South Africa tour of Australia, 1st T20I: Australia v South Africa at Melbourne, Jan 11, 2009
Australia won by 52 runs
11 January 2009 - night match (20-over match)

Tsotsobe to Ponting, 1 run, he gets off the mark by pushing off the front foot towards cover


Tsotsobe to Ponting, no run, Ponting strides forward to a good length ball and pushes towards mid-off, Warner is eager to take the single but Ponting says no

Australia 42/1   RT Ponting 1* (2b)

Kallis to Ponting, 2 runs, Kallis bowls a slower one on off stump and Ponting tries to hit down the ground, he doesn't time it well and hits it in the air over the head of the fielder at mid-off


Kallis to Ponting, 1 run, Ponting tries to whip a short of a length ball off his hips but gets an inside edge on to the pad

Australia 54/1   RT Ponting 4* (4b)

Steyn to Ponting, 1 run, short of a length outside off stump, Ponting pushes forward and plays the ball towards third man


Steyn to Ponting, 1 run, dropped! Ponting smashes it right back at Steyn who can't hold on in his follow through

Australia 69/1   RT Ponting 6* (6b)

Botha to Ponting, 1 run, Ponting turns the ball off his pads for a single


Botha to Ponting, 2 runs, tossed up a bit more and Ponting drives towards long-on for two more


Botha to Ponting, 1 run, Ponting stays in his crease and paddles the ball behind square

Australia 74/1   RT Ponting 10* (9b)

Steyn to Ponting, 2 runs, Ponting lofts down the ground and hits the ball high in the air, Botha sprints after it from mid-off and dives full length but still can't reach it


Steyn to Ponting, 1 wide, 145 kmh, Ponting slashes at a short of a length ball outside off but misses, that's too wide


Steyn to Ponting, no run, Ponting tries to pull Steyn but doesn't make contact, it looked like he was late on the shot


Steyn to Ponting, 3 runs, Ponting gets on to the front foot and flicks the ball off his hips over midwicket, Kallis dives in the deep


Steyn to Ponting, 1 run, Ponting moves forward to a good length ball and hits towards long-off, it was in the air but well short of the fielder

Australia 82/1   RT Ponting 16* (13b)

Botha to Ponting, no run, Ponting steps out of the crease to take the ball on the full but hits it to midwicket


Botha to Ponting, no run, Botha bowls full and straight, Ponting hits towards midwicket again


Botha to Ponting, 1 run, Pontign gets down on one knee and sweeps towards deep midwicket

Australia 87/1   RT Ponting 17* (16b)

Morkel to Ponting, FOUR, short of a length on the stumps, Ponting gets inside the line and chips the ball over short fine leg for four, delicate touch


Morkel to Ponting, no run, Pontign misses the flick and gets hit on the pad, Warner sets off but Ponting sends him back, he would have been run out but Morkel missed at the bowlers end


Morkel to Ponting, OUT, caught! Ponting tries to clear the long-on boundary but doesn't quite make it, he holes out to Dale Steyn in the deep, it was a length ball and he hit it well, just not well enough for the MCG

RT Ponting c Steyn b Morkel 21 (26m 19b 1x4 0x6) SR: 110.52

Australia 97/2   RT Ponting 21 (19b 1x4)





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