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IPL was an educational experience, says Tamim

Mohammad Isam

May 26, 2012

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Tamim Iqbal flicks one off his pads, Bangladesh v Sri Lanka, Asia Cup, Mirpur, March 20, 2012
Tamim Iqbal: "I did speak during [Pune Warriors'] team meetings ... If we can speak to big players [from other countries], our leadership qualities will rise" © AFP
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A few weeks outside of his comfort zone hasn't caused Tamim Iqbal to shed his energetic demeanour. Talking to the media for the first time since returning to Dhaka after the IPL, where he did not get a game in 16 matches for his franchise, Pune Warriors, his answers were an exercise in controlled emotions and wit. He took the route that would help soothe his and the fans' nerves. In fact, he said he was not available for the team's final two matches due to "personal reasons".

"It will be selfish to say that they [Warriors] didn't let me play," Tamim said on Saturday. "I have always been a team man, wherever I've played."

Being one of only two representatives from Bangladesh in a multi-national tournament like the IPL meant that there was added pressure, especially after going into the tournament on the back of four consecutive half-centuries in Bangladesh's highly successful Asia Cup campaign. That good form also added to Tamim's frustration at not playing. "It was very frustrating, because I went there with very good form. I thought I would play from the start, but the team is the most important factor. I thought every day was an opportunity for me, despite not playing.

"The thing that I liked the most was that despite being from Bangladesh, I did speak during team meetings. These things are very important because our team [Bangladesh] needs a lot of leadership qualities, so if we can speak to big players [from other countries] and in big team meetings, our leadership qualities will rise. I'm sure Shakib has done it [at his IPL franchise, Kolkata Knight Riders], and I did it."

Tamim also said that he enjoyed observing those around him, especially the big two in his team - captain and mentor Sourav Ganguly, and Australia captain Michael Clarke. "They are both very different human beings; they have different ways of thinking. It was very interesting to see how they talk in team meetings, especially Ganguly, who is one of India's best captains. I saw something in him … the way he talks, he means something.

"Clarke told me that I should be playing, that meant a lot to me. If he rates me highly, why should I be disappointed? More importantly, I got the idea that he follows Bangladesh cricket. He and I spoke a few times and he told me that our unit has a lot of potential. He also said that we have a chance to impress at the next World Cup.

Despite being in such exalted company, Tamim remained a competitor and yearned to play. He was told to be prepared to play on several occasions, he said, but his chance just did not come. "There were many instances when I was asked to get ready but in the end I didn't play. I was being told, when six matches were left to play, that you'll play this game, that game ... When I shared my problem with them, they told me to go home and sort it out first ..."

"But I'm just 23, I have 10-12 years of cricket in me, so if I keep performing there will be a lot of opportunities."

Now Tamim will take a few days off before joining Victoria Sporting Club in the Dhaka Premier Division's Super League from May 31. Later, in mid-June, he will travel with Bangladesh to Zimbabwe.

Mohammad Isam is senior sports reporter at the Daily Star in Dhaka

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Posted by Baundele on (May 28, 2012, 20:39 GMT)

Not using an in form batsman, PW is the loser here. Tamim got some rest and if they pay him the promised money, I am happy.

Posted by   on (May 28, 2012, 18:19 GMT)

"But I'm just 23, I have 10-12 years of cricket in me, so if I keep performing there will be a lot of opportunities."..

Yeah that's the spirit, Tamim. You are the real here....

Posted by cricfan2007 on (May 28, 2012, 16:08 GMT)

@Abaa, Glenn Mcgrath was then a retired great player and was not the "in-form Mcgrath" you are talking about. On the other hand, if a team can't succeed and going out of tournament, then they should try whatever options they have. Yes, Tamim is a rookie and look a rookie won KKR the title. sometimes you have to use cricketing brain and not the obvious (specially when your obvious first choice did not fire).

Posted by   on (May 28, 2012, 15:22 GMT)

Its so obvious that, a rising star like Tamim, will never get chance to looser bottom, relegated team like Pune. This is all politics and jealousy by Indian's to Bangladesh cricket and its universal truth. We should never hope that India will ever support and appreciate our cricket. Pune's target was to morally degrade Tamim and they were 100% successful, congratulations to them, in next season hope u guys stays in bottom like this season...cheers Jawad

Posted by Dashgar on (May 28, 2012, 7:58 GMT)

@abhijeet1in, that's a stupid comment. There's no county team from Shropshire, No Sheffield Shield team from Northern Territory, does that mean they aren't domestic competitions? Of course IPL is a domestic comp. And it will stay that way unless they let in teams from Melbourne, Cape Town and Colombo (which is what CLT20 is for). More international players will enhance India's problems with their local talent floundering and will most likely weaken international cricket. Tamim is unlucky not to get a game here, it was bad selection to not try a player like him considering their horrible run of form. But it isn't the job of the BCCI and the IPL to give Bangladesh players a chance, and he wasn't the only international to be ignored all tournament.

Posted by muski on (May 28, 2012, 7:53 GMT)

Well my BD friends- we can understand your frustration. However do understand that this cap of 4 foreigners per team is putting a tremendous strain on the team management. Our RCB team had 2 guys in the form of Nannes and Vettori who were benched.You cant get offended by that. For all the heroics of Tamim in the Asia cup, he is pretty much an unknown commodity for Indian cricket. Great talent can never go unnoticed. His time will come soon- he needs to keep knocking the doors harder.

Posted by borhans on (May 28, 2012, 6:23 GMT)

Gangully really know how to embarrass players like Tamim's class .Maybe that is why few players have good relation with him .He is just too arrogant to play with .Good luck Pune they just brought most unlucky charm in IPL & without him leaving Pune their downfall will not stop .

Posted by Love_cricket123 on (May 28, 2012, 5:53 GMT)

skepticaloptimist@ thanks for being so nice ...

Posted by Love_cricket123 on (May 28, 2012, 5:41 GMT)

skepticaloptimist@ so nice of you ... thanks for supporting BD ...

Posted by Love_cricket123 on (May 28, 2012, 5:09 GMT)

Poor guy ! Bro u are all good ... we are all proud of u :)) even a blind person can tell that they should have given you chance to play ... love u Tamim .. Welcome home :)

Posted by   on (May 28, 2012, 5:06 GMT)

I think if he got chance ,he would be the leading run scorer.that's the reason PW set him aside..

Posted by   on (May 28, 2012, 5:05 GMT)

actually ganguly doesn't want tamim to do something.............................its a shame.........i think tamim would play better

Posted by Abaa on (May 28, 2012, 4:08 GMT)

A couple of seasons ago, Glen Mcgrath was benched a whole season. Never picked. Glen Mcgrath. One of the greatest bowlers of all time. Not picked. Walked in to the Australian side which is touted to be one of the best of all time. Was the bowling spearhead in the side that dominated all forms of world cricket for over 15 years. And he warmed the bench for a whole season. No comments or crying about it back then by any supporters or fans. And here a mediocre rookie (his stats speak for himself - Average of 13 and SR of 92 worse than how Ganguly played this IPL season) is not picked and all this hue and cry. Much ado about nothing I think. Bangladesh supporters have only 2 players in this auction and expect them to be the obvious choice over the much more accomplished and proven Aus, Eng, WI, SAF, etc. players!

Posted by hasib9 on (May 28, 2012, 1:32 GMT)

Bangladeshi cricket fans need to stop wasting their time watching IPL. They lost 10 million viewers from last year, and if BD fans stop watching, they will lose 20 million more. They don't deserve our time if our players aren't playing.

Posted by   on (May 27, 2012, 20:22 GMT)

Great to see kkr win.Pune might a good finish if tamim could play.It's a great question to ask there any other goal?

Posted by   on (May 27, 2012, 18:56 GMT)

Mr. Sahara told in Bangladesh during his business travel in a conference that he told Ganguly for playing Tamim in last 4 matches. I would like to remind them, he is not a player of good for nothing. It's crystal clear that Pune warriors team hadn't any vision and mission if they have obviously they will run for the best. Anyway, hope next year they will success. All the best to KKR for champs and best for the lower team too.

Posted by   on (May 27, 2012, 18:07 GMT)

Its nice of him to actually acknowledge it... He deserved atleast a couple of games and definitely PWI's chances wouldnt have been hurt if they had played him... Hope he gets better opportunities and gets better

Posted by JustIPL on (May 27, 2012, 15:36 GMT)

It is supermacy shown by the Indians not playing tamim which is a likely response to India's downfall agianst BD in asian championship desipite 10D's 100th 100th where Tamim looked better than many Indian players. However, IPL performance does not mean much to the future of Indian players it is really good for foreign players have an idea of the rank turners.

Posted by M_Rakibul_Islam on (May 27, 2012, 13:56 GMT)

No doubt BD is an ordinary team in international arena but it's true 4 Pune too in IPL. Tamim is far better than some other Indian young talents as his per4mance in England & South Africa was gorgeous. Even some of the great Indian legends fought hard in those tough conditions. So Tamim should've been given Few chances instead of Ganguly or Utthapa. He is a specialized one in slow pitches like Pune.

Posted by   on (May 27, 2012, 13:43 GMT)

Typical The Asian style.Always I am The Best.Tamim is better than any of his opener.At least better than DaDa.

Posted by   on (May 27, 2012, 12:36 GMT)

Tamim Iqbal is such a level-headed and down-to-earth young man. This eloquent interview merely underlines the fact that he IS a team player and the great team spirit within the Pune squad, despite the team under-performing this season. He will have made a lot of friends and fans for his humility - and will have done his chances of being involved in the starting 11 next season a power of good. Long may this fabulously gifted cricketer continue to prosper as a cricketer and a man - and show this level of leadership and understanding, despite personal disappointment. In my opinion, Bangladesh were given full member status far too early, but now, despite several set-backs, the talent is starting to flourish, with the likes of Tamim and Sakib at the forefront of the new generation hopefully helping the team to achieve success in future.

Posted by   on (May 27, 2012, 12:09 GMT)

Pune Warriors did a blunder this time, I hope Yuvraj next year plays him a good number of matches.

Posted by   on (May 27, 2012, 11:45 GMT)

Ganguly is the single most person responsible for Punes low performance and Tamims benching He couldnt face up to the fact that a lefthander like Tamim if played would have outdone him the captain and so then where would Ganguly be ? Sitting out like Vettori? No way!!! But if Tamim stays with Pune and I hope he will being a Puneite myself, I am certain he wil play next yer with Ganguly out of captaincy

Posted by   on (May 27, 2012, 11:07 GMT)

Tamim's International T20 avg is 13 and Strike rate is 92. This is far worse than Ryder (26 and 122). Most of other competitors were all-rounders. Even before IPL started, I thought it might be difficult for him to make a place. On the other hand form was with him. Given that Pune was not doing well, team could have tried him out. I'm sad to see a lot of talented players not getting an option to play in IPL. Anyway, NZ and BAN will face each other in ICC T20 WC in September and Tamim can prove it ...

Posted by   on (May 27, 2012, 11:06 GMT)

Wonder why Tamim was never given a chance in even one match by Pune.Among Bangladeshi players I really feel this guy and Shakib are the only genuine match-winners who can walk into any team in the world.Tamim has the same arrogance as Sehwag and gives a damn to the bowler whoever it is.Instead of him I wonder why Samuels or Ryder were given so many chances?Additionally buying Clarke who is a T20 misfit was bad.Clarke himself has quit T20 internationals and did not play the Big Bash.

Posted by Sehwag_Is_Ordinary on (May 27, 2012, 10:30 GMT)

well well well big booming Sehwag_Is_Ordinary is in the house. To Shakib_Is_Ordinary, I understand u r my follower, so thanks for that first. Tamim has matured and it shows the way he talks. Its good that he didnt want to play the last two games because I'm sure he would have to sit out again. What is more frustrating but a BIG BLESSING IN DISGUISE is that Pune after all didnt let him play after told him to get ready. Thats like playing with our nation's pride. Its great Tamim boycott last two matches and in future he needs a better team and better mentor unlike Ganguly.

Posted by likeintcricket on (May 27, 2012, 10:15 GMT)

I am not convinced with Bangladesh cricket Players standard, but Tamim and Saqib are surely class players. This season Pune's real problem was Ganguly as he tries to prove that he is still DADA but he himself is an ordinary player now. Tamim is surely better than most Indian players who are just ordinary outside their home and if you keep giving them chances in every match like Vijay gets they come good atlast. Look at the West Indian player in IPL, all of them are ordinary players including Gayle ( Narine is an exception) but in India all of them looks to be Match winners which proves IPL real Standard.

Posted by   on (May 27, 2012, 10:05 GMT)

tamim have nice skills n he will b rock in future

Posted by skepticaloptimist on (May 27, 2012, 10:03 GMT)

Even though I am an Indian, I would have to go against PWI's thinking here. Tamim should have been given a chance sometime in the mid-tournament, especially when their freefall into the abyss started. Tamim was off some form, and moreover, he's very familiar with these conditions. The possible argument against Tamim's inclusion was, PWI already had too many anchors, and especially with no Yuvraj, and off color Ganguly, Clarke, Samuels, Uthappa, and Matthews, they needed more verve in their batting. All said, it would have been a worthwhile to give Tamim his chance. He's a great talent, something of which we all are very aware. I really hope he gets his chance next time around. Good luck to Tamim and Bangladeshi cricket. As their senior neighbors (in terms of size), I really feel Indians (board and fans included) should show more support toward Bangladesh cricket.

Posted by   on (May 27, 2012, 9:56 GMT)

wow how good would be if it is Tamim who knocks out India in the WC, that would be amazing and If i was Tamim i would never return to the IPL. Cmon Tamim show them Indians whos Boss. also to add Top run scorer Gayle by far. TOP 3 most wicketers are foreign BOOM.

Posted by   on (May 27, 2012, 9:24 GMT)

We are shocked & astonished.It was very unjust on part of Pune Warriors not to give chance to Tamim even for one match. In the Aisa Cup 2012 the performance of tamim iqbal was fantastic & awesome . But why tamim was out from the playing in the IPL 2012??? i think it is unexpected from the PUne Warriors .....:(

Posted by Kohli--The_Messi_of_Cricket on (May 27, 2012, 8:14 GMT)

@Naveed Khan - There is no base for your comment. Look at Top 10 run-getters in this years IPL- 8 of them are Indians. Top 10 wicket-takers- 5 of them are Indians.... Now take a look at BPL. Top 10 run-getters- 0 of them Bangladeshis. Top 10 wicket-takers- 5 of them Bangladeshis (all 5 are SLOW-LEFT ARM ORTHODOX who succeed only on those unbelievably slow pitches).. hahaha

Posted by   on (May 27, 2012, 8:12 GMT)

it was xpected that tamim would open 4 some surprising dcsn hv been taken throught the tounament.subrata roy is saying that tamim was there is some problem.coz tamim is saying dfrent here.@the blue sehwag is not good against left arm spin.n also inswing delivery.just think how many tims he played against masrafe n got himself out of his incoming delivery.n who said sakib ordnry he never watchd crikkt.he is lik a 1 days baby

Posted by Tiger-Claw on (May 27, 2012, 8:02 GMT)

I think whoever takes over as Bangladesh coach (even though I would have paid Stuart Law a lot of money just so that he stays for the world cup) should realise that Bangladesh can really surprise everyone. Most teams apart from Pakistan have all had some trouble in the past few months and have not played enought T20's. Bangladesh have a young team and I think the time we have at the moment will be our main team for the next 5-6 years. Bangladesh are still being overlooked and after the Asia cup people have realised that we are pretty good. After the world cup we need to carry on our consistency in the T20'S AND ODI'S but should be playing more matches in the longer format.

Posted by   on (May 27, 2012, 7:20 GMT)

Its very unfair on part of Pune Warriors not to give chance to Tamim even for one match. Its not as if they were playing superbly and didn't want to change the winning combination. An opening batsman can turn the fortunes of a team, and Tamim could have certainly did that. I am not saying he would have taken PWI to victory but it was worth a try. I feel the fact that Tamim was from Bangladesh has worked against him as we don't seem to take quality cricketers from Bangladesh highly, where as an average cricketer from Australia is given more chances.

Posted by   on (May 27, 2012, 6:02 GMT)

Tamim you got nice skills to show dont worry,next ipl there will be tremendous changes in the team hope u'll get a chance to prove.All the best Tamim

Posted by 777aditya on (May 27, 2012, 5:14 GMT)

as an Indian really feel very bad to have seen premiere Bangladeshi talent like Tamim overlooked - why was he picked if they were not going to play him? in my opinion, he is a much better batsman than Ryder. The innings he played against India (especially taking apart Zaheer, our strike bowler) in World Cup is etched in everyone's mind. Recently, he had been in sparkling form in Asia Cup as well. Really was looking forward to see him play, hopefully next year.

Posted by Romenevans on (May 27, 2012, 4:51 GMT)

EVen though he is not feeling bad about it, i still say that he should have played instead of Jessy Ryder or Calem Fergusen. PWI needed a quick fire start from openers and Tamim would have provided them. But then guess what? The captain of that team was "Daddu" who still want to play IPL6 when his team have already said that he will be the mentor. God save PWI from Daddu.

Posted by Breaking_Point on (May 27, 2012, 4:30 GMT)

Nice article!tamim clears everything...since the Ashraful-Tamim controversy our media thinks of him negatively but the truth is he is only 23!& learning from mistakes... Jawad shaikh@did u see the cricinfo poll about who should've played more matches?tons of players didn't end up like him without a single match!so get your facts right!

Posted by Kohli--The_Messi_of_Cricket on (May 27, 2012, 4:00 GMT)

The problem is all talented Indian players have got concentrated in a few teams and rest of the teams like RCB and KXIP don't have quality Indian domestic players. MI, KKR and CSK in particular have a lot of potential international players warming the bench the entire season.. Mukund, Anirudha, Tyagi, Saha, SK Yadav, Kulkarni, Unadkat, Sangwan, Bisla to name a few..

Posted by   on (May 27, 2012, 3:52 GMT)

Tamim is got nice skills to show,Try hard for the next ipl surely u'll get a chance .I think there wil be tremendous change in warriors team all the best tamim.

Posted by Bruisers on (May 27, 2012, 3:46 GMT)

@Naveed Khan - I guess what you are trying to say is Tamim Iqbal is greater than Sehwag. We know how --- your Bangladesh players are.. Even the uncapped domestic players have done far better than your international 'stars'. This guy Tamim was lucky enough to be a part of an IPL squad.

Posted by the_blue_android on (May 27, 2012, 3:25 GMT)

Tamim is awesome. Initially I thought he's like Sehwag but after the England series, I realized he is not. He is not like our paper tiger Viru Sehwag who can't put bat to ball in swinging and seaming conditions.

Posted by Legaleagle on (May 27, 2012, 2:58 GMT)

Ordinary player!! If he had played poor Warriors would have lost those 4 games also. It is difficult to see him getting a game with so many talented players from other parts of the world. He should work on his game and then people will run after him to play him in the game.

True match-winner's performance speaks and they are sought to play in teams. Clearly, Tamim has work cut out for him.

Posted by StatisticsRocks on (May 27, 2012, 2:57 GMT)

He is extremely talented and natural stroke player. I wonder why Pune Warriors didn't give him a chance. Hope to see him again next year.

Posted by   on (May 27, 2012, 2:01 GMT)

i like this tamim he is now talking like prifessional cricketer never mind this t20 world cup would be ours

Posted by abhijeet1in on (May 27, 2012, 0:27 GMT)

If you don't get distracted by the extravagance around it, IPL is a fantastic 'cricket' competition. As much as i like it, IPL is NOT a domestic tournament. If you think think it is, kindly point me where are the teams from UP, Odisha, Jharkhand, MP, Goa, Kerala, Haryana, HP, Assam, on. It does not matter how much BCCI might bully you in thinking of IPL as domestic league, it is not, period. As far as having more overseas players in the eleven is concerned it depends where IPL wants to go from here. If it does not care for being a real domestic tournament (which seems like it now), i definitely think there should be more overseas players in the eleven. Otherwise, i think they ought to also impose a restriction on capped (not in absolute terms, maybe 50 days of intl cricket or so) Indian players too, to make sure that the teams contain 'real' domestic players and not the ones who can't secure a place in Indian team after 50 or more matches.

Posted by Muhtasim13 on (May 26, 2012, 23:47 GMT)

@Naveed Khan, the "Indian" Premier League is first and foremost an Indian domestic competition. So, allowing 6 foreign players to start a game really undermines the local players. I agree that very few young talents have made their mark in the IPL. but regardless of that, it would be unfair for the local players if 6 or even 5 foreign players are allowed to start a game

Posted by British-Bangali on (May 26, 2012, 22:35 GMT)

What a shame here's a player who is hungry to show the world what he can do and he can't get a game. Lol instead you have players like Jessse Ryder who doesn't look like he cares about club or more importantly Country.SHAME

Posted by   on (May 26, 2012, 21:48 GMT)

Don't worry Brother, oppurtunity come again inshallah & you will show the world who you are

Posted by Doha.BDfan on (May 26, 2012, 21:28 GMT)

Tamim has been a magical stroke maker at the beginning of his career but the thing is, he lost his aggressiveness what really needs a player in t20 cricket or to be an attacking pinch hitter, he can hit the ball hard couldn't be an acceptance in international cricket nowadays, what he needs to get back his aggression in his mind to be devastating players like Pollard, Bravo, Yousuf, Gayle and lot more names in t20 cricket who just needs few balls to change the game. he needs to feel it that might have felt Pune Wrriors and its cost him sitting out on the bench.The values make itself, so Tamim needs to make others feel him important in any cricket any situation.

Posted by Masking_Tape on (May 26, 2012, 21:26 GMT)

I think Tamim is being way too humble here, way more humble than he should be IMO

Posted by Quddus-Mamu on (May 26, 2012, 21:21 GMT)

Tamim should perform well in upcoming Zimbabwe series. BD team is playing T20 in that series. Tamim is good at ODI matches, since his T20 record was not that good, he missed the chance to play IPL.

Posted by   on (May 26, 2012, 21:12 GMT)

IPL should allow up to 6 Foreign Players in each game. Indian players are just so so. They cut a sorry figure in front of International players. IPL will be better, mor competitive, more enjoyable.

Posted by SagirParkar on (May 26, 2012, 20:28 GMT)

@Sanjam Suri >> i agree with you on the point you have made.. a stint in county cricket is really good for all players.. the sheer number of games they play, the variety of conditions, combating swing bowling etc etc improve a batsman to a huge degree !

@DDC >> you are right too.. there are a lot of quality players that had to sit on the bench because of the cap on foreign players and also due to the fact that there are only 9 teams.. an increase to 12 teams in two divisions, will be good for both indian and foreign players. and will also help to truncate the duration of the tournament whilst making it more competitive.

Posted by   on (May 26, 2012, 19:41 GMT)

No problem, my friend. It's not the end,it's just begining

Posted by   on (May 26, 2012, 19:24 GMT)

i love this bloke, his attitude towards game is so refreshing, the first time i saw him bat was against India in the world cup 2007. He has got a bright future ahead of him. What he needs to do is to gather more experience by playing county cricket, that will be very good for him. I saw him bat against England in England and his audacious strokeplay was worth watching. He has loads of talent, and he is using it unlike Ashraful. Good luck to him.

Posted by   on (May 26, 2012, 19:20 GMT)

he is a good player. Overrated by his fans but a good batsman good luck in the future

Posted by   on (May 26, 2012, 19:19 GMT)

What a waste of a great talent. Great Job Pune.

Posted by wiseshah on (May 26, 2012, 19:18 GMT)

great tamim. love his maturity. next IPl--he will be the super star

Posted by   on (May 26, 2012, 18:43 GMT)

There are tons of players who hasnt played a single match of ipl and bench whole season.. i wonder why is there only article about tamim ?!

Posted by ddc....... on (May 26, 2012, 18:37 GMT)

ipl has this prob of 4 foreign players but tamim should work hard play well and increase his profile then he will get his chance for sure

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