Bangladesh's proposed tour to Pakistan: a timeline

A timeline of the events around Bangladesh's proposed tour of Pakistan

Mohammad Isam

December 31, 2012

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A shattered pane of the Sri Lankan team bus , Lahore, March 3, 2009
There has been no top-flight international cricket in Pakistan since the Lahore attack on the Sri Lanka team bus in 2009 © AFP

November 23, 2011
In return for Pakistan's support of Bangladesh's candidate for the post of the ICC vice-president, Pakistan proposes that Bangladesh tour their country.

December 17, 2011
The BCB decides to send a security-assessment team to Pakistan ahead of a proposed short tour, after new the PCB president Zaka Ashraf visits Dhaka for a one-on-one meeting with his Bangladesh counterpart. The two endorse Mustafa Kamal as the ICC vice-president, pending BCB approval.

March 4, 2012
As reservations about the proposed tour are expressed from within and outside the country, the Bangladesh board says it is satisfied with Pakistan's security arrangements, after it conducts a two-day assessment tour headed by Kamal.

March 7, 2012
The ICC introduces a "special dispensation" to be made only in "exceptional circumstances", in order to ensure that bilateral series are played even if the ruling body has determined it "unsafe" to appoint its officials for such series.

March 12, 2012
Amid growing pressure from within Bangladesh against the tour, BCB chief Kamal says he wouldn't let the team tour if the ICC doesn't agree to send match officials. Ashraf retaliates, saying bilateral relations hinge on the tour.

April 15, 2012
Kamal announces Bangladesh's tour to Pakistan, scheduled at the end of April. But he does this from Dubai, as the BCB directors remain unaware of any such decision, it having not been discussed in any meeting till that point.

Nazmul Hassan talks to the media in a press conference, Dhaka, December 31, 2012
Nazmul Hassan had spoken of a 'written agreement' to tour Pakistan © AFP
April 19, 2012
The Dhaka High Court orders the tour to be suspended for the next four weeks after a writ petition was filed by a university teacher and a Supreme Court lawyer, who challenged the tour. The Pakistan board reacts sharply.

November 1, 2012
New BCB chief Nazmul Hassan says that a written commitment has been made to the PCB from the Bangladesh board to tour Pakistan. He adds that most of the board's directors weren't aware of such a commitment.

December 14, 2012
Hassan confirms talks are on with the PCB about touring in January, just before the Bangladesh Premier League. He says the players will decide if they want to go, while the foreign staff are unlikely to be keen to on it.

A top PCB official hints that the Bangladesh Premier League will be Pakistan's bargaining chip to ensure Bangladesh's tour.

December 22, 2012
Hassan says, from London, that the BCB are awaiting a security clearance from the ICC, though the game's governing body had already given its special dispensation months ago. This after PCB chief Ashraf has said earlier on the day that the PCB has been "conveyed" a decision confirming the tour.

December 31, 2012
BCB president confirms that Bangladesh will not be touring in January, and will wait until the security situation improves in Pakistan. He says the BCB are ready to face the consequences, chiefly the boycott of Pakistan players from the BPL.

Zaka Ashraf, the PCB chairman, expresses annoyance at the BCB's decision to put the tour of Pakistan on hold a second time. He says Pakistan will 'reconsider' their bilateral ties with Bangladesh.

January 1, 2013
BCB chief Nazmul Hassan says he is hopeful that cricketers from Pakistan will be made available for the Bangladesh Premier League.

January 6, 2013
BCB president Nazmul Hassan meets Zaka Ashraf, the PCB chairman, during the third India-Pakistan ODI in Delhi in a bid to restore bilateral relations, but no firm commitment of a future tour is made during the meeting.

January 9, 2013
ICC vice-president AHM Mustafa Kamal denies any "unconditional commitment" from Bangladesh to tour Pakistan, contrary to what the current BCB president, Nazmul Hassan, had stated last month.

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Posted by Tokai69 on (January 2, 2013, 15:05 GMT)

Dear PAK fans, you have to compare apple to apple, if BCB (esp,M. kamal) earns your vote for the ICC position, you could claim a vote next time around from BCB for the president of ICC. You can't compare a vote with the lives of our national cricketers :p

Posted by Solid_Snake on (January 2, 2013, 10:22 GMT)

@ Warm_Coffee->Are all of your BD players above Average??? Afridi isa match winner.He might not be in form but his contribution to the Pak team wins is unmatchable.. & You asked who is Afridi? Well AFRIDI is the guy who scored the fastest Century.. He was the one who thrashed Indians & scored Century of 45 balls.There is a reason why he is gaven a name of 'Boom Boom' He single handedly won the T20 World Cup for us.. Afridi is the Guy who made sure we reach the Semi Final of Recent ODI WC.. He won so many matches for us single-handedly.Just because he isnt in his form right now dosent mean that he became an Avg Player.. Whole world invites this guy to play for their team because they know he is a match winner & a true entertainer.You are just pointing out his Average.Your team just 3/70 or 80 test matches & you my bro are discussing Afridi as a test batsman.. Name one of your players who achieved something like that?

Posted by ashqarmahi on (January 2, 2013, 6:56 GMT)

So far BCB shows some manner....trying to settle the security issue....taking time by holding the series....but i think it is the time to say NO directly to them....the way they are reacting....

Posted by Raiyan24r on (January 1, 2013, 17:05 GMT)

if the pakistanis dont participate , it will be a loss for the pakistani players themselves.seeing other leagues such as in IPL,BPL,SLPL and Big -Bash,only few number of players were being able to play there.but now in BPL, it is a chance for the pak players to get some extra income,make name for some youngsters.btw.....why let the players participate in big-bash,slpl,....australia and srilanka are not touring pakistan....

Posted by Praxis on (January 1, 2013, 16:38 GMT)

This has been a complete mess, both of the boards are equally responsible for it. PCB was desperate to bring international matches back in Pakistan. BCB(not Bangladesh) exploited it shamelessly. What was the point of planning the tour, giving press conference about it & then only to cancel or postpone it? Despite all the political influence in BCB, somehow the board got immunity while making these decisions. The bilateral ties are valuable for both of the countries right now. Finally, the situation in Pakistan is not safe for international cricket to return.

Posted by Warm_Coffee on (January 1, 2013, 14:08 GMT)

@shahbazhussain: Who is Afridi? a guy that doesn't play Test Cricket and has a pathetic average. boomboom yeah right his stats as an all-rounder is below par.

Posted by shahbazhussain on (January 1, 2013, 13:29 GMT)

Woow... i ssee many bangalis are saying that their player's lives have higher value than the Pakistani players? Are you really serious? Afridi's experience alone is more than the entire bangla appearance. Even you if you put Afridi in one side and the whole bangla 30 players in other side Afridi's side will be heavier. Huh.. guys. dont ever evaluate and compare the value of BD players with Pak. Secondly the security situation is really pathetic over here I wont recommend even Afghani team to visit Pakistan. Nobody is safe. Just wait for few more years so the govt changes here adn the security matures.

Posted by   on (January 1, 2013, 13:24 GMT)

PCB is correct in reconsidering the bilateral ties with BCB if this series doesn't take place. Not only BPL, PCB should boycott any tour of Bangladesh. The things are clear; BCB is a strong ally of BCCI. On the other hand, SriLanka and Pakistan Cricket boards do not want BCCI to rule the cricket world from Asia. The way things are going,probably,Sri Lanka will be the first to tour Pakistan this year.

Posted by kaidranzer on (January 1, 2013, 12:14 GMT)

BCB played a game to get Pakistan's vote and it came off. They never had any intentions of playing in Pakistan. Doesn't matter though. Everyone knows what the result of that tour would have been. A whitewash in favor of Pakistan. I would ask all the Pakistan supporters to wait for a few years. The current Pakistan team, with it's batting clicking, look like it can be a major force. Once the team matures, I am sure teams would start touring Pakistan. Never mind what Bangladesh did. They're insignificant.

Posted by The_Ashes on (January 1, 2013, 11:08 GMT)

Disappointing new year Pakistan! asta la vista baby.......

Posted by The_Ashes on (January 1, 2013, 11:03 GMT)

Pakistan fans think that we must be stupid or something. Did you really think we will risk the lives of our players? it just shows how much you devalue our players lives and because of that Pakistan should never hold matches again. Its a good thing that this tour is cancelled because if it did go ahead and went wrong, relations between Bangladesh and Pakistan will be gone forever and that does not include just Cricket but everything.

Posted by   on (January 1, 2013, 11:02 GMT)

its very sad only when Bangladesh Cricket board made a promise that they will visit pakistan if they cast thr vote to Bangladesh.. Pakistan did the same but bangali u did the same which we can expect only from an enemy.. and i request to PCB tht not to play any match in Bangladesh...thnx

Posted by fr600 on (January 1, 2013, 9:44 GMT)

Would Pakistan travel to Kashmir or related unsafe region if there's a match there? Would ICC give a go ahead in such a case? Would Pakistanis risk their cricketers over a few matches? Bangladesh wouldn't/shouldn't do that either. Although I really want to see Bangladesh tour Pakistan and international cricket being held in Pakistan, I guess it's just not safe enough. If it was safe, ICC wouldn't have a problem with the series. God forbid if anything happens, who will take responsibility? It's better to be safe than sorry.

Posted by TheRisingTeam on (January 1, 2013, 9:43 GMT)

Good one Bangladesh most of the other teams are scared on the rise of Bangladesh Cricket and can't take it and admit the truth. They know Bangladesh are one of the few 'minnow' teams that are interested in Cricket because most of the world don't like this sport anyway so they have no choice otherwise Cricket especially their 'world' tournaments will lose their appeal with few teams playing :D

Posted by   on (January 1, 2013, 8:37 GMT)

Wise people say that friend in need is a friend INDEED .Off course this is a time where we need friends and brothers to come to play .BD comes or donot come, this hard time will be over but we Pakis will remember that our BD brothers helped us or not. Take care all.

Posted by   on (January 1, 2013, 6:37 GMT)

& regarding who is best, & who is not, take a break guys. no doubt our neighboring test playing countries are ahead than us, that's the truth, for the time being. but, at the same time, you gotta acknowledge the progress that have been made by bangladesh cricket team, & the prospect that lays ahead of us. see the stats of bangladesh team in the year of 2012, in the context of ODI. if you are reluctant to do so, let me help you here- we played 9, all against top test playing countries, winning 5 of them, which include a place in ASIA CUP's final & then, beating t-20 champions west indies in a bilateral series of 5 matches !! but again, we are still not claiming ourselves as the DADDY of all of our neighboring test nations, that would be pure stupidity if we say so, just like the way some blinds bluntly reject the progression & uprising of bangladesh's cricket. Peace !!

Posted by   on (January 1, 2013, 6:23 GMT)

To all the talker out here supporting for the execution of this tour, we as a bangladeshi want to say that your country is not safe, thus, prompted us to postponing the tour. we haven't said that we will not be touring in pakistan, in fact, we would love to, not because we like to see pakistani players playing in our BPL, it's just that it would eventually help us to be more competitive in international arena. you see, we are a rising country in cricket, so we don't want to miss any opportunity to play games away from our home. calling it postponed only indicates that the tour will eventually take place, provided the condition is set to guarantee our players safety. just put yourself into our shoes, wouldn't you do the same?? just think about it, from a neutral perspective.

Posted by SomeoneStoleMyLungi on (January 1, 2013, 0:52 GMT)

I agree obviously Pakistan are the better team but there is no doubt that Bangladesh are on the rise. Yes Bangladesh are mediocre in tests but they are truly a force in ODIs. Bangladesh dont get enough exposure to test cricket so dont waste your time blaming them for being so crap in tests.

Posted by Gumshuda on (December 31, 2012, 22:07 GMT)

Pakistani is simply a better team. You have the answer now.

Posted by KingKashi on (December 31, 2012, 19:59 GMT)

Bangladesh not want to visit Pakistan is ok but after so many promises? It's harsh and you should expect harsh from Pakistan cricket board also, that is what Zaka Ashraf is saying all about!

Boycott of BPL forever so they play with each other and think they are champions!

Shame on you BCB and BPL!

Posted by davidatlas999 on (December 31, 2012, 18:04 GMT)

i see alot of bngla guys waiting for other teams senior to retire they think then bngla times will come eh its funny not?? Wish you a very bright future but the thing is good team never ever depend on some player they will get more and more player. Scared if your future depend on other downfall its not gonna happen m sure.

Posted by   on (December 31, 2012, 17:49 GMT)

@Ahmed.... As I said, I like you, you are funny. 'Just' is not good enough. We support your team when you play against any other team, we enjoy seeing you beat NZ, WI, India, SL, but you know who's daddy.

Posted by   on (December 31, 2012, 17:38 GMT)

@Ab Rar i love u dude maybe i will join u there sometime in lohore and these guys leave them alone they forget what we did fr them in past but we will remember there attitude in future when good times come :)

Posted by Warm_Coffee on (December 31, 2012, 17:09 GMT)

@The_Mystery_Ball: Love us or hate us not us Bangladesh fault Pakistan cannot hold matches safely so leave us be. More than a 120 million Bangladeshi's is more than enough to take Bangladesh Cricket to all sorts of levels. We Bangladeshi's know what we're talking about when it comes to our country and players I mean you don't even know Bangla so :)

Posted by TheRisingTeam on (December 31, 2012, 16:59 GMT)

@The_Mystery_Ball:- What? Bangladesh do not play enough test matches so its not easy just to win a test match after a gap of almost a year. The fact is we didn't lose to the West Indies by an INNINGS so that shows something from a weaker team. Also Bangladesh in the limited amount of games they have played this year have beaten India, Sri Lanka and the West Indies, minnows don't do that so yes Bangladesh are a rising team. How come you came below us in the recently concluded under-19 world cup? exactly! you are aware that these matches were held in Australia tracks unfamiliar to us and we still did okay in these foreign conditions. But don't worry, you will see from the moment 2013 starts till the next 3 years just how much Bangladesh have evolved so you can swallow the truth :P

Posted by The_Mystery_Ball on (December 31, 2012, 16:35 GMT)

@ Ahmed Hussain First off your BPL would take a big hit due to the lack of Pakistani players ( Dont believe me ? Check the BPL's stats for most runs and most wickets). Besides the players were already fed up with the BPL's payment schedules. And yeah Pakistan would have won easily (Still don't believe me ? Check Pakistan vs Bangladesh Stats)

@TheRisingTeam Are you serious about the "RISE OF BANGLADESH CRICKET" ? Let me ask you this much. How much test matches have you won ? If the answer is in single digits, then you my friend are living in a dream world. And the thing about your young players being better... How come we did not see your U-19 team in the finals of the recently concluded world cup ?

Posted by   on (December 31, 2012, 16:32 GMT)

@Shiraz Nasir...Rubbish! Bangladesh crushed your youth team in the under-19 world cup back in August and lead you 6-5 overall so the future is clear. Also you 'just' beat us in the last 2 ODIs and still you're saying Bangladesh will never beat Pakistan well based on these recent facts, its likely Bangladesh will beat Pakistan on many occasions. Bangladesh got worse? we beat already beaten New Zealand and West Indies is a full series and minnows don't do that. We know you Pakistan fans and others are scared on the growth of Bangladesh Cricket thanks :)

Posted by   on (December 31, 2012, 16:10 GMT)

@Ahmed... I like you, you are funny. I accept that BD should not tour under the current situation but times are changing? Indeed! You are going downhill. You were better a couple of years ago. You have no fast bowlers. Batsmen alone will not win you too many matches.

By the way, it will be nice to see BD batsmen batting against Irfan!

You haven't beaten us since 1999 world cup. You won't be beating us any time soon either.

Posted by   on (December 31, 2012, 16:08 GMT)

Bangladesh needs to understand that no country including Pakistan is supportive of Bangladesh Cricket even their fans aren't well the majority of them but the 100 million plus Bangladeshi's is enough to prevent you guys from getting rid of Bangladesh Cricket besides, a few teams play it anyway so good luck haters :P

Posted by   on (December 31, 2012, 16:05 GMT)

Considering the current form of Pak & BD form, it wuld b 1 of many unnecessary series. BD batsmen's' legs r always glued b4 stumps and level of Bd players' temperament gets even worse for2 much try for short form success. & other than BD pitches,spinners r just few mm above average. So we viewers will be benefited 4m not watching an 1-sided cricketing mistakes and sm big margin but unnecessary win 4 Pak. However, the way BCB BD govt and some of the ill-paid, ill motivated political sports journalists map the road-map of Pak Tour Drama , that will hurt only BD cricket. BD always demands more test, But, FTP suggest the country has nt more than 40 tests in next 10 yrs vis a vis at least 80 tests by better sides . Only way to overcome such dismal state of having tests is provision 4 better test sides' help thru arranging bilateral series. What pak has done for Sri Lanka before. Pak is off, SL have huge demand by better sides.Zim is no more. BD will b cub alwyz. Its their choice.

Posted by AzharHaleem on (December 31, 2012, 15:57 GMT)

Security is concern so not harsh feeling for each other insha Allah things will get better but it will take time

Posted by   on (December 31, 2012, 15:29 GMT)

and between .. I wish BD cricket team well. BD is a cricket crazy nation, deserves a better team. Genuine surge is always gradual. The team isnt coming over but what abt u? Join me for Kofi in Lahore? :)

Posted by   on (December 31, 2012, 15:25 GMT)

@ Ahmed .. the record stands at 29 straight wins. U may wnat to check the stats again. And by the time these guys retire, you wil see moe guys ready to take the record to 129 :) No hard feelings. Dont get too excited. Salam to every1 at home.

Posted by   on (December 31, 2012, 15:09 GMT)

@Ab Rar..."Pakistan wouldve won" - Funny! you 'just' won against us in the last 2 ODIs against us especially the final so don't get that confident. We already crushed your under-19 team so the future is clear mate especially once your seniors players start to retire. I hope you are aware that times are changing and indeed it is... :)

Posted by TheRisingTeam on (December 31, 2012, 15:01 GMT)

Good decision! we Bangladesh don't care what you Pakistan think of us or our team as history speaks for itself. We all know you guys are worried about "The rise of Bangladesh Cricket" and have a much much better future in Cricket compared to you guys. Calling us minnows, third grade etc just shows your true character so continue with it because all that is going to change. We already own your youth teams so the future is clear between both Cricketing nations. Oh yeah we don't care if Pakistan players don't participate in DPL, BPL or whatever as its them who are missing out not us. Bangladesh fans want to see our players not yours :D

Posted by   on (December 31, 2012, 14:58 GMT)

@Ahmed .. ofcourse the likes of Afridi in BPLwould help BCB make handsome bucks too. Its just that the BCB is 2 much under the influence of the 'bigger' board :) Anyways there shdnt b any hard feelings, no tour perfectly fine. There wasnt any surpirse in their 2 begin with. Pakistan wouldve won.

Posted by   on (December 31, 2012, 14:33 GMT)

And, it shows how much a mess when your BD boards needs favor, they committed for everything. And, after that, they rejects it. Its kind of miss commitment by BD board. I agree if situation is not good in Pakistan. But, why, then committing when need favour.

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