Bangladesh Premier League - 28th match

Dhaka Gladiators v Rangpur Riders

Dhaka Gladiators won by 88 runs


Edwards to Dilshan, no run, good length delivery, angling away from Dilshan, beaten


Edwards to Dilshan, no run, good length delivery pitching on off, defended off the front foot to off side


Edwards to Dilshan, FOUR, good length on middle and off, Dilshan whipped off his pads to the midwicket boundary


Edwards to Dilshan, FOUR, short of length delivery on middle and off, Dilshan pulls of his backfoot to the midwicket boundary


Edwards to Dilshan, 1 leg bye, good length delivery, drifting on the pads, struck pads past short fine leg


Edwards to Mohammad Ashraful, 1 run, short delivery on middle and leg, plays with soft hands for a single

Dhaka Gladiators 10/0   FH Edwards 1-0-9-0


Edwards to Dilshan, FOUR, short delivery on off, Dilshan pulls it to midwicket boundary, lovey shot!


Edwards to Dilshan, no run, low full toss outside off, Dilshan gets an outside edge, fall short of the keeper


Edwards to Dilshan, 1 run, almost a yorker on the leg, Dilshan manages to keep his bat down and plays back towards the bowler for a single


Edwards to Mohammad Ashraful, 2 runs, fuller length delivery, around off, he slices it between covers and extra cover for a couple


Edwards to Mohammad Ashraful, FOUR, another full toss on middle and leg, he manage to play it between square and midwicket fielder for a boundary


Edwards to Mohammad Ashraful, no run, short of length delivery, outside off, Ashraful went for a swing, no contact, through to the keeper

Dhaka Gladiators 29/0   FH Edwards 2-0-20-0
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