Bangladesh v West Indies, 3rd ODI, Chittagong October 17, 2011

Sammy intent on completing series sweep

ESPNcricinfo staff

Darren Sammy, the West Indies captain, has said his side isn't going to let up in the third ODI on Tuesday, despite having already claimed the one-day series. West Indies won the second game in Mirpur by eight wickets to take an unassailable 2-0 lead in the three-game series.

"We still got a job to do," Sammy said. "We win the series 3-0 and we get four ranking points so it's a very important match. It's not about revenge but going out there putting up a professional display. We win the series 2-1, we get no points. We win it three-love, that's four points."

One of the team's stated goals is to make their way up the one-day ranking ladder before the 2015 World Cup, and a sweep here would get them started. West Indies are currently eighth in the ODI rankings, nine points behind New Zealand.

Although they won the first two games with ease, Sammy said there was still work to be done. "I thought the lower order batted very well in the last game but we, including myself, dropped a few catches. We had them under 60 for 5, we could have restricted them to under 120."

The seamers have done most of the damage for West Indies, despite the pitches in Bangladesh normally being more conducive to spin, and Sammy said that was testimony to their discipline and perseverance. "Bangladesh normally have spinning wickets. We back our bowlers. When you bowl fast, you do that on every wicket. We control what we can, our line and lengths. We are disciplined."

Bangladesh have won their last four games in Chittagong but West Indies are determined to end that streak. "We prepared well, so it improves our chances to win," Sammy said. "The team is slowly gelling together."

Lendl Simmons and Marlin Samuels have been the two form batsmen for the visitors. Simmons made a hundred in the first game before narrowly missing out in the second, while Samuels made an aggressive, unbeaten 88 in the second game to see West Indies home. "He's [Simmons] matured over the years," Sammy said. "He had a break from international cricket. Playing first-class cricket and Champions League has given him exposure and he's been consistent."

Samuels, who returned to international cricket earlier this year following a two-year ban, was also singled out for praise. "Before he had a two-year break from international cricket he was playing very well for us. He's a natural strokemaker. He took a few games to get back into his own. The work he has put in for somebody who has been out from cricket for two years is tremendous."

Batting coach Desmond Haynes was another who received credit for the improved displays from West Indies. "Haynes has done some good work since the Pakistan series," Sammy said. "It's good to see that the guys are showing in the middle what they're practicing in the nets.

"So far our fast bowlers have taken the wickets. So far we've been batting well and we lost only six wickets in two one-dayers. It hasn't happened in a long time. Credit to the guys and how the coach has incorporated a professional culture in the team. It's all well for West Indies cricket."

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  • Dummy4 on October 18, 2011, 13:01 GMT

    Did Sammy complete the series sweep ?

  • PATRICK on October 18, 2011, 8:36 GMT

    If "We still got a job to do," as Sammy said, then why have 3 key players, Rampaul, Simmons and Bishoo been rested for this match? This simply defies logic. And no, they do not need resting for fear of burning out before the Test series. Besides, Simmons is not in the Test squad. I just hope they know what they're doing with this change, and they still win.

  • vijeth on October 18, 2011, 5:48 GMT

    Dear Sammy Critics! Give a thought for a man who took up a very difficult job and has been fairly successful in binding the team together! Statistics may lie - yet, Sammy's record - especially in tests is a fair one. It is better than that of WI strike bowlers. You always need a person like him in the team. One team man like Sammy is worth more than 2 who play only for themselves - look at Pakistan! If you're truly a WI fan, then you should be appreciating that they are winning more off late than maybe 2 or 3 years ago. Isn't it?

  • Senthil on October 18, 2011, 3:30 GMT

    West Indies team have lot of talents who can bring there team at top.

    WICB needs to take the below actions to be at the top in rankings.

    1. Sammy is a good team player,motivator and captain. But he needs to improve his batting and score consistently to be in the final 11. 2. Gayle issue needs to be fixed quickly 3. Combination of experienced and young players are must. Team have good young players like L.Simmons, A.Barath, K. Roach, D.Bravo & K. Pollard. 4. L.Simmons or D.Bravo must be developed as a professional wicket keeper to add an extra player in the team

    My XI: D.Sammy(Cap), C.Gayle, L. Simmons, DW. Bravo, DJ Bravo, A.Barath,M. Samuels, K. Roach, F. Edwards, R. Rampaul, D. Bishoo, K. Pollard, S. Narine, K. Cooper, A.Rusell

    S.Chanderpaul, B. Nash and R. Sarwan needs to be added to Test team

    6. Important point Coach O. Gibson needs to be changed and admin problems need to be fixed. Bring in Phil Simmons as a coach. Let the legends of WI cricket run the administration.

  • Simon on October 18, 2011, 0:36 GMT

    Sammy is a decent cricketer, but does need to improve. His attitude is fantastic though, and I would rather have him in my team than a more naturally talented but less committed player. Give me someone who'll give 100% every time.

  • Dummy4 on October 17, 2011, 21:43 GMT

    PLease evan a blind man can see sammy does not belong in the team as captain.

    He is not a sure pick for all games.

    Each time he plays he keeps back a player who has earned a pick in the final XI.

  • Simon on October 17, 2011, 20:47 GMT

    The West ndies team is settling into a professional unit, and Sammy and the management team must be given a lot of credit. This despite all the negative comments from the Sammy distractors (including the Trini Posse ofcourse). One can't help but notice that those distractors did not see it fitting to congratulate Sammy for leading the team to an even more comprehensive victory in the last ODI, than Ramdin did in the first. But, as one could remember, they were all jumping and praising Ramdin. Such is the bias that has consumed them. Anyway, let it be known that Sammy will remain as captain despite all the negatives, as, under him the team is playing its best cricket (as a team) for the last 10 years. On another note, it is worrying that Barath (at age 21) is breaking down so often with hamstring problems. Food for thought, Trini Posse.

  • Baundule on October 17, 2011, 19:09 GMT

    West Indies are playing good cricket in this series. At the start they were not ahead by much. But Bangladesh are playing their usual poor cricket, far below their ability. Wrong team selections are hurting both teams. Bangladesh are doing all the permutations and combination within a fixed set of players, most of whom are already proven failures. West Indies's problems are more well known to the world. Expecting a Bangladeshi win to give something to the fans.

  • Earl on October 17, 2011, 18:03 GMT

    I wish that the coach could help Sammy with his batting and catching....both are unacceptable.He is always praising the coach.Simmons and Samuel were good before he came.Both were given raw deals by WICB.Simmons should of been give a chance against England Barath and him put on over 200 opening against them.Samuel should never had been suspended for 2 yrs.Waugh and Warne were never suspended.Cricket Australia tried to hide it instead.But WI we have to be pure when it comes to been against our players.

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