Bangladesh Premier League 2011-12 February 29, 2012

Mushfiqur slams 'disorganised' league

ESPNcricinfo staff

Mushfiqur Rahim, the Bangladesh and Duronto Rajshahi captain, has criticised the management of the BPL for the confusion over the identity of the fourth semi-finalist, and also for a delay in payments to players. He could be in trouble for his comments, which are being investigated by a disciplinary committee.

"The commitment was to pay us 75% of the contracted amount before the end of the tournament. But we haven't received anything of that sort. We got some of the money but not the said amount," Mushfiqur told the Daily Star. "Not just the local players, most of the foreign players also haven't received any payment yet. And even if they have been paid, it has been very little."

Mushfiqur's team, Rajshahi, lost the first semi-final to Barisal Burners in Mirpur on Tuesday but they did not know who their opponent was until the morning of the match. The confusion over whether Chittagong Kings or Barisal were the fourth semi-finalist reflected badly on the tournament, he said.

"The whole world saw how disorganised the tournament was," Mushfiqur said. "Barisal were told they have to score the [151] runs in 16 overs [against Chittagong Kings on Sunday] and they progressed. Then it was said that Chittagong would go through. It is indeed a big shame.

"Until the evening we knew it was Barisal. Afterwards, during the second game yesterday [Monday], we heard it is the Chittagong Kings who are going through. That's what we knew when we went to sleep. After waking up, we find out it is Barisal. The league has been running like this."

The BCB media committee chairman, Jalal Yunus, said Mushfiqur's comments were a "serious offence".

"Stern action will be taken if he's found guilty," Yunus said. "The disciplinary committee will look into the matter and inform the board, which will take action shortly." Mushfiqur has already been disciplined once during the league, for showing dissent over an umpiring decision.

Mushfiqur also cautioned that while the league was of benefit to the players, there could be a few things to guard against. "Definitely there are good things to pick up from the foreign players, but also there are things that have been negative that is going on. Whoever can get out of this with cricket in their mind, will do good in the future."