Bangladesh news May 30, 2012

Pybus appointed Bangladesh coach


Richard Pybus, the former Pakistan coach, has been named Bangladesh coach, taking over from Stuart Law who resigned in April. Pybus, 47, has signed a two-year deal with the BCB and is expected to join the Bangladesh side before their tour of Zimbabwe next month.

Pybus' appointment came more than two weeks after a brief reconnaissance visit to Bangladesh and after the grapevine linked other names to the job. However, he was always seen as the leading contender despite his last job as an international coach ending nine years ago.

"I am delighted at the opportunity of coaching Bangladesh," Pybus said. "I am looking forward to getting busy with the boys.

"We have an active schedule ahead of us and for me the next few months will be about building relationships with the players and the coaching staff and ensuring that the progress made up to the Asia Cup continues."

BCB president AHM Mustafa Kamal said Pybus was the best option. "Pybus will join us in a few days. We have requested him to come before we go abroad, to get acquainted with the players," Kamal said. "He was our best option, among all those we have talked to this time. Take a look at their records and his, there is a sharp difference between him and others. I think he has a proven track record, it speaks for itself."

Pybus hasn't been in charge of an international side since his Pakistan stint ended in 2003 but had flown to Bangladesh earlier this month to interview for the national coach's role. He will be Bangladesh's third coach in a year as Law had been in the post for only nine months after succeeding another Australian Jamie Siddons last July.

He will be expected to take charge of a mercurial side brimming with talent and with some success in the recent past. Some in the cricket board have suggested that the Bangladesh team no longer needs a coach specialising in the development of batting but a man who is adept in man-management at the top level.

Pybus arrived in Dhaka on May 10 and spent the subsequent day holding meetings with BCB president AHM Mustafa Kamal as well as some of the board directors and a handful of national players. It wasn't deemed as a job interview as Kamal had insisted that Pybus was their only choice.

Since Pybus made the short trip to Bangladesh, it was all but confirmed that it will be the South Africa-based coach who will take over from Law. But negotiations were ongoing and while the two parties spoke, the BCB continued to talk to the other coaches in their shortlist -- Mick Newell, Mark Greatbatch and Kepler Wessels.

Pybus was appointed Pakistan coach for their 1999 World Cup campaign, while he was with Border, before returning to the South African provincial side. He coached Pakistan again until the 2003 World Cup and had stints with Titans and Cape Cobras (South Africa), and Middlesex. He was with Cobras until March 2012 and was also linked to the South Africa job last year.

Mohammad Isam is senior sports reporter at the Daily Star in Dhaka

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  • roket on June 2, 2012, 22:40 GMT

    @rahan_fan: I did not start pointing out India's pathetic performance over history. I have given ample evidence that India like BD has a poor record for not 10 years (BD) but for over 80 years. To Bruisers: "Few bad results here and there is accounted for all the good performances over the years." We are talking about first few years history, it is equally as bad for India and NZ who waited for years to see any sign of success. and what success are you talking about?? India lost EVERY series between 1932 and 1952, the first 20 years!! Won their FIRST match against a WEAK ENG 20 years after getting test status. Rahane-fan claimed IND won their first match against a "Strong" ENG team in 52, not the same as BD win over Zim as ZIm team was weak. Here is what Wisden Almanac had to say about the 1951 ENG team :"Dick Spooner was picked for the 1951-52 tour of India, when England sent a substandard team, and played in all five Tests." India's win was against a Substandard team!

  • Deepak on June 2, 2012, 13:14 GMT

    @r0ketman - If Bangladesh don't have a proper domestic structure then why bother playing Test match cricket and why take the trouble of pointing out the bad performances of other teams?? As Bruisers mentioned BD is not good enough for Tests and should play first-class cricket with Ireland, Scotland, Afghanistan, Netherlands etc. I feel for Bangla fans, but unfortunately BD isn't good enough. This is what I was trying to say right from the beginning. And a fact to conclude my words- When most boards like ECB and CA were against Bangla getting Test status, it was BCCI who supported Bangladesh in getting Test status. Still ECB is in support of giving BD's Test status to Ireland.

  • Deepak on June 2, 2012, 6:27 GMT

    And only 7 series defeats for India in 20 years? Not bad for any team, to be perfectly honest..

  • Deepak on June 2, 2012, 6:21 GMT

    @r0ketman - Funny comment. Do you remember England getting a 5-0 mauling in 2006-07 Ashes? And as recent as the 3-0 against Pakistan? Does that make them a horrible side for 130 years? Or South Africa getting a 3-0 thrashing in their own backyard in 2005-06.. Does that make them a mediocre team too? Every team has its highs and lows in cricket. Cricket would be a joke if few bad results here and there is accounted for all the good performances over the years. We need to understand that cricket is a SPORT and move on. The fact no one can deny is that Bangladesh need to improve a lot before playing Test match cricket, which should be contested by the Top 8 teams only. (Cricinfo please publish)

  • roket on June 2, 2012, 3:28 GMT

    @Rahane-fan: Why is your research relevant? I never claimed BD was an awesome team! You said India's history was MUCH better than BD's. And I have provided evidence to the contrary. I claimed India has a horrible history, which spans over 80 years!!! India was getting whitewashed in the 1930's, in the 40's, in the 50's, in 1960's, in 1970's, 80's, and as late as 2011!!!! They were whitewashed twice JUST last year alone, after playing test cricket for OVER 80 years!!! India has had 80 years to improve, they are still horrible! BD has played barely 10 years. You want to have this comparison in 70 more years, and then claim India's so called glorious cricket "history" is much better than BD's? Number of matches is irrelevant, because it is not the number of matches played that improves a team, it is implementing a solid structure over time. There is numerous proof of that in every major sport. India had 1st class cricket since 1936, BD since 1999. The comparison is illogical.

  • Deepak on June 1, 2012, 17:07 GMT

    @r0ketman - Alright here is some 'RESEARCH' people want- Bangladesh's series defeats (mentioning only Test series having 2 or more games)- 2001- in Zim 2-0 (whitewash), vs Zim 1-0, in Z 2-0 (whitewash)... 2002- vs Pak 2-0 (whitewash), in SL 2-0 (whitewash), in SA 2-0 (whitewash), vs WI 2-0 (whitewash)... 2003- vs SA 2-0 (whitewash), in Aus 2-0 (whitewash), in Pak 3-0 (whitewash), vs Eng 2-0 (whitewash), 2004- in Zim 1-0, in WI 1-0, vs NZ 2-0 (whitewash), vs Ind 2-0 (whitewash)... 2005- in Eng 2-0 (whitewash), in SL 2-0 (whitewash)... 2006- vs SL 2-0 (whitewash), vs Aus 2-0 (whitewash)... 2007- vs Ind 1-0, in SL 3-0 (whitewash)... 2008 - in NZ 2-0 (whitewash), vs SA 2-0 (whitewash), vs NZ 1-0, in SA 2-0 (whitewash).... 2009- in SL 2-0 (whitewash)... 2010- vs Ind 2-0 (whitewash), vs Eng 2-0 (whitewash), in Eng 2-0 (whitewash)... 2011- vs WI 1-0, vs Pak 2-0 (25th whitewash).. Apart from these there are numerous one-off thrashings as well.

  • Muhammad Rakibul on June 1, 2012, 16:33 GMT

    Pybus can help BD to cope with bouncy pitch like SA or ENG as he had domestic coaching role there 4 a long time. So it's a good choice.

  • roket on June 1, 2012, 12:54 GMT

    @ Rahane_fan: Please look up the details of the series. 3 test matches, 2 one day matches. 5 Total matches. India lost all 5 matches, hence 5-0. How was my information incorrect? Also you metioned just one series loss in 50 years? Wrong again: here is a list of series India lost just between 1952 and before 1974: WI playing in India 1958 won 3-0; India in England 1959, ENG won 5-0 (yup another whitewash), India in WI 1962, WI won 5-0 (whitewash), WI in India 1967, WI won 2-0, India in England 1967, ENG won 3-0 (whitewash), India in AUS 1968, AUS won 4-0 (whitewash), AUS playing in IND 1970, won 3-1. Last but not least, IND was whitewashed as recently as last year in Pataudi Trophy vs ENG, and Boder-Gavaster trophy vs AUS. This is not the comprehensive list. Anyone trying to brag about India's cricket history, or question BD's only 10 year old history should do some research first, please!

  • Sree on June 1, 2012, 11:07 GMT

    Hey all!3 generation of cricketers played this 12 years for Bangladesh.While India played their same generation for a long time.Now no need to compare.This generation have world class cricketers and this generation has already started the golden era of Bangladesh cricket.Now no need to see records what the previous generation of Bangladesh cricketers have done against India.Its time to see what generation will do.Already Bangladesh 1-India 0

  • Deepak on June 1, 2012, 8:10 GMT

    @scandalboy - Doesn't make much sense comparing Bangladesh's victory over a second string Zimbabwe in 2005 to India's innings win over the mighty England in 1952. England were a dominating team in that period whereas Zimbabwe during 2005 was hit by retirement crisis. Also Bangladesh played twice the number of matches than what India did in that 5 year period. So its not the smartest logic..

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