England tour of Australia, 2nd Test: Australia v England at Adelaide, Dec 1-5, 2006
The Ashes - 2nd Test
Australia won by 6 wickets
Played at Adelaide Oval
1,2,3,4,5 December 2006 (5-day match)
  • Overs 0-50

Hoggard to Langer, FOUR, smashed a good-length delivery outside off in front of midwicket for four

Australia 4/0   JL Langer 4* (2b 1x4)   MJ Hoggard 0.2-0-4-0

Flintoff to Hayden, FOUR, powerful drive down the ground and Anderson gives chase in vain, pulling up ten metres short as the ball bobbles over the rope. Not a lot of timing, just leans on that one and it races away

Australia 20/1   ML Hayden 12* (8b 1x4)   A Flintoff 1.1-0-7-0

Hoggard to Ponting, FOUR, that one strays down leg, rubbish really, and that's well worked off the legs by Ponting. Meat and drink to him, not to mention bread and butter

Australia 28/1   RT Ponting 7* (9b 1x4)   MJ Hoggard 2.5-0-19-1

Flintoff to Hayden, FOUR, four, huge biff across the line, that's cleared the infield and straight through cow corner

Australia 32/1   ML Hayden 18* (14b 2x4)   A Flintoff 2.2-0-13-0

Hoggard to Ponting, FOUR, a touch short, and that's a lovely shot, angled through the seagulls behind point, with a lovely, lovely late cut. Liked that one

Australia 67/2   RT Ponting 26* (36b 2x4)   MJ Hoggard 3.4-0-28-1

Anderson to Hussey, FOUR, short, he looked to run it through point but it was a bit close to him and he ended up dabbing it through the big gap between Jones and the one man in at third slip

Australia 83/2   MEK Hussey 23* (28b 1x4)   JM Anderson 0.2-0-4-0

Giles to Hussey, FOUR, great shot, swept from outside off stump and the ball has enough pace to beat a despairing dive from the man running round from backward square leg

Australia 88/2   MEK Hussey 28* (30b 2x4)   AF Giles 4.1-0-20-0

Anderson to Ponting, FOUR, lovely shot, a cracked drive past Harmison at mid-off sends the seagulls into the air and the crowd into raptures

Australia 96/2   RT Ponting 34* (49b 3x4)   JM Anderson 1.2-0-9-0

Giles to Ponting, FOUR, oh yes! Ponting hammers Giles over extra cover and this time Strauss can do nothing but retrieve it from in front of the advertising hoardings

Australia 108/2   RT Ponting 44* (56b 4x4)   AF Giles 5.2-0-29-0

Flintoff to Martyn, FOUR, Martyn takes a big stride and launches a big hit high over mid-off and the seagulls' slumber is again disturbed

Australia 121/3   DR Martyn 5* (3b 1x4)   A Flintoff 5.1-0-27-1

Giles to Hussey, FOUR, swept with real venom, he hit that so hard and with such placement that the two men in the deep had no chance

Australia 141/4   MEK Hussey 43* (48b 3x4)   AF Giles 9.1-0-44-1

Flintoff to Hussey, FOUR, threaded between the two slips, quite deliberate and a lovely shot

Australia 148/4   MEK Hussey 48* (53b 4x4)   A Flintoff 8.4-0-41-2

Anderson to Hussey, FOUR, Hussey leans back and hammers that with a short-arm pull high over wide mid-on, He punches the air ... almost there ...

Australia 167/4   MEK Hussey 60* (65b 5x4)   JM Anderson 3.4-0-22-0
  • Overs 0-50





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Hours of play (local time) 11 start, Lunch 13-13.40, Tea 15.40-16.00, Close 18.00

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