Indian Cricket League September 15, 2008

Unsupportive structure led to decision to quit - Bashar

Cricinfo staff

Shahriar Nafees: "I made it to the national team after working for ten years and I know, there's a lot of pride of playing for Bangladesh but at this moment, I don't feel good to play cricket" © AFP
The Bangladesh players linked to the Indian Cricket League have stated dissatisfaction with the system as their reason to retire from international and domestic cricket. However, they stopped short of confirming they had signed with the ICL.

Habibul Bashar, the former Bangladesh captain, said he felt let down by the team management, coach Jamie Siddons in particular. "The situation was getting difficult for me," Bashar, who was dropped from the side for the Asia Cup, told the Dhaka-based Daily Star. "I wasn't receiving support from anyone. Even the coach's attitude was discouraging and I was in the middle of a lot of uncertainty and I was out of cricket for seven months." He said this prompted him to take up the ICL offer, adding none of the players were happy with the existing structure.

In his interview with Cricinfo, Siddons said Bashar was not on the top of his game and had been omitted after many opportunities. "A non-performing senior can't really influence the game of his team-mates," Siddons said. "We would not leave a senior player out of our young team if they had the potential to be a match-winner or be in our team come the next World Cup."

Left-arm spinner Mosharraf Hossain, one of those linked with the ICL, could earn up to US$200,000 from a three-year contract, and he admitted he hadn't been enjoying his time playing cricket in the last year. "They don't think of us, so why should we think of them," he said.

Opener Shahriar Nafees echoed Mosharraf's views, adding that there was a lot of anger and frustration behind his decision. "I made it to the national team after working for ten years, and I know there's a lot of pride of playing for Bangladesh but, at this moment, I don't feel good to play cricket." Nafees said though he had an offer from the ICL he was yet to confirm his position. "My main focus is education and I want to complete my MBA in the next one-and-a-half years." Nafees had opted out of the tour of Australia to concentrate on his studies.

Dhiman Ghosh wanted to know why he had been dropped from the side if he was the country's No. 1 wicketkeeper. He also said there were a lot of players vying for his spot in the team.

Among the others reported to have received offers from the ICL are Alok Kapali, Nazimuddin, Tapash Baisya, Manjarul Islam, Mohammad Sharif, Golam Mabud and Mahbubul Karim. The latter two are currently touring Sri Lanka with the Bangladesh Academy team. Mohammad Rafique, who has retired, is also believed to have been approached.

Though ICL officials admitted talks are on with 14 Bangladesh players, nothing has been finalised.

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  • md on September 17, 2008, 0:54 GMT

    Cheer up everyone...this not an end of our cricket.we have over 150 million population. i m pretty sure we can build up a better team. That team will not be called as bangladesh cricket team will be a "TEAM BANGLADESH". I am not going to blame anyone for what happened. I would rather say our Cricket board had lots of lackings in every ways.But besides that, dont forget our players (those who left)was not commited for the national team. So either way what had happened was good for both parties.The board was not doing their best & the players was not giving their best. From this situation i believe we can get a better cricket team....

  • Scott on September 16, 2008, 22:31 GMT

    An opportunity to remove them from the ICC, says the first poster. How naive. The only reason they're there in the first place is because the BCCI wanted them there and we all know why. Zimbabwe don't even play Test Cricket and they're still a full member, soley because the BCCI says so - they're the real evil in world cricket, what hope of Bangladesh being removed? None whatsoever. The reason these players can defect to the ICL, is because the BCCI wanted to keep all the cricket media rights to themselves, so a rival station started the ICL. I hope people can now see how the BCCI are slowly destroying world cricket.

  • esesjay on September 16, 2008, 16:55 GMT

    It is a golden opportunity for ICC to remove Bangladesh from Test Cricket. Their "best cricketers" are no more and if the performance of the best was what we have seen, what do we expect from the second string. ICC should have mercy on Bangladesh and rest of the cricketing world and ask them to play grade cricket for the next three years and reapply for test status. The criteria for reapplication should be that Bangladesh should win a series from "A" teams from each of the test playing countries. This is the right time to take this action.

  • John on September 16, 2008, 16:54 GMT

    It this hastens the departure of Bangladesh from the international scene, I'm all for it. I used to defend Bangladesh's test status but they simply haven't made any progress due to a pathetic domestic competition and an utter disregard for player development.

    As I often do when 20/20 is mentioned, I will point out that form of the game is dull and contrived. It measures nothing in terms of actual cricket skills. Genuine cricket fans don't like it and the casual fan will eventually lose interest, especially when overkill arrives. It may be here already.

  • chinmay on September 16, 2008, 16:42 GMT

    I think its a real shame that international players are leaving aside the pride in playing for their nations and retiring to play for money..ICC should have stricter regulations in place to stop this from happening otherwise the international game is going to suffer the there any pride in playing for some made up Bangladesh 11 in an unrecognised cricket league when you can represent your country's team and be recognised globally for your talents...why not prove yourself on on the international stage,which will open more opportunities to players and help to popularise the game we all love so much.

  • Ravish on September 16, 2008, 15:51 GMT

    I am glad all these players have joined ICL. They don't have to torture the rest of the world anymore with their pathetic performance on the field. They can go and join ICL, tournament which nobody watches and frankly don't care about. They can survive because a billionaire is pumping money into it so that he can fill up his sports channel. I would prefer the ICC test teams being reduced in number. A test championship among the top five or six teams makes much more sense. Bangladesh and Zimbabwe are just there for name sake only. It is good that they are themselves getting out of ICC. The team with players who are lost to ICL would have been thrashed by Indian domestic teams itself. So good riddance!

  • craig on September 15, 2008, 18:04 GMT

    Bangladesh cricket authorities/players should take a serious look at the state of the game in Bangladesh.the latest Australian tour showed just how demotivated these guys are,it is sad to see a team of young guys who have potential on their day so distracted from the game.the BCB/ICC should do all in thier powerto make the game less cumbersome and more enjoyable for thier players.Ashraful game has taken a dip since assuming the captaincy,he did say in a recent interview his game is based on a bit of recklessness also not a very good trait for a captain,he should be given time to develop a more solid style of playing,in the meantime a senior playershould be given the captaincy.Mohammed Rafiqe would be my choice.

  • Kalesh on September 15, 2008, 17:00 GMT

    It's amazing how Bangladesh can allow a budding team to fall apart so easily.Will ICL really take 14 players from Bangladesh?Isn't ICL an entertainer?They're just giving the IPL the bigger edge all the time.

  • Callum on September 15, 2008, 14:22 GMT

    ICL will never compete if this is the standard of player they are going for. I hope these players see some sense and dont throw away an international career away.

  • Aashish on September 15, 2008, 13:49 GMT

    It is not about desperation. I think in this world where every cricketer is making lots of money why should players from Bangladesh be left off. I admit they dont have a good team but they still are players and lots of them do rely on cricket for the daily livelihood. ICL is the competition from which IPL was born. IPL would have not been such a big success if ICL would have not been built.


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