Bangladesh Premier League 2012-13

BPL braced for Pakistan withdrawal

Mohammad Isam

January 12, 2013

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Ahmed Shehzad acknowledges the applause after completing his hundred, Barisal Burners v Duronto Rajshahi, BPL, 1st semi-final, Mirpur, February 28, 2012
Ahmed Shehzad is one of seven Pakistan players signed by Khulna Royal Bengals © BPL T20

The BCB will wait till 10am (0400 GMT) on Wednesday for the PCB to give its No Objection Certificates (NOC) to Pakistan cricketers participating in this year's Bangladesh Premier League. If they are not granted, the domestic Twenty20 tournament, will begin on Friday without any Pakistani players.

"We will wait till 10am and if the PCB doesn't reply, the tournament will go on as per schedule without the Pakistani players," BPL chairman Afzalur Rahman Sinha said, after a long meeting at the BCB headquarters in Mirpur on Tuesday. "We won't bow down to any demand and have decided to carry on. We have already informed that to the franchises and asked them to arrange similar-quality players to replace them."

The negotiations between the two boards have reached a tipping point after the PCB continued to seek a confirmation from the BCB regarding a tour to Pakistan. The BCB has played a waiting game after cancelling a trip for the second time on December 31. After BCB president Nazmul Hassan met his Pakistani counterpart Zaka Ashraf on January 6, the BCB decided to send a second security team but that too has not gone down well in Pakistan.

The seven franchises have been told to seek replacements from among the players who were unsold in the auction, or else find players from outside the list. With two days left before the tournament begins, it is unlikely that the franchises will be able to find enough players to replace the Pakistan cricketers, so popular in Bangladesh. Khulna Royal Bengals is the franchise most hit, as they had bought the services of Shoaib Malik, Umar Akmal, Awais Zia, Umar Amin, Ahmed Shehzad, Haris Sohail and Bilawal Bhatti.

The BCB had voiced confidence until Tuesday afternoon about the Pakistan players finally being made available but as no confirmation from the PCB arrived, the franchises frantically began to look for players in Australia and South Africa as replacements.

The second edition of the BPL has already become an organisational nightmare for the BCB ad-hoc committee members, who have spent most of the last four months trying to clear out payments to players and other parties. The ticket-selling situation has also hit a snag after banks have refused to sell tickets due to security fears.

"I admit that we could not complete the preparation yet. It is because most of our time was consumed clearing the payments of the first edition," BPL secretary, Ismail Haider Mallick, said. "The banks are not prepared to sell the tickets due to security reasons - four banks have backed out. We are hopeful that United Commercial Bank Limited (UCBL) will sell the tickets from Wednesday."

Finding replacements for the withdrawn Pakistan players could take some time but the organisers have not mentioned the possibility of a delayed start. Such a question is likely to be raised by the franchises before the media or the fans, because it is the teams that have to be restocked before the tournament can take off.

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Posted by tushar35 on (January 16, 2013, 1:00 GMT)

@arnold_mccann, I completely agree with you. ICC should get rid of such incompetent individuals asap. I want to add few more things with you, when team goes to overseas it needs to be decided in a board meeting. It also requires govt. clearance. None of the board members were aware of such commitment. Legally it was not a valid commitment. Both board presidents probably mutually agreed to do a favor to each other. It was probably the VP of ICC = BD tour to Pakistan. Isn't that mutually adopting unfair means? If this is true, Mr. Zaka is also equally responsible for this mess as well. I know some people might try to defend Zaka that he tried to bring cricket back in Pakistan, but when there is an illegal contract, both parties are equally responsible. I am not trying to defend Kamal. Cricinfo will not publish my feelings about Kamal. ICC should act responsibly to take cricket back in Pakistan. If Australian / British coaches are there, what Australians and British's are thinking?

Posted by Truth_shall_prevail.. on (January 15, 2013, 23:46 GMT)

I don't know Why PCB is so keen to play an ODI series with a cricket team which has done literally nothing to prove its test status since it became a test team. They are a below par team in all formats. Even inviting Afghan or Irish cricket team would be better. And as far as BPL is concerned we (Pakistanis) don't give a damn to it. It would be better if our players don't take part in a B grade tournament. No one in Pakistan is going to watch it any way!

Posted by TheRisingTeam on (January 15, 2013, 22:39 GMT)

I feel so sorry for my paki brothers, still angry and upset over this refusal to tour their country and our T20 league which has been setup by a minnow team, let me say that its not our fans or players fault, its the board so blame them. Its just a shame that Politics has been mixed with Sports and we need to separate the 2 Cricket is just a game where people play and watch get over it and move on.

If it wasn't for us then players like Jamshed would have had to wait for a long time to play for Pakistan so you should thank us. Also your Pakistan players also play in DPL every year we help your players so much but you did nothing for us so fair is fair cheers!

Posted by dulabari on (January 15, 2013, 22:33 GMT)

Posted by KingMSC on (January 15 2013, 21:53 PM GMT) "For all the people who are against PCB need to understand this. Pakistani players came to Bangladesh for BPL season when some other nations declined to participate. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------" I think other than India, players from almost all cricket playing countries participated in the last BPL (Chris Gayle, Jaysuria, Muralidharan,Powell, Chandrapaul, etc etc) . There are a number of players from England, Australia (Tait), NZ, West Indies (Nairen, Edward,etc), Ireland, Zimbabwe, Netherlands, South Africa are also participating this year. Participation of Pak. players in BPL is a win-win situation. Players earn money and the the young players get exposure and experience. Pakistani players (including players like Wasim Akram, S. Malik, Razzaq) are playing in Dhaka leagues for years for lot less money.

Posted by AzAb12754 on (January 15, 2013, 22:32 GMT)

It would be of best interest if Bangladesh break away all ties from Pakistan Cricket, we don't care about their affairs and have better things to do then to desperately satisfy them in touring their nation but we wish you well and luck thanks!

Please Pakistan my dear friends, ask Afghanistan, India, Australia and England who are obviously much much better than Bangladesh Cricket and stop wasting your time with us. We have no interest in interfering with Pakistan business. We're the only nation that considered a tour but still angry over it.

Posted by AK47_pk on (January 15, 2013, 22:30 GMT)

Well done pcb. No need to be nice anymore.

Posted by AzAb12754 on (January 15, 2013, 22:22 GMT)

I'm not a fan of Kamal but I just would like to say thanks for tricking them :)

Posted by arnold_mccann on (January 15, 2013, 21:56 GMT)

As a person living in Bangladesh for the last 15 years I can say with no reservations that the whole blame is squarely on the previous BCB chairman and the current ICC Vice-Chairman Mostofa Kamal. He is the one who signed the deal with the PCB about Bangladesh touring Pakistan and defaulting on it. Likewise, the PCB chairman has retaliated in response to BCB's inability to live up to the deal.

Posted by KingMSC on (January 15, 2013, 21:53 GMT)

For all the people who are against PCB need to understand this. Pakistani players came to Bangladesh for BPL season when some other nations declined to participate. Pakistan has helped Bangladesh cricket a lot over the years. Pakistan and it's people have always prayed for Bangladesh win when not playing against Pakistan. All PCB wanted from BCB was a straight up answer which your cricket board failed to provide. They kept saying we will tour, than when all is set and done, they start raising security concerns. (We know there are) but you can't keep backing away from your words. PCB asks BCB fro it's support simply because they feel they have earned that much. Rite now it's like BCB is playing games and there still is no answer to the tour. Give a god damn straight up answer and stop playing games BCB. are you coming or not?

Posted by AsadRaza on (January 15, 2013, 21:50 GMT)

@rase-drubo UAE and AFG players are far better than BDS Players. They are far better than your Fast Bowlers (with speed of 120KPH) and your Batsmans (averaging below 20 except Shakib). LoL.. BDS doesn't even deserve to play International Cricket, They should be with Associate Countries.

Posted by Desihungama on (January 15, 2013, 21:49 GMT)

@getsetgopk - I doubt they possess the acumen to play this game just by themselves. We all know who is pulling the strings. Funny, how money can make you do things like what a monkey does to conjurer's drum or what tame tiger does in circus. They roll to your tune. Timing is bad for Pakistan. We know and acknowledge that. But it won't remain the same. Nothing remains same, simple laws by which world is governed. We will come out of this mess our politicians have put us in. And then, we will remember with the exception of good ole Sri Lankans friends, no one else stood with us. If it wasn't for Pakistan Cricket, there would be no Bangladesh Cricket. We provided logistics, administrative know hows in your infancy. We won't forget. Simple.

Posted by Pak_alldway on (January 15, 2013, 21:36 GMT)

@Azaab;; m happy atleast u accepted bengal is the worst ever nation in terms of cricketing talent and u proved that after playing 75odd tests.u wil c afghan's talent just wait for few years their fast bowlers are far better than urs.they have strong n tall lads unlike u

Posted by PakiPace on (January 15, 2013, 21:24 GMT)

I am sad for the BPL. The little credibility the league had was due to the large quota of Pakistani talent participating in it. With that gone, and only a smattering of old county pros available, they will not be able to replace the Pakistanis with similar quality. This just turns into a local league, of the same level as the Karnataka Premier League in India. The younger Pakistanis also lose out, because this was a stage for them to showcase their talent...Ahmed Shehzad, Nasir Jamshed, Shahbaz Ahmed, etc. It is a loss for all sides...and all due to the utter stupidity of the BCB! Bangla cricket deserve a better board!

Posted by MAN_AT_WORK on (January 15, 2013, 21:19 GMT)

@ Pak_alldway BPL made a big mistake not offered afgan's instead of Paki's, afghan,s are much better than pakis :D

Posted by Malik121 on (January 15, 2013, 21:19 GMT)

Yeah i think PCB should not issue the NOC to their players becausd Bangladesh has always been letting us dawn and always been getting benefit from PCB. It does not work like that always. I know, we wanna bring International cricket back in Pakistan but if Bangladesh is letting us dawn than might as well forget tham and look for another alternative country. I think enough is enough. We Pakistani cant take this old story again and again. And Bangladesh team s standard is not that good. We r top team. If u check the record than you will know, where is Pakistan and where is Bangladesh standing dawn the bottom some where. So i think after the success of Pakistan SUPER Leage, we will be in good position to invite the other team in Pakistan Inn Sha Allah. Good Luck to Pakistan and at the same time Good Luck to Bangladesh for BPL.

Posted by Pak_alldway on (January 15, 2013, 21:07 GMT)

hahaha lets c how fish premier league goes without stars.hats off to pcb

Posted by SublimeFan on (January 15, 2013, 21:03 GMT)

BPL is pathetic; they couldn't even clear their payments to the players for the last season. PCB is doing right by not issuing NOC to Pak players cos, Bangladesh did not fulfill their commitment of touring Pakistan as they are under immense influence of BCCI. World knows that PAK players are super stars. BPL is already loosing it's little charm, so no Pak players in this season will only be hut BPL. Bangladesh cricket is regressing and at the verge of losing test status and Pakistan cricket even after not getting games at home is improving day by day.

Posted by AzAb12754 on (January 15, 2013, 21:00 GMT)

@Pak_alldway: yeah yeah Afghanistan are talented than Bangladesh so are Nepal, Fiji, France etc then you should ask them for a series rather than us.

Posted by Pak_alldway on (January 15, 2013, 20:48 GMT)

@rusel_durbo n dont u think aghans players are far more talented than bengal's players

Posted by Quddus-Mamu on (January 15, 2013, 20:42 GMT)

If PCB deny to provide NOC for all Pakistani players to play BPL that would be a suicidal decision for PCB. Bangladesh would be the first country to visit Pakistan, today or tomorrow, but this unprofessional attitude from PCB can cost even more. If Bangladesh decide not to visit in Pakistan in future, then other countries will ever visit Pakistan in near future. Other countries like India, Australia, England or South Africa will follow Bangladesh for any future possible tour in Pakistan.

Posted by   on (January 15, 2013, 20:28 GMT)

thank god and thanks to Zaka , we bangalis dont really want to see Pak players. IPL is doing fine without them. When no IPL teams picked Pak players, pak fans said the same thing that IPL would be a flop. IPL doing fine without them and BPL will do fine too.

Posted by rasel_drubo on (January 15, 2013, 20:03 GMT)

@umairasgharbut: Yes start your super hit PSL league..AFG and UAE stars will play in your league....

Posted by faizan_feroz on (January 15, 2013, 19:54 GMT)

sadly like other bds therisingteam(sum1 wake him frm his dream plx :P ) doesnt learn ,

Posted by Anwar-Lara on (January 15, 2013, 19:46 GMT)

BPL will be MEGA FLOP without Pakistani players...

Posted by TheRisingTeam on (January 15, 2013, 19:32 GMT)

Splendid! we didn't want to see them playing anyway now we don't have to tour to their country anymore good luck Pakistan old team :P :)

Posted by The_Mystery_Ball on (January 15, 2013, 19:24 GMT)

@ ProdigyA

Yeah sure, Misbah-ul-Haq, Muhammad Hafeez, Saeed Ajmal, Junaid Khan, Younis Khan, Azhar Ali all came because of the BPL.



BPL is just a pathetic excuse of a league, no financial payments, mediocre talent on display. It is much better that Pakistani players are avoiding it. In fact you should be thanking the PCB that your players got the chance to rub shoulders with some of the best in the business. But not anymore !!

Posted by   on (January 15, 2013, 19:11 GMT)

That's great news. No Pakistani players in BPL

Posted by drnaveed on (January 15, 2013, 18:55 GMT)

BPL chairman Afzalur Rahman Sinha said "We won't bow down to any demand and have decided to carry on". well , well well, mr , good to see that you seems to be serious now,we were also serious in calling you to fulfil your promise before ,when your last BCB president mr kamal gave in written that his side will tour Pakistan ,even your present BCB president Nazmul Hassan siad that the written statement of mr kamal is their,and he will ask mr kamal about it that why he lied ???????. so , what has been done in that regard , can any one tell us.................... or still they are not serious on that issue , ... like before ?????????

Posted by khanofcricket on (January 15, 2013, 18:48 GMT)

BD fans need to understand that it is not about just not visiting Pakistan. There are other teams also who are not visiting Pakistan but they are not playing a double game. Australia is not visiting but Pakistani players still play in their league. BCB should have the courage to say that they cannot visit unless the security situation improves instead of trying to get some mileage out of it and then backing out at the last minute. Such tactics do not pay over long term and it also reveals the real character, sooner or later.

Posted by Sajid111 on (January 15, 2013, 18:32 GMT)

"BPL" is getting any recognisation is because of Pakistan! End of......

Posted by Tiger_The_Hunter on (January 15, 2013, 18:24 GMT)

@hamza893, not only azmal, shakib also denied to play in BBL, although approached by Adelaide. Yes, I believe that BPL will lose many of its colors if PAK players don't participate. But in reality PAK will be the main loser. In fact, BD is the only probable country to tour PAK, at least some possibility- its very far from reality for other nations. Secondly, PAK at least would have foreign players in PCL by virtue of BD. Thirdly & most importantly, PAK players will be deprived from some handsome earnings. 1~2 lacs USD for less than one month event is quite handy (May be some delayed payment issues, still all the foreign players got their full payment for first edition. But this non-professional attitude should be avoided by BCB). Fourthly, BCB & PCB will be rivals for undetermined period of time.

Posted by getsetgopk on (January 15, 2013, 18:23 GMT)

@haq33: hit the nail on the head. I beleive they still owe us a big thank you for allowing our players in the first edition on BPL and making it into a successful event. Ungratefulness is a terrible disease and if you dont get rid of it quickly, it can come back and bite you in the back side and thats whats happened. What is it that we in Pakistan have not suffered in the past few years, no one and I mean not a single country stood by us and Bangladesh did the unthinkable really. They actually turned out to be the worst of all by playing this double game of playing dirty and all. Even now, BCB is throwing carrots like 'we'll send another security team' and that 'we haven't backed out of tour'. Game's over now. Brace yourself, its gona be a bumpy ride.

Posted by FRRR on (January 15, 2013, 17:55 GMT)

Anyways, BPL is a waste of time. BPL is facing serious financial issues as pointed out by Saqib of Bangladesh. I dont see people going to Bangla and playing cricket without any money or assurance from Bangla government.

No one wants to repeat last year's fiasco.

Posted by Billly4u on (January 15, 2013, 17:53 GMT)

First thing is BCBs top notchs are playing game and get things done as they like. Look what Mr. Kamal did, who backed away altogether after he became ICC official. So the credibility of Bengalies is not that good, hypocracy is everywhere in BCB. I think PCB is doing right, giving BCB the taste of their own medicine. BPL is already a small, unpopular, and controversial. BPL officials should pay the dues of the players from last year first before they start new agreements. Their own key player (Shakib) is not paid. So having said all this and without Pakistani players BPL will remain controversial and total flop at all. They should not wait for PCB's NOCs rather arrange something to run this handicapped league.

Posted by RB_03 on (January 15, 2013, 17:47 GMT)

I agree with some of the people here - it's about time PCB show BCB where they stand. Pakistani players have nothing to gain from playing BPL. Instead at this point Bangladesh has more to gain from having Pakistani players participating in their BPL. I believe this will indeed increase the demand of Pakistani players all over the world. Zaka Ashraf has made the right choice. Sooner or later Bangladesh will want to play Pakistan for their own good of the team so that their own players can improve from playing one of the best bowling side in the world.

Posted by hamza893 on (January 15, 2013, 17:44 GMT)

It's not like a barclays premier league where u guys would pay millions dollar :P. Saeed Ajmal after getting NOC to play BBL cancelled to play because our players keep national responsiblities ahead.Our players have played the most number of T20 matches than any other team so they are popular all over the world.So,as President Trophy is going in,PCB won't allow its player to play BPL as Mr Zaka said that our domestic circle is also so competitive and busy and players have no time to relax and the other reason the important tour of SA.

Posted by faizan_feroz on (January 15, 2013, 17:43 GMT)

well sumtyms the first impression is the last impression and for prodigya that was an hilarious impression to be honest , u say half of pak s team is due to bpl , ?? more coreect way of putting is that the most of the bpl if not whole was due to pakistani players , i am quite sure u will take the name of nasir so let me tell u that before the bpl he hit 4 centuries in the quaid trophy bck then so he was in the list and whn gven the chance he pounced on it, instead it showed the differnt talents in pak for t20 so be more logical ! cairo : nw bcb will realise hw to complete payments without earning :P @azab my frnd england has already told to be careful of bpl i read and the payment issue question arrises here as well P bpl is certainly gud for bd cricket so why is bcb concerned about pak plyrs till the very last moment ?? :P and for the cs dude : hw many of ur superstars are widely acknowledged for their t20 skills and further w many of them had accomplishments in int arena relate plx

Posted by khurramsch on (January 15, 2013, 17:32 GMT)

I feel its not good by BCB first by agreeing for a tour and then backing off & the kamals statment about comitment then current head giving statemnets.. But about BPL, i think pak players should go. why fans in BD & Franchises suffer coz of politics . Franchises bought players and should not suffer. but i think players in test team for SA will not go there in any case but other can go. & should go.

Posted by S.R.Khan on (January 15, 2013, 17:26 GMT)

BCB finally showing some backbone for once. Zaka Ashraf should not have upped the ante via the media when the new BCB head already declared that Bangladesh is committed to touring Pakistan. Zaka should have avoided unnecessary political posturing after Nazmul Hasan had flown to Delhi to meet and discuss with him. The PCB should realize that they are in no position to dictate terms to anyone, not even Bangladesh. They should be grateful that the BCB is even contemplating a tour, let alone agreeing to one.

Posted by Warm_Coffee on (January 15, 2013, 17:17 GMT)

@counterstrike: Yeah you're right don't think any country will send their players to Pakistan just a last minute game by Pakistan for Bangladesh to agree with that tour but it won't work.

Posted by asiacricket1234 on (January 15, 2013, 17:16 GMT)

Aah Great Decision :D. Now Bangladesh dont have to tour Pakistan :). Thanks Zaka Ashraf :D

Posted by ExtremeSpeed on (January 15, 2013, 17:13 GMT)

It will be fantastic if their players do not participate. Doesn't matter whether BPL is a hit or not, we Bangladesh fans want to see our players not yours. Also this will mean that Bangladesh don't have to worry about touring Pakistan anymore and send our players to their new league where nobody will go anyway yess!!! :P

Posted by shah85 on (January 15, 2013, 17:08 GMT)

Dontworry BPL organizers...Pakistan is very humble nation..our players will be the part of your leauge..just wait and C

Posted by haq33 on (January 15, 2013, 17:06 GMT)

Interesting that he thinks he is the one backed into a corner. How about PCB are the ones in the corner since a certain tour was promised and then cancelled by a certain board. I think it is PCB who should do whatever is necessary to resist being perpetually hung out to dry by these perpetual minnows. Unbelievable that they thought they could make a FALSE promise to PCB just to get their man elected to ICC and then back out. Why make the promise in the first place? And I hope PCB don't fall for any more 2 faced dithering by bangla officials. Stay away from BPL, stick to your guns.

Posted by Desihungama on (January 15, 2013, 17:06 GMT)

Good luck BPL. Really, we don't want any of Pakistan players playing in Bangladesh. Pakistani players are most in demand world over and they should only concentrate on county stints England and look to play in S. Africa, Australia and NZ. That should do it. No need to play India or Bangladesh. It will only bring the levell of cricket down for Pak.

Posted by Cric_info_pak on (January 15, 2013, 16:59 GMT)

Bangladesh u r telling world most talent team that they need BPL.... hahahah what a joke saeed ajmal even refuse to go to Big bash even he got NOC from board because he wants to focus on SA tour.....there r so many league now a days pakistan players r talented player they got offer from many places while on other hand u don't have talent and no money in cricket so grow up your BPL is also flop like your useless team.... no one wants to see your team n players accept the fact ... in asia pakistan got the best record in test ODI and t-20 so please see our cricket and your cricket... first produce any quality players like us perform like us and win like us then talk......

Posted by Tokai69 on (January 15, 2013, 16:55 GMT)

If PCB don't issue NOC by the time frame, it'lll remain as a bad example at the last minute in the game of Cricket! I feel really bad for the hard-hit franchises, who were heavily dependent on them specially, team Khulna Royal Bengal. From the next BPL, BCB must ban all PAK players like IPL and go for talented players elsewhere, even in the associate countries ahead of time. Go B U R B E R S Go !

Posted by Kashif.Anwar on (January 15, 2013, 16:50 GMT)

It is sad that Paki players will not be joining BPL. This is a major set back for the tournament. The slight success of previous BPL was because of major contribution of paki players. The viewer ship of these tournaments are most in India Pakistan and sri Lanka. Indian players don't play BPL, Pakistan won't join... this will reduce electronic media viewers and majorly limit it only to ppl of Bangladesh. Secondly the prob will payment to the players will even plague BPL more. Best of luck with the success of this tournament.

Posted by   on (January 15, 2013, 16:47 GMT)

WOW !!! very good news. no Pakistani ordinary players in BPL. Please Mr. Zaka hold your players. But definitely will miss Pakistani international players. The franchises are finding replacement from Australia and South Africa. That's really a good news.

Posted by mensan on (January 15, 2013, 16:40 GMT)

BPL is the most unsuccessful league in the world. They don't have money to pay the players, even last year salaries not paid yet. I expect foreign players to stay away.

Posted by PricelessPak on (January 15, 2013, 16:38 GMT)

cairo and ProdigyA, be wise, Pakistanis think levels above u guys, its not about little money u r paying to our players, its about commitment that is not honored, its about respect. BPL without Pakistani players is a shame for u, u should realize who made first edition of BPL successful, Bangladesh cricket should be thankful to Pakistan for where they are in cricketing world. Always remember Pakistani bros we will be the first one on your side when called upon in need.. think about it

Posted by Warm_Coffee on (January 15, 2013, 16:37 GMT)

Good news their loss! kind of swear Abdul Razzaq is already in Bangladesh.

Posted by nasir.hussain on (January 15, 2013, 16:36 GMT)

I think PCB should not issue NOC to Pakistani players for BPL. As Bangladesh Cricket Board is not a trust worthy board.I think PCB should teach lesson to BCB. Even BCB was benefiting from Pakistani players, so lets give them what they deserve.

Posted by Porky_PigTheToon on (January 15, 2013, 16:31 GMT)

You guys may believe it or not but PCB for sure will give NOC to Pak players. It is because, PCB too will be needing popular players from BD in PSL to get some viewership especially considering the fact that other boards like BCCI, CA, WICB, ECB etc. won't allow their players to join PSL as Pak right now is not a safe place to go.

I would suggest BCB to reject Pak players even if PCB agrees to give NOC to them as in return PCB too will force (read it BULLY) popular BD players like Shakib, Tamim, Mushi, Mortaza, Shuvo, Hossain, Anamul Haque to join PSL.

Posted by   on (January 15, 2013, 16:29 GMT)

@Cairo, what excellent from BCB here mate? @ProdigyA, Our domestic cricket makes players who are then recruited by offshore clubs not the other way around. Be logical mate

Posted by Raja11218 on (January 15, 2013, 16:25 GMT)

at Cairo and Prodigya PCB will not give the NOC to player so and u know it with out pakistani BPL is nothing so keep dreaming.

Posted by wiseshah on (January 15, 2013, 16:21 GMT)

The second edition of the BPL has already become an organisational nightmare for the BCB ad-hoc committee members, who have spent most of the last four months trying to clear out payments to players and other parties. The ticket-selling situation has also hit a snag after banks have refused to sell tickets due to security fears. --------payment is alwys nightmare, lol

Posted by australiachampions12 on (January 15, 2013, 16:21 GMT)

I thinks politics is being involved in this issue which should be avoided.

Posted by miruuXI on (January 15, 2013, 16:20 GMT)

Looks Like BCB still trying to convance PCB to send there players without pakistani players BPL is FLOOP.. I am just hoping PCB don't there mind as there is no worth sending players to 3rd standard domestic cricket.. Zaka Ashraf made a wise move by showing Bangladesh there right place where they stand.. Thumbs up to PCB....

Posted by wiseshah on (January 15, 2013, 16:17 GMT)

Pak players has no money source, they desperately needs bpl

Posted by Fuad_bs on (January 15, 2013, 16:17 GMT)

They thought BCB will be falling their tears on the ground waiting for the Pakistani players. LOL!! they didn't know that Bangladesh had plan A and B. If Pak players don't come to play BPL, then according to plan B, they will be replaced by other players and the tournament will begin one day later for it. If Pak doesn't send their players here, then BD will never tour in Pakistan for sure and that Pak will be crying to bring back cricket in their country for several more years!!

Posted by australiachampions12 on (January 15, 2013, 16:14 GMT)

Bangladesh r the most non-talented cricketing nation in the world.........PCB should not send their players to play in BPL.Infact such a non-talented nation should not be supported by any country.banladeshes should give up playing cricket.

Posted by umairasgharbutt on (January 15, 2013, 16:12 GMT)

we dont need your bpl(joke) we gonna have our own league soon faaaaaaaaaaar better than yours !

Posted by telcoengr on (January 15, 2013, 16:12 GMT)

Poor BD, still want Pakistani players in their league ? They don't have money to pay, why are they inviting foreign players ? I wish, they invest more money on their domestic structure. Mr Zaka has shown the right attitude towards BD , they need a good lesson !!

Posted by AzAb12754 on (January 15, 2013, 16:09 GMT)

Doesn't really matter, hopefully when Pakistani players are not playing, we can use that as an excuse to not tour Pakistan and can move on as this saga has gone on for long enough. Instead what we can do is just get a few quick replacements not too many for these paki players and filled 3-4 foreign players for each team. CPL and BBL I think are almost over so we can target some players from there preferably fast bowlers.

Posted by cairo on (January 15, 2013, 15:59 GMT)

Excellent job done by BCB. Now PCB will understand how many paddy how many rice.

Posted by ProdigyA on (January 15, 2013, 15:55 GMT)

Trust me PCB will defintely give the NOC to all its players but only at the last minute so that they act as if they are doing a favor and have the upper hand. But in reality, Pak players need BPL more than the other way around. Half of Pak team today is thanks to BPL.

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