BPL 2013 news April 5, 2013

BPL still behind in players' payments

Bangladesh's players' body has claimed that local players from only two out of seven BPL franchises have been paid 50% of their fees for the 2013 tournament. All players taking part in the domestic Twenty20 competition were supposed to be paid half their pay by February 19, but the Cricketers Welfare Association (CWAB) conducted a survey that says many have remained unpaid.

CWAB had released a list with updates on the local cricketers' payments, although there were many who didn't respond or reveal their actual fees, despite the players' payment being decided at the auction.

There have been claims made to CWAB by various players over unfulfilled payments. CWAB is the only organised pressure group on the BCB, and it is led by former Bangladesh captain Naimur Rahman, who is also an adhoc committee member of the cricket board. The BCB have taken responsibility for the players' payments this season after the franchises failed to make payments on time following the first BPL.

Seven players from Duronto Rajshahi, and eight from Khulna Royal Bengals, have been given 50% of their pay, but other franchises have made haphazard payments. CWAB general secretary Debabrata Paul said that a number of players have not been paid their daily allowances but the BCB had not taken any steps to address that since being handed the list two weeks ago.

"CWAB is disappointed about the players' payment of BPL," a statement from the association said. "CWAB submitted a survey paper to BCB officials, but we did not find any improvement. We are hopeful and confident that the BCB will solve the players' payment within a very short time, according to the contract paper."

BPL governing council secretary Ismail Haider Mallick said that the CWAB list included many players who have taken money from their respective franchises directly, which is a clear infringement of contract rules. He also said there are many disputed payments due over the excesses that have to be shared between them, the players, and the event management company, Game On Sports. The CWAB retorted by saying that the board did not take any decisions on the players who took direct payments.

"We have received it [the list] from CWAB, but there are a number of issues that need to be clarified," Mallick told ESPNcricinfo. "We have taken over payment on behalf of the franchises but there are many players who have taken direct payments from the franchises. They have broken the rules [stated in their contract] and [as a result] we are not liable. I think around 70% of the names mentioned on the list are players who have taken direct payment."

The other point of dispute is the payment of the players who are supposed to receive more than the price ceiling set during the players' auction. On the matter, Mallick said: "The players are claiming pay for their full amount, but those who have been quoted at more than their ceiling price, the extra amount is supposed to be distributed accordingly to the BCB, Game On Sports, and then the players."

Regarding direct payment and excess payment, CWAB secretary Paul said: "We have addressed the issue of direct payment with the players and the BCB. I heard from several players that they were forced to take direct payments from the franchises. I informed the board, but they haven't taken any action against the players or franchises. They also haven't asked the players to give back the money taken from the franchises.

"The excess payment is linked in a way. The BCB will take 60% of the excess, while the player will get 30% and Game On Sports will get 10%. My question is, whether the BCB are not going to be responsible about these players from whom they will take 60% of the money?"

Mallick added that the BCB are also waiting on reimbursement from the franchises to clear 50% of the players' payment. "The list CWAB has sent is of the second half of the pay scheme, which says we have to clear 50% payment of the players.

"Till now, we have only received 50% payment from Rajshahi and Dhaka. The other franchises have not cooperated with us, and if they continue to do so, we have to take legal action against them. They are telling us that many of the local and foreign players have been sent money, but we want to see the documents."

Mohammad Isam is ESPNcricinfo's Bangladesh correspondent. He tweets here