Bangladesh news October 17, 2012

BCB to decide on Pybus future on Friday

Richard Pybus' future as Bangladesh coach is expected to be decided upon at a BCB meeting on Friday*. The outgoing board president, AHM Mustafa Kamal, said he was not very confident of Pybus returning to his job from his home in South Africa, where he has been for the past fortnight, though the board has asked him to return to Dhaka to discuss the impasse.

"I am not too confident that we can work together any longer," Kamal said. "The only time we weren't on the same page was about him bringing his family here. He couldn't convince them. He actually went to South Africa to do so this time. He wanted to go back home after every Bangladesh series but we can only let him do that one or two times."

"His kids are studying over there and I know for a fact that he has tried to convince them a few times [to move] ever since he started working here. If that doesn't happen, I don't think it can work out.

"We will decide on it at our October 18 meeting. We have already sent him a letter to come back and talk to us. But I don't think he could convince his family. We understand each other's situation.

"If he doesn't come, then also we will complete the formalities amicably. We have nothing against him and he also doesn't have any problems with us."

A source close to Pybus, though, denied reports that that he had gone home to try and convince his family to move. He returned home after being away on tour in Trinidad and Sri Lanka, the source told ESPNcricinfo, adding that he had submitted a plan for the upcoming West Indies tour of Bangladesh.

Pybus has been in charge of Bangladesh for four months during which the team has been involved in the build-up for the World Twenty20s. They played a series of unofficial matches in Zimbabwe and Trinidad, while also winning a three-match Twenty20 series against Ireland. They also lost to Scotland, won and lost to the Netherlands, and later crashed out of the World Twenty20s when they lost to New Zealand and Pakistan in the first round.

*01:43pm, October 17: The story has been updated after the BCB postponed their board meeting by a day

Mohammad Isam is ESPNcricinfo's correspondent in Bangladesh