South Africa tour of Australia, 4th ODI: Australia v South Africa at Adelaide, Jan 26, 2009
South Africa won by 8 wickets (with 71 balls remaining)
Played at Adelaide Oval
26 January 2009 - day/night match (50-over match)

Steyn to Marsh, FOUR, starts off on the pads and that's a freebie for Marsh, who only has to get a little bit of bat on ball and its down to fine leg for four

Australia 4/0   SE Marsh 4* (1b 1x4)   DW Steyn 0.1-0-4-0

Steyn to Marsh, FOUR, full and straight and Marsh clips it off his pads square on the leg side

Australia 13/1   SE Marsh 9* (5b 2x4)   DW Steyn 1.1-0-11-0

Steyn to Marsh, FOUR, awesome! Steyn now gives Marsh width on the off side and he punches a sweet drive past extra cover, no one could move as the ball screeched away

Australia 17/1   SE Marsh 13* (6b 3x4)   DW Steyn 1.2-0-15-0

Ntini to Ponting, FOUR, lovely shot from Ponting, just coming early onto the front foot and taking it on the half-volley, driving elegantly through the covers, he plays that shot really well

Australia 22/2   RT Ponting 4* (3b 1x4)   M Ntini 1.2-0-7-1

Ntini to Ponting, FOUR, rubbish ball, short and swinging way down the pads and Ponting clips it away past a tumbling de Villiers, who had no chance of getting to it

Australia 26/2   RT Ponting 8* (4b 2x4)   M Ntini 1.3-0-11-1

Steyn to MEK Hussey, FOUR, dragged in a bit short and he pulls it through square on the leg side

Australia 32/2   MEK Hussey 5* (7b 1x4)   DW Steyn 3-0-19-1

Ntini to Ponting, FOUR, pitches wider and Ponting commits himself onto the front foot, reaching out and square-driving it uppishly between cover and point and gets another boundary

Australia 43/2   RT Ponting 20* (23b 3x4)   M Ntini 3.4-0-21-1

Ntini to Ponting, FOUR, shorter and he gets back and carves it backward of point, well played

Australia 47/2   RT Ponting 24* (24b 4x4)   M Ntini 3.5-0-25-1

Ntini to Ponting, FOUR, bang, that's four! Dropped in short and in a flash he pulls it over midwicket

Australia 51/2   RT Ponting 28* (25b 5x4)   M Ntini 4-0-29-1

JA Morkel to Ponting, FOUR, and he is welcomed in with a spanking pull shot from Ponting, swiveling and hitting the short ball superbly past midwicket

Australia 57/2   RT Ponting 32* (26b 6x4)   JA Morkel 0.1-0-4-0

JA Morkel to Ponting, FOUR, lovely shot, just pushing the ball straight down the ground

Australia 61/2   RT Ponting 36* (29b 7x4)   JA Morkel 0.4-0-8-0

M Morkel to Ponting, FOUR, pitched up and he hammers it powerfully down past mid-off, bang

Australia 77/2   RT Ponting 44* (41b 8x4)   M Morkel 1.5-0-9-0

JA Morkel to Ponting, FOUR, now he goes downtown, just hitting through the line over mid-on, hit high in the air, one bounce and four and he moves to 49

Australia 84/2   RT Ponting 49* (45b 9x4)   JA Morkel 3-0-21-0

Ntini to DJ Hussey, FOUR, pitches it up wide to invite the airy shot and and Hussey flashes a drive off the front foot, in the air wide of cover, and no stopping that

Australia 121/4   DJ Hussey 7* (6b 1x4)   M Ntini 5.1-0-36-2

Ntini to DJ Hussey, FOUR, lovely little punch off the front foot, not a half-volley but Hussey goes after the wide one and bisects two fielders to get another pleasing boundary

Australia 125/4   DJ Hussey 11* (7b 2x4)   M Ntini 5.2-0-40-2

JA Morkel to White, FOUR, sweetly hit down the ground, off the middle of the bat, and it flies away over the infield, that was in the slot White just lofted through the line for four

Australia 142/5   CL White 9* (16b 1x4)   JA Morkel 4.2-0-28-0

JA Morkel to DJ Hussey, FOUR, bounces him this time and he pulls from outside off stump, just into the ground wide of a diving midwicket

Australia 151/5   DJ Hussey 24* (27b 3x4)   JA Morkel 5.1-0-34-0

Steyn to Hopes, FOUR, more fun from Hopes, moving back and slicing the full ball to deep point

Australia 208/8   JR Hopes 35* (38b 1x4 1x6)   DW Steyn 8.5-1-45-2

Ntini to Hopes, FOUR, clean strike, creating room and biffing that over extra cover

Australia 215/8   JR Hopes 41* (42b 2x4 1x6)   M Ntini 9.4-1-51-3





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