followed Warne to be able to accomplish the same tasks.

"Once again you look at what Warne did and how amazing it was, you're constantly searching to replace that, and it's impossible to replace what he was able to do," Vettori said. "He was able to defend at the right times and he was certainly able to attack at the right times. When you've had that for 15 years it probably leaves you searching for that answer and it's not always easy to find."

On the topic of selection, Vettori endorsed New Zealand's Cricket's new structure, in which the national selection panel was replaced by the national coach John Wright and selection manager Mark Greatbatch overseeing a network of provincial coaches as scouts.

"It is actually the structure that myself and [NZC performance director] Roger Mortimer suggested when we were near those levels and thought it would be a good way to go," Vettori said. "Particularly using the domestic coaches as scouts because they see more cricket than anyone and always the players' gripe around that is that the selectors don't see enough cricket.

"So I think with this structure they've been allowed to alleviate that, and you get two very good people at the top who control the national level and you have the accountability with Mark Greatbatch and John Wright. I see it as a positive move, but we still have to see how it will play out and what we will get to.

"Particularly for the first-class player who wants to be seen on all occasions and wants to be given a chance, I think they know from now on that at any given time someone is going to be watching them for the majority of their innings or their bowling. That information is obviously relayed to the people who take that accountability, so I think it is a nice compromise."

Daniel Brettig is an assistant editor at ESPNcricinfo

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  • Christopher on July 21, 2011, 4:59 GMT

    Hauritz and O'Keefe actually have bowlers averages and strike rates,which is useful because they are bowlers.Lyon has shown promise from the first and should be the reserve.The rest have bowling averages that look like batting averages.North as a spinner cum batsman represents better intelligence than Krezja,Beer,Smith or Doherty.Im fascinated with the current national obsession with finding a spinner.Australia has been famed for pace and bounce.Its spinners tend to arrive,rather than being discovered.Almost 30 years elapsed between australias last great spinner,Benaud and the arrival of Warne.Even then,they were both wrist spinners.Finger spinning sucesses tend to be rare in australia,given the lack of turn in our pitches and they are often workmanlike members of the team rather than stars.I rate Hauritz highly and who could fail to be impressed with his level of improvement.How short-sighted to drop him and for who?Bowlers like Doherty and Beer with batsmens averages-thats who.

  • Fazal on July 20, 2011, 12:40 GMT

    I reckon Hauritz & Steve O'Keefe are the two best spinners in Australian cricket today. I am sure Hauritz will be back in the team soon quite hungry & raring to go after sustaining an injury in the ODI's against England last summer.Though O'Keefe has only represented Australia in a few ODI"s it is quite evident that he has the potential to be a quality spinner in the side in all formats of the game. He is also a fine fielder & an attacking batsman who could strengthen our brittle middle order batting line up. I wonder why the selectors are not considering him for test selection ahead of Smith, Doherty, Kreja & Beer who look pretty ordinary?

  • sajan on July 20, 2011, 3:59 GMT

    Vettori is totally right. I believe Hauritz deserves more opportunities in the Australian side for Tests and ODIs. In fact, he's the best spinner Australia have at the moment. It's not like he has been performing horribly. He's doing pretty good job and you cannot throw a person out of the team on the basis of one tour (in Hauritz's case, 2010 India Tour). I think he'll return and has plenty to offer to the Australian cricket.

  • Andrew on July 19, 2011, 23:58 GMT

    @HatsforBats/jonesy2 - yes & yes! @ Gilly4ever - mate I wouldn't have Beer or Doherty in my top 3 spinners in the country! I'd have Hauritz #1 - because he has PROVEN results, #2 O'Keefe - he has the best 1st class statistics around & DESERVES a crack, #3 Lyon - he keeps delivering with every opportunity, #4 Krezja - the biggest turning offie around - IF he gets his length right he could be world class. Then Doherty, then Beer. I'd also like to see Cullen Bailey & Beau Casson get more opportunities (I rate them ahead of Doherty & Beer, but they have largely been overlooked for years). @Sachinda Nand - you are half right. Yes, it is bloody tough for a spinner in India against Indian batsmen, BUT, its even tougher in Oz! That is fact! @sachin_vvsfan - I agree,he was't floged, bu he was milked easily. @Behind_the_bowlers_arm - I'm confident about the furture of Oz spin too, Lyon, O'Keefe & Hauritz could satisfy Oz needs for quite a while!

  • Basil on July 19, 2011, 22:12 GMT

    With Hauritz injured, OKeefe has to go to SL. Beer is fortunate to even get a look in and Doherty is not a Test bowler. Lyon should get a few more games under his belt and Krazy deserves at least one more shot at Test cricket. OKeefe and Krazy to SL.

  • Terry on July 19, 2011, 19:59 GMT

    In current ability Hauritz is the best Test spin option that Australia has. Dont rate any of Doherty, Krejza, Beer or Smith at this stage (if at all) and all of them should be in Shield cricket doing something (anything?) to justify the guesswork on the part of the pack of jokers known as the Aust selectors in giving them the opportunities they have prematurely been given. From what ive heard the long term option may be Steve O'Keefe who even has some sort of record that could justify a chance. True to form HE has been ignored. He may well be the only current spin bowler who has been! Actually i am more optimistic about the future of Aust spin given the change of Captain , Clarke seems more supportive and understanding of the art than Ponting and that has to help. Hauritz will think so ....Ponting seemed to give up on him during the India Tests and surely that was the reason he was discarded.

  • amit on July 19, 2011, 18:22 GMT

    @Sachida Nand ..."the likes of Gautam(good at playing spinners for an opener) took liberties against him....................."......4 ur kind information...gambhir is the second best spin player after sachin .............

  • Anupam on July 19, 2011, 17:45 GMT

    beer is the future of spin bowling in test ODI t20. beer is the best spinner. afterall left arm spinner is the best spin bowler.

  • Bryn on July 19, 2011, 15:42 GMT

    whats more, ritzy didnt bowl badly in india and was dropped for some reason which was a disgrace just when he was becoming a world-class spinner and winning matches. explain that. he should be given every chance to prove his fitness for at least the south africa series. o'keefe should be back-up.

  • rustyryan on July 19, 2011, 14:38 GMT

    Shane Warne's avg vs India is 48 which is almost as twice as his overall avg. If they had stuck with Warne, why can't they give another chance to Hauritz. ? Hauritz can contribute with the bat too.

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