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BCB requested to reduce Shakib ban

Mohammad Isam

February 23, 2014

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Mushfiqur Rahim, the Bangladesh captain, has confirmed that there was a request made to the BCB president Nazmul Hassan to reduce Shakib Al Hasan's suspension. The board punished Shakib for "making an inappropriate gesture on live television" during the second Bangladesh-Sri Lanka ODI.

Along with coach Shane Jurgensen and Mashrafe Mortaza, Mushfiqur asked Hassan to reconsider the ban, immediately after Bangladesh's six-wicket loss against Sri Lanka in the third ODI.

"We have talked to [BCB president Nazmul Hassan] Papon bhai," Mushfiqur said. "We said that we respect the board's decision and whoever does such a thing should be punished. There is no greater punishment for a player than suspension.

"We have asked him that if there can be any consideration for the sake of the team, whether his suspension can be reduced. Papon bhai has said that he will look into the matter."

Mushfiqur has said the concern comes on the back of injuries to several senior players. Tamim Iqbal is already out with a neck injury while Mashrafe Mortaza's troublesome knees could also be a problem. Mushfiqur himself have been suffering from a finger injury which prevented him from keeping wickets in the one-dayers against Sri Lanka.

"Tamim [Iqbal] isn't playing while Mashrafe bhai is an injury concern. I am not sure whether I can keep wickets. This is why we made the request.

"The coach, Mashrafe bhai and I don't have an obligation to bring back Shakib. We have thought only in the best interest of the Bangladesh team. He is an important player, and by picking him, I don't have to think about an extra batsman and bowler. The board will decide because we have only made a request."

Though the BCB has not made any official comment on the matter, the public backlash will stop the board from rethinking the earlier decision to ban Shakib for three matches.

"I don't think the ban will be reduced. The decision is already taken, so there is very little chance that we will reconsider it," said a BCB director requesting anonymity.

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Posted by i_amVIVA on (February 25, 2014, 19:42 GMT)

I agree with many that Shakib's punishment was excessive, - rather, a hefty monetary fine plus one game suspension would've been adequate. We all do mistakes, and he's a young fellow. I fail to understand what was going on in the head of this Nazmul fellow, as well BCB to rational such sever fine for the #1 player, don't know whether he'd personal grudge against him, or what; I know he is first a politician, may be zero cricket knowledge; but as you look at others, - harbajan got away with virtually no punishments in aus, bad boy kholi gets away with constant misbehavoir, bad boy Peterson was tolerated for years, and I can go on. But here comes venerable BCB, at the dawn of asiacup, comes up with a sever verdict against his key player; this is senseless. Punishment is more symbolic, - suspension is suspension, a day or three is same token to public. BCB and Nazmul probably ruined any chance for Bang in the tournament. The fans should held them responsible for this failure.

Posted by tao585 on (February 24, 2014, 15:08 GMT)

It is good that Shakib would be dropped for his unwanted display of vulgarity. Besides Bangladesh is not winning even if Shakib is in the side

Posted by baji003 on (February 24, 2014, 14:39 GMT)

Shikhar Dhawan -- Rohit Sharma -- Virat Kohli (c) -- Cheteshwar Pujara -- Dinesh Karthik (wk) -- Ajinkya Rahane -- Stuart Binny -- Ravindra Jadeja -- Ravichandran Ashwin -- Bhuvneshwar Kumar -- Mohammed Shami --

Posted by TigerRoars on (February 24, 2014, 13:51 GMT)

Not impressed with this. This should not have been made public.

Posted by naimurchowdhury32 on (February 24, 2014, 10:58 GMT)

Most surprising is seeing Mushfiq and other players requesting reduction of ban. Shows the overdependency on Shakib and lack of confidence in other players.

Shakib's ban is too lenient and if anything should be increased.

Posted by satishchandar on (February 24, 2014, 10:41 GMT)

Well.. Leave this behaviour thing outside.. If you wanna criticise Shakib, it should be for the shot he played.. What in the world did the camera man gain by pointing towards Shakib often when he was ashamed for that silly shot? Shakib had a opiton to go out of the focus area which again would have been hurting his ego.. Shakib did a mistake but it was wholesome provoking from the cameraman. You banned him for one game and Asia cup follows which is more important. Especially with no Tamim, Shakib is badly needed.. Why Mushy wants Shakib immediately? It would be terrible if BD doesn't make it and Mushy loses his job.. Had i been a captain, i would have asked for Shakib too..

Posted by drnaveed on (February 24, 2014, 10:20 GMT)

well for that , ....... those players , who summited the request to BCB ,should also be banned for 3 matches , and if BCB agrees to the request , than BCB should also be banned for 3 matches i.e. their team , i mean .players are no bigger than the game ,they are representative of their respective Countries , they should realize that.there should not be any compromise on discipline.At the most , the BD side would lose the match in his absence , which they already are , even with his presence.but , looking at this whole matter ,i think , the whole script is already written , i don't think , the ban will stay , it will be lifted , but the fine will stay , isn't it BCB ???????

Posted by android_user on (February 24, 2014, 10:01 GMT)

@danielrob bd won the series against newzealand and west indies;also drew against SL in their soil.All without please comment based on the reality not out of a whim just to show ur antipathy against BD.thanks

Posted by Rashen on (February 24, 2014, 9:08 GMT)

Well Shakib should be banned . Three games is fair enough. Discipline is the most important thing in any team or in any agenda. Not to forget Kevin Peterson was dropped from England for rest of his career for his discipline. No team can not improve without discipline. This should set an example for other teams as well, specially India, Australia, where the players are soo arrogant. As an individual I am a fan of BD, they have shown some great commitment.

Posted by   on (February 24, 2014, 7:45 GMT)

BCB should be firmed on the imposed they made. Unless otherwise, there will be repeating matter in future. It should have been thought before banning him, but not now. BCB did the right job, not keeping punishment will harm the team more. If we depend only one player, we should not play at top level. Our team is with total 12 players and everyone must contribute to win. Sakib became a nonsense player in recent time - see his Big bash and ODI against Sri Lanka. He should be more responsible. This would be his good lesson.

Posted by naimurchowdhury32 on (February 24, 2014, 7:21 GMT)

Very poor by Mushfiq, shows they cannot play without Shakib.

Shakib's behavious was extremely poor and should have been banned for 5 years atleast. Mushfiq is openly criticising BCB.

Posted by android_user on (February 24, 2014, 6:57 GMT)

come on get over it.dont cry over a guy who cant sense the situation of the game.the way shakib batted in the 3rd odi should have been enough to pocket a ban like this.However it will be the bowling of shakib that bd will miss for sure.and please selectors put al amin in place of will gift us 30 runs less.

Posted by DanielRob on (February 24, 2014, 6:29 GMT)

BD knows that without Shakib they are NOTHING. So they want their only star player available for Asia Cup. To be frank, i dont see much of a difference. BD are still MINNOWS. They will win just 1 match and thats against Afghanistan. Last Asia Cup was a fluke. They reached finals. I would not be surprised to see BCB reducing Shakib's ban from 3 matches to even 1/ 2 or even lifting it considering that the tournament will be played in BD.

Posted by android_user on (February 24, 2014, 6:04 GMT)

bangla team is weaker than previous asia cup team.even with Shakib they will lose.

Posted by British_North_America on (February 24, 2014, 5:22 GMT)

Why on earth BCB found the perfect timing to ban Shakib just before Asia Cup for three matches?

Posted by   on (February 24, 2014, 4:53 GMT)

Sakib is our hero and giving our cricket a lot pride.....we all make mistake and will be more mistake by a human being he made....sakib also a human being....i have full support for him and I personally ask all my friend who follow cricket...PLEASE forgive him....

Posted by qam1964 on (February 24, 2014, 3:29 GMT)

I am bangladeshi living in canada. very much depressed to see the tiger's bilai marka performance. Hope they can at least beat the Afganistan in the asia cup as afgans are placed higher than BD in T20 ranking already.I am afraid soon they will cross BD in ODI ranking.

Posted by Masking_Tape on (February 24, 2014, 2:55 GMT)

Bangladesh won last 2 of 3 series without Shakib and Tamim. Drew the other one, would've won that too if it wasn't washed out. With Shakib back this series, Bdesh lost 0-3. So not worried about Bangladesh at all. Sure having Shakib would help, (the old Shakib, not the current lazy and undetermined Shakib) but Bangladesh is not depended on him anymore.

Posted by Anjanalw23 on (February 24, 2014, 2:10 GMT)

If BCB can reconsider their decision against big3 proporsal what is the shame in reconsidering their decision about shakib? They shouldnt have gone with such a severe punishment in the first place.

Posted by IAS2009 on (February 24, 2014, 0:28 GMT)

do BD really think that India is afraid of Shakib, the wekest player in Indian team is probably better than shakib, The guy is ok player at best, he fails most of the time when team needs him, he is responsible for most of the losses in chase, he should close the game form BD 90 percent of time, the record says otherwise, If BD wants some discipline in their players they should carry on the punishment, otherwise keep whining after each loss.

Posted by   on (February 23, 2014, 23:26 GMT)

@ Shahid Mohammed Hasan Do you honestly think BD can beat India. Yes Indian team looks little weak but its definitely not weaker than BD. Its like apples and oranges. Asia cup final would consists 2 teams from asian giants (Pak,SL, and India).

Posted by   on (February 23, 2014, 22:36 GMT)

Derar Papon bhai,,,, the thing is that when some of the great player like Muralidharan or Petersen can showed their middle of the finger in the field and the respective board did not go against them then i think the suspension for Shakib is little bit much. If it is for 1 match and with the said amount of money is enough i think. As a supporter i request you pls reduce his suspension and give the chance to Shakib to play the game with India than can also motivate the Tigers aswell.

Posted by huffpost on (February 23, 2014, 20:24 GMT)

It doesnt matter to india if shakib plays or not..the result will be the same..india has won 6 out of 8 games in which shakib..

Posted by kalpurush on (February 23, 2014, 19:55 GMT)

BCB does not know how to groom a player. If Shakib was dealt with proper guidance and strict discipline from the beginning, we could have avoided the current wrongdoings or mistakes.

I think punishing Shakib is a correct decision but the punishment was too severe for the mistake he made. BCB should re-consider the verdict and make it a one match ban.

Posted by   on (February 23, 2014, 18:51 GMT)

I'm an indian cricket fan and i want Shakib's suspension to be reviewed. He has the X-factor and with the senior players missing out due to injuries, his presence is even more important for the Bangladesh team. His value in the lower middle order and with the ball is immense. His presence in the field is always known. C'mon BCB.. As an indian cricket fan, i want teams to challenge my team with their full potential and i know with these injuries, you guys are not upto your full potential. But indians are wounded too after a couple of bad overseas tours. But one match ban and a fine should have been enough. 3 matches.. A bit too much.

Posted by priceless1 on (February 23, 2014, 18:43 GMT)

Guy is a disgrace to the Gentleman's game , he should have been banned for a year at least

Posted by Masking_Tape on (February 23, 2014, 18:31 GMT)

Let me get this straight. Because he's an important player such request has been made. So what if it was someone who's not so important, would they do the same? Laws should be equal to everyone. I hope BCB sticks to its original punishment otherwise it will send a wrong message. It's great that Shakib's teammates are standing up for him, but they are standing up for the wrong reasons.

Posted by   on (February 23, 2014, 18:22 GMT)

BD lost to SL in the 3rd Game easily even SL played with new guys, 6 Top guns were not playing so how can one man effect the team performance ?

Posted by espncricinfomobile on (February 23, 2014, 18:22 GMT)

Shakib Al Hasan's suspension ban for three ODI's in the Asia Cup 2014 will be hugely detrimental for the Bangladesh team's case to do well in the Asia Cup 2014. In regards to the Bangladesh's current situation and the way lots of players confident are falling apart Shakib Al Hasan's inclusion could be the X Factor they require. By suspending Shakib BCB showed that they are very strict towards their Code of Conduct and I'm sure Shakib realised that. As far as Shakib will want to prove a point to the nation and himself aftermath of his latest suspension as he is one of the top allrounders in the world. As Tamim is unfit Bangladesh need Shakib more than ever now I believe BCB can reduce suspension for country's sake. With the pedigory Shakib brings to the game no one will be bit relaxed more than Mushfiqur Rahim. Hopefully BCB decides what is best for Bangladesh as a nation and Bangladesh Cricket Team. Fingers crossed.

Posted by Warm_Coffee on (February 23, 2014, 18:15 GMT)

The problem is Tamim is out and Mashrafe looks unlikely to be fit against India. If Shakib is still suspended from that game then Bangladesh has no chance of making up for that heartbreaking 2012 Asia Cup loss and a possible embarrassing loss against Afghanistan may be looming. I agree what Shakib did the other day was unacceptable and should serve that 3 match suspension but those remaining 2 matches should be against preferably teams like Hong Kong and Nepal in World T20 rather than against much much stronger teams in India and the emerging Afghanistan. Yes Bangladesh fans and even team itself are truly disappointed with that recently concluded Sri Lanka series but what's done is done and this coming Asia Cup should be seen as a fresh opportunity for Bangladesh Cricket. These are just my thoughts anyway and I think Shakib should play against India and I'm sure he himself is the most disappointed and will come back much better now. Let's not be so emotional and rather look forward.

Posted by Bangladesh_Forever on (February 23, 2014, 17:30 GMT)

The way the team's indiscipline is exposed and Mushy being childish, even Shakib wouldn't make much difference had he played all the Asia Cup match. I feel very sorry for Musfiq and see his fate as a captain following his predecessor soon...

Posted by   on (February 23, 2014, 17:17 GMT)

The way Indian fans are commenting here shows how much afraid they are! Go Tigers Go! We will Roar you indians!

Posted by mohanram82 on (February 23, 2014, 17:17 GMT)

Bangladesh was runners in last ASIA CUP.. so they trying to move up and win the ASIA CUP somehow...but a ban is a ban... it should not be reconsider.. its shame for BCB only..

Posted by   on (February 23, 2014, 17:17 GMT)

This is very funny, wasn't the same fans want him punished a day ago??? LOL they are afraid to lose again Afghanistan, but guess what they will lose any way.

Posted by Bangladesh_Forever on (February 23, 2014, 17:03 GMT)

There was no need for 3 match ban in the first place. Nonetheless, team shouldn't have asked for leniency either. Again, even they did what they had to do, absolutely silly to open up in the media before the case is closed... OR they could seek anonymity before admittance like the trusty anonymous source in the BCB director here... ;)

Posted by jrtrigg2000 on (February 23, 2014, 16:56 GMT)

A player's ban should not be reduced on the basis that ;it would be good for the team'. He has been banned for bad behaviour and should not get away with it. This is not the first time he has been badly behaved (see a previous Cricinfo article), but he got away with it on those occasions for this very reason!

Posted by the_predator on (February 23, 2014, 16:46 GMT)

man, these guys are TRUE shame to their nation. A player representing the country, nation, culture, does such a shameful, vulgur act and his team mates request to reduce his BAN. he has put a black stain against your culture. Whole world watched it (and they will remember it). This is utterly disgusting. Actually they know without him they have little chance against INDIA. They mostly are liitle affraid of loosing to big teams (after they lost to SL in their own home soil). I am sure BD FANS would abuse me a lot. but boss this beavior represents state of cricket in your country. The captain thinks that a player is so very essential that a BAN after such a disrespectful act has to be reverted back. And i am sure he will get lot of support as well. amazing!! Dont know after that what BD players are going to do on camera.

Posted by   on (February 23, 2014, 16:45 GMT)

I think the suspension should be indefinite, no point dropping your 'best player' for a tournament. But shakib was angry about his dismissal thats why he stooped do that immaturity level

Posted by   on (February 23, 2014, 16:39 GMT)

What do you mean after the word "means"?

Posted by   on (February 23, 2014, 16:38 GMT)

BD need especially against afghanistan.....if they loose dat game....guess what will happenn.....

Posted by android_user on (February 23, 2014, 16:25 GMT)

shame without shakib they can't win means what they have achieve from so many years

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