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Abdur Razzak adds voice to payments issue

Mohammad Isam

January 31, 2013

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Abdur Razzak keeps his eyes on the football, Chittagong, December 8, 2010
Abdur Razzak is the latest player to voice his unhappiness at not being paid by his BPL team © Associated Press

Rangpur Riders captain Abdur Razzak has said his team's players have been playing "free of cost" in this season of the Bangladesh Premier League because they haven't been paid yet. Razzak's comments come a day after Owais Shah, the Dhaka Gladiators batsman, complained he had not been paid the first installment (25%) of his $75,000 paycheck.

The Riders are third in the tournament with three wins, after they went down to Sylhet Royals by five wickets on Thursday.

"Our focus is bound to be hampered," Razzak said. "The foreign players in my team are feeling insecure. Our owner has told us the payments will be cleared before the second round. It would be great if it happens because we are all professional cricketers. We have played free of cost so far, so there have been discussions among the players."

Razzak said he hoped the owners understood that cricket was the only source of income for most of the players, but wasn't certain he would see all the money. "I am not saying that I will be playing free of cost but if I had to, it wouldn't be a good situation. What will be my livelihood? I have spent my life in cricket.

"Truth be told, I am not confident about payment. If I say I am confident, I might not get paid, and if I say I won't get paid, they may clear the payment."

Shah had said that he received the remittance slip from the Bangladesh board but the amount had not been credited into his account. ESPNcricinfo was also told that Shah was just one of many players not to have been paid.

Tim May, the the chief executive of the Federation of International Cricketers' Associations (FICA), said that players' patience with the organisers had worn thin and there was possibility of a boycott if the payments were not made.

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Posted by Energetic. on (February 2, 2013, 10:50 GMT)

@bigdhonifan - No!! there will be many more BPL editions but GOOD LUCK!!! same people last year said there won't be a BPL 2 but completely wrong :)

Posted by JACK.SPARROW on (February 1, 2013, 21:05 GMT)

Being a BD fan, i am also frustrated with BCB. But tim may is crying much.BPL is only half way through.let the tournament finish first.

Posted by dulabhai on (February 1, 2013, 18:12 GMT)

People learn from their mistakes but BCB does not. Year after year they are repeating same thing. BCB is ruining Bangladesh cricket's future. It's time to run BCB by some professionals not by rulling party's people.

Posted by Energetic. on (February 1, 2013, 12:29 GMT)

I don't know the exact story of these payment issues but if what these payment articles say is true then I really hope all this is sorted out fast because really they had the organisers and board a year to sort all this out which is plenty of time plus BPL 2 has finally liven up with very good matches and crowd despite the last minute pull out by Pakistanis. Also most of the players and especially foreign ones are enjoying their time together based on what I have seen on the matches on tv and doing everything to play their best and bring in good games and deserve to get paid on time. Its do or die for BPL 2 if these controversies are still lurking around.

Posted by Baundele on (February 1, 2013, 9:28 GMT)

Both Wise Shah and Alfonso Thomas are playing this match. So, they did not boycott as predicted by FICA and Cricinfo Bangladesh correspondent.

Posted by Warm_Coffee on (February 1, 2013, 8:14 GMT)

I don't know who's telling the truth but banking systems varies for each country. Some transfers can take within 24 hours while others several days but I do agree this is totally unacceptable and plane wrong.

I remember a lot of 'worried' people last year saying there won't be a BPL 2 but were wrong and again they will be wrong like always. We know you guys are afraid what BPL can do to our players but its too late now GOOD LUCK!! though so far so safe :)

Posted by Raziulnur on (February 1, 2013, 7:40 GMT)

I feel so bad that outsiders are pointing out BD. This a great shame and disappointing. I can't work more than a month without payment then how come these players will play without payment. If there is any funding problem then they must sit and discuss the whole issue with players. If not 25% then at least (15-20)% should have been paid by now. This is the biggest issue and BCB must solve it now otherwise players will boycott and BPL will be postponed. BCB & clubs must think about the BD's image. This will also hamper our reputation as a cricketing nation. I want BPL a real success.

Posted by faizan_feroz on (February 1, 2013, 6:50 GMT)

kzaman . as of ipl , each team or franchise has to pay a certain fix deposit amount at the start of every season , so even if a franchises doesnt pay the players the deposit amount is big enuf to pay them for years , ipl is the mother of all leagues whether any 1 in pak bd likes it or not !

Posted by Whatsgoinoffoutthere on (January 31, 2013, 23:08 GMT)

So not just an overseas player issue for the flagship and internationally envied* BCB T20 tournament.


Posted by SyedAreYouDumb on (January 31, 2013, 18:20 GMT)

Sort it out BPL. I thought it was sorted but I had a feeling it will happen again. If it wants more quality foreign players... give the players their MONEY!!

Posted by da_man_ on (January 31, 2013, 18:14 GMT)

Kinda glad the Pakistani players stayed from this mess lol.

Posted by kzaman on (January 31, 2013, 18:10 GMT)

Whatever the last year's payment??? Everybody has got it; haven't they?? At least every foreign players have received every committed penny. This year also everybody will get the payment. But everybody has got the chance to defame Bangladesh Cricket due to the poor management of BCB. They have showed very unprofessional attitude.

But at the same time, Tim May seems shouting too much. Where was he when there was payment hassles in last year's IPL? RCB & Deccan also didn't pay timely. I am not sure whether they have paid totally yet or not. But Tim May didn't say anything that time. He was completely mum. Is this because India is mightier???

Posted by British_North_America on (January 31, 2013, 17:37 GMT)

I think BCB's focus shifted from payment to Pakistani players issue for the last two weeks.Actually 26 players did not come and 20+ new players come with different terms and condition as they are not auctioned players.However, it is better that payment issue arises during the tournament rather than at the end of the tournament.

Posted by   on (January 31, 2013, 17:07 GMT)

FICA is the Professional cricketers association. Most of the cricketers including Bangladesh players are the member of this organization. They look after the welfare of cricketers when any dispute about payment or other problems happen. BCB should work with FICA to short out problems. Blaming and taking stance against FICA is just like one of the unprofessional manner for BCB. When BD top players like Shakib, Tamim, Nasir, Mushfiq, Razzaq are constantly showing dissatisfaction regarding BPL payment issues then it is understandable that what is happening with young stars and other home cricketers. then How a young star be motivated? BPL is all about entertainment and money. BD cricket will not get anything else from BPL and only long term success lies on strong first class structure.

Posted by saifur.raffael on (January 31, 2013, 16:43 GMT)

Why just blaming FICA??? Why not clearing the dues rather than saying this and that?? We could understand that the previous edition was the inaugural BPL so they had some problems, but now it's the second edition they r experienced now and should know what were the mistakes of the 1st edition . If they still have problems then as a Bangladeshi I don't think that the BPL governing council and the BCB has the capabilities yet to host such a mega franchises t20 event. I would want the BPL to be shut down rather than making negative impacts on the country and the BCB itself.

Posted by   on (January 31, 2013, 16:40 GMT)

This is very much disappointing that a tournament like BPL is going downwards for negative controversy. It is better for BCB, first make a well preparation then start the tournament in a planned framework and finish it with perfect execution. Someone inside BCB think that, somehow starting and finishing the tournament is the key but that is not. It is not always true that BPL needs the highest quality players as always. It can be bigger gradually with times but planned preparation is the key. Beside knowing unavailability of Pakistani players taking the decision at eleventh hour, high price of tickets, lack of prepared T20 suitable wickets, less marketing from organizers to pull crowd at stadium, breaking several commitments for payment issues, communication gaps, blaming games, lack of professionalism, lack of actions against franchises fault are some of the disorganization in this BPL.

Posted by tickcric on (January 31, 2013, 16:08 GMT)

If the ICC can make money from events like CWC, WT20 without throwing it open to franchises (not yet that is, good god why did I mention this!) why can't the individual Boards do the same with their own domestic T20 leagues? Why do they need franchises to start with? ... Another thing when T20 came to place World Cricket never even thought about giving the cricket clubs their due. Clubs have a historical & permanent connection with the game. I think T20 played under the aegis of Clubs would have been much better for the sport.

Posted by MAN_AT_WORK on (January 31, 2013, 16:05 GMT)

Some people give Bangladesh a bad name !!

Posted by abs.liton on (January 31, 2013, 15:40 GMT)

This is really shame for BCB and BPL committee. This should be finished through a right solution. Otherwise, next time overseas players won't play.

Posted by bigdhonifan on (January 31, 2013, 15:39 GMT)

So this will be the last BPL.

Posted by British_North_America on (January 31, 2013, 15:34 GMT)

Why always talk about FICA?Why?why? why?Who are they????????????????

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