Bangladesh Premier League, 28th Match: Dhaka Gladiators v Rangpur Riders at Dhaka, Feb 5, 2013
Dhaka Gladiators won by 88 runs
5 February 2013 - night match (20-over match)

Nasir Hossain to Anamul Haque, SIX, nothing wrong with the delivery, a bit fuller, he came down the pitch and lofts it over long-on for the first six of the innings

Dhaka Gladiators 60/2   Anamul Haque 16* (11b 1x4 1x6)   Nasir Hossain 1.2-0-11-0

Nasir Hossain to Shakib Al Hasan, SIX, flatter angling away, he sweeps it over the deep square leg for a huge one, that went miles into the crowds

Dhaka Gladiators 71/2   Shakib Al Hasan 19* (10b 2x4 1x6)   Nasir Hossain 2-0-22-0

Mohammad Sharif to Shakib Al Hasan, SIX, really incredible, fuller length, outside off, he went across and slammed it over midwicket, that is huge

Dhaka Gladiators 89/2   Shakib Al Hasan 31* (14b 3x4 2x6)   Mohammad Sharif 1.2-0-18-0

Murad Khan to Anamul Haque, SIX, tossed up on off, Anamul comes down the track and hit it high towards the sight-screen

Dhaka Gladiators 105/2   Anamul Haque 32* (21b 2x4 2x6)   Murad Khan 1.4-0-13-1

Taposh Ghosh to Stevens, SIX, tossed up outside off, lofts it over midwicket

Dhaka Gladiators 137/3   DI Stevens 10* (5b 1x6)   Taposh Ghosh 1-0-15-0

Borgas to Stevens, SIX, length delivery on the leg, slammed it over midwicket, lovely hit

Dhaka Gladiators 155/3   DI Stevens 26* (12b 1x4 2x6)   CJ Borgas 0.3-0-10-0

Nasir Hossain to Anamul Haque, SIX, full toss outside leg, and that's got the treatment, he lofted it over fine leg

Dhaka Gladiators 176/3   Anamul Haque 62* (40b 4x4 3x6)   Nasir Hossain 3.3-0-39-0

Nasir Hossain to Anamul Haque, SIX, this time full outside off, and he picks it and lofted it over long-on

Dhaka Gladiators 182/3   Anamul Haque 68* (41b 4x4 4x6)   Nasir Hossain 3.4-0-45-0

Hyatt to Anamul Haque, SIX, short delivery outside off, he went fiercely at it and pulls it over square leg for a huge six

Dhaka Gladiators 193/3   Anamul Haque 79* (44b 5x4 5x6)   DP Hyatt 0.1-0-6-0

Mohammad Sharif to Cobb, SIX, another slow bouncer around off, he pulls it over midwicket for a six to end the innings with a good note and that's the highest ever total in the history of BPL. lovely hitting all around

Dhaka Gladiators 217/4   JJ Cobb 7* (3b 1x6)   Mohammad Sharif 3-0-35-0





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Hours of play (local time) 19.30 start, First Session 19.30-20.50, Interval 20.50-21.10, Second Session 21.10-22.30

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