Interview by Henry Cowen

Big Bird himself, the massive

A hero of the 1979 World Cup final, Joel Garner looks back at his performance in that match, and generally at putting the fear of God into people

Paul Terry, batting with a broken arm, keeps out a Joel Garner yorker

World Cup 2015: West Indies

Not just Chris Gayle United

There were sporadic sparks from West Indies, but to seriously compete at a World Cup, they will need more than just a few one-off moments

Jason Holder struck twice in the sixth over

NZ v WI, 4th quarter-final, Wellington

Guptill repays the faith, and then some

New Zealand's management believed in Martin Guptill's match-winning ability and stood by him through a nearly two-year period of rocky form. Even they couldn't have predicted he would vindicate them with a double-century in a World Cup quarter-final

Martin Guptill thrashes one through off side

New Zealand v West Indies, World Cup 2015, 4th quarter-final, Wellington

Sloppy West Indies lacked intent, hunger

West Indies should have been fired up for a winner-takes-all match against one of the two hottest sides in the World Cup. New Zealand had everything to lose, and yet West Indies were flat long before Martin Guptill flattened them

Jason Holder and West Indies have a huge uphill task in front of them

New Zealand v West Indies, World Cup 2015, 4th quarter-final, Wellington

Guptill scales many mountains

Top World Cup score, the top score by a New Zealand batsman, and a glut of boundaries among the stats highlights from the fourth World Cup quarter-final

A multi-exposure shot of Martin Guptill cutting the ball