Bangladesh tour of England, 2010 July 23, 2010

Mortaza, Siddons contrasting in tour assessment

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Bangladesh captain Mashrafe Mortaza and coach Jamie Siddons had contrasting views on the side's tour of England. The visitors secured a historic victory, against England in the Bristol ODI, but otherwise it was a forgettable trip, including embarrassing defeats against Associate nations Ireland and Netherlands. While Mortaza believed that his team had to take responsibility for the losses against the less-fancied teams, Siddons chose to instead savour the happiest moment of the tour.

"There were some issues like losing the toss in both the matches [against Ireland and Netherlands] and the conditions but still I believe the players should take the responsibility for the defeats. We didn't play well and that's why we lost the matches," Mortaza said on the team's arrival in Bangladesh. "I am very much aware of the fact that everybody shared the joy when we won the match [against England] but players are only responsible when we lose.

"We should have won the series against Ireland against whom we secured a 3-0 victory at home. We will get some time before the World Cup and we must rectify the mistakes we made in the last series. I'm really concerned with our bowling. We should focus on this area ahead of the World Cup. I believe this team has got the quality to play much better cricket than the performance had against the two weak teams," he said.

While Mortaza expressed concerns over the ineffectiveness of his bowling, Siddons gave the batsmen credit for performing in tough conditions. He believed the toss played a crucial role in deciding the outcome against Ireland and Netherlands. "You've got to listen to the whole story. The ground was under covers for five days and was under water four days earlier. Had we won the toss we would have had a chance. You weren't there; you don't understand what the wicket was like, what the conditions were like.

"The pitch was damp, we missed two catches and bowling was poor so we lost the game [against Netherlands]. Don't be dramatic over that loss; it was a 30-overs game not a 50-overs game. Why don't you remember the win against England? It was a fantastic win," he said.

Siddons also blamed hectic travel schedules and lack of adequate preparation time for the defeats. "You don't understand how much rushed we were to travel, we didn't get time to practise. There were real excuses. I think the team performed reasonably well and shouldn't have lost that game yesterday, but we did and we got to move on. We remember the win against Australia [in Cardiff] ten years later but we forgot the win against England two days later. That's not really fair."

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  • Dummy4 on July 29, 2010, 17:49 GMT

    Well said by Murtaza. He has the right kind of commitment and self belief that every BD players should learn and share from him. He's right on the money about bowling weakness in the team. I think he reads the team very well as far as where the team is, what changes needs to take place and where the team needs to go in future. All the other players needs to share his vision and be at the same page where he's at. Not to mention, the coach as well. He and Shakib both offer a powerful combination of a captain and vice captain. Them working together side by side should be able sail the ship safe and sound. I believe they both understands winning, despite all the frustrations we've witnessed so far, I think they are able to focus on positives and striving hard to make progress to go the extra mile. If we are to have any impact on the coming world cup, the bowling weakness needs to be resolved in a hurry for sure. Good luck BD.... rooting for you... all the way.

  • zulfiquar on July 28, 2010, 18:07 GMT

    again with bashing the other team. Can't you guys be positive? What is good about your own team. Does bashing someone else make you feel good about yourselves? Sad.

  • Amzad on July 27, 2010, 6:03 GMT

    Bdesh is still going 'anyway'.Although we came out a little from 'about Ashraful', we need to be serious to hunt for more players and keep the players in practice and competitions.Keeping the 'form' is like keeping us in list regard less whether it is TEST or ODI 0r T20. Our players are form vulnerable...,don't keep them on vacation for long time..., nor let them pass the time playing just for playing..,

  • Bammy on July 26, 2010, 16:48 GMT

    to vikramreddytric: in wat sense did u say that ICC shud remove bd frm their test status?..u hav no right..i agree that they hav been losing..but their losses r not that bad..u can c alot of improvements in their playing..its just that they dont hav much support..i liked 'bdcricfan21's point..BCB hell..they dont knw who to select..ashraful has been given alot of chances..i think he shud quit..its just that bd doesnt giv importance to cricket alot..just politics!..damn them..anyways..i hav another point..look at india..they r the no.1 test playing nation ryt?...why the hell r they losing to the lankans?..they hav no right to stay at no.1..they shud dropd down the ranks..evn though bd r losing..i wil olways SUPPORT MY COUNTRY!..BD U ROCK!...

  • sean on July 26, 2010, 9:30 GMT

    Please don't try to hid under the England win. When you lost to Netherlands and Ireland. OK ! Bangladesh has been inconsistent and i think there should be a temporary ban on TEST and once they are consistent winners like other team in ODI then should the BAN lift. I believe this team of little youths are not ready for TEST. They are young. they jump too much of just winning a game and later they loose it. They have no patient to play test. Improve in ODI. they won most of their game with Zimbabwe anyway.

  • kas on July 25, 2010, 22:22 GMT

    Hey 'Bdcricfan21', thanks bro. I am really pleased that most of you guys share my frustration in regards to this pathetic so called good for nothing BCB. However, I also agree with 'Shabafalam' for his comments on the matter of temporary loss of form. The good news is that Shakib is getting his batting form back coz he is actually doing really well at Worcetershire. I think he just needed a break from his usual team mates. The reason why I hate the BCB is coz they dnt do any homework nor any research before starting a tour. Top test nations send analyst prior to the tour just to assess wicket conditions and that data then goes to the selection panel, so that they pick the right guys according to that wicket. What does BCB do??? They arrange test schedules in England during early summer when no other asian teams even dare to accept those Seaming Zipping over cloud conditions. Not only that, they select Rasel, Nozmul for Irish 1st odi which we lost disgracefully. I hate BCB fully!!!!!

  • Trivikram on July 25, 2010, 4:54 GMT

    This has been an on going worst performance from Bangladesh from last 15 years. They have been playing international cricket from last 15+ years and they have won with England Team for the 1st time & SIddons is happy about their performance. Its utter nonsense what he is speaking?? In last 15 years they hardly won not more than 10-15 matches against the test playing nations. And now they do not have an ability to win against Netherland/Ireland. Can ICC ban their Test Status and atleast allow minnows Zimbabwe to play Tests?? Any 1 and every 1 can expect that Bangladesh is going to lose the match until and unless some miracle happens pnce in 5-6 years. Common ICC wake up.

  • Shabab on July 25, 2010, 4:13 GMT

    @Taherul Hassan: Dude, please get hold of your emotions. BCB doesn't get financial allocations from the BD govt; it runs on its own! So, don't worry abt the money. No cricket board on Earth allocates money for the poor and needy. Otherwise, India shouldn't play any cricket at all with 500 million+ people not getting meal twice a day! If u don't pay a good amount of money to cricketers, u can't expect much from them. If players suffer from financial difficulties, it gets difficult for them to concentrate on their games. And that 'curry' stroey is absolute rubbish, pls apply some of ur common sense while reading that sort of articles. And abt Shakib: Don't u see a batsman like KP is out of form for 2 yrs! All quality batsmen hv their own blue patches, which goes away with time. And Shakib is an ALL ROUNDER for God's sake! He is performing consistently well with the ball. So relax!

  • Dre on July 25, 2010, 0:08 GMT

    Siddons does not sound like a realistic coach. For all the progress Bang have been making, they had ended the tour far too poorly after the win vs Eng. They need to realise that they are a test side and they need to develop the mentality of a test side. The ODI win they got vs Eng was wonderful for all genuine cricket fans simply because they never did it before BUT taking the one ODI win, in a plain old 3 match ODI series (NOT A TOURNEY) as overall success for the entire tour is NOT a good mentality. Well said Mortaza and I think Siddons needs to re-evaluate what he wants to do with the team. He should be looking for the team to at least DRAW test matches and SERIES, not trying to make them into a competitive ODI unit, they should be a competitive ODI unit already!!! I really think Bang will eventually become a competitive test side but with the way Siddons is thinking, it is no surprise that it is taking far too long.

  • Dummy4 on July 24, 2010, 18:44 GMT

    I understand the situation very well , right now BD team should not give excuses for loosing to NETHERLANDS, Ireland i Understand they have improved a lot over the years which BD hasn't . BD should learn from AFGANISTAN which improved from world cricket division 5-1 without any cricket facilities, AFGAN players are hard working they have to corss the border over the mountains to practice. AFGAN players don't get well payment form their boards, They play with passion and pride. IF BD NEEDS TO IMPROVE IT SHOULD BE NOW OR NEVER. I BELIEVE ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!.

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