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Malcolm Speed announces the ICC's decision on Steve Bucknor

ICC's revamp

Speed, Gray join Mani's protest

Malcolm Speed and Malcolm Gray, both former senior administrators with Cricket Australia and the ICC, have broken away from their national board's position by undersigning a formal letter to the ICC and member nations requesting that the "big three" propo

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'There are racial connotations'

Speed decision 'disgraceful' says former ICC chief

Former ICC president Malcolm Gray has slammed the decision to send Malcolm Speed, the ICC chief executive, on gardening leave until his contract expires on July 4

International Cricket Council

Gray critical of Indian Government stance

Malcolm Gray, the outgoing president of the International Cricket Council (ICC), wants the ICC to be involved in breaking down the barriers which are currently preventing India and Pakistan from playing in each other's countries

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International Cricket Council

Gray wishes he had caught more match-fixers

Malcolm Gray, the outgoing president of the International Cricket Council, has said that he wishes more culprits had been caught in the matchfixing controversy

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Gray: contracts issue laced with 'greed and parochialism'

Outgoing International Cricket Council (ICC) president Malcolm Gray has admitted that the contracts controversy was laced with evils like "greed and parochialism", according to a report from India Abroad News Service

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Malcolm Gray hits out at British Government

Malcolm Gray, the outgoing president of the International Cricket Council (ICC), has accused the British government of refusing to be drawn into the boycott of England's World Cup match against Zimbabwe

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Australia in `fool's paradise': Malcolm Gray

Australia's total domination of world cricket is endangering the sport, according to Malcolm Gray, the outgoing chairman of the International Cricket Council (ICC).

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Rumpus Over ICC chairmanship

Next month`s annual meeting of the International Cricket Council at Lord`s could be the most explosive in their history