Bangladesh Premier League January 12, 2013

Hales withdraws from BPL


Alex Hales, the England and Nottinghamshire opener, will not take part in the controversial Bangladesh Premier League which starts next week even though none of the international players due to appear in the tournament has yet received a contract.

Hales had been bought at the auction by Duronto Rajshahi and insisted he would join the event despite strong concerns from the Professional Cricketers' Association (PCA) who remain extremely worried about payment and contract issues.

Hales recently joined Melbourne Renegades in the Big Bash League as a replacement for the injured Marlon Samuels and enhanced his reputation by smashing 89 off 52 balls just hours after stepping off a place from England.

He is guaranteed at least one more BBL match with the Renegades in a semi-final against Brisbane Heat on Tuesday and, it is understood, that has been enough for him to have a change of heart over the BPL, for which he would only have been available for a short period before reporting for Twenty20 duty with England on the New Zealand tour.

Hales, along with Nottinghamshire team-mates Michael Lumb and Samit Patel, has been barred by his county from putting his name forward for this year's IPL as it clashes with the English county season.

Currently, Luke Wright, who like Hales will not be available for the whole tournament, is still set to take up his BPL deal.

Angus Porter, the chief executive of the PCA, said that none of the promises made by the BPL organisers ahead of the second running of the event have been delivered. "We are five days away from the tournament and there had been a promise that contracts would be delivered well in advance," he said. "This hasn't happened, and now there's no chance it will happen before the event.

"I still fully expect some international players to take part, but they will be heading into another unknown situation with very few assurances. I would really like the BPL to work, Bangladesh cricket needs it to be a success, but history tells us that it looks unlikely at the moment."

The problems do not stop at the international stars, either. ESPNcricinfo understands that some of the Barisal players are refusing to sign No Objection Certificates for their franchises until they are paid last year's fees.

Andrew McGlashan is an assistant editor at ESPNcricinfo

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  • Smith on January 15, 2013, 20:56 GMT

    @Kashif.Anwa and Faizan: You guys complain that only reason Bangladesh has almost 70% win ratio at youth level is because they play minnows? hello wake up! Bangladesh according to you fans and experts are minnows so fair is fair and yes its true Bangladesh have played these teams and have on most occasion at youth level have a fantastic record against these minnows i.e. leading Ireland 5-0 but according to Cricinfo stats, Pakistan too play against minnow teams against Zimbabwe, Uganda, Ireland, Afghanistan etc so double standards as usual from you guys but glad I counter attacked with proof in your arguments hope that Bangladesh improvement and rise in Cricket don't taste bad good luck :)

  • Smith on January 15, 2013, 20:42 GMT

    @Kashif.Anwa and Faizan: People like you guys try so hard don't they? and find as many loopholes as possible. At Under-19 level the future stars of Cricket, Bangladesh are leading 17-8 win ratio over England, 14-8 over Sri Lanka, 6-5 over your Pakistan team huh?, 4-2 over West Indies etc etc so what do you mean by associates? I thought according to fans and experts teams like Ireland are better than Bangladesh? so your point is kind of invalid mate based on these result facts :P

    If you use England under-19 as an example where Bangladesh have a 17-8 lead over them home and away, from that England set up, players like Joe Root and Jonny Bairstow use to play in those matches and now are part of the official England team. If our Bangladesh under-19 team can manage and contain them then how do you think experience still young players like Shakib, Tamim, Mahmudullah etc will do to them? who have already played more than 500 International matches between them? its common sense good luck :)

  • Kashif on January 14, 2013, 18:48 GMT

    Thanks to faizan_feroz now we know why Bangladesh has a better u19 record and they couldn't win a major tournament. Keep up the good work against assosiate teams... U are learning some good stuff from India... invite a weeker team to make records when they have a bad run against good teams.

  • RAFSAN on January 14, 2013, 18:23 GMT

    @feroz: maybe you now say your u19 is better than ur national team !!!!!!! Haaaa haaa

  • faizan on January 14, 2013, 18:08 GMT

    other gr8 point is that out of 122 matches of bd u19 87 have been played in asia where they won 57 so 65% is the winning % , total 47 matches have been plyed in bd out of 122 so their playng home record is 39 % and bd has an excellent home record of 76% wining ratio ,

    while pak has only layed 95 matches in asia meaning 53% overall and has a win % of 64.2%, out of which we played only 46 matches on our soil so we only played on our home ground 25% time ovrall , even with that pak has a w/l ratio of 1.66 for which we are proud of without the home advantage their win % is 1.29 while without our home advantage which we have so less of our win loas % is 1.66 so the recors speak who is better :) the same situation is with senior bd team having a good record on home soil :)

  • faizan on January 14, 2013, 17:42 GMT

    thnks for the records rocket man :) but nw cums the tricky part , u boast of an excellent record of bd u 19 record , lets study that in detail , bd has played 122 matches in u19 agreed ? out of which 97 are against test playng nations inc zim out of which it won 53 so the win loss ratio is 1.3 , then bd played against associates 25 times and won 23 out of those , so u see how u jump so hy ! and nw since u have brought pak so now study sum of these figures as well so far pak u19 has played 178 games , out of these 178 165 are against test playng nations inc zim in which we won 96 lost 64 and 5 tied/nr so our win loss is 1.5 and then we only played 13 matches against associates winning 12 out of them , so if u leave out ur associates brothers u will find that bd has a poorer record aginst test countries as compared to pak , but the only thng u cant compete is the fact that u won 1 match more aginst us head to head congratulations for that :)

  • Dummy4 on January 14, 2013, 17:16 GMT

    who cares about u-19 .??? but for your information since 2000 pakistan have won 2 ,australia also 2 and india have won 3 u-19 world many bangladesh won........?? =0

  • faizan on January 14, 2013, 16:58 GMT

    okay azab u can mention the link where i can find the u 19 records more authentic then the wikipedia and its more than welcome for u or anyone to correct me :)

  • roket on January 14, 2013, 16:52 GMT

    @warm Coffee: I did not realize FRR was a PAK fan, specially after the way he was praising IPL, and bashing BPL. It's ironic, since IPL does not allow PAK players, BPL does! At least BD has T20 league where foreign players come to play, what does Pakistan have?:-)

  • roket on January 14, 2013, 16:50 GMT

    @faizan_feroz: Oh wow! You did not even check to see if that number made any sense!! Here is another wikipedia page for you, U 19 WC records (source: ( . BD has a 69.60% win ratio in U19 WC Matches, only Australia has significantly better ratio in WC matches than BD. SA, PAK and IND is only marginally better, if you tweak the number of games played, the ratio of W/L in U19 WC matches is virtually the same between SA, BAN, IND and PAK. BD has a higher W/L ration in U19 WC than ENG, SL, WI by a solid margin. Here is BD teams overall U-19 performance :(;template=results;type=team) BD has more wins than losses against all other test playing nations except India and SA. As I said before, BD has the second best overall W/L ratio in U-19 cricket. Please check your sources, before posting!:-)

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