Bangladesh domestic news June 20, 2013

Players commit to playing in Dhaka League

Bangladesh's professional cricketers have withdrawn their threat to boycott the Dhaka Premier Division Cricket League. The decision was taken after assurances from the Bangladesh Cricket Board that the new gradation- and rotation-based system of players' transfers would only be applicable to this season.

Former Bangladesh batsman Tushar Imran confirmed the development after some of the players met the Cricket Committee of Dhaka Metropolis chairman, Jalal Yunus on Wednesday. "We have informed them that we will play from July 3," Imran said. "But we have some demands, one of which is to get rid of the gradation and rotation system from next season. We have also asked for 70% advance payment."

On June 17, the cricketers had threatened to "stay away" from the league to protest against the new transfer system, which allowed Dhaka clubs to pick players in a process similar to the draft system in American sports. The only difference, in the case of the Dhaka league, was that the first club to be allowed to pick players in the transfer would be decided through a lottery and not according to financial conditions or last season's results. This system, according to the cricketers, restricts a player's freedom to choose clubs.

Jalal Yunus said that the old system would be re-introduced for the next season. "We have guaranteed them that the gradation and rotation system will only be in place this year," Jalal said. "From next year, they can have the usual players' transfer. They have also asked for 70% of the payment before the league, we have said 50% would be paid."

The league, however, could be delayed after BCB president Nazmul Hassan admitted that he is not in favour of running the competition with the ACSU report still pending.

Mohammad Isam is ESPNcricinfo's Bangladesh correspondent. He tweets here