Bangladesh Premier League 2012-13

BPL organisers bullish despite negative press

Pakistan's withdrawal may have taken some sheen off the BPL, but the tournament's survival still rests on the game's popularity in Bangladesh, and the optimism of the organisers

Mohammad Isam

January 17, 2013

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Imran Nazir blazed Dhaka to an eight-wicket win in the final, Barisal Burners v Dhaka Gladiators, BPL, final, Mirpur, February 29, 2012
The absence of Pakistani players hasn't turned off the organisers © BPL T20

The Bangladesh Premier League begins its second season on Friday amid hope and expectation but also controversy and the wrong sort of headlines. The organisers will tell you not to judge BPL 2013 on its first week and it is true to an extent - all debate on the tournament's success or otherwise should be on hold until the replacements for the Pakistani players arrive.

The build-up of controversial issues over the last 11 months includes that of unsigned contracts, unpaid players from home and abroad and the pull-out of Pakistani players. It has culminated in the tournament beginning with mismanagement as the dominant theme and the amount of negative press about the BPL has already affected its image as a burgeoning Twenty20 competition.

The organisers too have changed after the Bangladesh Cricket Board's elected body of directors had finished their terms, and hence the new BPL governing council hasn't had enough time ahead of the tournament to put together a neat organisational unit. Instead, they were inundated with claims from unpaid players and running after franchises to sign the contract. Immediately after these issues were tackled, they had to deal with the Pakistan Cricket Board's hushed reluctance to send their players and the pull-out happened a before the opening ceremony.

The organisers, especially the new men in the BPL governing council, are confident of a successful tournament despite the setbacks. "Commercially, the BPL is in good health. We have more sponsors than from the last edition. The issue that is bothering us is the arrival of replacement players," said BPL secretary Ismail Haider Mallick.

"We have the likes of Kieron Pollard and Brett Lee lined up, but we are not sure when they can fly in. That'll be a problem for the franchises who depended on the Pakistani players."

There is still optimism about the tournament's viability among the financial backers and team owners as well. Tanjil Chowdhury, director of Prime Bank, the title sponsor, feels that there is no reason to pull out of the competition at this hour. "I don't think the cricket will be affected without the little glamour. It is not the end of the world. I think cricket has become a commercial success in Bangladesh, but this is definitely a problem," he said.

Some have cited the little impact the absence of the Pakistani players had on the IPL from the second season, but the BPL is not as financially strong as its Indian counterpart, and many questions have been thrown about its integrity, value and productivity.

While introducing Brian Lara as his team's brand ambassador, Chittagong Kings owner Sameer Quader Chowdhury was slightly more robust in his judgment of recent events. But Chowdhury is relatively in a better position than the other owners. He only has to replace two Pakistani players in Imran Nazir and Wahab Riaz, while Khulna Royal Bengals is still searching for a minimum of seven replacements.

"I don't think the value will depreciate in any way. If you notice, internationally, Pakistan players don't play a lot in other tournaments either so I don't think the value will decrease in our case," Chowdhury said. "I have heard that it's extremely difficult for other teams. I think if the decision was not taken yesterday but around 10 to 20 days back, we wouldn't have had so many problems."

The BPL has been criticised for many things. When it was first pitched, the tournament was viewed as a hindrance to the brimming talent pool in Bangladesh cricket, seen in many quarters as a trouble-maker rather than a tournament to churn out a new production line of players. It was expected that the players would appreciate the enhanced pay cheques but that too hasn't materialised for the locals. Cricket's popularity in the country will hold the BPL but any more of last season's shenanigans would tip it over the edge.

Mohammad Isam is ESPNcricinfo's Bangladesh correspondent

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Posted by AzAb12754 on (January 20, 2013, 23:50 GMT)

@TNAIndia: I'm not here to lie or most of us Bangladesh fans are not either, yes India is still a much better Cricket team than Bangladesh but your last statement to the ashes person is kind of stupid because Bangladesh have a fantastic youth system, system where these young inexperience guys will eventually have to fill the gaps left by legends like Sachin, Kallis, Ponting etc. I doubt young Indian bowlers like Sharma, Jadeja, Ashwin etc will destroy our batting line-up and pick up 4/5 wicket hauls just with the snap of your fingers or anything. They are no Kumble, Zaheer or whatever. Your youngsters coming up are probably no different to ours now i.e. Unmukt Chand who is talented but we have a better one Anamul Haque that's just one example.

Posted by   on (January 20, 2013, 23:29 GMT)

Wow! BCB unprofessional to pull out of tour...let me guess what happened to a team which went to Pak despite warning: SL were attacked...Rangana Herath and TM Dilshan say that experience was worse than the twitter death rumour...& we send our players to your! just wow! I dare you, double dare! say something against those who are creating these problems in your country...say it out loud, without fear...yep, you won't dare...& u ask us to send a team: we are the nation who gained Independence from your country...they would probably hate us 2nd most, after India...& talking of India...keep talking of how you played different, blah blah...if you are so brilliant, & have all these experienced, top-class players...then how did England & pak slaughter you so badly...yes, BD have problems, no denying...but they are on a learning curve...they have some raw, dynamic talents, who could do fantastically had they the resources and guidance you lot have...BD politics ruins cricket...

Posted by KingAjmal on (January 20, 2013, 11:31 GMT)

Its true even as a Bangladesh fan that the organisation is just bad. BCB need to learn to get their grip and stop damaging Bangladesh Cricket.

For those critics, your views are just views, it has no affect and you guys don't have any skill or talent :P

Posted by Legaleagle on (January 20, 2013, 10:39 GMT)

BPL is a local club level tournament in terms of viewership. I hope they figure out their problems and run it well for the club level.

Posted by kc69 on (January 19, 2013, 20:56 GMT)

I wonder if Shakib is asked to make a choice between BPL or IPL what will he do....

Posted by RasedPioneer on (January 19, 2013, 18:20 GMT)

BPL is not a matter of argument, it's a contribution to the World Cricket from Bangladesh. Any expectation of an unsuccessful season of BPL is not a good job. We love cricket, so want to spread good cricket over the world. Offcourse it will be more successful than first season even without prominent Pakistani cricketers.

Posted by TNAmarkFromIndia on (January 19, 2013, 15:31 GMT)

A.Awal and Warm_Coffee, There you are again with the "India have been playing cricket for so long and we haven't" argument. Let's get one thing straight. Things were a lot different back then. International matches were played few and far between. Despite that, India took 24 matches to register their first win in Tests. Bangladesh had the support of other Asian nations and the ICC, had the opportunity to grow faster with better organisation and infrastructure in the sport than the old days and regular cricket being played nowadays, had massive fan support for the sport that new teams lack. Despite all this, they took 34 matches to win their first test match. We're not even talking about the fact that Bangladesh was once a part of India, and then Pakistan, hence they were a part of a test playing country themselves long back.

Posted by Warm_Coffee on (January 19, 2013, 13:45 GMT)

@TNAmarkFromIndia: Your arguments are pathetic, Mr Awal says it correctly,its ridiculous comparing India Cricket history with Bangladesh, India had full status since 1926 whereas Bangladesh 2000 do the maths. Past is the past its all about the present and future. Everyone finds it funny when Sachin scored a 100 against a minnow team and then lost should be ashamed :D

Posted by A.Awal on (January 19, 2013, 12:27 GMT)

TNAmarkFromIndia!!! Its look great you'r comparing BD team with India where India playing cricket over 80 years, As of today compare between BD and India team. I think BD have the same chances as India have. Forget what have done India and BD. Focus what will do BD and India in future. After Asia cup Bangladesh beat WI in an ODI series 3-2. If you do not have confident with BD then ask BCCI to host BD. Also BPL not comparable with IPL, India's market is very much larger then BD market. But with limited market and resources and 12 years cricket experience BCB did very well. They deserve a bid hand.

Posted by TNAmarkFromIndia on (January 19, 2013, 11:15 GMT)

The_Ashes Really? We became the No. 1 Test team in the world in 2009, became the no. 1 ODIs team in the world in the same year and of course won the World Cup in 2011. All this happened after the IPL began in 2008. What has Bangladesh done since the BPL started? Reached the final of the Asia Cup? Which we have already won... 5 times. I find it funny that you make such a big deal of your win against India in the Asia Cup. Look at the. overall record. Played 24, India 21, Bangladesh 3. It took you 5 years to beat India in a match again and yet you're so full of yourself. That's alright though, I know you only have the expectations of a minnow team. That's all that Bangladesh will ever be.

Posted by Farhan020328 on (January 19, 2013, 3:34 GMT)

Pakistan have every reason to pull their players out. If the BCB had denied to tour Pakistan upfront, there would be no issue such as now. The non-professional behavior of BCB has only caused a degraded and useless BPL this year. As Pakistani players will take part in IPL this year (and I'm sure of that), they'll not be the looser. So, BCB ... Please try to be professional now-wards

Posted by The_Ashes on (January 18, 2013, 22:14 GMT)

@Dubai - Its funny that no player has still yet to achieve a 300 against either Zimbabwe or Bangladesh but loads score against India 329* :D

Posted by The_Ashes on (January 18, 2013, 22:13 GMT)

@TNAmarkFromIndia - No BPL is not useless because it helps our players and our International success after that event was evident but useless to people like you. I found IPL useless hope you ain't got a problem with that :)

IPL has done nothing for your Cricket which is why you lost to Bangladesh. Funny the same useless team where Sachin achieved 100 100s :)

BPL isn't wasting anyone time you need to be a lot clearer as IPL gets the most criticism than any other tournament. You're just saying that because you're scared and know Bangladesh Cricket can become a force so I'm glad to see :)

Posted by JACK.SPARROW on (January 18, 2013, 21:25 GMT)

BPL rocksss.... this season will be transparent and fair unlike last year becoz we all know the reason why..... so lets get the party started!!!

Posted by SapnerJadukar on (January 18, 2013, 19:05 GMT)

Sucessful 1st day of BPL. Will be getting much better in following days.

Posted by BowledYa on (January 18, 2013, 17:52 GMT)

If all you want from BPL is local players success and development, and not worldwide success, then why recruit 26 players from Pakistan? 5-6 top ones would have been sufficient. Follow the English county cricket which restricts the number of foreign players to allow more local players. The truth is you want to compete with IPL and be as glamorous. That's not gonna happen. Another truth - you don't believe people will come to watch if you don't have Pakistani and international players.

Posted by azirqusa on (January 18, 2013, 16:27 GMT)

Think 2014-T20-WC…..International T20'ers would be interested playing in Bangladeshi Condition….good prospect for BPL.

Posted by A.Awal on (January 18, 2013, 16:09 GMT)

To every critics, wait & watch, BPL will never down. BPL will be very much successful. Its good for Bangladesh cricket & good for cricket. Remember, after first BPL BD team qualified for ASIA cup final and win the series against WI. Wait for lot more.

Posted by TNAmarkFromIndia on (January 18, 2013, 15:04 GMT)

First the Bangladeshis say, "BPL is better than IPL. IPL has no Pakistani players." Now when there won't be Pakistani players in BPL, they're saying, "No big deal. IPL did well without Pakistani players." Lol, that's because we have cricketers from all parts of the country. The USP of the BPL was mostly the Pakistani players because the only big names that played in the BPL were from Pakistan. Now that they're not playing, BPL is useless. A waste of time and money.

Posted by Warm_Coffee on (January 18, 2013, 14:50 GMT)

@AHZ-Dubai: Is that it 6 teams? and you still have a ranking table some sport Cricket but I do agree you're right low ranked teams have been poor in Test Cricket but Test Cricket itself is losing interest even in your country. Even excluding Ban and Zim, teams like New Zealand and Sri Lanka are now struggling in tests that's the reality. What are you? :D

Posted by AHZ-Dubai on (January 18, 2013, 14:38 GMT)

@Coffee .It was the best available Bangladesh talent against which Gillespe scored the double hundred. Unfortunately cricket records have been devalued because of your team getting full Test Status. Now most statisticians analyse records and statistics by segregating performance against Top Class opponents and Bangladesh/Zimbabwe. For a cricket lover and a top player what matters is performance against real opponents not minnows. This is the actual fact and you cannot live in some nationalistic cocoon and deny the reality. What is required that ICC create a 2 tier cricket structure where Top 6 play amongst themselves and the Minnows only get to play real cricket if they show some performance.

Posted by Warm_Coffee on (January 18, 2013, 14:06 GMT)

@AHZ-Dubai: That Jason scored when the Bangladesh team was the most pathetic where hardly any player from today Bangladesh team played. A Bangladesh bowler at number 10 scored a 100 against West Indies, Stuart Broad scored a 169 against Pakistan far far better bowling attack. Jadeja failed in all the matches against Bangladesh.

Posted by AHZ-Dubai on (January 18, 2013, 13:38 GMT)

@007 and @ash07, the point is that getting old has been stars and never been Bangladeshi players to play 20 overs cricket to improve the standard of Bangladeshi cricket is not going to work. Sadly not even magic will make Bangladesh a competitive team. Also if you think Jadeja cannot score triple hundred against Bangladesh may I remind you that Jason Gillespe scored a double hundred against your team and he had never scored even a 50 since school cricket days!

Posted by mr_kowsar on (January 18, 2013, 12:03 GMT)

entertainment cricket playing in BPL wow

Posted by TheRisingTeam on (January 18, 2013, 11:31 GMT)

@Ash: Some people said there won't be a BPL 2 last year so yeah good luck to you. Doesn't matter whether flop or success, its our league for our players but glad you have issues :)

Posted by BOND_OO7 on (January 18, 2013, 10:54 GMT)

@dubai: we dont want bpl to be worldwide succes. We want to see the emergence of some promising youngsters. Its not about spending money lavishly and bringing in some superstars to make tournament successful and glamorous. Its just temporary entertaint but we want something that will have long lasting effect

Posted by SamAsh07 on (January 18, 2013, 10:51 GMT)

What a flop league, this is probably the last season, enjoy it.

Posted by ExtremeSpeed on (January 18, 2013, 10:45 GMT)

@Dubai: The same Ranji Trophy where Jadeja got 3 triple 100s but International level is nothing. Whether BPL is bad or good that's not the point, the point is that it helps Bangladesh players ignorance won't get you anywhere.

Posted by QingdaoXI on (January 18, 2013, 10:04 GMT)

To all Bangladeshi brothers, why to worry about Pakistani players if they are not coming to participate in BPL, even they are not allowed to participate in IPL, but bangladehi players like Shakib, Tamin, Ashraful, Mortaza have played IPL and every year IPL is rocking. So dont worry and help to make BPL more successful. Cricket is for Players, not vice-versa. The show must go on.

Posted by anshu.s on (January 18, 2013, 9:56 GMT)

Well BCCI after helping Bangladesh get test status has often been accused of not helping BD cricket .As an Indian i think BCCI should allow all Indian players who are not part of Indian team against English or those players not involved in Ranji matches should be allowed to play in BPL !!! Our Ranji one day competition dosen't start from 5th feb and this will only help them get much needed practice in highly competitve matches in front of huge crowds.Even if Indian players are there for 2 weeks it will help kickstart the BPL and help our Bangla brothers.I still wish PCB should have allowed Pak players to play especially those who are not stars , why deny them of livelyhood ?? BPL on it's part need to sort out the payment issues, it's allright making full payement to foreigners but please give local BD players there due at the same time ....

Posted by AHZ-Dubai on (January 18, 2013, 9:54 GMT)

BPL is a joke. Was last year and will be this year. Unless the host country has a talent pool that is world class you cannot have a world class tournament. Can any Bangladeshi fan truly say that if their team were to play in Ranji Trophy that they would be able to compete against the top Indian first class sides. We all know that Bangladesh is not a competitive side, never has been and never will be. How can any tournament featuring players from a country that has re written all cricketing records for losing and futility put up a show that anyone outside their country would be interested in?

Posted by Tiger_The_Hunter on (January 18, 2013, 6:52 GMT)

Out of last 43 completed ODI matches from July-2010 (for more than 2.5 yrs), BD has won 20 (46.5% win). If u consider only the stronger 8 teams only, Win% is 41.4%. Is that record looks like for a minnow? Is it called inconsistent? I think this record may not be great, but at least good for any teams. It is not fair to consider the older records as it was BD's building period. Out of 5 matches against PAK, we lost all (But 3 of them were very close; only luck & some close decisions might have turned those results)

I know, our Test performance is poor. But getting so little amount of matches per yr in recent times is not good enough for progressing. We will rock soon in this format also.

Posted by spiritoflegend on (January 18, 2013, 4:15 GMT)

BPL has been criticized many ways just for those who think it will hamper their own proceedings. if it creates negative impacts then players like kieron pollard even Bret lee never sign up at the last moment. last ni8 i read a interview one of the English cricketer josh cobb who is a also part of dhaka gladiators said that about BPL"It is massively frustrating that all the press build-up at home has been about pay. We are being treated like kings in a cricket-mad country. When you go for a net, there are guys who will bowl at you for as long as you want. The enthusiasm is incredible" i think that's enough to stop the critics against BPL.

Posted by BOND_OO7 on (January 18, 2013, 3:41 GMT)

@memon: do you know that tri-cycle part was the best segment of world cup ceremony! Many western media highly praised Bangladesh for that exceptional segment. Yes ,when there is people like you ,there will be criticism no matter how flawless it is.Becoz you dont know how to value a good job

Posted by   on (January 18, 2013, 2:55 GMT)

Peace to all We Pakistani's Love people from Bangladesh. We should also Love Indian and SriLankans as well. WE should have no hate for anyone period....... Now with the Cricket boards, it is... If you do this, we will do this kind of a situation. If you reverse the situation, the odds will be the same. Personally, I think BCB should have helped PCB by visiting PK, why, because Pakistan did a lot in the past to help BCB..seriously any sound minded Bangali Bro will tell you. Now to reply to few of the bros Reply to BOND_OO7: You are right about all big teams, such as Australia, India, Pakistan being Minnows at some point. However, Bangladesh team has been minnow for 15 years now. It is like a 20 years old little baby. So, think and research before you .. yes, write, Right? Reply to mizan_bd: I laughed so hard bro. You are so funny brother Peace to all

Posted by likeintcricket on (January 18, 2013, 2:50 GMT)

Crciket info staff just enjoying this tussle b/w Bangladesh and Pakistani fans. I ask all Pak fans to stop making comments about BPL. They have a right to improve their cricket just as Pak do. I wish success for both in the future.

Posted by Isaac7340 on (January 18, 2013, 2:02 GMT)

Welcome to the LAST SEASON of BPL.....

Posted by   on (January 18, 2013, 1:42 GMT)

@ JACK.SPARROW as far as hosting of worldcup 2011 is was as per icc requirments and standard you donnt have to brag about it..i do remember ur own media and indian media criticized for using tri-cycles in opening ceremony...

Posted by iNsiDers on (January 18, 2013, 1:39 GMT)

No One should play with such double standard Bangladeshi board. You can't trust them what they say. They have not even paid their own players, how will they pay overseas players? This is big flop already and might be the last season.

Posted by Dhanno on (January 18, 2013, 1:38 GMT)

@jack sparrow. that was funny ? So you say ICC came down to BD and said, hey guys you so amazing we trust you with this opening ceremony of WC. And then you proceeded to organize the opening ceremony which got second highest viewers! Dont you think the powers which run ICC (that is BCCI), decided to share the pie that is WC the way they felt fit. Then a billion indians watched that opening ceremony to make it the number second event (which according to cricinfo involved nigam singing out of tune tunes, some politician speeches, a guy trying on bangla and failing etc), and the more-on indians probably still watched the ceremony.

Now credit to organizing the event, really. But dont think you did it because you have some special status in cricket!

Posted by Crik_Fan on (January 18, 2013, 1:26 GMT)

All the best to BPL. Let the show begin and let the whinners do their job. Players from No country are indispensable.

Posted by wiseshah on (January 18, 2013, 1:18 GMT)

ICC is killing cricket. its becoming monopoly day by day. most of the world dont know abt cricket and ICC is not trying to spread the game. once kenya was rising, they even got into semi of wc but ICC didnt help. same thing they are doing with ireland and afghan. zimbabwe cricket is almost dead, so is NZ and WI. bangladesh is rising but not playing enough matches. it seems like only india, aus, saf and srilanka is playing whole year round. so cricket is limited to 4 countries now. plus pakistan security is not helping them either

Posted by wiseshah on (January 18, 2013, 0:32 GMT)

except afridi,ajmal, umar gul, shoib malik, umar and kamran akmal---rest are almost unknown. afridi and gul are not in best form. umar and kamran are inconsistent. shoib malik is not regular. i think BPL will miss only ajmal. rest are very unknown but due to popularity of pak player in BD, most BPL owner bought them but quality wise british and aussie and sl player are 100 times better plus irish stirling, kevin o brien and afghan nabi is world class

Posted by TheRisingTeam on (January 18, 2013, 0:14 GMT)

@Dynamite:- lool!! I remember some people probably you last year saying that there won't be a BPL 2 yeah sure what's next 3? 4? 100? lolz good luck! I mean PSL :D

Posted by hailianpak on (January 18, 2013, 0:03 GMT)

@BOND_OO7 Pak beat India in India in a test match in Pak's first test series after getting Test status in 1952. Pak beat Eng in Eng in 1953. Pak won test series against Australia and then against New Zealand in 1956. Then Pak beat WI in 1957.

So, Pak beat every top country in cricket within few years of getting Test Status. Its been 14 years since BD got Test Status and tell me How many test matches have BD won against top teams like PAK, Ind, SA, Aus, Eng, WI, NZ????? Even when Pak was a minnow, Pak didnt play like one. So grow up and improve ur cricket if u wanna compete in world cricket.

Posted by Ashique129 on (January 17, 2013, 23:26 GMT)

The subcontinent has 4 cricket crazy nations (totaling to about 1.5B in population)!! That consists perhaps 80% of cricket lovers who actually care. If we were united in our thoughts, words and actions, the rest of the "big fishes" would be obliging. But no, that cannot be. We, the fans in general, do not dare to be sympathetic to each another, or be gracious to send a nice complement. This article was about a local tournament - but it si so sad that so much bitterness and negative vibes are spread in some of the comments above! With such a mindset, good luck to the future of the cricket in the subcontinent.

On a second thought - cricketers of these four countries are not as aggressive and bitter against each other, which gives me hope that some day we the fans will follow.

Posted by Sohaibmirza on (January 17, 2013, 22:48 GMT)

if bangladeshi women team replaces pakistani women team in world cup then.battle starts .

Posted by taukingcricket on (January 17, 2013, 22:18 GMT)

i don't understand y Bangladesh board tries to prove their equivalency to other cricketing nation ,,its been over a decade since Bangladesh got test status and look at stats last time Bangladesh beat Pakistan apple and blackberry were just fruits :P ,it doesn't matter if tournament is a success or not , Pakistani players are most affordable and Bangladesh cricket has lost a crucial cricket ally and a chance to learn from Asian giants.

Posted by mizan_bd on (January 17, 2013, 21:58 GMT)

ohhh What a news !!!!! Simon katich will lead Duronto Rajsahi instead of dump Abdur Razzak .. thnx PCB for did not send your player, at least Rajsahi gets a good captain, they other Bangladeshi Player specially vice captain Tanim Iqbal will learn Something

Posted by mizan_bd on (January 17, 2013, 21:54 GMT)

BCB taking right decision, Thanx BCB for this kind of brave and good decision .. PCB is stupid board in cricket world. PCB will be all time winner if they send their most valuable player ... lol Pakistani player will come to play for money, no body came here for voluntary work, they can earn huge amount. what will be get PCB with this decision? 1) 26 pakistani player should not earn a single penny. 2) BCB stop thinking about Pak tour. PCB, you have to understand we(BD) are coming to lead .. yes, within short time, we won't have any time to asking you, only Hi/hello

Posted by   on (January 17, 2013, 21:36 GMT)

Its totally stupid to say BPL not gonna succeed because no Pakistanis are playing! Do you pakistani people think IPL is not succeeding without pak players??? Actually its better for us and we shoud try to brings some player from south africa,australia and england.

Posted by dontlikecricket on (January 17, 2013, 21:31 GMT)

So circus between PCB and BD supporters continues!!! I do not think not having Pak players is going to effect BD much. They have much bigger problem with PCA asking cricketers to be careful due to unpaid wages and poor management etc. With regards to BD fans gloating about Pak players not playing in IPL and now in BD T20 leagaue, I am not sure it proves much as Pak players continue to play in English and even in Aus leagues etc. Pak players have good pay structures and can afford not to play in some of the leagues. Having professional T20 structure does not necessary means improvement as Indian national team is a clear example. However I thought PCB should have let non test playing cricketers to play in BD. Test players would not have been sent to BD regardless if PCB and BD were on a good term as SA series is starting soon and players need more first class cricket to prepare themseleves. Test cricket is far more important then meaningless t20 competition.

Posted by Obaydur on (January 17, 2013, 21:25 GMT)

I personally believe nothing is valuable than a cricketer life.I would like to special thank Mr President of BCB,Brave decision.The security system in Pakistan getting worse day by day. Gang killing is common affair there. BPL is our domestic league, so we are not depend on other.Best of luck Bangladesh Premier League.Pakistani player are missing the chance to joint this competition and loosing earning opportunity.

Posted by MUNNA MALIK on (January 17, 2013, 21:18 GMT)

YES you people are right Bangladesh fan is very happy after Bngladesh woman team replace paksitani player and tag a 5 star sorry may be 7 star this edition of BPL.

Posted by JACK.SPARROW on (January 17, 2013, 21:09 GMT)

some people saying that bangladesh has no influence in world cricket. well, to these ignorant people , can you tell me a country's name which organizes World cup opening ceremony within eleven years of getting test status? its Bangladesh and that WC opening ceremony 2011 got the second place in rating after Beijing Olympics taking over FIFA world cup 2010 and Euro 2008 opening ceremony. its probably the best opening ceremony of WC cricket. Now we are looking forward to arranging 2014 t20 wc. if we had no influence in world cricket , then ICC wouldn't have trusted us with the responsibility of hosting cricket. Proud to be a Bangladeshi..

Posted by Afridynamite on (January 17, 2013, 21:05 GMT)

Without Pakistani players, we will see who will watch this tournament. This is the last season for BPL.

Posted by Obaydur on (January 17, 2013, 20:57 GMT)

I personally believe nothing is valuable than a cricketer life.I would like to special thank Mr President of BCB,Brave decision.The security system in Pakistan getting worse day by day. Gang killing is common affair there. BPL is our domestic league, so we are not depend on other.Best of luck Bangladesh Premier League.Pakistani player are missing the chance to joint this competition and loosing earning opportunity.

Posted by   on (January 17, 2013, 20:32 GMT)

Any major tournament grows in terms of its attraction of spectators and as the recent history suggests spectators are expected to get thrilled with or without Pakistani cricketers. I know there would be hick-ups but all those are temporary. IPL runs without them and did not lose its glamour at all. On the other hand, the issue that gets a solitary mention at the end of the paragraph might be a bigger one. The payment of players in time harms the reputation of the tournament and weakens the trust between organizers and cricketers. The payment issue, is by far, the only major problem BPL faces currently.

Posted by SizarBD on (January 17, 2013, 20:27 GMT)

The opening ceremony was fantastic with lots hopes. I heard franchises already got very good replacements but new players need a few days to reach BD. Other than Khulna, major teams didn't depend on players from a single country (Pak). So overall, this is going to be a huge success than last year.

@Mohammad Isam: Bro your report goes against your country, you reported as if the whole tournament is going to be a failure. 99% here considering it a huge tournament this year. Don't write based on what newspapers say, go outside and smell the crowd..and probably mingle with general cricket fans.

Posted by Dhanno on (January 17, 2013, 20:27 GMT)

How still some are blaming "foreign", "political" influence or showing up to BCCI is beyond me. If BCCI wanted to stop BD from touring Pak, why did they invite Pak for ODIs ? I bet BCCI would send their own players to BPL, if it gets guarantee of $150 million. The boards are run by politicians, all you are doing is playing politics for them and not supporting your country in any way.

Secondly, with all due respect this is like a minor D league, with lil cricketing prowess at display and slim chance of exposure to good cricket. Why would Pak send their players to such event (unless monetary compensation is involved). That brings us to third point: The money to players isnt guaranteed, with all the payment issues from last/ this year. Even Isam notes in his article "questions have been raised about integrity, value and productivity of BPL".

Basically it is an event which brings some fruits to organizers and nothing more. Well do enjoy it if this is what you call "sport".

Posted by BOND_OO7 on (January 17, 2013, 20:20 GMT)

some people saying that bangladesh has no influence in world cricket. well, to these ignorant people , can you tell me a country's name which organizes World cup opening ceremony within eleven years of getting test status? its Bangladesh and that WC opening ceremony 2011 got the second place in rating after Beijing Olympics taking over FIFA world cup 2010 and Euro 2008 opening ceremony. its probably the best opening ceremony of WC cricket. Now we are looking forward to arranging 2014 t20 wc. if we had no influence in world cricket , then ICC wouldn't have trusted us with the responsibility of hosting cricket. Proud to be a Bangladeshi...

Posted by Sohaibmirza on (January 17, 2013, 20:13 GMT)

some teams in BPL have just 11 players .if anyone of them injured them .who replace .i`m not coming for this because PCB does`t allow me .you can play Atif Aslam who is coming .

Posted by raheelrhl2 on (January 17, 2013, 20:03 GMT)

@HumzaRafaqat Dude even Im happy that PCB have given BCB their own dose bt one thing that really upsets me is that wish the pakistanis were a bit smart enough to understand who really are at loss. lol. Well let me help you guys sum it up. PCB didnt provide noc for players to play in BPL, result? Missed some handsome hard cash. result? No more paki players in BPL, BCL, DPL, Domestic cricket. Now? Now add some more hard cash to the ones you calculated before. And to be exact Bangladeshi boys arent visiting your country any soon bcz of your big mamas boys with the long pipes. Only thing Bangladesh will be missing are the quality paki bowling attack which we btw are already producing the likes of Abul Hasan. Good luck.

Posted by Innovater on (January 17, 2013, 19:59 GMT)

What is going on!!!!

Dear BCB,

I recommend you should apologise to PCB and agree to tour Pakistan and ask them to allow their highly entertaining players to play in BPL. Its for the betterment of Bangladesh because i think a true cricket lover would prefer to watch golf instead of BPL. So, Kindly think about it and hope that PCB would forgive all the things which happend in past with you guys.

I hope you do this for BPL sake and always remember that your team status is pretty low in international cricket you need all the support you can gain from a cricketing super power like Pakistan. Thanks

Posted by Alive2cu on (January 17, 2013, 19:59 GMT)

When pakistan lost to Bangladesh in 1999, the talks were all around the world that they lost the match intentionally so that bangladesh can get test status. We didn't give 7 votes but PCB every time supported Bangladesh cricket. wasim akram after the match said " its no shame in losing to our brothers".. The verdicts from Bangladesh camp were that we took revenge of 1971. Just see the mentality on ur side and on our part.. We paki fans still saying that the wrong thing was to commit and then to refuse when everything was set.. We suffered same thing as BCB today is suffering from. Still believe that pakistan should have sent their players because loss of BCB will not benefit PCB anyway. Fighting here isn't going to help anyway.. Both the boards again should sit together and find a solution to it which is beneficial for the countries.. Long Live Pakistan and very best of luck for BPL. We pakistani want bengali tigers to roar surely in the world of cricket (not against pk though:)

Posted by Shahrukhkazmi on (January 17, 2013, 19:52 GMT)

I used to back Bangladesh cricket a lot, every Pakistani did but they have shown there back to us every time we were the first one who voted for them to be a test playing nation but they have never supported us, This is great Stance by PCB. World knows that we have one of the greatest T20 players in the world right now.

Posted by BOND_OO7 on (January 17, 2013, 19:46 GMT)

@tokai69;aquline farnendez performed live

Posted by HumzaRafaqat on (January 17, 2013, 19:28 GMT)

Nice job by PCB ... PCB given BCB there own dose ... Really happy that they shows BCCI the status , where they belongs

Posted by Tokai69 on (January 17, 2013, 19:19 GMT)

Anybody knows the complete list of performers in the kick-off ceremony? I heard Runa Laila, Momtaz, James, Atif Aslam (pak) and Sunita Chohan (ind) were among them......

Posted by British_North_America on (January 17, 2013, 18:41 GMT)

Thanks syedzafar .I wish all Pakistanis were like you.

Posted by SapnerJadukar on (January 17, 2013, 18:37 GMT)

Millions of die heart Bangladeshi fans abroad and in the country will make BPL a success. We don't need help from any foreign country on this. Love my country..any thing that is good or bad related to it doesn't matter at all. Proud to be a Bangladeshi. And pak fans, be realistic.. BD cricket is here to stay..with or without your help cause they are backed by millions of true cricket fans around the world!!

Posted by syedzafar on (January 17, 2013, 18:28 GMT)

Best of luck to BPL. In the end it all boils down to whether the spectators are getting good competitive games to watch. Keep in mind, no one is indispensable. My advice is from next season, ask for the NOC from foreign players 'before' signing them in, as politics is raising its ugly head in our game of cricket.

-A well wisher from Pakistan.

Posted by warneneverchuck on (January 17, 2013, 18:22 GMT)

@ naseer shah. PCb has nothing to show to BCCi which is strongest in rhe world If u really want to show something then show the security in Pak otherwise u will never be able to host a match

Posted by warneneverchuck on (January 17, 2013, 18:19 GMT)

PaKl cricketers obviously want to play such leagues bcoz of their financial conditions but they r now not in BPL also. Afridi has again and again express his desire to play IPL but thats not goin to happen

Posted by BowledYa on (January 17, 2013, 18:18 GMT)

@ Shakib Diamond - Pakistanis don't have anything against Bangladesh people and fans. Most Pak people heavily supported you until recently. Loved to see you succeed in the Asia cup and they way your players played. We would be the happiest, apart from you, to see Bangladesh improve the level of cricket. Glad that Atif Aslam is touring. But the BCB two-face was shameful. No apologies to the Pak public, no guilt for backing off written commitment after security review, just plain politics. That's what angers Paksitanis and that's why we support the PCB decision-no question about that.

Posted by BowledYa on (January 17, 2013, 18:08 GMT)

Oh, so BPL wanted PCB to have told them earlier about the Pak players, after BCB backed out of their commitment twice? Cooperation is a two-way street, unless we are talking about BCB. Good luck with the BPL, you can do without 26 Pak players and Pakistan can certainly do without Bangladesh visiting. Bangla fans should ask their BCB which top cricketing countries are they invited to play in.

Posted by Naseer_shah on (January 17, 2013, 17:58 GMT)

Nice job by PCB ... PCB given BCB there own dose ... Really happy that they shows BCCI the status , where they belongs ..........

Posted by WestIndianInDA on (January 17, 2013, 17:56 GMT)

Our front line players cannot commit to this event since we have the ODI tour of Australia coming up at the end of January and ending in the middle of February. A few others are available once the Caribbean T20 is over.

Posted by Tiger_The_Hunter on (January 17, 2013, 17:53 GMT)

According to Somoy News, many PAK players have already shown their strong dissatisfaction on PCB's decision. Rashid latif also reacted angerly. These things were certain to happen after the childish & importunate decision by PCB

Posted by   on (January 17, 2013, 17:43 GMT)

BD board failed to fulfill their contentment under dirty political influence. I wish all the best for BPL but BCB lost their creditability. They din,t leave any option for PCB.good luck Pak& BD cricket team. BCB shame for being part of dirty political game played by an other country. long live PAKISTAN AND BANGLADEASH

Posted by Tiger_The_Hunter on (January 17, 2013, 17:09 GMT)

Just watching BD enjoying Atif Aslam's performance.PAK singer accepted cordially after the hectic war of the boards. But this is the character of BD. Showing positive mentality always - not mixing two different issues together. Feeling sorry for PAK cricketers for being deprived from BPL. Good luck BPL

Posted by   on (January 17, 2013, 17:08 GMT)

All the best to Question is it so much necessary to start in time if the franchise is not getting the enough time for replacement ? why not give some time like 7/8 days? i am afraid that if the payment issue like previous time comes up then it will be the worst. Next time will not find lots of well wishers for BPL. BCB should work with proper planning not with emotion or muscle or controversy. Isn't it!!!

Posted by AK47_pk on (January 17, 2013, 17:05 GMT)

Well bangladesi players are being deprived of playing quality bowlers so its their loss that they wont learn how to play quality bowling. They were not winning any matches but now they wont even stand a chance of competing

Posted by Rolling_in_The_Deep on (January 17, 2013, 17:03 GMT)

Pakistan Players are not short of opportunities. They play in SLPL, BBL, English County Season, South African T20 , NZ T20 .. So no worries on that. Infact its a blessing a disguise to not play another league as they have too much on their plate already.. as far as BPL is concerned, Live or Die or whatever its none of a concern for PCB or Pakistanis..

Posted by asiacricket1234 on (January 17, 2013, 16:52 GMT)

@AK47-PK: Aah really mate it is hurting u as asian cricket fan. Aww.... So sad. BW do u know what should hurt u more when some so call good team goes out & fix match than they deny doing that. After all that drama they go to Jail too. That embarrassed the whole cricket world. People like U. U really can't stand that ur neighbour country doing well do u? Stop whining bcz thats not gonna change anything

Posted by shadeen_71 on (January 17, 2013, 16:33 GMT)

thank you @liaqathussain... u are the only pakistani so far who has commented some good for BPL... thanks for your goodwill brother...

Posted by bdsmaruf on (January 17, 2013, 16:29 GMT)

i am agree with lut4rahman,As Mohammad Isam is pakistani, so he is biased, please read same news from other sources, you will find something different, all i see on his article is just criticize BPL

Posted by lut4rahman on (January 17, 2013, 16:28 GMT)

if you guys have minimum idea what bangladeshi people or bcb think, you would not comment like this. this is a bangladeshi league so failure or success will depend on them. not on pakis, as long as crowd is happy it will survive, if you follow bangladeshi media they are saying it may cause temporary problem, but from next edition, there will be no pak player, so they cant see any problem

Posted by Warm_Coffee on (January 17, 2013, 16:25 GMT)

@Rahman: Dude Mohammad Isam is a Bangladeshi not a Pakistani.

Posted by liaqathussain on (January 17, 2013, 16:16 GMT)

as a Pakistani i don't think pulling the player will effect bpl but over all BPL would need to improve allot from last years scandals to stay afloat, or it could end up like the Srilaka premier league, which no one watched,

good luck Bangladesh , personally i don't know what to make of this whole situation and league but i wish bpl best of luck,

from pakistan

Posted by shadeen_71 on (January 17, 2013, 16:05 GMT)

the pak supporters are simply missing the point...their players are not allowed to play in IPL anymore...they are also absent in SPL or Big Bash..It was BD who always ensured their presence in internal cricket league...The pak board acted foolish...if they dont wanna send their players,...ok then,we dont need them...BPL will go is certain...

Posted by lut4rahman on (January 17, 2013, 16:02 GMT)

this years' opening ceremony is much better than the last one, lets see how the whole tournament goes

Posted by lut4rahman on (January 17, 2013, 15:52 GMT)

As Mohammad Isam is pakistani, so he is biased, please read same news from other sources, you will find something different, all i see on his article is just criticize BPL

Posted by Qadeer_Dayo on (January 17, 2013, 15:34 GMT)

I think it was a good step from PCB, a board who cant stand on its promise deserve this sort of response, which is done by PCB. Pakistan always supported the BCB at so many instances but in return what BCB done to Pakistan.So we support the PCB decision & decision of omission of Pakistani players will affect this edition of BPL.

Posted by faizan_feroz on (January 17, 2013, 15:27 GMT)

to all those bd fans who think that the last minute withdrawal was to stop the league then that is a very foolish thought as 26 players of foreign nationality cudnt stop a local league, secondly bcb didnt do it fullest to urge the pcb to send the players so both the boards were fair on the decision taken by them , 3rdly witout pak players the only two prob will arise will be shortage of qualit plyers due to which a bit less profit , and a lesser challenge for the locals ! nothng other than that , the leagu is for bds not for any other so plx brng some sense into the arguments !

Posted by ExtremeSpeed on (January 17, 2013, 15:23 GMT)

BPL is for specifically for Bangladeshi's to see our players. This second edition will give our players even more confidence to take on players from other countries.

Posted by AK47_pk on (January 17, 2013, 15:21 GMT)

Very well written. Im worried about players coming to play as they wont get any money. This is really bad for asian cricket. India pakistan nd srilanka build asian cricket repurltation with years of hard work nd bd is destroying it. Asian cricket council plz take notic of this situation. It hurts as an asian cricket fan.

Posted by   on (January 17, 2013, 15:11 GMT)

Its funny to see some foreigners acting as if BPL is some low class international league ! Breaking news : THIS IS A BANGLADESHI LEAGUE FOR PEOPLE OF BANGLADESH.

So if pakis pull out or gets banned doesnt matter aslong Bangladeshis enjoy the match. Pakis can go to anywhere they want

Posted by BOND_OO7 on (January 17, 2013, 15:09 GMT)

How culprit PCB is! Their intention was to make BPL a flop one by withdrawing their players at the very last moment. Yes, their will be some problems in managing players but i hope BCB will get over this situation soon. After seeing this kind of unprofessionalism from PCB, other country should raise abhorrence of PCB . Thats for sure

Posted by real26_03 on (January 17, 2013, 15:08 GMT)

Nice to see BPL going wihout pakistani players.. And yes withdrawl of the Pakistani players wouldnt have been a problem if PCB confirmed it earlier.. And this League was created to benifit the players of Bangladesh.. And Lastly excitement didnt decrease a bit in Bangladesh even with the withdrawl of Pakistani players!!

Posted by Green_Team on (January 17, 2013, 14:55 GMT)

I dont think It will much affect on BPL . . BD fans will make this event succesful rather than BPL players . . Best of luck BPL ! :)

Posted by durjoy96 on (January 17, 2013, 14:52 GMT)

The BPL governing council should solve the problems as quickly as they can.

Posted by TheRisingTeam on (January 17, 2013, 14:27 GMT)

Pakistani still failed to stop BPL in that last ditched effort great to see. I agree with the article, 100 million Bangladesh fans is already plenty and this league has been specifically designed for us Bangladeshi's so I don't understand what some people problem is maybe they have issues with us sad really. The good thing is that most of the franchise apart from 2 are not relying on Pakistani players as much but already have replacements now. This tournament is for almost 4 weeks so the first week shouldn't cause much fuss so can't wait to see our players again in action all the best.

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