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Jurgensen sets sights on Sri Lanka success

Mohammad Isam

February 9, 2013

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Bangladesh coach Shane Jurgensen speaks at a press conference, Mirpur, November 8, 2012
Shane Jurgensen: "Our main concern is the bowlers who have to move from T20 to Tests" © AFP
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Shane Jurgensen was pleasantly surprised to learn of the BCB's decision to continue with him as Bangladesh's head coach but knows he has a challenging assignment ahead.

"I have a lot of feelings at the moment," he told ESPNcricinfo. "I am surprised, excited and honoured to be given the responsibility to look after the team. I would like to continue on the recent success against West Indies."

The chief concern for Jurgensen ahead of the Sri Lanka series next month is the bowling, which will have to bear the brunt of the heat and several vastly experienced batsmen. Also, Shakib Al Hasan's availability is under a cloud due to injury. The batting and fielding will also have to be addressed, and all of this has to be done in less than two weeks after the BPL ends on February 19.

The touring party is likely to be selected by February 15 and the preparatory camp set to start the day after the end of the Twenty20 tournament. The chaotic schedule over the next three weeks could also be complicated by the appointments of various specialist coaches and their adjustment to the country, the players and the team atmosphere. But Jurgensen is only focusing on what he has to put in place.

"Our main concern is the bowlers who have to move from T20 to Tests," Jurgensen said. "The plan is to make them bowl the number of overs they would do in a Test match. The batsmen have been doing well in the BPL and that's a good sign, but Test cricket requires something different.

"We get together on February 20, but I also know that many of our batsmen will play in the Bangladesh Cricket League final (a first-class tournament) which is a plus for us. I think playing four or five-day cricket before a Test series is always useful."

He was first appointed in November when the contractual tussle between Richard Pybus and the BCB ended up with Bangladesh without a coach ahead of the West Indies series. Jurgensen took over as interim coach and though it is hard to tell whether he made a major impact, the team felt stable and ended up pushing the visitors all the way. After a close first Test and a poor second one, Bangladesh won the ODI series 3-2, one of the things that went in Jurgensen's favour when the BCB's cricket operations committee took the decision.

Having worked in the Bangladesh setup since October 2011, he will also be aware of how fickle the administrators can be. As a result, his immediate goal is to put together a plan that is successful in Sri Lanka, a country where Bangladesh have regularly underperformed. They have never won a Test match in the country, losing all six in three full series since 2002.

"My immediate goal would be to perform well in Sri Lanka. I would like to go there and look to win. It was a very good series against the West Indies. The players have been doing well in the BPL, so I am confident. We have some precise goals regarding conditions and opposition in the short time we get after BPL."

By deciding on Jurgensen, a 36-year-old from Queensland with no international playing experience, the BCB has also deviated from their tradition of appointing a major name. Perhaps the poor experience with the previous two coaches, Stuart Law and Richard Pybus, helped to open up the search a bit more.

Law had left last year, less than a year after being appointed while the BCB's contractual trouble with Pybus ended that relationship in four months. Though Jurgensen will only continue till the end of 2013, it is a role that he relishes and maybe a bit of hunger is what the Bangladesh coaching role deserves.

Mohammad Isam is ESPNcricinfo's Bangladesh correspondent

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Posted by gnanzcupid on (February 12, 2013, 17:58 GMT)

Those teams were playing bad in and around those years. So had there been a rank system then naturally their ranks would have been among the bottom. So my point is that lankan victory at those years were not against high ranked teams as mr.sinhaya was claiming. So there is no much difference between lanka in 1994 and bangla now. Lankan has below average test cricket history,so dont overrate it my lankan fans.

Posted by Htc-Android on (February 12, 2013, 13:46 GMT)

@gnanzcupid. Doesnt matter they are in good form or poor form. They were still better team than us back in those days(since we were new to cricket) and they were expected to play better than us. We played test matches with Ban in 2006 when we were in bad form. Did we lose to them? If poor form is considered as an issue, I can also say that we were in poor form when Aus toured us in 2011. SO that series win cannot be counted.

Posted by gnanzcupid on (February 12, 2013, 11:18 GMT)

@sinhaya we shall not consider lankas defeats in 1980s against Nz mate,provided we don consider your wins in 1985 against india and 1986 against pakistan. is that ok? that will mean that bangldesh is a better team than lankans as they have won 3 games in 13 years whereas lankans would have won only 2 tests in 13 years if these two tests are not considered

Posted by Sinhaya on (February 12, 2013, 10:56 GMT)

@gnanzcupid, kindly disregard NZ's test wins against us in the 1980s as we were new go cricket. Dont expect a team to be test match winners overnight. India took 19 years to register their first test win. NZ took. 26 years to register their first test win haha!

Posted by gnanzcupid on (February 12, 2013, 9:54 GMT)

Think lankan fans have surrendered and dont have anything to counter as all my stats were true and unobjectionable

Posted by matchfixerpkn on (February 12, 2013, 8:12 GMT)

agianst india srilnka lsot 14 and won only 6 . NOte : not won single test in india .. agaisnt pak its 15 loses ...even agianst newzealand its 9 loses.

Posted by matchfixerpkn on (February 12, 2013, 8:05 GMT)

overall srilanka lost 17 test alone to australia since 1983...and only one win..hahaha.. and dnt know y they are showing other teams record :)

Posted by matchfixerpkn on (February 12, 2013, 8:00 GMT)

Sinhaya..hahah..still not won a single test in australia..hahah..not won single test series in india..30 years dude..30 years... hahah... few resulst of australia vs srilnaka below from 1990 ..

1992 in srilanka lsot 1-0 1996 in austraila lost 3-0 2003 in australia lost 3-0 2004 in srilanka lost1-1 2004 in australia lost 1-0 2007 in australia lost 2-0 2011 in srilanka lost 1-0 2013 in asustralia lost 3-0

hahah..already you scored 3 hatriclk loses in austrlia the rcord says its 9-0 humiliation agianst australia in australia. i dnt think any country in hisotry lost 3 white wssahes to austrailia since 1990. now not showing records of srilanka agianst india /s africa. indeedd agaisnt pak also lankas record is not so good as they are boosting.. laugh yoiurself.. respect other natin before insulting new comers

Posted by gnanzcupid on (February 12, 2013, 6:54 GMT)

@htc-android England in 1993 had lost all the tests they played in 1993. India dint win a test match in 1985.Nz was in v bad test form in 1992 having lost 3 matches in that year. It was during these years that the lankans managed to beat these teams.Had the ranking system been in place,those teams would have been among the bottom teams during those years.So understand that.Can you prove me wrong? haha.Dont keep dreaming my friend.You dint beat the top teams of those period.Your team has a poor test history and dont overrate it

Posted by Htc-Android on (February 12, 2013, 5:44 GMT)

@gnanzcupid. Any fan who reads ur comments will get maximum laughs. Let read ur comment again." India,NZ,WI and ENGLAND were all in poor form before they lost to you and were nearly the low ranked teams before you won them". How do they get to poor form. So everytime before they start losing with this , they forget how to play cricket? So are u telling me Beating indis,NZ,ENG is equal to beating ZIM. This ultimate comedy. I dont know who is reading a comedy show here.

Posted by gnanzcupid on (February 12, 2013, 5:13 GMT)

@kapila k and htc-android. I never mind when you have some mud slingers on India or for the matter any other country.You were in exactly in the same position as Bd in 1994. So dont humiliate them.I want you fans to understand that records say that Lanka is not so great as you people try to project.Accept the reality mates.dont be fanatic

Posted by gnanzcupid on (February 12, 2013, 5:08 GMT)

@sinhaya Lanka has done will in tests for the last 30 years?? haha. With just 3+3 wins outside the subcontinent in the last 30 years?? i humbly feel that this is not a comedy show

Posted by gnanzcupid on (February 12, 2013, 5:04 GMT)

@Sinhaya i want you to explain a logic.When you started playing tests in 1982 those countries which you were mentioning were not top ranked in tests as you mention.India,NZ,WI and ENGLAND were all in poor form before they lost to you and were nearly the low ranked teams before you won them. I have to mention their form related issues as you say BD defeated a half fit WI team.If that is the case will you consider your recent win against the aus B team in 2nd ODI as null and void.It was you who told that it was an australian team whatsoever.So definitely BD win against Zim and BD are equal to your victories over IND,NZ,WI and ENG in the first 13 years of your cricketing history. Lanka is definitely an overrated test side.So Lankan fans should stop humiliating the BD fans.

Posted by Htc-Android on (February 12, 2013, 4:49 GMT)

@Kapila.K. Dont forget the fact that india took 50 years to win a test match in Pakistan, Whereas we did that in 13 years.

Posted by Htc-Android on (February 12, 2013, 4:08 GMT)

@gnanzcupid. Chandimal failing in sub-continent is not a big deal for us. He is always going to play in the subcontinent. So he can adapt to those wickets. He performs well in overseas wickets. Thats the type of batsman we need for the future.

Posted by gnanzcupid on (February 12, 2013, 3:38 GMT)

There is only one X factor which distinguishes Lanka from BD.It is MAHELA,of course.If lankans say Chandimal(who is a failure in the subcontinent) and Thirimanne(whose average is less than 25) than they must be joking seriously.

Posted by Kapila.K on (February 12, 2013, 0:49 GMT)

India has played cricket at the highest level since 1932 (80 years) but their win ratio is really poor in Tests. SL since 1982 (30 years) has a better overall record.

India: Played 468, won 115, win ratio 4.0

Lanka: Played 220, won 65, win 3.

Lets look at how long India took to win a Test in England, Australia, South Africa, Nw Zealand and West Indies:

New Zealand - 35 years England - 39 years West Indies -39 years Australia - 48 years South Africa - 74 years

Ok, now lets look at how long SL took to win a Test in those countries:

New Zealand - 13 years England -16 years West Indies - 24 years South Africa - 28 years

80 years of playing cricket but India still get whitewashed overseas (0-8) and worst of all get humiliated on home conditions to Pakistan and England. Another drubbing to Australia on the cards, this time in their own backyard.

Although Indian fans talk big about their team, the hardcore stats are quite the opposite.

Posted by Sinhaya on (February 12, 2013, 0:31 GMT)

@gnanzcupid, yeah check how much of a less number of tests we played dude from March 1982 till March 1995. Sri Lanka also registered those 4 test wins against the best XIs of top teams back then which include England, India, Pakistan and NZ. Bangladesh has so far beaten Zimbabwe and the Windies who lost the main XI who went on strike in mid 2009. Your comments are only meant to degrade Sri Lanka as clearly proven. We have done well so far in the 30 years. Pointless wasting time with people like you who are born to hate Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka even managed to draw plenty of tests during the period from 1982 to 1995 as proven below.

Need more evidence?

Posted by Sinhaya on (February 12, 2013, 0:11 GMT)

@matchfixerpkn, NZ Sri Lanka tests were 1-1 so there was no humiliation at all. Haha utter desperation again. England Sri Lanka test series result was 1-1 dude. Grow up and talk sense. Did India win a test match overseas for 30 years of getting test status? hahahahahaha!

Again rubbish. Australia and India hardly ever play Bangladesh. Aussies and India played their full strength XI against us. Why do you hate Sri Lanka so much dude?? Sri Lanka has won test series against India in Sri Lanka by the way. Pakistan played a full strength side against Sri Lanka last year in SL and lost the tests 1-0 and lost 0DIs 3-1. So we did not lose to Pakistan as you say last year and you are 100% WRONG! Australia and Pakistan respect Sri Lanka a lot. Hey grow up dude. No one will believe your big fat lies. Cricinfo please publish.

Posted by Energetic. on (February 11, 2013, 18:21 GMT)

Sri Lanka will be very tough yet interesting. It will give us a clear idea where both teams stand and are heading but Sri Lanka are strong favourites no doubt.

Posted by gnanzcupid on (February 11, 2013, 18:01 GMT)

Here is a stat which would make the BD fans happy.Lankans had registered only 4 wins in the first 13 years of their test cricketing history.BD are v close with 3 wins in the same period.So whenever the lankans humiliate you,just give this stat my BD fans

Posted by   on (February 11, 2013, 17:51 GMT)

whatever Sri Lanka's weaknesses away are, we are formidable at home. since 1996 we have won 42 games and lost 16 at home. only Australia have really dominated us with 4 wins to 1 loss. the next best is Pakistan, who have won 3 lost 3. all other opposition have lost more games than they have won. mahela and sanga both average above 60 in home games. Even SA would consider touring Sri Lanka a challenge, their record is won 1 lost 4.

while i hope for the best for Bangladesh, some of you chaps need to temper your exuberance with a little realism.

Posted by Sinhaya on (February 11, 2013, 15:39 GMT)

@matchfixerpkn, Sri Lanka made it to the world cup finals in 2011 and we were 2nd and that was great. We never lost 6-1 to India and that proves your non stop deluded mindset Sri Lanka has won ODI series in England and also test and ODI series in Pakistan. You are wrong indeed. Sri Lanka beat Pakistan 2-1 in tests in 1995 and 2000. Sri Lanka won the ODI series against Pakistan in Pakistan in 1995, 2000 and also 2009. You are absolutely desperate. Check the real facts before posting absolute trash.

NZ was never half fit when they came to SL last year. It was a full strength team. Why wont you say that we defeated NZ 3-0 in ODIs last year???

Posted by Sinhaya on (February 11, 2013, 15:32 GMT)

@matchfixerpkn you are talking out of pure desperation. You are imagining and writing a pure fiction. Sri Lanka never played Afghanistan or Nepal at all. You are talking absolute rubbish.

Posted by AzAb12754 on (February 11, 2013, 14:25 GMT)

@Match: Totally disagree Bangladesh are better than Sri Lanka and I'm a Bangladesh fan saying that the past results speak for themselves. Whether we like it or not Bangladesh have been a disgrace in Cricket since they got full status. If we want our team to gain respect then we have to beat teams the top 8 on a regular bases starting from Sri Lanka next month. Its not like most of these fans of other teams want Bangladesh to do bad or anything, they're just frustrated with the performances and results Bangladesh have produced in the past 12 years its all known to them. The good thing is the Bangladesh team are for once going in the right direction but whether they will become a competitive team and beat teams like India, England etc on a regular bases, time will tell.

We're still an ordinary team but an improving one.

Posted by Htc-Android on (February 11, 2013, 14:11 GMT)

@gnanzcupid. You contradicting with ur previous comment here. you ignored our wins against WI and NZ bcoz we ranked higher than them( So were we were ranked higher than them for 30 years?. Even back in 1982, we were better team than them? It makes even more happy if you say we were better than them for 30 years.) By the way Nz won 4 test matches against us back in 1982-1984, when we were new to cricket. Those cannot counted as win. So technicalyy we have 8-6 test record over NZ. We already won a test series in NZ back in 1995. NZ are yet to win series in SL after 1984. We have 6-3 win record over WI and they are yet to win test match over SL, whereas we already won a tet match in WI. Do some research mate!!!!!

Posted by matchfixerpkn on (February 11, 2013, 14:00 GMT)

Ain_EL_Sabet..srliaka done only better than nepal , and afgan recently...that also against C grade team of overseas ...

Posted by matchfixerpkn on (February 11, 2013, 13:58 GMT)

comapratively bangladesh is better than srilanka ....bangladehs defeated india in asia cup recently and gave neck to neck fight to paksitna.. but srilanka was humiliated against same india in wordl cup ,asia cup , 6-1 defeat in srilanka.. and with 30 year of test status have even not won single test in australia also not asingle series in india or england or in pakistna ... and when bangladesh and india and pak dfeated newzealand ......srilnaka was humiliated against same newzealand in srilnaka (that also with half fit newzealand)..

Posted by matchfixerpkn on (February 11, 2013, 13:42 GMT)

y some srilankan fan all of sudden brinigng records of other teaam..lets compare srilanka records in recent.. they wer humiliated agianst new zealand in srilanka..they lost series to england in srilanka...they lost world ,asia cup (humilaiited) and 6-1 in one day agianst india in srilanka..lsot one day agianst pak...whitewahsed in australia 0-3, still not won test match in india or australia... teh are in cricket field for last 30 years ...still all major team like australia,,india,pak,s africa put their C GRADE team agianst srilanka..and yet they have not won any series..but same india,pak,austrlaia play full strenght team agianst itself proves the difference between paper lion and tiger from bengal.

Posted by   on (February 11, 2013, 12:59 GMT)

Bangladesh can always produce surprises and they have the most potential of doing so compared to any other country. As in which soil they are playing at is irrelevant as they come on the field as underdogs whichever soil. Srilanka is one of the best teams in the world and more confident playing in there own field. but bangladesh has nothing to lose. Test im sure we willl be beaten as we never can endure the fifth day. but on ODI we may produce surprises. And i see no point pulling india or pakistan reagrding a series between Lanka vs Bangladesh.

Posted by faizan_feroz on (February 11, 2013, 12:50 GMT)

well commented azab , as expected from logical viewers of the game like you :)

Posted by AzAb12754 on (February 11, 2013, 11:13 GMT)

First of all nobody knows what the results are going to be but Sri Lanka are strong favourites. As much as I want Bangladesh to win the test series, it looks quite unlikely because Bangladesh have been playing so much T20 Cricket and cannot see them turning to test mode just like that.

Posted by gnanzcupid on (February 11, 2013, 8:03 GMT)

@Ain_EL_Sabet definitely not.Must be you are following cricket for the first time.From my point of view,Pak is the best asian team with a combination of young promising and attacking bowlers along with experienced seniors.Followed by India with batting legends and bowling failures. All the subcontinent teams have been to Australia have been whitewashed and few in england.I suspect you are a Lankan fan in disguise.Lankan fans can argue with stats if they have anything to prove.Haha.

Posted by gnanzcupid on (February 11, 2013, 7:49 GMT)

@kapila K You have a poor understanding mate. am i being delusional,hahaha.. Give me an evidence pls. can you point out a comment in which i primarily lauded India?That was not my intention

Posted by faizan_feroz on (February 11, 2013, 7:47 GMT)

gnanscupid : yes sl might be overrated still they have better players then bd bang and ind today , so plx try to respect oppositon by their nature and onfield performances in tournaments rather than some early stats of the country , also i read a comment stating that it won the first ever test it played , i need to correct that , it was the secind test we ever played ! against ind

Posted by gnanzcupid on (February 11, 2013, 7:22 GMT)

@Htc-Android the stat reads that lanka has only 6 wins on non subcontinent soil. I have also given the stat of lankan win-loss records against nz,which is 8-10. So it automatically says who the better team is.Higher rank is with respect to the current ICC ranking,my friend.Not your country's overall paltry playing potential my friend

Posted by Ain_EL_Sabet on (February 11, 2013, 5:32 GMT)

@ gnanzcupid - SRILANKA HAS DONE BETTER THAN ANY OTHER SOUTH-ASIAN COUNTRY IN CRICKET, PERIOD . Give them credit . I am Bangladeshi and I dont expect BD to beat lanka in test now , we dont even have decent pace ballers yet ! Yes we are producing promising highly talented young guns now in all depertment except fast balling , so the future looking bright and inshallah in near future we will be there among the best teams but now at this point is not the time to expect too much like yourself .

Posted by Kapila.K on (February 11, 2013, 5:16 GMT)

Bangladesh has improved in recent times and I expect the ODI series to be competitive in patches but it will be an uphill task for them to win the ODI series.

Also, Bangladesh has never won a ODI on SL soil and all 12 Tests played between the two nations so far have resulted in big losses for Bangladesh.

Having said that, Bangladesh can surprise SL if the selectors decide to experiment with too many youngsters. All the best to SL and Bangladesh. I have always supported Bangladesh when they play against India!

Posted by Kapila.K on (February 11, 2013, 5:04 GMT)

The more he posts comments the more delusional he becomes, I'm of course referring to gnanzcupid. His only purpose is to degrade other cricketing nations and gloat about India which has done rather poorly since gaining Test status in 1932.

India took 20 years (1952) to win their first Test and 35 years (1967) to win their first Test overseas. SL in comparison won their first Test in 3 years (1985) and won their first Test overseas in only 13 years (1995). Pakistan won their first ever Test played.

India with 1.3 billion people has been mediocre at best for the last 80 years. India's humiliating 0-8 drubbing against England and Australia is not enough for Indians.

Let me remind you that Pakistan beat the hell out of India in ODIs on Indian soil last month and England humiliated India also on home soil in a Test series recently. I can imagine what would happen to India when Aus start hammering your over rated team India.

Posted by Htc-Android on (February 11, 2013, 4:20 GMT)

@gnanzcupid. let me read ur comment again. 'lanka has won only 3 tests against on non subcontinent soil against countries who are higher ranked than them in 30 years'". So that means u consider us better than NZ and WI. It makes me happy that u atleast admitted that we are better than NZ and WI.

Posted by gnanzcupid on (February 11, 2013, 3:46 GMT)

I believe some of these stats will give the true picture of the overrated lankan team to the world.everyone knows that test cricket is the real measure of a team's talent. Lankan fans should understand that their team is poor in tests.

Posted by   on (February 11, 2013, 2:27 GMT)

@gnanzcupid- what do you mean by higher ranked teams? did you consider all 30 years of test ranking tables to deliver that observation Srilanka has won 6 test matches from since gaining test status 1981 on territories outside the subcontinent from 55 matches. And India 22 from 173 matches from 1932. Don't know how newzealand and west indies were ranked from 1972. But there's not much to speak of buddy. May be you should develop new ways to degrade SL team. Unlike you our successes have come in more testing times. And for a country of 1 billion people you have done a little less. and just 13 wins from 1981..are kidding me? do you want me to believe India is the greatest team ever? not a chance..recent back to back annihilation you got in England and Australia is enough for me to convince otherwise. You should be better than us. But you're not..

Posted by getsetgopk on (February 11, 2013, 2:23 GMT)

gnanzcupid: Australia has just won 3 test matches in Pakistan so does that mean that mean that Auss wins a test match every 20 years in Pak and hence they are not world class? Same thing for India, they have won just 2 tests in pak after playing cricket for close to 70 years, thats a test match every 35 years. Test cricket is not T20, a victory in tests is a huge thing which BD has not witnesed after playing for 13 years against the top brass of test cricket. Before you post your so called smart comments, do try to check the history of the game thoroughly. SL is one the best teams in test cricket, their W/L ratio in test is better than India.

Posted by Sinhaya on (February 11, 2013, 0:28 GMT)

@gnanzcupid, fact is that Sri Lanka registered their first ever test win in barely 4 years shows that we have done excellently.

Look at our first ever test tour of Pakistan. This link below is all about our 2nd ever test in Pakistan in our inaugural tour of Pakistan. We nearly won this test match.

In our first ever test match in India we nearly won it too but ended in a draw

We have done very well. Cricinfo please publish.

Posted by Sinhaya on (February 11, 2013, 0:16 GMT)

@gnanzcupid, hey dude NZ winning against us in the early 1980s cant really be counted. Dont you forgive us at all for being new to cricket in the early 1980s and that we hardly played any cricket back then?? We played very very little cricket from 1980 to 1995. Bangladesh has played far more test matches than Sri Lanka from 2000 till today. Cricinfo please publish.

Posted by gnanzcupid on (February 10, 2013, 20:07 GMT)

a small correction in my stat.lanka has won only 3 tests against on non subcontinent soil against countries who are higher ranked than them in 30 in every 10 years

Posted by faizan_feroz on (February 10, 2013, 20:04 GMT)

@gnanzcupid judging by your excellent predictions , BD hasnt won a test against full fletched oppositions , then judging by this piece of statistics beauty you imply that bd wont win a test match ever ?? :P

Posted by gnanzcupid on (February 10, 2013, 18:30 GMT)

@sinhaya lanka has won just 3 matches against the non subcontinent teams in 30 years(1 win per 10 years).their last win was in 2011 their next win will by around 2022.

Posted by gnanzcupid on (February 10, 2013, 18:19 GMT)

@sinhaya nz obviously has some good record against the lankans. Their win loss ratio is 10-8. Just winning their first test early does not mean that a team is fantastic and world class

Posted by   on (February 10, 2013, 17:49 GMT)

I expect Bangladesh team to do well. At least i hope they will. I won't watch some good cricket. Young Bangladesh teams are very much in league with most of the young teams in world cricket.(u-19) What Bangladesh lacks is a cricketing culture where the game can even without international matches. In Srilanka that is the case..although we gained test status in (1981 i think) we have been playing cricket for more than hundred years between major schools. One is older than the ashes it self. So we can be rest assured talented cricketers will keep on coming..forever...

Posted by faizan_feroz on (February 10, 2013, 17:26 GMT)

also FTP says that next yr there will be tri series in bd involving sl pak and host bd , lets say its a mini asia cup , we all knw what pak do to bd in odis and test and with the series it will also make clear that they dont stand a chance against lanka till yet , specially in test , and next yr will be critical for BD , this tri nation tournament and t20 wc , and by the luks of it they will have to face pak and ind/sa/eng in grp stages :P

Posted by Ain_EL_Sabet on (February 10, 2013, 16:14 GMT)

Let BD beat zimbabwe / w.indies first , then talk about beating srilanka . I am a Bangladeshi and seriously , we dont have decent pacers yet ! It will take 7 to 9 years more for bd to join the world top teams of cricket , only then should we start be highly optimistic. For now, bd should try to learn and be competitive playing against big teams. For the srilanka series, Shamsur rahman should be given chance in short format games and Marshall Ayoub should be given chance both shorter and Test format.

Posted by Htc-Android on (February 10, 2013, 15:46 GMT)

@ matchfixerpkn. All i can do after reading ur biased comments, is to laugh. When did bangladesh beat Nz in nz? in ur dreams? Bang whitewashed NZ in Bang not in NZ. I can see ur desperation to show Bang is better than SL. But its a failed attempt. Ban played 75 test matches and won only 3 against second string sides. We did Way better than Bang in our first 75 tests. After 14 years we won a world cup. Bang are nowhere closer to off winning a world cup or a test match at home. They havent won ODIs against pak,Aus, SA for a long time. you know nothing about cricket. cricinfo please publish!!!!!

Posted by Sinhaya on (February 10, 2013, 15:32 GMT)

@gnanzcupid, yeah remember how long did NZ take to get their first ever test win?? 26 Years but Sri Lanka took only 4 years to get their first ever test win in 1986. We have done very well with our limited chances.

Posted by   on (February 10, 2013, 13:29 GMT)

contrary to popular opinion, i think Bangladesh has a better chance of winning the test series that the ODI or T20 series.I think our limited overs outfit is now world class

Even in the test series, Bangladesh only has an extremely outside chance. Sri Lanka's weakness is against quality pace bowling outside of sri lanka. Unless Bangladesh can sort out their pace attack, chances of a victory are very slim.

Posted by RK204 on (February 10, 2013, 13:04 GMT)

good luck....waiting 4 this series to happen...

Posted by gnanzcupid on (February 10, 2013, 12:33 GMT)

now i don see much difference between lanka and bd because lankans have lost 44 tests outside the subcontinent and won just 6(excluding zimbabwe tests) which is equivalent to just one in every five years since the started playing test cricket.

Posted by gnanzcupid on (February 10, 2013, 12:18 GMT)

I love to give you an interesting stat which would be an eye opener to the fanatic lankan fans lankans have played australia 26 times and won ONE time india 35 times and won 6 times england 26 times and won 7 times south africa 20 times and won 5 times pakistan 40 times and won 10 times This stat will give you some TRUE status of the lankans The lankans have WON JUST 9 MATCHES OUTSIDE THE SUBCONTINENT(including 3 against zimbabwe).So that makes the count 6 against the other nations.They have won 6 and lost 44 times in 32 years.bangladesh are just 12 years old to test cricket. Now everyone can understand why lankan fans feel elated when they win a test once in a blue moon(like durban win).

Posted by CrICkeeet on (February 10, 2013, 12:17 GMT)

I hav no doubt SL wil beat BD in TEST series..... d only thing is 2 see dat what BD can do in d ODI series when it is AWAY cndition IF bd abl 2 atleast 1 odi in SL soil then evryone must say BD has improved a lot no doubt

Posted by Sinhaya on (February 10, 2013, 10:57 GMT)

@gnanzcupid, dude we won a test match ONCE IN 1000 YEARS?? ROFL! Yeah we have been playing tests for over 1000 years right? FACT is that

1. We have beaten England in 7 tests

2. We have beaten India in 6 tests

3. We have beaten SA in 5 tests

4. We have beaten Pakistan in 9 tests

5. We have beaten NZ in 8 tests

So that all since 1982 till today shows SRI LANKA ONLY WINS ONE TEST PER 1000 YEARS HAHAHAHA! Cricinfo please publish.

Posted by Sinhaya on (February 10, 2013, 10:47 GMT)

@gnanzcupid, yes so yeah you are sporty haha. So you kept on telling Sri Lanka cant ever win a test match in Australia and India and then does it mean in the future we cant win?? Fact is that barring in Australia and India, we have won tests in all other test playing countries.

If Sri Lanka beat SA in Durban and if it happens only once in a 1000 years, then so far India have won only 2 tests in SA. So India will win tests in SA only once in 500 years is it?

Posted by gnanzcupid on (February 10, 2013, 10:34 GMT)

matchfixerpan has point.many lankans often point out that lanka is just 30 years old in test cricket.bangladesh are even more i think bangladesh will improve with time. Lankans are trying desperately to overrate thirimanne who has an average of less than 30 in any form of the game.I cant accept that he can fit in the boots of mahela immediately as sinhaya claims.let him play some 50 tests(if he is in the team till then),then we shall see what happens

Posted by TheRisingTeam on (February 10, 2013, 10:32 GMT)

Yes its true Sri Lanka have beaten Bangladesh in really any format but you have to be aware that between the years 00-06, there were no Shakib, Tamim, Rahim etc and when they did make their debuts, were very young 17, 18 , 19 years and of course inexperience. That's why this series coming up will be interesting considering how much Bangladesh have improved over the past year and experience our still young players are. Sri Lanka are no doubt strong favourites but I don't at all think they will find this series a foregone conclusion.

Posted by British_North_America on (February 10, 2013, 10:25 GMT)

Sri Lanka is no match to BD in tests but in ODI, BD can win the series.

Posted by matchfixerpkn on (February 10, 2013, 10:01 GMT)

Sinhaya..srilakna still not won single series in india also not won single test in australia that also after 30 years... beleive..when tbangla will get 30 year experience in test...i bet they will do much better than lanka.... hope yoiu know how half fit newzealnad thrashed you in srilanka... bangladesh defeated same newzealand in newzealand.. now comparison statistics your lanka is behind boht newzealand and bangla..

Posted by Vikram94 on (February 10, 2013, 9:43 GMT)

Bangladesh need a new year miracle if they want to win atleast a test match win.

Posted by gnanzcupid on (February 10, 2013, 8:27 GMT)

@Sinhaya so do u mean that bangladesh cant win a test against you since you had never lost to them? If you mean that it should be automatically imply that you can never win a single test in australia and india in the future too.Love the game and learn it before you comment. Be sportive mate.

Posted by SpitFire on (February 10, 2013, 7:10 GMT)

Dear fellow Bangladeshi compatriots.... and fellow fans... please don't be over optimistic. This leads to frustration when the results are not positive. Leave these trash talks for Indian Fans... not others...

We don't have fast bowlers, its a fact. Look what SAF is doing with 4 fast bowlers. They are now the best team ever that played Test Cricket. Without quality fast bowlers, tests are not won. Please, dont do the trash talks being over confident and having excessive optimism. BD has a long way to go. I am expecting ODI Series win against Sri Lanka but not the tests. I will be happy if they can go to the 5th day.

SL Fans, BD really has the potential to win ODIs and T20s against SL. But not the tests, at least not for now.

Posted by Sinhaya on (February 10, 2013, 7:07 GMT)

@gnanzcupid remember Sri Lanka has won all the tests it has played against Bangladesh. Check the facts before posting pure trash please.

Posted by gnanzcupid on (February 10, 2013, 6:33 GMT)

bangladesh can improve their game if their domestic cricket talent is fine tuned. hope this new coach can infuse some more venom into the young BD players.This australian knows how the things should be done.@sinhaya your comments appear funny. Some of the lankan fans here are really abusive on almost all teams. First you must all respect the game and then should come the love for the country. from all your comments i dont see any love for cricket. i see only blind rage on whichever opposition you play.

Posted by gnanzcupid on (February 10, 2013, 6:22 GMT)

it is a real shame for all the lankans to lose even a single game after speaking all non sense about the bangladeshis.

Posted by gnanzcupid on (February 10, 2013, 6:18 GMT)

@Sinhaya i don understand in what way i provoked confrontation. I don think bangladesh is a bad team as many of the deluded lankan fans project.In test cricket, bangladesh can win provided the players play to their potential. Everyone knows that lankans dont like test cricket.Also lankans could have cancelled sa tests to avoid another whitewash knowing that that things like durban win can happen only once in 1000 years.

Posted by SinhalaBuddhistRacistfromSriLanka on (February 10, 2013, 6:03 GMT)

@TheRisingTeam when did BD ever play in a WC semi final ,a final. your telling not to use Herath, Sanga, Mahela and Dilshan,are you sick or something.hey in australia non of them played well Thirimanne, Matthews , mendis , k.perera are the ones who played lets just see what happens.

Posted by Rafelgibt on (February 10, 2013, 3:41 GMT)

All the best o Mr.Jurgensen.Hope he would take us to the new level of international cricket. @All the SL fans just don't be over complaisant like the IND & WI. It's a fact that BAN never did well in the soil of SL but that doesn't mean that they never can be. Who knows from this tour every opposite things might happen beyond all of yours imagination. But a tough fight is coming by that's for a sure. See you at the FIELDS. Roar TIGERS Roar>>>>

Posted by TheBlackMonk on (February 10, 2013, 3:38 GMT)

It's going to be really tough for BD. Just to keep in mind, NZ had couple of good pacers that we don't, also Kulasekara will be a real difference between BD batsmen. The only two batsmen I'm concerned of SL team right now is MJ & Samarawira. Naturally SL batsmen will be comfortable against our spin, thanks go we got Gazi for a variation but I feel we should include Enamul Jr. instead of Razzak in the Test. His flight can be illusive and tempting to go under it. Only then we can produce some wickets. This time I'm betting on Rubel and need Farhad Reza instead of Abul. In batting we must include Marshall and Anamul without a hesitant, these two will be our real future.

Posted by fire_dragon on (February 10, 2013, 2:36 GMT)

For the all Srilankan Fan please wait some more day . Then we will see what happen . But I am saying this if you want some you will get some . So please wait .

Posted by BanCricFan on (February 10, 2013, 2:31 GMT)

Good Luck Mr Coach!!!!!!!!

Posted by FOTO on (February 10, 2013, 1:28 GMT)

I think this game will be 70-30 chance in test. I do believe that BD can beat SL. But the fact is, the BD players need to start preforming or else they are going to end up in a five wicket haul by one of the players in Sri Lanka. I think if Merhab Hossain jnr and Marshall Ayub play it will be very competitive to see them versing SL. Also I think we can sit Abul out for this test series and bring in someone like Shafiul. Shafiul looks to be a minnow but if you direct him where to bowl which line he CAN play. Though my prediction is that SL win because they have quality test fast bowling like Eranga and spin bowling like Hearath. In ODI they BD are strong but remember they need early breakthroughs and does not let Thirimanne and Matthews make a partnership. Or else this will be a 275+ target. I agree with the SL supporters saying I am a BD supporter myself that BD most likeley is not going to win the series. BUT if BD can get their strategies they can do this.

~From a BD fan

Posted by ExtremeSpeed on (February 9, 2013, 23:52 GMT)

BD Test XI - Tamim, Shahriar, Anamul, Naeem/Marshall, Shakib, Nasir, Rahim, Mahmudullah, Gazi, Abul/Shafiul and Rubel.

Sangakara has a broken hand so I don't think he will rush just to play against Bangladesh, Malinga doesn't play tests anymore and Herath the one who takes so many wickets now since the retirement of Murali is a left arm spinner which is Bangladesh's strength as they produce so many of them and face them all the time in domestic circuit. Even if Sri Lanka does win, doubt it will be by an innings which is unacceptable from them but we'll see.

Posted by SyedAreYouDumb on (February 9, 2013, 23:35 GMT)

@baseball-sucks Do you actually think SL are No.1 in all formats? No. They lost to NZ at home who are 8th in tests. This Bangladesh team will win some matches, just watch mate. Past is past, just look at Liverpool in Premier League, they had a wonderful past and now look at them.

Posted by TheRisingTeam on (February 9, 2013, 23:29 GMT)

@tdslbuwa:- Yes that's why our players crushed your players to all parts during the SLPL.

Posted by TheRisingTeam on (February 9, 2013, 23:28 GMT)

@Baseball:- I don't care of you find it offensive just what are you going to do about it if Bangladesh say we have a chance and that in Sri Lanka? exactly! once Dilshan, Sanga, Mahela, Herath are gone, Sri Lanka will go straight below us even our under 13 and 19 teams the future of Cricket can crush you now :P

Sri Lanka if they do win then its like from the big contributions from your older experience players but take them away you'll see just how bad this Sri Lanka team is becoming now.

Posted by Zahidul_Mustakim on (February 9, 2013, 22:19 GMT)

Good luck Mr. Jurgensen. Wish u all the best. Just remember that, we want out team to win, but more than that, we want our team to fight for the win till the last ball. We dont want them to go down without a fight. Don't impose anything on players specially regarding their game, just suggest them the right options and let them choose. But dont tolerate if any player doesn't want to work hard.

Posted by TheRisingTeam on (February 9, 2013, 20:15 GMT)

Yeah thought so! just did a quick research with the help of statguru and since 2010 till now Sri Lanka 4 key old players think we know who they are are dominating their team charts and makes them strong favourites against us but take them away, these younger Sri Lankan players records since 2010 in all forms are either the same or below ours. If you Sri Lanka fans say it will be too easy fine then don't use Herath, Sanga, Mahela and Dilshan. let's see if Cricinfo will publish this keep a copy incase ;)

Posted by TheRisingTeam on (February 9, 2013, 20:01 GMT)

hahaha Sri Lanka fans your team could've instead cancelled the Bangladesh tour instead of South Africa. I hope you haven't forgotten how the Bangladeshi players dominated your players in SLPL. I agree though Sri Lanka are favourites to win especially test series but just don't behave like India or West Indies because your words will come and haunt you.

Posted by tdslbuwa on (February 9, 2013, 19:40 GMT)

@Baseball-Sucks - completely agree with u..even a SL A team can whitewash BD in any day..So best option for Bangladesh is to avoid this tour and play games with teams similar to them like Bermuda, and Namebia...SL shoul give chances to young players like Angalo Perera ,Kushal and Rajapaksha because these youngsters like to completely murder spinners and medium pacers...I think all BD fans have to is pray that selectors keep selecting seniors...because they will defeat BD in a calculated manner...but if they decide to play young guns...then GOD help Bangladesh team...

Posted by Baseball-Sucks on (February 9, 2013, 19:15 GMT)

@Posted by SyedAreYouDumb ; As OzWally said, you may be very optimistic. But I think you are being very very naive. Do you really expect to win anything against SL ? This is the joke of the decade. First have a close look at your team. None of your players wouldn't even make SL IX. You can't bat, you can't bowl and you can field (according to international standards). I think that you are not meant to play Cricket. 13 years after, gaining the test status , you've won only 3 TEST MATCHES. And those were against minnows.(NOTE : SL won the world cup after 15 years, gaining the test status. ) You may have won one or two ODI's here n there by a fluke. Its coz other teams had bad days, not that you were so good.Well, Losing is one thing. But getting humiliated is another thing. I think you should try to avoid getting humiliated in SL. But I higly doubt that you can avoid it. My god... Sri Lanka will annihilate you. But Its gonna be fun :)))

Posted by gnanzcupid on (February 9, 2013, 19:02 GMT)

BD has the potential to put up a good show against the lankans.lankans are back from a whitewash against aussies and home loss against 8th ranked nz team. if an 8th ranked nz team can defeat lanka,why cant the 9th ranked BD do it? @baseball-sucks SL team's most recent performance is 0-3 against aus and 1-1 against nz.I dont mind if you ppl mud sling on your own neighbour.But your team is the worst going by the most recent performances.BD can field their reseve players and test their bench strength like aussies did

Posted by   on (February 9, 2013, 18:26 GMT)

oh so finally BCB managed to find a coach. but what can he do? there is only shakaib..but what abt rest of the 10 players?? then they mind when they are called minnows.

Posted by   on (February 9, 2013, 18:12 GMT)

The real fact is: our team is now learning to carry a match to 5 days. So, the result is very clear that will loose the test matches. I believe with next 5 years Bangladesh will be a strong team, at least of Srilanka Standard.

There may be possibility to win ODI series or at least 1 match.

Posted by   on (February 9, 2013, 18:01 GMT)

I expect BCB to isolate the national team players from BPL and prepare them for the test series. SL is a tough opposition, needless to say. ALL of our pacers have some injuries. I don't have much expectation from the test series.

Posted by M_Rakibul_Islam on (February 9, 2013, 17:59 GMT)

BD shud set target of at least drawing the Tests in away conditions as they have no good fast bowlers for this format. But they can b tough opponent in ODIs. They must at least avoid whitewash in both formats. In fact they've ability to win ODI series by 2-1 provided Malinga isn't playing. But Malinga will make the difference in ODI format.

Posted by lukecannon on (February 9, 2013, 17:53 GMT)

Won't be an easy feat for BD. My money is on Sri Lanka. They are a strong opposition away or at home.

Posted by fire_dragon on (February 9, 2013, 17:24 GMT)

Hope that he will do his job .and @OzWally thanks for understand BD fan .Whatever the result is we want BD play well . and @FrenchCricketFan I am not agree with you. Shohag Gazi can be a good bowler but he is not BD's best . The most important thing is BD need one or two Fast bowler and one Medium Fast bowler for test . Otherwise they can't beat any good team .

Posted by SyedAreYouDumb on (February 9, 2013, 17:19 GMT)

This will be a close and intresting tour. Bangladesh will either win or lose one or both tests, i doubt a draw in any of the tests (unless rain) considering we like to bat at 7 runs an over which just leads us to losing wickets... unless naeem and marshal bat slowly... intresting too see the teams. Marshal Ayub should debut and Nazmul should get a chance since he loves bowling against Sri Lanka...!

Posted by The_Ashes on (February 9, 2013, 17:16 GMT)

I don't know the extent of Sanga injury but Sri Lanka are still strong favourites and very likely to win test series 2-0 and I'm a Bangla fan saying that. I just can't see Bangladesh changing from T20 mode to Test mode just with the snap of your fingers. Both teams have bad fast bowlers but Sri Lanka batting and spinning are superior to ours. Bangladesh best chance to win are the limited overs but yet again that will be tough hope I'm wrong.

Posted by Baseball-Sucks on (February 9, 2013, 17:06 GMT)

@Posted by gnanzcupid ; Well, If you are thinking that BD can make a stand considering SL's most recent performances, Let's talk about recent performances of others as well. First , Pakistan whitewashed ENG. So PAK > ENG. Then SL defeated PAK. So SL> PAK. Then ENG defeated IND. So SL>PAK> ENG> IND. BD should play INDIA now not SL. I think that BD have a better chance against INDIA and Mr. Jurgensen can make a name for himself as well. Btw Sanga n Mahela are waiting to launch the total annihilation on BD. :)))

Posted by FrenchCricketFan on (February 9, 2013, 16:53 GMT)

they did well against w.indies but they cant beat or draw lankans becuz they have only one quality test baller Sohag Gazi and thats it. Doesnt matter the fact that some bangladeshi local batsmen are doing well in bpl, if you dont have quality ballers forget beating or draw lanka .

Posted by fr600 on (February 9, 2013, 16:50 GMT)

BD needs real fast bowlers.

Posted by gnanzcupid on (February 9, 2013, 16:41 GMT)

from what people like rise -of-sinhaya are saying,bangladeshis can v well be happy that the lankans are already afraid of facing you. Dont worry about the results. If you play to your potential you can esily beat the bunch of lankan players who dont like test cricket

Posted by OzWally on (February 9, 2013, 16:39 GMT)

Bangladeshi supporters have to be the most optimistic in the world. Already talking "smack" about how they'll beat Sri Lanka.

You are aware you have never beaten Sri Lanka before. Nor have you even won a single Test match since 2009. But I do love the confidence.

Posted by   on (February 9, 2013, 16:29 GMT)

I hope BD players show some character in this and not get thrashed in the tests again.

Posted by gosh01 on (February 9, 2013, 16:03 GMT)

LOL !! good luck though.

Posted by gnanzcupid on (February 9, 2013, 15:43 GMT)

Winning the lankan team who had forgotten how to play test cricket and also hate to play test cricket is not something v big. They have recently lost to new zealand whom your team white washed. Set some bigger targets coach

Posted by Return-of-Sinhaya on (February 9, 2013, 15:37 GMT)

Is he joking? we have been preparing for this series since last year, whatever u throw at us we will win, bring on the t20, odi's and tests, bring on the t20 world cup too in 2014

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