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Johnson may have to wait his turn - Arthur

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Australia's coach Micky Arthur has said Mitchell Johnson will have to compete with Pat Cummins for a place in the starting XI during the one-day series against Ireland and England in June and July.

Both Johnson and Cummins were recalled to the squad after recovering from foot injuries they sustained during Australia's Test tour of South Africa in November 2011. "Mitchell Johnson returns and we can't wait to have him back around the group," Arthur said. "He may have to wait his turn though, as we are taking such a talented group of bowlers on the tour with us."

Arthur said he was excited with the prospect of seeing Cummins, who took seven wickets on Test debut against South Africa last November, return to top-flight cricket. "The player I am most excited about is Pat Cummins, we all saw what he could do in his one and only Test match and to have him back in the mix is fantastic," he said. "He has the ability to become one of the best in the world. He and Patto [James Pattinson] will take a huge amount out of this tour."

Arthur hoped the Pattinson-Cummins combination would make their attack a force during the Ashes in 2013. "We hope they both will be firing this time next year when we go to England to claim the Ashes back and drawing on the experience of touring the UK before will certainly give them an edge."

Arthur also expressed support for Australia's Test batting line up. "I am very happy with where our Test team is headed. Continuity in selection and role clarity is so important in creating team culture and I know that all players now know where and how they fit in," he said. "We have a settled top six now and, together, this unit has played seven Test matches."

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  • Andrew on May 17, 2012, 6:26 GMT

    @Wefinishthis - firstly, the point is mate you said "...Both of them were useless in the past 2 ashes..." - which clearly was not the case. Oz got done over in 10/11, however, to be fair BOTH Hilfy & Siddle had either been carrying or recuperating from reasonably serious injuries. Whilst I agree that over time averages are very important in rating a player, consider in 2009 that Broad averaged 30, Swann 40, Anderson 45, Flintoff 50+, Harmison 33. Which puts Hilfy & siddle's 27 & 31 in better light - doesn't it? You talk about being a "dominate" bowler required to win back the Ashes, answer me how did England win it back with those bowlers? ( I Didn't mention that Onions ave was 30). All 3 of Oz's leading wicket takers (MJ was 3rd), all had sub 50 S/Rates, which is historically a "dominate" stat), in 2009, only Onions was sub 50 for England! So both Siddle & Hilfy had one good & one poor series v England, they SHOULD be given a chance for one more shot IMO.

  • Hrishikesh on May 17, 2012, 4:40 GMT

    would love to see a day with Pattinson and Starc opening the bowling with Cummins at first change. Hope that would be the heart of our team going forward. Batting look pretty dodgy to me. Need some quality test players. Frankly there arent too many. Most of them old, like dussey,mussey, rogers. Young ones havent made the jump over to test cricket(khawaja, hughes). Maddinson, Lynn have also been a bit disappointing. Hope some of them imporve. Or maybe we should think about trying Kurtis Patterson. he look promising.

  • Rajaram on May 17, 2012, 1:19 GMT

    Mitchell johnson can be devastatingly lethal at trimes, and wayward at other times.Unless he changes his shoulder action to become consistent,he cannot be chosen over the consistent Pat Cummins.Or Mitchell Starc.

  • Chris on May 17, 2012, 0:18 GMT

    I agree with so many comments here. Meety it may be true that they took the majority of the wickets, but that means nothing if they got smashed for plenty of runs per wicket and this is why averages are so important. For a series, by Australian bowling standards, anything between 15-20 is outstanding, 20-25 is very good, 25-30 is respectable, 30-35 is average and 35+ is very poor. Hilfenhaus in England 2009 avg 27.5, Hilfenhaus in Australia 2010 avg 59, Siddle in England 2009 avg 29.5, Siddle in Australia 2010 avg 34.5. So the reality is that against England, Hilfenhaus and Siddle are simply not good enough to dominate. Now they may deserve another chance because since McDermott got them bowling fuller they've regained some confidence, but if they can't dominate England in the first 2 games, then they should be dropped for all of eternity. To get back to no.1 and dominate, we're going to need a brilliant bowler like McGrath/Philander/Steyn, not average bowlers like Siddle and Hilfy.

  • Andrew on May 16, 2012, 23:52 GMT

    @Always-positive - gee you really don't live up to your tag name! LOL! @katandthat3 - well said (although I would say I'm a fence sitter re: Arthurs), I do think that Arthurs HAS to say that, I think given batsmen can sometimes only have ONE chance to get things right, they don't need to be needlessly looking over their shoulder. There is obviously going to be at least TWO age related changes to the Oz side within the next TWO years (possibly sooner), we have an allrounder who doesn't really know where he is best suited, & an opener who still a fledgling, I would say the only TWO batsmen who have a long Test career still ahead of them are Clarke & Warner. I include Warner as unless his scores read like binary code against the Saffas & Lankans next summer, he is on the plane to England for the Ashes. @landl47/Sir Viv - name ONE instance on this thread where any Ozzy (or for that matter anyone) - where anybody has said that Cummins is anything other than a TALENT?????

  • Garry on May 16, 2012, 21:21 GMT

    I'm a big fan of Micky Arthur but there is no way the top 6 for Australia is settled. As coach he has to come out and back his players and would naturally feel that by backing them publicly that it'll take the heat off them a little and possibly get the best out of them over the next 12 months. However there are some big series coming up on very different surfaces and would like to see a broad view on selection to give us the best results. If Ponting has a big summer he'd be pretty valuable in India along with Hussey and Clarke. Still unsure about Warner, Cowan and Watson as our top 3 in Indian and UK conditions. Very interested to see how the A tour goes, particularly Joe Burns who I'm glad to see get picked. Also how guys like Khawaja, Marsh and Hughes go with their respective counties. There will still be many adjustments. As for bowlers, no problems, yes it's early days in Cummins career but from what I've seen he's the best prospect, see how his young body goes, no rush though.

  • Dean on May 16, 2012, 16:27 GMT

    @land47, your comments regarding PC are spot on. I totally agree that he is a great prospect and even though i'm a pom part of me does want him to fufil his potential but from the comments on here from some of our oz cousins and the usual (we hate Eng gang from the sub cont) they seem to have already decided that he will deliver the ashes for OZ in 2013. As has been pointed out this is a 19 yr old rookie who has played 4 1st class games & a handful of t20 matches. In my experinece bowlers have to learn their trade look at the way Anderson bursted on the scene a decade ago, he had a handful of 1st class games for lancs and did well initially but needed to go back to county cricket to hone his skills, the same can be said of SB & another is Zaheer who after a very promising start for Ind was dropped then had a yr at Worcester which turned out to be the making of him. At this stage I would say Starc is a better prospect for 2013 than PC as he looks like hes a bit more devolped

  • P on May 16, 2012, 16:19 GMT

    Johnson should pursue other career alternatives. He is OK but Australia has better options.

  • Anupam on May 16, 2012, 14:06 GMT

    haha cummins will do nothing in ashes go for mJ

  • Mustafa on May 16, 2012, 13:20 GMT

    U can't judge someone playing just one test match, Mitch is a very useful player in any playing eleven!!

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