New Zealand tour of Australia, Only T20I: Australia v New Zealand at Sydney, Feb 15, 2009
15 February 2009 - night match (20-over match)

Franklin to Haddin, no run, back of a length just outside off stump, Haddin stands and pokes at it but ends up pushing it back down the track to Franklin


Franklin to Haddin, 2 runs, uses his feet to Franklin this time, exposing the stumps, but the bowler drops it short and Haddin carves it behind point, Warner pushes him for the second and gets it


Franklin to Haddin, 1 run, pitches back of a length outside leg stump, tapped to midwicket

Australia 4/0   BJ Haddin 3* (3b)

Southee to Haddin, FOUR, thumped! Haddin greets the bowler by making room and hitting the ball off a length inside out over extra cover for four first ball


Southee to Haddin, no run, pitches on the stumps and he skips down, clipping to midwicket


Southee to Haddin, no run, pitches on the half-volley and swings away, Haddin again exposes the stumps and has a big swing but cannot get bat on that one, so its another dot ball to Southee


Southee to Haddin, 3 runs, attempted yorker swings down leg stump and Haddin clips it on the full just wide of square leg, runs hard and gets three for his efforts

Australia 13/0   BJ Haddin 10* (7b 1x4)

O'Brien to Haddin, FOUR, attempted yorker ends up a low full toss and Haddin just slaps that back past Warner and the stumps, off the middle of the bat, and stands and admires his shot


O'Brien to Haddin, 1 run, another good hit, this one off the front foot as O'Brien pitches on a length outside off stump, its hit in the air well wide of mid-off, who dives and cuts it off

Australia 24/0   BJ Haddin 15* (9b 2x4)

Southee to Haddin, OUT, taken this time, and what a ball to get a wicket! Southee sends down a full toss, Haddin walks into the shot and hits the ball back over the bowler, who cups it up in the air and then takes it on the second attempt, to his right .. Haddin can't believe he's bunted a full toss back to Southee

BJ Haddin c & b Southee 15 (15m 10b 2x4 0x6) SR: 150.00

Australia 34/1   BJ Haddin 15 (10b 2x4)





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