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BCB chief hopeful of Pakistan participation in BPL


The fall-out of Bangladesh's reluctance to tour Pakistan could be costly for the forthcoming second season of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), but the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) is confident that cricketers from Pakistan will be made available. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Zaka Ashraf's use of the word "might" in the case of the Pakistan players' availability has eased fears of a complete pull-out.

"I still believe that a large number of Pakistani players will play in the BPL," Nazmul Hassan, the BCB president, said on Tuesday. "He [Zaka Ashraf] didn't directly say that the players won't play in the BPL. He said that they will have their own league at that point of time, something which might not allow their players to come to Bangladesh. All I can do is hope for their availability."

The BPL is scheduled to begin on January 18, clashing with the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy, Pakistan's domestic first-class tournament. The PCB is unlikely to let some of the top Pakistan players take part in the BPL, though more than 50 cricketers were bought by the franchises in the auction.

The seven franchises will begin their training camps from the second week of January, with foreign players expected to start arriving from January 4. If the PCB is to give NOCs (No-Objection Certificate) for the BPL, the BCB would prefer them soon because a pull-out would require the governing council and Game On Sports, BPL's event management firm, to host a closed-door auction. In that case, it would throw the tournament into chaos, a scenario that is a major concern for the owners.

"We did not receive any information of the Pakistan players not attending this year's BPL yet. Of course it's a concern as all the franchises had plans with the Pakistani cricketers that they bought from the auction. If they (Pakistani cricketers) are not available we (the franchisees) will have to look for other options," Shihab Chowdhury, Dhaka Gladiators' managing director, said.

Another owner, Sylhet Royals' Nafeesa Kamal, believed that in the event of a pull-out, the franchises will not have enough players to fill those vacant spots. "Not having Pakistan players is definitely a concern and I think we should be informed soon about their status. If the BPL plans to hold a closed-door auction in the event of their unavailability, we will be left with very few good options."

The overall reaction to Bangladesh's deferment has been of relief in many quarters as the general perception in the country has been negative about the proposed tour. But the BCB is not ready to give up on their bilateral relations with their Pakistan counterparts, and the man having to answer all the questions at this stage, Hassan, has had to resort to diplomacy. "I haven't spoken to them [the PCB] officially regarding this issue. We haven't received the reply to our letter which we sent to them four days back.

"I am not blaming Pakistan, I understand their sentiment but this is not intentional. There is no politics in it. It's the situation that has compelled us not to tour Pakistan at this point of time," said Hassan.

There still remains a sense of confidence among those who run the BPL directly, but if the PCB announces a pull-out of the top players, new players have to be recruited at short notice. The BCB would start the new year on a bad note, off the field, if their money-spinning T20 tournament runs into problems.

Mohammad Isam is ESPNcricinfo's Bangladesh correspondent

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  • khayam on January 4, 2013, 22:53 GMT

    Get real Bangladesh fans yes your team won few games played at home but what about overseas record and apart from Pakistan which country is willingly inviting them ? Pakistan team where ever goes draw big crowds and play attractive cricket on the other hand Bangladesh play negative cricket and happy to play for draw in tests if they can which they hardly do. Bangladesh need Pakistan more than we need Bangladesh. This phase will pass but Pakistan will remember your yes no attitude. Pakistan shouldn't send their players for BPL. If BCB cancelled a very short tour because of social media than PCB should know through this medium that no Pakistani wants their players in BPL. Recently Sanath jayasuria brought world eleven in Karachi Pakistan and played two 20/20 matches. Both matches were sold out and security was excellent so security excuse is not valid for Bangladesh any more. PCB please focus on South African tour and make sure we perform well in South Africa against number one team.

  • Muhammad on January 4, 2013, 19:20 GMT

    [b]TheRisingTeam[/b] && [b]The_Ashes[/b] You too completely mis-understood my statement. What i intended to say was that BCB said that they refused to tour pakistan because many people in the social media criticized the decision of BCB to tour Pakistan. All i am saying is that decisions aren't made keeping in view the social media. The ground realities had been analyzed by the security team of the BCB and they gave a green signal to the tour. So if the decisions are to be based on the social media than the BCB then what was the need of sending a security team to Pakistan? Why are they paying to those Security team members. Eliminate the security team and some other teams which aren't required and each time when you have to make a decision then Poll on the social media. No need to send members to other countries to see the arrangements. Lastly i would say i have always wished for bangladesh to win whenever they play against other teams(except pakistan.LOL)

  • Jonny on January 4, 2013, 16:23 GMT

    @miafridin - Sour grapes? or Cold feet? everyone knows teams come and go i.e. West Indies 70s domination now look at them can;t beat minnows in a series, remember the Australia domination in Cricket between 99-07 where they were simply unstoppable now look at them, clearly isn't the team like they once was during that period. Bangladesh owns many of your youth teams, youths teams especially Pakistan will eventually have to use and I doubt they will score 4,4,4,6 etc against our Shakib, or bowl such players out with the snap of your fingers get real its common sense but many are still blind ha ha...future is clear 100 million bangla supporters will take Bangladesh Cricket everywhere good luck indeed! :D

  • shahadat on January 4, 2013, 16:20 GMT

    @paki pace---- weak WI side? r u out of ur mind? every star players played plus their moral was high after wining world cup plus few months ago they did reasonably well in indian soil against india and beat NZ and played well against aussie team. Bangladesh beat full strength WI team, they came to whitewash BD team

  • Shipu on January 4, 2013, 13:58 GMT

    @miafridi:- Are you okay? who do you think you are to which country should and not be playing Cricket? every country deserves to play Cricket and you're only saying that cause you scared on the rise of many teams which is good to see. Bangladesh are not the old Bangladesh of 2000-2005 period so WAKE UP!!! and smell the coffee for once. Bangladesh is a country of 160 million so yeah good luck you need it and more than 10 million live throughout the rest of the world every country deserve to play Cricket even in other sports i.e. Football you see a top team like Germany take on Faroe Islands. We beat in the last 2 years, England, New Zealand, India, West Indies etc so no we will still continue just don't be afraid it won't get you anywhere :)

  • Muhammad on January 4, 2013, 13:24 GMT

    BCB was well aware of the situation in pak both the times when they agreed to come pak. But both times refusing to come firstly saying security issue and the second time saying due to opposition by bangla fans on social media. How Funny. if they really care their fans views on social media then Bangladesh should quit cricket because after every match/series loss their fans(disappointed due to Bangladesh performance for decades) on social media suggest bangladesh to quit cricket. So BCB if you really care about your fans views on social media then please quit playing cricket. Oh God please.

  • atlas on January 4, 2013, 10:49 GMT

    as for as bpl i think pak going for it.i just they will not provide noc but they just invite bcb member for some talk on same issue so for me they will release player for bpl its my feeling may be m wrong.

  • Dummy4 on January 4, 2013, 10:46 GMT

    No need to send our players to Bangladesh after the blatant disrespect that they have shown to Pakistan. They need to reap consequences.

  • Arif on January 4, 2013, 9:07 GMT

    It is wrong for anyone to bash Bangladesh cricket. Playing for Biman and others as a teenager helped develop me into an international cricketer for Pakistan. For years, the Dhaka leagues having given young Pakistani a great training ground for the better Pakistani domestic sides. I agree that Bangladesh should not be playing test cricket at the moment, and this is supported by their performances over the past decade. However, they can develop into a competitive ODI and T20 side if they focus on these forms of the game. Test cricket requires a solid four-day first-class structure to support it. BCB should focus on developing that with just four sides playing each other regularly with all the top talent focused there, with perhaps a few supporting seasoned foreign imports. Then Bangladesh should send its national side to play in the the Indian and Pakistani first-class tournaments. This would be far better than getting hammered test after test, with the odd win against a weak WI

  • shahadat on January 4, 2013, 1:25 GMT

    when pakistan was denied a tour because of safety reason, pak fan start bashing bangladesh team as minnow, when they forget last 2 years bangladesh won several series, beat almost all the big team, all bilateral series ended up at 2-1, runner up in asia cup, beat west indies 3-2, beat NZ 4-0, success after success for bangladesh team. they says they want better team to visit pak--which they shouldnt even dream of. aus, saf, england wont visit pak to face another SL incident. india, nz, wi wont visit them either. so be happy to play in other country

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