Bangladesh v NZ, 2nd Test, Mirpur, 3rd day October 23, 2013

'Can't get too ahead of myself' - Anderson


As a kid, Corey Anderson would swing his bat around and bowl in his Christchurch backyard, hoping, one day, to follow in the footsteps of his hero, Chris Cairns.

As he grew older and progressed through age-group and first-class cricket, shoulder and groin injuries almost robbed Anderson of his dream. But on Wednesday, he took a firm first step to claiming the allrounder's spot in the New Zealand side, helped by the maiden hundred in only his second Test.

"It took me a lot longer in first-class cricket," Anderson said, "But I guess I have learned my trade. To get it this early is satisfying, and obviously a good feeling to score a hundred for your country. I still had a little bit of luck today, a few edges and misfields. To have it this early on, it has put me in a good head space. It feels like you belong, but I can't get too ahead of myself."

On the third day, Anderson walked into a situation that Bangladesh were looking to exploit. After play on the second day, Shakib Al Hasan had mentioned the importance of dismissing Ross Taylor and Kane Williamson as Bangladesh sought to take control.

One half of that plan worked out early in the first session on the third day when Shakib dismissed Taylor with the score at 127 for 4. The other half depended on how quickly they could remove Williamson, or manage to isolate him by taking wickets at the other end. Anderson, after struggling early on, ensured that New Zealand were safe for the rest of the session.

"They bowled well, so Kane had to adjust and soak up the pressure," Anderson said. "I wasn't feeling that I was stuck. I thought the runs will come after a little while. Once you started playing a few shots, the field started moving around. It felt like we were going on top as the day went on. It's good to have a position where we have ended up."

He hit his first boundary off the 33rd ball he faced having scored five until then. By lunch, he had moved to 75, dominating the partnership with Williamson, New Zealand's leading run-getter on the tour. The Northern Districts team-mates put together 140 runs for the fifth wicket and Williamson kept calming Anderson down during the stand.

"We are in Northern Districts together, so it was nice batting with someone with whom I bat often," Anderson said. "He's a good player; he helps you through every over. He told me what I needed to do. I am someone who gets carried away when I am hitting the ball. He knows me well enough to mention a couple of things, and rein me back in."

As he moved closer to his hundred, Anderson coped well with the weather conditions. There was no sun of course, making it easier for him than it was in Vizag last month, when he scored a hundred for New Zealand A against India A, and Anderson said that acclimatisation had helped.

"Having a warm-up in India was perfect," he said. "It was very hot in Vizag when I got that hundred. Even though it was humid here, it wasn't quite as hot. It held me in good stead that I went through a decent amount of time."

A century from a New Zealand allrounder draws comparison with some of the country's memorable names. For Anderson, the goal is to emulate Cairns as the go-to guy for his team.

"Chris Cairns was always my idol as I was growing up," he said. "I based my game around him. I always wanted to be Chris Cairns when I played in the backyard. It was postponed for a long time with my injuries, but now my body has started to mature. I want to put my hand up and be that allrounder in that squad. If I can get runs and take wickets where I can, I will be happy."

New Zealand have had a few performers on this tour and it's a good sign for the team. On previous tours, Daniel Vettori and Brendon McCullum had done well. On this tour, audiences in Bangladesh are learning about Williamson, Peter Fulton, BJ Watling, Trent Boult and, now, Anderson.

Mohammad Isam is ESPNcricinfo's Bangladesh correspondent. He tweets here

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  • joe on October 24, 2013, 9:16 GMT

    @ Andy parry -I dont think Ross is the answer either. I would like nothing more then Brendon to rediscover his good form shown earlier in the year and work out his game in my opinion he is the best man to captain NZ just needs to score runs more consistently because he does have the ability. For me personally I would like to see Ryder open with Rutherford Fulton hasn't done alot wrong but as soon as he is on a pitch dats doing a little bit he doesn't seem to have any answers. Example tour to England this match. And also Ryder does need to prove himself once again but I'm sure he will but I dont think he can walk straight back in. We also have guptill knocking on the door southee to come back. NZ summer of cricket is shaping up nicely

  • jared on October 24, 2013, 9:16 GMT

    @ choppa13, i'd be happy with someone like watling taking the top job, he commands his spot in the team, pretty cool customer under pressure, williamson would be the logical choice but he has to get his batting right before taking on the extra burden of captain, you can't go back to taylor even though i think out of all of them he's the most qualified and actually won test matches, if he lost the dressing room like everyone said he did then it would be hard for him to rally the troops behind him, taylor deserves it but we need to move on, mccullum is failing to much and no longer deserves his spot in the batting order so if i was coach i'd give it to watling, desperate measure but can we tolerate constant failure.

  • SCOTT on October 24, 2013, 5:18 GMT

    Hmm.. seems some nz fans have short memories,and cant wait to put the boot into maccullum. Convenient to forget how good maccullum was at home vs england. Fact is nz have looked a lot better with maccullum at the helm. Form will come and go, but maccullum is the best captain

  • Manoj on October 24, 2013, 4:34 GMT

    Although i didnt watch the game its nice to know that nz has found an alrounder which is a rare breed these days. I dont understand why nz fans are talking about bringing Ryder into team. Everyone is performing except captain and Ryder has to regain fitness & score heavily in domestic cricket. It will be good if Nz bring one or two young players more into test team.

  • Dummy4 on October 24, 2013, 3:54 GMT

    Choppa I agree with you mate. KW is probably our best guy for consistent centuries (especially if he keeps doing well in county cricket) but in the same vein would you really give it back to Ross? I would really prefer to see him concentrating purely on his batting and consistently turning out runs for us. I am going to pull a name out of left field and say give Watling a go at captain. He seems to be a good keeper, a decent batsmen and quite calm under pressure.

    But we can bleat about McCullum all we want because I doubt his place is in danger with Hesson as coach.

  • joe on October 24, 2013, 1:30 GMT

    With Ryder coming into the mix I thought Andersons spot was most up for grabs but after his performance in this innings he could be a long term all rounder option(here's hoping) mccullum is under performing at the moment but who else could captain NZ. Kane is vice captain but he can't be promoted to the top job as I feel he needs to keep concentrating on his batting so he can become the batsman we all know he's capable of. So it all comes back to the Ross Taylor saga. If not Brendon then who else can captain NZ? NZ fans please comment

  • Peter on October 24, 2013, 1:18 GMT

    corzaNZ I agree with you mate, right now McCullum should make way for Ryder.

  • Corey on October 23, 2013, 20:09 GMT

    Great innings from Anderson. Its early days yet but we may have found our All Rounder for the future it makes for interesting selections when Ryder is back. Fulton, Rutherford, Williamson, Taylor, McCullum, Anderson. Where would Ryder fit in? I know who i would replace, but that is never gonna happen.

  • Dummy4 on October 23, 2013, 17:43 GMT

    Seems that New Zealand have found a genuine all rounder in the making. He seems comfortable in both roles although I feel NZ may have under-bowled him a bit. If he keeps developing himself he might find himself in contention for the leading allrounder spot against Shakib Al Hasan in 4-5 years time