New Zealand tour of Australia, 2008/09 / Commentary


Vettori to Hopes, no run, flighted on leg stump, Hopes goes sweeping and can't connect


Vettori to Hopes, 2 runs, gently tossed up on middle and leg, Hopes goes over Vettori's head


Vettori to Hopes, 1 run, short and wide and cut into the covers for a single

Australia 132/5   JR Hopes 3* (3b)


O'Brien to Hopes, 1 run, full and wide, driven on the half-volley to Fulton, fielding on the circle


O'Brien to Hopes, 1 run, full and wide and slashed off the toe end down to third man

Australia 136/6   JR Hopes 5* (5b)


Southee to Hopes, 1 run, full down leg stump, inside-edge to square leg, they scamper one


Southee to Hopes, 2 runs, another full toss, swung over square leg, Elliott does the fielding


Southee to Hopes, 2 runs, makes room, goes down on one knee and scoops the wide half-volley out to the sweeper at deep extra cover


Southee to Hopes, 2 runs, slower ball on a length, Hopes gets under it and swings over mid-on


Southee to Hopes, FOUR, good way to end the innings, Southee sends down a low full toss and Hopes connects well, swinging the ball over midwicket and the sweeper cannot get there in time

Australia 150/7   JR Hopes 16* (10b 1x4)
Series Results
Australia v New Zealand at Sydney - Feb 15, 2009
Australia won by 1 run
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