New Zealand tour of Australia, 2008/09 / Commentary

Trans-Tasman Trophy - 2nd Test

Australia v New Zealand

Australia won by an innings and 62 runs

Overs 1-50  | Overs 51-100


Lee to Southee, no run, exposes his off and middle stumps and he pushes it to cover


Lee to Southee, 2 runs, full and swinging away on the offstump and he finds the gap past the covers

New Zealand 268/7   TG Southee 2* (2b)


Johnson to Southee, no run

New Zealand 269/7   TG Southee 2* (3b)


Johnson to Southee, no run, wakes him up with a bouncer and the ball just about fizzes past his arm guard


Johnson to Southee, no run, slides down the legside and there's a sound as the ball beats him, Haddin appeals but replays show the bat clipping the pad on the way


Johnson to Southee, OUT, very nasty delivery and Southee is all at sea, Johnson bangs it in short and gets it to rear up on the right hander, Southee is forced to play at it but fails to fend it off with soft hands, the ball lobs off his glove and Katich takes it easily running forward from leg gully

TG Southee c Katich b Johnson 2 (11m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33

New Zealand 269/8   TG Southee 2 (6b)
Overs 1-50  | Overs 51-100
Series Results
Australia v New Zealand at Adelaide - Nov 28-Dec 1, 2008
Australia won by an innings and 62 runs
Australia v New Zealand at Brisbane - Nov 20-23, 2008
Australia won by 149 runs
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